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on November 4, 2009
Finally found what I was looking for! The Cyber Acoustics 3 pc has AMAZING sound for the price range! When it comes to sound I'm pretty picky. The sub-woofer is perfect. Speakers look nice. Sound is full and has volume. I'm sure if you buy a system for $150 or more it will sound better (I would hope so) ....but this is not $150 this is only $39 and would have paid more.

Keep in mind that the volume on your output source, equalizer settings, sound card, programs you may or may not have that improve the sound quality will effect your speakers performance. Don't forget to tweak all that... (I use the program "hear" for my mac)

The desktop pod is great (Which has controls for your bass, speaker volume, aux jack, and headphone jack.)

I recently returned the Logitec Z240 which was crap. The bass is a joke and sound was flat. If $40 is your budget look no further go with this! It's terrific for music, streaming Netflix, dvd's ect..

This is the first time I have ever bothered to review a product, but am so pleased with this particular product I thought I'd share.

I will defiantly be purchasing more of these units for other rooms and bathrooms for ipod use.....just order it

One more thing...People why do we rate products one star due to shipping discrepancy or amazon customer service??? Sure go ahead and mention it in your review, but don't let that affect your overall rating...You are rating the PRODUCT, not Amazon...(at least that's why I use the reviews as a resource for purchases)
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on July 2, 2010
I'll keep simple and as short as possible:

I was familiar with Cyber Acoustics before I bought these and had used their smaller two piece systems and one 3 piece as well and overall I was very impressed with the sound quality of what I had heard.

Therefore I shopped Amazon to save $10 or more over my local Office Max and also have a greater selection to replace my old computer speakers and started with a CA two piece that looked slick but uncharacteristically were awful. Great thing about Amazon, easy free returns and exchanges so I stepped up to these and have been very pleased.

I will simply say this; I am a musician with a very picky ear for sound. I do not like to listen to any music on anything that is not high-end quality. The first pair of speakers I ever bought as an Adult for my home sound system was a pair of ADS Speakers that in 1988 cost $700 (I was a kid). Speakers make your system, period.

My review of these is simple; if you are wanting to save some cash and/or have a regular sized office you will love these speakers for several reasons:

They sound great up to a more than reasonable high-end Volume and Bass setting without distortion that is plenty loud enough to piss off your office or house mates (or the spouse) and possibly even your neighbors and they have a few simple but very nice extra features. The peak sound is very high but doesn't sound good, however, if you need this much volume you need to spend a few hundred dollars and look elsewhere. BOTTOM LINE: This system rocks and has great sound.

Nice Features: The sound wheel which you can set on your desk and allows you to turn the speakers on and off with I personally love. You can also adjust the Bass with it and the Volume as well, very easy to use and if these controls were on the Sub woofer I would not have even considered these. Another very nice feature on the same wheel is an AUX IN and HEADPHONE JACK IN which allows you to simply plug in your iPod and/or Headphones with ease and without the need to unplug your speakers from you computer in giving you extra jacks which I really like. The little plastic stand for your iPod is nothing to really comment on but is a nice feature as if nothing else it allows you to clear a small space on your desk for you MP3 player.

My uses: iPod plug and play through the Aux jack (comes with a nice cord to plug into your AUX jack and iPod).

Directly listed to iTunes though my computer including watching an occasion TV Show or Movie on iTUnes or Hulu.

Streaming sound and normal computer sound applications.

All the 5 STARS represent the sound and product for the price which is how products like this should be rated in my opinion. That is it would not be a 5 Star rating if the price were three times what it is.
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on January 29, 2011
I've been very impressed with this sound system since purchasing it about 2 months ago. The sound quality, volume, build quality, and overall aesthetics are outstanding, and outperform in my mind much more expensive systems I've spent a significant amount of time listening to or even previously owned from Bose, Klipsch, JBL, Logitech, or Cambridge SoundWorks. My only complaint is the on/off switch is a bit tough to flip with its location on the side of the volume dial rather than a push button on the side or top of the volume dial. Other than that, the range of the satellite speakers is excellent, and as long as you fine tune the bass volume out of the box, the system has excellent sound quality and can reach a floor rattling volume without much distortion. All for a bargain basement price.

I challenge anyone considering buying a system like Bose Companion 3 to try this first. You won't regret it. I will never overpay for quality desktop speakers again, and I would consider a full-sized home theater system from Cyber Acoustics if they made it.

