Customer Reviews: CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra [Old Version]
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on December 20, 2011
First off, I do not work for or have any affiliation with CyberLink. Having said that, I have to agree with K. Henderson's review. I also had the previous version and did a review of it. I almost always look at reviews because many times it helps me to make an informed decision on a certain product. I appreciate people taking the time to give their opinions and I am hoping that I may help someone who is thinking about buying this software.

I just ordered this software after downloading the trial version. Amazon had a great price on it that beat the update version so I ordered the full version from them. I see today that that deal is no longer available. I was not even thinking of buying the new version because I thought the advantage was only with burning 3D. Since I do not burn in 3D, I was not really interested. However, I read some of the reviews here and other places and they said it was faster. So I downloaded the trial version.

I am now into burning high definition Blu Rays and this software is the best and fastest that I have used. I went from almost two hours to do a 25 Gig Blu Ray with PowerDirector 9 Ultra to a little over an hour with this newer version. To me, that was pretty significant and the reason I ordered the newer version. I cannot comment as much on DVDs but I did not have any problems with them with PowerDirector 9.

As to customer service, I cannot comment on that either as I have never contacted them regarding any problems. I do see that they have monitored some reviews and offered some help, which is encouraging, especially if they are following up with any complaints.

I do believe that some people have a problem with CyberLink because they have used some of their free software that came with their computers. Most of that free software was trimmed down versions and did not offer much. I used some of it before and it was never as good as Sony for making good movies. So I believe there is a stigma for some people. However, that has all changed with these Ultra programs. The programs really do take advantage of the 64 bit technology and produce great high definition blu ray movies.

The other problem is that some people say the software is buggy. To a degree that is true and I have had it stop working on rare occasions, however, when I loaded it back up, 9 times out of 10, the program will reopen and everything will be back on the time line. Most of the time the crash occurs because I tried to load too many videos at one time. I had the same problem with Sony on occasions also. So, the best thing is to load a few at a time (maybe 5 or 6 large videos), then some more. The other thing is that when you have them on a time line, just save your project occasionally. Name it the first time and every so often hit save project just in case. It takes very little time to do that and the software saves it in just a few seconds. That way if it does stop working, just restart the program and load your project unless of course it does it for you.

Finally, I believe that some of the problems that people may be experiencing is do to their hardware. I had more problems with my older computer with crashing on old versions. Most people that are running Windows 7, 64 bit, should have plenty of power to utilize this software but with high definition, more is always better. I have an Intel(R)Core(TM)i7CPU, with 12.0 GB of physical memory and I cannot believe how well PowerDirector 10 Ultra works. I have never bought a newer version of a piece of software so soon, but the better speed convinced me that this was well worth the upgrade.

For me this software is amazing. PC Magazine has rated it as their top choice for consumer video-editing software and I have to agree with their assessment. I am not sure what is happening on some of the negative reviews but I hope those issues get worked out so that they can see the power of this new version.

My best advice to those thinking about purchasing this software, is to download CyberLink's trial version to see how it works on your computer. That was the only reason that I decided to buy it in the first place, because it worked so well.

Update: Today (12/23/11) I burned high definition videos to DVD. The movie almost filled up the DVD (probably 3 quarters). It took 28 minutes and 30 seconds exactly from start to finish. I also made two extra copies. Since it did not have to render the two copies again, the total time for all three DVDs was just under 41 minutes. Very satisfied with the time and the DVDs turned out beautiful.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have mixed emotions about CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra.

It is a more than adequate video editing and slide show creation program. Definitely faster to deploy than Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. Not as feature laden as Adobe Premiere Pro, but more than enough cool stuff for doing pretty complex video productions. Execution speed is very respectable, though the program does crash more often than I would prefer.

A major plus is Cyberlink's Director Zone where you can download thousands upon thousands of effects, templates and such. Many, if not most, are a little cheesy, but there's a lot of excellent stuff as well.

