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Platform: PC Disc|Edition: Ultra|Change
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on March 8, 2013
First the Good news:

I have used PowerDirector 8 for several years. It did the job but crashed all the time. But I still used it.

I downloaded the trial version of PowerDIrector 11 for a new computer i just bought. This software works 10 times faster (literally) than PowerDirector 8, and hasn't crashed yet. It's so much better!

Now the bad news:

I bought this from Amazon, from one of their "sellers".
The disk was defective. It would not install. Got error messages. (And understand, I'm a professional IT person, so it's not like I don't know how to install software.)

I contacted Amazon. They sent me to the Seller.

I contacted the Seller ("AndrewSet"). They would not accept a return -- even though it was defective -- because "the box has been opened". (Someone please tell me how I could have determined that the disk was bad without opening the box.)

The Seller said I had to contact CyberLink directly. ("We're sorry!")

CyberLink does not publish a phone number.
So I managed to open a "trouble ticket" on their site.
I have gone back-and-forth with their technical support person for several WEEKS now.
They wanted me to prove to them one thing after another:

"Show us a screen shot of the error; make sure that is's a FULL screen shot!"

"Run this diagnostic utility of windows and send us the output file."

"Show us the invoice for this purchase from Amazon."

"Prove to us that you contacted Amazon about this return; let us see a copy of the email."

I gave them everything they wanted. They still won't replace the CD. At one time, the customer service rep said she'd "escalate the issue" for me. (Huh? She isn't authorized to send me a replacement CD?) Amazingly, that "escalation" must have been rejected within CyberLink. That was a week ago. No outcome - good or bad - from it.

I replied with 2 replies to one of their questions. Unfortunately, their trouble-ticket software automatically opened a new ticket for me with my 2nd reply. Apparently, this made my request go back to the beginning again. So, they then asked me to prove all of the same things again. (No joke.)

I replied by sending them a link to my previous trouble ticket on their own web site, which had all the answers to their questions. With that, they then denied that they even needed those questions answered. (I have all this in writing.) (What?!!!)

All of that .. and they *still* won't send me a replacement disk (CyberLink's customer service did offer me a "download", but that's not what I want, and that's not what I purchased; I purchased a *disk*, specifically, because I want a permanent copy of the software.)

So ... there you go. It's good software. However, in my case, at least, I still don't have what I paid for -- and I'm tired of fighting these people. I guess "greed" has won the day ... at least as of the date of this review.

Is this what America has come to?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 31, 2012
This is a review of the 64Bit version of PowerDirector 11. Below is my original
review for this product, you may want to just skip down to the "Update."

First of all, I would caution readers to totally ignore negative reviews from
people who got this software for a MAC {its not compatible and doesn't claim
to be}, cant figure out how to install it, complains about crashing and doesn't
list the specs of their PC, or whines about "3D" support, who cares?

I had PowerDirector 8, and while it was fine for editing small files, it did not like
1 Gig files, would crash constantly {Intel i5, 6Gb RAM, Win7/64}, and outputted
pixelated garbage very slowly.

PDR11 requires the download of a few "patches" from the Cyberlink website but
after installation you are good to go. This suite loads very fast, about 15 seconds
compared to close to 2 minutes with PDR8. And the imports are lightning fast. Same
selection of tools as before, but much more to work with as far as shading and
actually making your edits more presentable. Render times are likewise much faster,
and after about 6 hours of working with it have suffered not a single crash,
however occasionally this thing will freeze for a few moments, but not like the
previous version.

Works with most formats, even MKV files and that drove me crazy with PDR8 that I
had to convert the damn thing before editing. The outputs are virtually unlimited,
and the HD edits are clean and crisp. MPEG 2 compression is a massive improvement
from PDR8, file sizes have been reduced by about half I calculate, rendering times
are faster, and CPU usage is nominal.

Since working with PDR11 I have since dumped Sony Vegas 12. The Sony suite has a
much better set of tools but I found it very difficult to work with, the Power Director
interface is simple and straightforward and much easier to use, not saying its better
software so don't start screaming at me.

One of the most impressive things about PDR11 is that it has a full size player that
is better than PowerDVD 10. I've also got WinDVD Pro 11 and neither one of those
players can even come close to the images I see using this software. Its incredible,
but with limited controls of course. But still if I'm going to sit down and watch
a movie I'm going to use the PDR11 player.

Minus one star because they abandoned PDR8 leaving me and all their entire customer
base swinging in the wind with known issues they never addressed before releasing PDR9.