For those looking for the system's specifications, I've listed them straight from the box:

30 watts total RMS
62 watts total system peak power
5.25" sub
2" satellite
Magnetically shielded
MP3 holder
Short auxiliary chord, in addition to computer input chord
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on August 22, 2009
Before buying a new set of computer speakers, I read dozens of reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, and other sites. Overall these speakers got good reviews but the key buying point was the fact that they didn't get any negative reviews or 1 star ratings,unlike Logitech, Altec Lansing, Bose etc. The added bonus was that the speakers came with a volume wheel (allowing quick sound adjustment)and an aux. hookup on the wheel for an ipod. Auxillary jack included. I'm primarily using these speakers to watch Netflix movies (on my computer) and to listen to an ipod. Although I'm not an audiophile, I recognize good sound when I hear it--especially in this price range. Anyone looking to upgrade OEM speakers these are an excellent choice. You won't be disappointed in the sound quality or features.
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on December 3, 2012
After seeing more than a thousand five-star reviews for this product I was looking forward to getting some great inexpensive speakers. And indeed the system looked great while unpacking and setting it up The construction of the subwoofer box and the other components is solid, and I really like the hockey puck control pod with master volume, subwoofer volume, power switch, and aux and headphone jacks. It looks and feels like a more expensive system.

But listening to it for the first time was surprisingly unpleasant. Good speakers produce clear, unobtrusive sound without embellishment, but these speakers manage to sound boomy and tinny at the same time. The bass is muddy and the midrange sounds thin. On the plus side, the highs are fine - cymbal crashes are perfectly clear and natural.

Since adjectives like "muddy" are not very useful, I wanted to find an objective explanation for why the sound from the CAs is so much more annoying than my other computer speakers, Dell A525 and Altec Lansing VS2621. So I set up each speaker system in turn in a semi-quiet part of the basement, fed them with white noise, recorded the sound using a decent microphone (Zoom H2n), and measured the frequency response averaged over 30 seconds. Surprisingly, the combined frequency response was similar for all three speakers. But the Dell and CA have an adjustable subwoofer volume, so I also measured the main speakers with the subwoofer turned all the way up, and all the way down (off). That's where a difference showed up - the CA main speakers have a sharp cutoff with very little output below 300 Hz (down 18dB from 400 to 200 Hz), whereas the Dells fall off much more gradually - down 6dB at 200 Hz and 12 dB at 100 Hz. That is a big difference, and the missing low end from the main drivers seems to explain what I hate about the CA's sound. Unfortunately, I was unable to test the Altec-Lansing response without the subwoofer because it can't be turned off - the tone control adjusts the level of the main speakers on that system. I've posted a picture of the test results - the CA is shown as yellow (normal) and green (min and max subwoofer), the Dell is shown as red (normal) and purple (min subwoofer). The background room noise is blue. You can see the overall frequency response (red and yellow) agree fairly closely, but the green is far below the purple between 100 and 300 Hz.

Pros for this product:
* solid construction quality
* nice controller design
* no noticeable buzz or distortion
* clear high end up to 18KHz

* poor low-end response for the main speakers (without subwoofer), unnatural sound

If you want speakers for gaming sound effects, these should be fine. But if you want clear, natural-sounding music, look elsewhere. The similarly-priced Altec-Lansings aren't studio monitors, but they sound better than this.
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on July 30, 2009
I bought these because I needed to replace Logitech AudioHub Notebook Speakers because they were intermittently giving me volume problems. These Cyber Acoustics speakers seemed to have great reviews and I liked the idea of a sub woofer since I often listen to music while working on my computer.

The speakers seem overly bright sounding. On the low end they can put out quite a bit of bass. Unfortunately, they lack a good mid-range sound. My other complaint is that they do not have usb to plug into your computer, rather you have to rely on the green speaker input on your computer, which can be inconveniently located on the floor if you have a mini tower, or at the front of your computer if you have an HP laptop, rather the the side. I wish I could have just plugged these into my usb hub to avoid an additional wire on my desktop.

The wired remote is the best part of the speakers. The blue light on the top helps the remote to stand out, while the spinning volume control is ultra convenient. It also has a headphone jack, aux in, separate bass volume control, and a speaker system on/off switch.

