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I thought that Clive would be hard pressed to out-do 'Raise The Titanic' widely considered his best work...but I've gotta admit, 'Cyclops' does it for me. It puzzles me how some reviewers seem surprised at the seemingly impossible situations Dirk finds himself in, and STILL manages to escape FROM, and STILL get the girl. C'mon! As one reviewer already stated, Clive writes seriously fun books, but doesn't take the story too serious that it cannot have fun in the process, and even though you might be crying 'foul' in one sentence, by the next, you have forgotten how implausible if not down right IMPOSSIBLE the story has become, and you just continue right on through because it was written for entertainment purposes, and THAT is what 'Cyclops' does in GRAND Style. Cussler has written possibly his best story (although I have to admit Atlantis Found is right up there) and given us a fantastic tale that will endure well beyond the years. Unlike certain forms of music, and clothing, Pitt will ALWAYS be in style.
As always, I enjoy feedback on MY opinions:
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on March 10, 2001
The dissapearance of the ship Cyclops in 1918 sparks the beginning of this adventure for Mr. TCOB, Inc., Dirk Pitt. A search for the ship's lost treasure takes the diver/adventurer from a Caribbean hurricane to a secret Russian base to a plot to assassinate Castro. Thrown into the mix is a secret base on the moon built by a clandestine group of government and business people that the Soviets are about to attack.
A pretty good Pitt adventure. Lots of impossible escapes for Dirk. Jessie LeBaron made a good female interest for Pitt. She starts off as your typical stuck-up rich woman, but later shows she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and can endure a lot of suffering. And I LOVED their first scene together where Pitt puts her in her place. That was legend! I was dissapointed there wasn't as much interaction between Pitt and his best friend, Al Giordino, as in most Cussler novels. Really liked Ira Hagen, the President's man trying to get to the bottom of the moonbase conspiracy. Comes off as an average looking guy, but has a first-rate investigative mind and a tenacious attitude. Some good action scenes at the Russian base and with the battle on the moon, though I did question some of the technical accuracy, like people only coming away wounded when their spacesuit is ripped open.
All in all, a good Dirk Pitt adventure.
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on October 19, 2002
What makes Cyclops different from the rest of Dr. Cussler's Dirk Pitt adventures is that the locations are absolutely marvelous, the action is nail-biting, the escapes are mesmerizing... Well, that's not exactly different right? More of the same. BUT IT'S DONE SO BRILLIANTLY YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RESIST! Chillingly intense. Ingeniously complex. Tremendously fun.
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on February 27, 2001
This has to be the best of Cussler's Dirk Pitt adventure novels. Unfortunately, it's also the first one I ever read. Pitt, a diver for the National Underwater and Marine Agency seems like just your average technical guy. But NUMA, whose aims of oceanic reasearch somehow allow the agency to function like an espionage agency (with the gadgets to boot) normally send Mr. Pitt on any sort of wild adventure. And Mr. Pitt himself is the perfect renaissance spy, an expert on history, underwater diving, any form of mortal combat, and the collection and restoration of antique boats, cars and planes, and a real charmer with the ladies. Perhaps no seris of books so closely approaches the fun level of a comic book while remaining so readible as a novel. In this entry, numerous diverse plot twists come together for an explosive climax. As with any Pitt novel, the story opens with some historical maritime disaster/mystery: In this case, it is the dissappearance of the Collier "Cyclops" early this century to the Bermuda Triange. In modern days, a wealthy industrialist takes off in a restored blimp for a tropical flight, only to dissappear. While the blimp is found sometime later, the tycoon is found to have been replaced with the bodies of some unidentified men who look like they've been floating for weeksin a depressurized space capsule. Meanwhile, a super-secret US base located on the moon (not even the President knows of it) faces discovery by belligerent Russians. Meanwhile, Dirk Pitt pieces clues pointing to "La Dorada" (which should have been a better title), a huge golden statue encrusted with jewels. Meanwhile, the Russians, unable to afford its "alliance" with Cuba, nor willing to allow Cuba to go over to the west, plots a blow that will put the Island off limits for good.
It's explosive, comical at times, yet always exciting and impossibel to put down. Put this one on your "beach reading" list.
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on June 28, 2003
clive takes you thru twists and turns, both natural and man made and the danger is really page turning. a GREAT BOOK TO READ DURING A THUNDER STORM.
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on August 21, 2006
Cyclops is the one Cussler book that makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. The other books have some dry humor, but the premise of this one is so out there, I mean there is a fight between the Americans and the Soviets on THE MOON. Aside from that, the premise is actually realy cool and this one is a very interesting read.