Cyberlink's approach is "video editing for dummies" - and that is a compliment. Everything is accessible, nearly all functions are easily understandable. For most people, PowerDirector is all they need. I like it (along with Magix Movie Edit Pro) because the programs are quick to deploy, easy to learn and (most of time) work as advertised.

Is PowerDirector Ultra a replacement for Adobe Premiere Pro or other high end video editing applications? No. But most people simply don't need Premiere Pro.

Now, my enthusiasm is tempered by what I don't like about Cyberlink as a company. Their tech support is sub-par: questions are often answered with form letters put together by people who obviously did not understand the question. Cyberlink's product cycles are very short, often less than a year before you are being asked to buy an expensive upgrade.

Overall, I think CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra offers good value to the end-user. It will cover the needs of most people for video editing and slideshow production. Tech support is, in my opinion, is not what it should be and the short cycle upgrade policy is brutal.

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on June 6, 2012
I have been using Pinnacle Studio 12 for the past three years, and before that Pinnacle Studio 8. Prior to purchasing Power Director 10, I tried several different video editors, by downloading their free trials. They all had problems of one sort or another. After a process of elimination, I ended up purchasing Power Director 10 Ultra. I have used this product now for a couple of months, on four seperate projects and have the following review:

The product produces a very good picture on my plasma and very good sound on my home theater system when I have made an AVCHD DVD from my AVCHD camcorder. The colors and sharpness are excellent, while the sound is deep and full. PD10 renders AVCHD fairly quickly, producing the AVCHD DVD the quickest of any editing program I have tried (costing under $150). Other things I like about the program include the subtitles working well, as do the chapters. Both are easy to work with. The main titles are OK, but not as nice as some of the other programs had. The included music is limited, with only a very few free tracks. Any thing more costs $. Their customer service is good, with emailing the easiest way of contacting them.

Things I am not wild about include:
The openning menu is buggy in that it sometimes works when clicking on it on the finest video, and sometimes not. I have run into a number of examples of the music track not syncing with the seperate video track. When I add a seperate music track, I run into this problem. Every time I go back and realign them and then play it again, they are out of sync once again. Have not come up with a solution yet. Most of these video editing programs are somewhat unstable to varying degrees, and PD10 is no exception. I have had it crash on me twice so far. Luckily, I always save my projects every few minutes as I work on them. One last thing; the last project was an AVCHD video that was 51 minutes long. When trying to burn it onto a dual layer disc, the program would not complete the burning, even though I had 2-4 minutes of free space left on the DVD. After completely rendering and completing 3/4 of the burning process, it would quit the process and the DVD would not have any workable video on it. I have not run into anything like that on any other program before.

So there you have it. Three stars out of five. An OK rating, but not quite what I had hoped. On shorter AVCHD projects it works pretty well, but on longer projects that come close to maxing out the DVD, not so well. Have not tested burning my projects as SD DVDs yet.
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on February 21, 2012
I'm not a professional at editing video but I've used several packages in the past several years and I really like PowerDirector. Not being a professional in this field, I've always had to use something affordable for the hobbiest and as such, you do typically get what you pay for. The trick is finding one that works well enough to get the job done with the fewest annoyances. Before using PowerDirector, it seemed like all the other editors I've used always seemed to fall on the overly annoying side. The biggest issues were always performance and software bugs. There's nothing more annoying than spending a few hours editing a long video only to find out that the software you're using crashes every time you try to burn the video to DVD. Having to deal with slow editing software that drags all the time because it can't handle the processing of large video files is also very annoying and in my past experience has been pretty much par for the course. I use a business class laptop by the way. The laptops I use don't usually have ultra high-end video like you would find in an engineering or gaming laptop but I always run decent video and processors with extra RAM for performance. Consequently, the lagging I've seen in other software packages has been the software, not the machine. That's why I was pleasantly surprised at how well PowerDirector has worked for me. It has truly been a pleasure to work with. I'm able to move around in my videos without the software hesitating and so far I haven't found any bugs to deal with. I've found it to be a very stable and high quality product. To date, I haven't had any issues at all with this product. If I do find something negative about the software later, I'll be sure to update my review. I've had PowerDirector for a few months now and just purchased a second copy today to install on a colleague's PC.