Honestly, I'd pay a bit more for the speakers to have a USB cable rather than a jack, the remote to be wireless, and a slightly bigger mid range driver. A detachable speaker grill would have been nice as well. Anyone with little kids should think twice before getting speakers their kids would be tempted to poke with a pencil.

Other than that, for the price, I'm very happy and plan to pass these down to one of my kids in the near future. They'll be thrilled to have these for their computers. For a budget computer speaker set, this is a good buy, for if you're looking for sound quality rather than sheer volume and looks, keep looking.

I might consider trying Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter, C-Media Chipset, RoHS so I can connect my speakers through usb. I just wonder if the quality will be compromised further doing it this way. Update: the USB Stereo Audio Adapter worked great. If you're wanting to connect these speakers through a USB port this is the way to go. There are cheaper versions out there as well.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 25, 2013
I have a 26" Sanyo flat-screen TV which has decent audio for the TV channels, but for some reason, the audio is a little weak when playing a DVD or Blu-Ray via an external player (HDMI connection). Between the weak audio and my aging ears, I was having trouble understanding the dialog, and would have to sit very close to the TV.

I decided to get a set of amplified speakers to boost the sound level and quality, and chose these based on reviews and price.

The system consists of a subwoofer, two smaller speakers, and a control unit that looks like a hockey puck. The puck has two long wires permanently attached to it, both about six feet long. The thinner wire is the main audio input, and ends in a 3.5mm male audio plug. The thicker wire ends in a special mini-DIN plug that connects to a mating jack on the subwoofer. The two small speakers each have a wire permanently attached, also about six feet long, which ends in a 3.5mm male plug that plugs into the subwoofer. Towards the speaker end of the wire, the wire splits like zip cord and one half goes to each speaker. This end can be "unzipped" further if necessary. I found that the mini-DIN plug was a little loose in its jack, and if it gets wiggled, the sound can drop out. But as long as you don't wiggle the jack (by pulling on the wire that goes to the puck), it works OK. The subwoofer also has an AC power cord (about five feet long) that you plug into an AC outlet (120V/60Hz only).

The entire top of the puck rotates as an overall volume control, from no sound to full sound. There is a smaller thumbwheel in the side of the puck that sets the ratio of subwoofer intensity to side speaker intensity, ranging from no subwoofer to so much subwoofer that it's overpowering. There is also an on/off switch, and once turned on, a blue light comes on in the puck. The switch is a slide switch, and I found that it takes two hands to operate, which is a little inconvenient. The other controls are easy to operate with one hand.

The puck also has an aux input, which is a 3.5mm female audio jack. Plugging something in here (like a music player) shuts off the main audio and plays the aux input. With a Sansa MP3 player, the audio sounds adequate and good for a small room, but it's not going to shake the walls. The puck has another 3.5mm audio jack for a pair of headphones, and inserting headphones mutes the sound from all three speakers. This might be useful for a TV, because my TV didn't come with a headphone jack. Using a pair of Sony MDR V6 headphones, I found that the volume was barely adequate even at full volume, and the sound was rather thin since there is no such thing as a subwoofer when using headphones.

To connect to a TV, if your TV has a headphone jack, you may be able to plug the main input (the audio wire going to the puck) into the headphone output and go from there, but my TV doesn't have a headphone jack. Instead, the TV has an audio line output on the side panel, consisting of two RCA jacks (red + white). You will need an adapter cable to connect the puck's main audio input to the TV audio outputs. This cable should have a female 3.5mm stereo audio jack on one end, and a pair (red + white) of male RCA plugs on the other end. This cable was not so easy to find locally, so be sure to order one when you order the speakers. In my case, due to the way I placed the speakers, I needed an adapter cable a few feet long, which is readily available from Amazon. They also sell a short version if you don't need the extra length. If you use these speakers with a computer system, you don't need an adapter cable. Just plug the main audio input into the green jack on the back of the computer, or into the headphone jack on the front of the computer.

On my TV, the red + white RCA audio outputs are true line outputs, so the line output volume is full and steady regardless of the TV's volume or mute settings. Therefore it's possible to turn the TV's volume all the way down, using the TV's remote control, and listen via the three external speakers. You also might decide, like I did, to use both the external speakers and the TV's speakers, because this is the configuration that sounded best to me. By the way, it's not quite as convenient to mute the TV when using these speakers, because mute doesn't affect the line outputs. You actually have to turn the main volume all the way down on the puck.