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on February 10, 2000
I have read many Dirk Pitt adventures, but this has been the one I enjoyed the most. It is an excellant book for a reader who likes to think. Clive Cussler cleverely creates a plot using suspense and many surprises. In this book you can try and figure out what Cussler is suggesting. It's amazing how Cussler can involve so many places and times to fit into one story of the Cyclops. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoy reading.
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on January 6, 2006
Having read every Clive Cussler novel to date, I'd have to put Cyclops at the top of the heap. The storyline, locations, and villains are all outstanding. To me, the critical relationship between Dirk and Al is also better developed in this book than in most of his others. Besides, any book that opens with a blimp crash in my own hometown of Miami has got to get some extra points. This is Clive in top form.
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on March 12, 2010
Clive Cussler's Cyclops is a great book full of action and suspense. In this book, we find Dirk Pitt coming within inches of death multiple times while trying to stop a gigantic disaster and an international conspiracy. Pitt also uncovers a mystery that has remained unsolved for hundreds of years. "A hundred times Pitt wondered how he'd feel, how he would react when he confronted the golden woman. What he really felt was fear, fear that it was only a false alarm...." This book is definitely one of my favorite books and will easily grab any action/adventure reader.
A wealthy American financier, Raymond LeBaron, disappears on a treasure hunt in a blimp called The Prospeteer to find a lost ship, The Cyclops. "Like a haunted castle looming from the mist of a Yorkshire moor, the phantom shape of the Cyclops rose up through the gloom, evil and sinister, as though some unspeakable force lurked within her bowels." Floating from Cuban waters, the blimp drifts into Florida with a crew of dead Soviet cosmonauts, starting the mystery.
Dirk Pitt, the hero of many other Clive Cussler books, discovers a startling scheme. A secretive group of US industrialists have put a colony on the moon, and will defend it at any cost. The Russians, feeling threatened in space, are about to strike a violent blow in Cuba which only Dirk Pitt can stop. From a torture chamber deep in the ground in Cuba, to the cold ocean depths around it, Pitt is in a race against time to thwart the Russians from killing thousands of people and taking over Cuba.
Dirk Pitt is a seemingly indestructible man. He has a collection of more than 30 antique cars, including a Daimler. He also has an antique airplane and railroad car. Pitt lives in an abandoned warehouse just outside the Washington D.C. airport. Dirk is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and attained the title of Major. The major is now the special projects director for NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency). Pitt is the son of a United States senator and answers to no one except for James Sandecker, the clever commander of NUMA. Throughout all of his life, Al Giordino has been Pitt's right-hand man. They have been best friends since childhood and partners in undersea adventures for two decades.
I think that this book is Clive Cussler at his best. I highly recommend this book to anybody who likes a very good action, adventure, or mystery. This book would also be a great book for someone who likes a main plot and a separate sub-plot. I don't recommend this book to small children because there is some impropriety in it. Clive Cussler has written many other books and reading any of them will make you want to read another of his books.
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on January 7, 1999
Cyclops was the first Dirk Pitt novel I ever read, and actually, that's a bad thing. Because it's the best. Almost all the other books are bogged down in between by scenes of politicians sitting around discussing what they'll do about the badguy when we know that that's toally unnecessary cuz Dirk will eventually just walk in and save the day.
The story flows beautifully until the climactic Cuban island showdown, where Pitt fights Foss Gly. (an absolutely perfect villain, I might add) But the entire last third seems so tacked on and unnecessary and just an excuse to tie up loose threads (and to have really cool destruction scenes, which is cool, but still) that it threatens to ruin the story, and that's why Cyclops gets four stars instead of five.
Now I know all Dirk Pitt novels have to have an unimaginable-treasure-that-no-can-find-but Dirk-manages-to-because-he's-a-genius subplot, but I really do hate it when the treasure has nothing to do with the exciting rest of the story. (see Sahara, Flood Tide, etc.) Of course, the worst was Dragon, when the object appeared to have nothing to do with the story, then it turns out that the plane had been just sitting there all this time with no particular value until it just happen to be an imperative aspect of the Dragon story, but that's for another review.
I assume that all Cussler readers realize that the material truly belongs on the big screen, and I pray that Cyclops, almost more than any other Dirk Pitt novel, can eventually be seen in all its glory in theaters, and that in that case, the story will be trimmed and perfected for shorter showings and easier digestability. I will offer no suggestions for actors.
Cyclops the book remains a spectacular read and Clive Cussler's best novel so far.
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