Also, as a musician, I probably work with audio more than I do with video. The included WaveEditor software has been very easy to work with and produces very good quality audio. I'm very happy with this side of the software as well.

Overall, I find this video editing package to be a very good value. It's inexpensive and works very well.
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VINE VOICEon December 23, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used the full feature editor to create a 40 minute holiday video.

I started with a video that was older than 10 years.(I used Roxio VHS to DVD Converter) Using Cyber PowerDirector 10 Ultra' s "Magic Fix" helped clear up the 10 y.o. film both in audio and video quality. This process took out the background hissing sounds and reduced noise/static from the video. It didn't take long and the results were well worth it. I have a much improved copy of a sentimental video.

I added effects to this video and found it easy to use. I instantly split tracks and removed unwanted segments. I added several transitions and special effects ( there are many to choose from, some very cool too) I inserted my title and had editing the text was also quite easy.

Another point that I like about using the editor interface is that the editor uses a gray and black interface which allows better focus.(in my opinion)

I was able to keep the video at a higher quality by producing it as an AVI file instead of burning a DVD. The rendering process took me twenty minutes with an AVI file size of 4.2GB. Opening Windows Explorer, I burned the final, polished and finished AVI file onto a DVD.

The software as I mentioned has numerous features and special effects. You may create a 3D video from a 2D video and apply 3D functions.

This software includes a pair of pretty decent plastic 3D glasses. It also includes a free web service called "The Director's Zone", where you can download 200,000 more effects free ! This online community has over 2 million users and even offers video tutorials.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that when you add text, it isn't plain text, rather it's all with different special effects.

The ease of use and variation allowed by this software , in my opinion warrants no less than 5 stars and I truly recommend this for creative video buffs and anyone needing a good new video software editing program.
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now that you have read my glowing praise of the award winning PowerDirector 10 (PD 10) you need to know a little about my computer experience. Let's start with my computer equipment. My computer runs 64 bit Windows 7. It has a 500gig hard drive and 2gigs of RAM. I have a fast connection to the Internet. I have a lot of experience editing photographs in Adobe Photoshop but little experience with video. Six months ago I began editing videos using the free program, Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker. My videos were good but I realized that I needed something more powerful. About a month ago I began using PowerDirector 9 Ultra - 64 and have just installed PD 10. Most of my remarks about PD 9 also apply to PD 10. I will update my thoughts about PD 10 after I have more experience with it.

Usually when I begin learning a new computer program/language I purchase a guidebook and have it at my side. I favor the Dummies series, Idiot's guides and the Missing Manual series. However, I could not find a PowerDirector book in these series. The manual enclosed with PD 10 is a small format 192 page manual which covers the essentials. More importantly are the many instructional videos on YouTube which can be accessed from CyberLink's website: The videos include basic and advanced topics and were created using PowerDirector 7, 8, 9 and 10. The videos have several authors and vary in quality. I have taken YouTube tutorials before and I prefer single author courses. I particularly liked the PowerDirector videos by PDtoots . If you have any doubts about buying PD 10, take a look at these videos before you buy.

I think the most appropriate buyer will be a user moving up from other programs such as Windows Live Movie Maker. Most amateur photographer will be very satisfied with their new ability to stitch together photographs with transition effects and a sound track. And for those who are blossoming videographers or just want to use the video feature of their digital cameras, your efforts to learn a new program will be rewarded. You can download PD 10 for a 30 day trial at the website.

You should not buy this program if you have difficulty learning computer programs/languages or have a very underpowered computer. You know who you are. If you decide you want this program you should learn it in a class or make use of that teenage son, grandson or geeky neighbor's kid. There is another group of users who should probably not buy this program. These are high end users who have the money and time to learn one of the expensive programs which are standards for the video Industry.