And Cyberlink, if you are reading this the desktop icon is the most hideous thing I have
ever seen. Its so ugly {green, yellow, purple, black} that I deleted the shortcut. Are
you guys on crack? Fix this please, and fire the idiot that designed it.

1/01/13 Update: Now where did I put that Sony disc? I have officially had it with these
clowns at Cyberlink. I will never buy another product from these incompetents ever
again. Just when I thought they had done something right for a change, I find that as
usual, with additional features to these product "upgrades," there comes pain. First
of all, the Multi-trim feature just flat does not work, meaning if you want to edit down
a video you have to do it one chunk at a time then piece them back together. I am so
angry I could punch a dolphin.

Then yesterday after editing about 5 different clips, during the conversion process I get
an Error message advising me that my video card is either not compatible, or my drivers
need updating. So basically I'm locked out from doing anything with this garbage software
until I hear back from Cyberlink support, which usually takes about a month so like I said,
I'm going back to the Sony Vegas 12 package and leaving the three stars for this junk intact
in the hopes I get some help resolving this problem....but I ain't holding my breath. And I
got green money that says PDR12 will be released before these problems are fixed.

1/04/13 OK, I did get some help from Cyberlink overcoming the "video card compatibility"
problem, but again with every fix comes even more problems. I cant edit VOB files now, well
actually PDR11 will allow you to work with them somewhat, you just cant save your work or
and you cant convert a 1Gig VOB file to any other format for editing. Very frustrating, this
package is like owning a classic car... everytime you fix something, something else breaks.
And I just noticed, the installation of PDR11 is a 1.33GB file, PDR8 was 314MB. Comparatively,
Sony Vegas 12 which actually works is less than 250MB installed. Final analysis: 2 Stars

BTW, check the Comments for some of the most ludicrous and pretentious thoughts on PDR11,
and the "art" of home video editing. Apparently, you need a dual CPU machine running at 4.8Ghz,
a 2.5Gig video card, 16GB Ram, and a solid state drive to perform your rendering on, and even
still, PDR11 is reported to "struggle." So I think the message here is, that all you silly users
out there that think your Intel quad core setup with more than adequate Ram will still fail
to overcome the limitations of this consumer designed video editor. Hilarious.
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Platform: PC Disc|Edition: Ultra|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off, I was pleased to discover that, unlike some others who have tried and reviewed this software, I have experienced no crashes. I am running a 64bit system with 16GB of RAM and an iCore7 processor (2600CPU@3.4Ghz.)Having been disappointed with earlier versions of PowerDirector both in the operations and options ends, I really was not expecting very much more than more powerful problems. I was in for a surprise. The program is far more intuitive that the past two versions (9 and 10), renders video FAR more quickly and actually provides such a wide range of tools I can imagine using that I have only tried a 20-30 of them so far. The software contains 4-500 of them!

Make no mistake: This is an ambitious piece of software. It is neither intended nor designed for the complete novice. There are many simpler and less expensive programs for the home user who simply wants to do some simple editing, titling and production of home videos. It is generally a good idea to buy a little more than you think you are going to need because if you stay with it, a learning curve will grow upwards and you will find yourself interested in trying things you knew nothing about when purchasing the software. This program provides ample room for the average/intermediate home videographer to grow into but would, I am certain, overwhelm the basic-needs person or video newbee.

This v.11 is designed to suggest enhancements to clips that didn't turn out quite right. I frequently find that when I look at the finished product, I have overlooked some areas in terms of lighting for example. I also appreciated the real speed with which this program processes video.

For those familiar with PowerDirector, the interface has changed but is still recognizable but has been rather deeply enriched. I am using it a lot more than I would have expected having grown accustomed to Pinnacle video software. As good as this is, it is not as good as it could have been.

The 3D capacity uses a great deal of hard drive and, truth be told, is of very little functional value. 3D is a recurring fad that will not likely ever fully catch on until it is possible to display it clearly without specialized eye wear. I believe all the people who reported frequent crashing and difficulty installing it. I simply was not one of them.

This is, as a final thought, a mid-range home video production program. It is probably no better or worse than the cluster of others in this class. Personal experience and preferences come into play and most of the time, will make the defining difference in a person deciding what to buy. For fans of PowerDirector, this is, technologically speaking, a big step up from the previous version, and is apt to be liked. For those unfamiliar with the ins and outs (and admitted idiosyncracies) of PowerDirectot software, this software will be a challenge - but for many, it will turn out to be a rewarding one.
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on April 25, 2013
On 8 April I purchased CyberLink PowerDirector 11 from Amazon. It arrived on 12 April, and I installed it on arrival.