Overall, the sound quality is decent, especially for the price. The two smaller speakers sound a little too bright to me, and the subwoofer sounds a little muddy and boomy, but it's not so bad and you get used to it. It seemed to me that the system was lacking a little in the midrange, which is why I decided to add some sound from the TV's built-in speakers, too. Overall, the result is dramatically better than the TV speakers alone. It's much louder (without noticeable distortion), and much more full spectrum, so I no longer have any problem understanding dialog. Plus, with the subwoofer, movie explosions now sound like real explosions and not like a pop-gun going off.

A small "con" is that the on/off switch is not really on and off. Even when off, the speaker system draws a little phantom power, about 2.4 watts according to my power meter. Compare that to some of my other gadgets that draw so little phantom power (less than 0.1 watt) that I can't even measure it. I figured, based on my usage and electric cost, that I'm wasting about $2 worth of electricity a year. This doesn't sound like much, but multiply that by 10,000 or more for all the systems in use and it adds up.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the speaker system and would recommend it to others.
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on July 11, 2013
I will not be commenting on the sound quality. I am not an audiophile. There are already many reviews on that subject.

Due to the limit on my desk space, I kept knocking these speakers over. They are not that heavily weighted on the bottom. Initially, I laid the on their side, but their design made them very wobbly and ugly on my desk. With a flat head and a Philips screw driver, you can make them the perfect speaker bars. Please see the attached photos for a reference.


1) Pry off the cover on the bottom of the stand from each side that is covering the screw. This screw is used to mount the base to the speaker. If it seems tight, use a blow dryer or heat gun to melt the glue. I did not need to use this. Save the cover to use it as a stand.

2) Using tape, you can tape the cord on the top half of the speaker. Slip the cover underneath the cord on the bottom half of the speakers. Tape the cord to the cover as you see fit. You can adjust the position to your liking.

There you have it. It looks clean and still sounds great. Very easy to do and highly recommended!!
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on March 8, 2012
I'll get straight to the point, these speakers are godly, not even just for the price they are better then my Bose $400 surround sound system for my TV. I am an avid PC gamer and with these I feel right in the middle of the action. I am also a musician and very very picky about sound quality. i nearly cried when I first heard these play music, the bass is spot on, NO DISTORTION AT ALL. I hooked them up in 2 minutes and had them working perfectly, no installation disk or drivers required. One example of how amazing they are: I was talking to my girlfriend on Skype and freaked out thinking someone was breaking into my upstairs, I could hear footsteps clearly above my head, turns out it was her family walking above her in her attic. They play every type of music just as intended for classic to rock to rap to dubstep, they could have easily priced these around $150-$200. BUY THEM.
review image
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78 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on March 11, 2010
Well, I've had them for a month. The bottom line is that this is a decent 2.1 PC speaker system for a very good price. It's better than other systems I've heard in this price range (only a few). My background: I've been an amateur/semi-pro musician for 30 years and have done some recording/mixing. This system is in use on our home desktop PC.

Audio Quality: The speakers are fine for video games, youtube, or background music. More than enough bass from the subwoofer -- a bit muddy perhaps -- but bass depends A LOT on where you put it and the shape and furnishings in the room. Decent as they are, these speakers are not quite the audiophile quality that some reviewers seem to think (please go to a high-end audio store and listen to REAL speakers for an afternoon.) I would not choose them for a dedicated music listening experience but I'm sure some people would find them perfectly fine for that use. A little EQ helps, though (they need a serious boost in the lower midrange but a notch in the upper bass in my room - classic EQ for a 2.1 system). They can produce plenty of volume for a small/medium room before they start to distort.

Features: The satellite speakers have a small footprint and should fit where you need them to; they are about 8 inches tall. Unfortunately the cones are exposed -- a mesh or grille would have been nice. The breakout volume control for your desktop is very convenient and has controls for master volume, subwoofer volume, on/off, and has headphone-out and aux-in jacks. There are no controls on the subwoofer which is OK since you'll probably want to put it on the floor. Cables seem sturdy and are long enough to have the sub on the floor and the satellites on an upper shelf. Hookup is straightforward.

All in all a good system for a great price.

***If you haven't used a product for at least a week, DON'T REVIEW IT!***
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