I am impressed with the professional quality of the videos produced with PD 10 and I hope that my videos will rise to these levels. But there is a lot to learn and practice. I am also learning how to do time-lapse videos and have found the PD 9 tools work well for this application (see attached video). Having come to PowerDirector from Adobe Photoshop, I frequently need to translate the terms from PowerDirector into Photoshop language. The manufacturer advertises that the program is very fast. I don't have a good basis for comparison. However, I can report that it took me 30 minutes to render a 1 minute video and upload it to YouTube. PowerDirector 10 (PD 10) is an incredible program at a reasonable price. Go buy it!

FOLLOW-UP (June 1, 2012):
I continue to like PD 10 and am enjoying the many improvements over PD 9. Using PD 10, I created several professional looking time-lapse videos with music. One of my cameras produces a time-lapse .MTS file which I can edit as a video file. My second camera records a series of .JPG photos which PD 10 stitches together like a slide show video. The tools for cropping, adjusting color, saturation, brightness and contrast are primitive compared to more expensive programs, but are adequate.
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on February 2, 2012
All the gushing reviews about this product are great, there is no doubt that PowerDirector has the best bang for the buck when it comes to features. But there is much more to video editing sofrware than that. Most fail to adequately highlight what's truly wrong with this product, so I'll focus on that:

1. "Fastest video editor": Translation - it's 64-bit, like pretty much everything else these days. This is nothing more than marketspeak that CyberLink is using to distract customers from this software's big problems. PowerDirector is indeed very snappy during the editing process, and it's nice, 64-bit does make a difference in most cases. But the fact is, any 32-bit video editor that has proxy file functionality is just as snappy as PowerDirector.

2. PowerDirector maintains its status as the most buggy, crash-prone video editor there is. It might be faster than ever, but this includes how fast it crashes as well. This crash-prone behavior is considered a normal part of the user experience with this product. Depending on the crash, this includes the known examples of project files getting corrupted, "auto save" or not. PowerDirector is also known for crashing and ruining Blu-Ray discs during the burn process.

3. PowerDirector has MUCH more downloadable content than Corel's VSX5, the selection is really fun - but cumbersome. Worse, most all of the content is completely unusable kiddie stuff that just can't be taken seriously. The good stuff that you might find online takes hours of sifting through the endless menus of user-contributed junk. Like one reviewer pointed out, its just a bunch of teenage girly junk. And most of it is for standard def DVDs, not even HD/Blu-Ray. Most of the stuff I downloaded turned out to be horribly pixelated and unusable for HD.

4. Output quality: MAJOR disappointment and critical showstopper. PowerDirector will keep your 60fps video and get it to the disc, but it will compress the hell out of it until it's pixelated mush on the BluRay disc. And there's NOTHING you can do about it unless you resort to other software products to convert your 60fps video down to 30fps first (to maintain a high bitrate), which PowerDirector does not do (VSX5 does this automatically if needed). UNACCEPTABLE. If all you're interested in is creating little YouTube clips, then you're probably fine. But compared to other products in terms of producing high quality Blu-Ray discs, PowerDirector's Blu-Ray output quality is notably inferior and quite obvious on large screen HD TVs - it is literally unwatchable if you attempt to keep 60fps. The #1 reason I use VSX5 is the highest Blu-Ray output quality in a consumer-level product. It's crystal clear, which is far more important than doubling the framerate of something that is already smooth as glass. On-screen quality of the final result trumps everything else, no matter how many bells and whistles the editor itself may have to brag about. I'm not editing video to be dazzled by the editor - I'm editing video to be dazzled by the output of a BluRay disc on a 55-inch 3D Samsung. Output quality alone is a showstopper here, rendering the product unfit for use for Blu-Ray or any other situation when the preservation of original source quality is paramount.