In the 13 days since then, PowerDirector 11 has consistently failed to function as advertised on the Amazon website and on CyberLink's own website. Every time that I've run the program and added VERY small clips (30- to 60-frame slices) of QuickTime video material to it, as directed by the PD instructions, the PowerDirector work screen has faded out and the program cannot be closed. In every instance, PowerDirector has locked up the computer to such an extent that it cannot be disabled, even by forced shutdown. Only by closing and re-starting Windows can I get the faded-out PowerDirector work screen off of my monitor.

I have spent over 20 working hours in futile attempts to fix the problems caused by this program: I've purchased more memory (upgrading from 4Gbytes to 6Gbytes); tried to find information in CyberLink's PowerDirector manual (which contains no pertinent information); have attempted to find an aftermarket "how to" book (none exist); downloaded every new PowerDirector 11 repair patch (CyberLink sends out a new patch every 2 weeks or so, which gives an insight into the program's problems); and have conducted long and futile discussions regarding the problem in the PowerDirector Members' Forum.

Given the above experience, I only wish there was some way to submit a review with a minus-5-stars rating. CyberLink seems to think that my time is worthless, though I believe somehow that 20 wasted hours of hard work are a significant chunk of my valuable time.

My plan at this point is to delete PowerDirector from my computer and purchase Adobe Premiere Elements 11 from Amazon, as well as Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Classroom In A book.

Insofar as PowerDirector 11 does not function as advertised, I'm hoping it will be possible for me to return the program to Amazon for a refund.
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VINE VOICEon April 5, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Edition: Ultra|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I seriously hope that anyone else who gets this product has more luck than I did. I wish that the disk hadn't installed like some other reviewers have stated.

Unfortunately, it did install. I have Windows XP which I've never had problems with. The program installer crashed several times while installing, but finally did install. The first couple times I tried to run it, it errored and crashed. When I finally got it to run, I played around with the options a little and made a short film. I closed it out and thought... Well, that was a fun waste of time. About twenty minutes later, while working on another project, my entire system froze and I got the blue screen of death.

I didn't connect the problem at first, but after a couple hours of rebooting and working through various errors, I finally got my computer back up. It hadn't had any problems at all before the freeze.

Since this incident, I've deleted (I thought) all traces of PowerDirector from my system. Everything seems okay until you try to watch a video. When footage begins, the system freezes, blue screens and sometimes doesn't come back up the same day. It now looks as if my computer is down for good. Not even the recovery disk will fix it.

So, yes, I understand that clicking "yes" in the user agreements makes them not liable for computer damage, but it still makes me angry and unable to trust this company ever again.
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on April 6, 2013
I bought this not knowing that it wouldn't install on my 64bit Windows 7Pro desktop, it installs alright on my wife's slow 32 bit laptop but that's too slow to edit with. I think it's disgraceful there's no mention of it's inability to work on a 64 bit system.
Now all I've done is waste $55 and I can't use it. Beware before you buy it. I'm furious! And out of pocket!
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on April 20, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Edition: Ultra|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I can't comment on the pros and cons of this video editing software because I never could get it to install on my computer(kept getting an error message., even after numerous emails to Cyberlink customer service. They are literally the worst I have dealt with for any problem I've had to call to get help. You virtually have to jump through hoops just to get anywhere and then they treat you like you're a criminal. First, I contacted amazon back and they said I need to contact Cyberlink, before they replace the software. And by criminal I mean they first wanted me to take a picture of the error message I was getting and email it to them. I did and then they said they never received it, even though I've sent hundreds of pictures via email before and never had a problem. They accused me of trying to pull a fast one. Yeah, I'm sure I'm going to waste my time making up a story than I'm getting an error message from my video editing software so I can get a free one when I'm more than willing to send the defective copy back. Jeez.