5. File sizes/disc content: For some reason, this product cranks out file sizes that are way too huge for what you are attempting to produce. In VSX5, I'm cranking out 25GB Blu-Rays with almost 3 hours of content with quality that is almost impossible to distinguish from the original camera source files (1080/60i)- and that's on a 55" HD Samsung DLP. I have been unable to get PowerDirector to do this. Again - I'm not editing video to be dazzled by the editor, I'm editing video to be dazzled by the output. This could be a setting I might be missing, but I have seen many complaints about this problem in here and elsewhere on the net.

6. Tech support: Notoriously worthless. Possibly the absolute worst - and dare I say most hostile - tech support I have ever experienced in my life. If you can understand what they are even saying, good for you. Even better if you don't get treated like a thief, regardless if you have your registration information on hand or not. Additional bonus if they actually help you fix a problem, and that's if you were willing to wait for the long lengths of time for them to respond (days, weeks). CyberLink tech support left me feeling like I had been taken for a ride - now that I've made my purchase, they have my money and it just sucks to be me. For the product I continue to run back home to (VSX5), I get immediate phone support (instant) and email questions are answered like clockwork in under 12 hours, all in perfect English. This includes general product usage and information - I don't even need to be experiencing a problem.

Bottom line, I would LOVE to be able to put my trust in this product. But I find more use out of the purring VW Bug that crosses the finish line with better results than the screaming Porsche that broke down every 30 minutes along the way and produced inferior results because it couldn't be tuned right. "Fastest" has proven to mean nothing to me with this product. Output quality (and stability) continue to prove to be EVERYTHING - as it should be.

5 star potential for the best featureset avaiable and 64-bit power. But output quality and well-documented crashing are unforgivables that knock it down by 3 stars.

And to be clear, I do not work for Corel, I work in the defense industry. I merely use this stuff for my own personal video hobby, which I'm increasingly serious about. And PowerDirector doesn't measure up once it hits my bigscreen because of the shocking pixelation issues.
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on November 13, 2011
I bought PowerDirector 9 a couple years ago and was about to upgrade to 10, but I wanted to try it out first. I had an issue with their trial version, so I contacted customer support through their website. They were almost unintelligible, even through email, and only offered excuses as to why they couldn't help. The initial response and each new response took several days to arrive, which is not an acceptable delay when trying to complete a project. I refuse to continue to support a business with bad customer service.
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on April 8, 2012
This product does not work well with a shared processor (for graphics)so I bought a new quality NVidia (Microsoft approved) media card that works extremely well with my other programs - but PowerDirector 10 refuses to open.
I decided to pay the $30 for 90 days of factory support - what a joke!
I have spent over 5 hours on the telephone talking to 4 different "offshore" techs - they make you gather and "copy/email" all kinds of info from your computer- saying its required before a factory person will tackle the issue.
I have had call to follow up every a few days (they never contact me) and the answer I get is "we need additional information" - most of the requested items are identical to those previously sent
They told me a few days ago, under intense pressure from me, that it was now "being escalated to the factory" and I would get a solution within 24 hours"
It's been a few days......I Guess I'll cal them again
Why am I continuing the process? I had already put a lot of work into some Power Director projects - and it works very well when it works .. and I know Amazon will stand by me if I decide to give up and return it
Bottom Line. If you anticipate any hardware compatibility problems or think you may need technical assistance to operate this program - do not buy it!
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on February 3, 2012
Man, I should have just gone with the reviews. I thought I needed Sony Vegas but it takes soooo long to get all the little intricate details worked out in Sony. I also tried Premier Elements. Even on my I7 processor with 8 gigs of memory and SSD, Premier was freakishly SLOW, locked up a lot and just was frustrating. So back to this product. So far really easy an the best part is you can edit in low quality so there is little to no speed issues and then when you create the vid it is in whatever format you wanted. Not sure if Sony or Adobe offer that feature, but man it makes a huge difference when slicing up your vids. I purchased the Ultra for the 64 Bit engine. I will post again in a few weeks.
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