Secondly, they wanted to see proof that I had purchased this from amazon and that I had contacted amazon about the problem. And while all of this is going on they are not getting in any hurry to respond.... as in several days between responses, each time making this stretch out for about 2 montsh total. The bottom line is cyberlink sucks **** and would not replace the disc. But yet they told me to send the disc back and they would replace it. Well, after 2 weeks of waiting I contacted them, yet again, wanting to know where the replacement was and they said that not only did they not receive the defective disc back, but they had no record of me ever contacting them. WHAT?! A CROCK!! Talk about criminals! So, I told them they can take the defective disc and their awful customer service and see if it will fit between the crack of their "beep". Never ever again will I own a Cyberlink product, even if it's free. In the end amazon couldn't help me out because I received this product free in the first place as part of amazon's vine review program and since amazon didn't have any more to send I was S.O.L. Pray you don't get a defective product from Cyberlink(and pay good money for it) because there's a good chance you'll go through the same crap with them I did. Avoid Cyberlink!
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on September 21, 2012
I owned a previous version of PowerDirector, and it would occasionally crash, despite my computer being very stable for all other software I have. However, I could always restart the program and I could continue where I left off when it crashed. So I lived with it.

I got this new version hoping it would do 3D movies and also be more stable. However I couldn't get it to do hardly anything without crashing. The frequency of program crashes is too often to tolerate. I tried to load some simple 3D pictures (MPO files) to create a basic video slideshow, but it crashes over and over, and I can't even get it to the point of seeing a preview.

I haven't had much luck with another piece of software by this company either.
There are many other options for video editing software nowadays. This program is way too unstable and buggy.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Edition: Ultra|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm happy with this software and unlike others, I had no problem loading the software and executing the install program. The video rendering speeds are fast, the editing tools are easy to use once you get up the learning curve, and rendering quality is quite high.

I recommend using the magic wizard `help' for those who haven't used editing suites before... it will quicken your learning curve. There is also a large online community called "The Director Zone" where you can access ideas on how to creatively use the software.
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on August 19, 2013
The best thing about PD 11 Ultra is that it allows me to edit my movies fast. It's fast to import, handles AVCHD fast, fast to cut, fast to render. It's far from perfect due to a jumbled layout, but considering that the competing software has much bigger flaws, it's the best I have tried. I have used Premiere Elements extensively for about 5 years, and also tried Pinnacle off and on as well as Cinelerra and Kdenlive on Linux. I got pretty tired of Prem. El. because it's just slow and renders take forever. I guess my favorite thing in PD is the SVRT that renders without re-encoding. Not only is this incredibly fast, but it gives you a file that is has virtually no generation loss in quality from your original footage.
This is a huge selling point to me, and for that speed and quality I suffered a bit of a learning curve. I am a purist/minimalist editor: I don't go for fancy transitions and 3D titles and all the effects. I take quality footage and want to cut it, have some nice fade to black, fix audio levels with keyframes, fix color and exposure problems, do some still pan and zooms. The fanciest transition I use is an occasional cross fade. Do some simple high quality titles.
On PD 11 you can do most of this and quickly, but functions are hard to find, and there are odd procedures to achieve the function you want. To do a preset pan and zoom on a still photo, you will do some hunting. (Select clip, Edit menu, Magic Tools, Magic Motion). Whereas if you want to do a slide show with pans and zooms on a collection of stills, you might want hit the Slide Show tab which is in a totally different part of the UI. If you want a simple dark background rectangle behind a title, you will look for that function in the title editor in vain. Not there. You have to completely separately add a thing called a 'color board' and it's very hard to find this function. So the color board is a separate clip from the text title. Whereas in Prem. El. color correction is an effect, in PD it's not, it's another function. You can't set the project to 24 frame per second. So if you have 24p footage (I do exclusively) you can use it and render it to 24p quite nicely - but your editing window has a timeline formatted in 30 frame, and it always nags that you are importing footage in the wrong format. Lots of weird stuff like that.
Now, once you learn how to do things, you probably should keep a little notebook because in two months you will forget how to do it. To some this will be just the differences between programs, but to me this indicates that PD 11 is just not very intuitive. There are just too many places for functions to hide. You have the program menu along the top, which doesn't have much. You have the main program tabs along the top of the screen; you have main function tabs along left edge; you have some random 'magic' wizard-like tabs along the lower left edge; you have a set of tabs above the timeline. That's too many UI areas. Why can't there be three main UI/tab areas instead of five.
I've been using a Core i7 Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM, SSD. Program loads, works fast, has been very solid, never crashed once.
Honestly I like Premiere Elements, it's more intuitive and straightforward, and it offers you a lot of fine grained control. But it is still bloated and dog slow even after being re-jiggered to 64 bit, and Adobe seems to be in no hurry to fix it's flaws. In the end I can do what I need to do and work and render much faster with PD. For now it's the king.
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