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on July 5, 2012
Problem: an 8-1/2# shih-tzu/bichon mix, my precious baby, high-strung, neurotic, nervous. Alarmed by shadows/lights/noises of any kind. Absolutely berserk and inconsolable during thunderstorms.

Solution: I was desperate, and would have bought anything at any price. I tried the DAP collar for small dogs. Read the reviews carefully, concluded that it worked -- IF it worked -- after ten days, two weeks, a month. . . Put it on her. That night we got the double whammy: Fourth of July AND major thunderstorms following in the wee hours of the morning.

At four a.m., after watching her sleep through the fireworks, I sat in the bathroom (her favorite place to cower during the storms) and watched incredulously as she played with my bare toes, her tail wagging -- and thunder boomed steadily outside. I am stunned, grateful, a devoted customer FOREVER.
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on January 6, 2008
We were at our wits end with our older dog having "accidents" in the house (approx. 2 - 3 times a week). We knew he could hold it (as he did when he was crated). A friend told me about the collar. Our dog has not had one accident since putting it on. We are so happy with it!
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on October 21, 2007
I've been using DAP collars with two young terriers for several months after our vet recommended them. My husband and I both agreed that, after about 10 days, there was a noticable difference in how the dogs reacted to things like loud/sudden noises and the amount of alarm-barking. After a month we felt that the intensity of the reactions was reduced by more than half and that the alarm barking was both less frequent and the dogs settled dog more quickly after being given the "enough" command. We combined using the collars with other positive/rewards-based training and are very happy with the results. It is important that the collars stay dry, remove them if your dog is going swimming or having a bath. The peace and quite are priceless :-)
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on January 3, 2012
In November, our old (16-1/2 years) poodle was deaf, going blind &, her vet thought, showing some signs of cognitive impairment. He put her on an anti-senility medication & then suggested increasing the dosage. Bad idea. She had been behaving oddly -- we now think because she was getting so little input from the outside world, with her ears & now her eyes failing -- but after her meds that night she could not settle comfortably, kept going to her papers & urinating & then treading in it (although she was always a very clean dog), wandered the apartment almost all that night, barked at the wall, fell off the bed ... it was a very rough time & heartbreaking to see. Next day she was still very nervous, & did not seem to like being near us. She was even refusing food. We thought we were going to have to let her go -- she has a bad heart & the stress was causing choking fits. She collapsed twice, & clearly was very distressed. As a last resort the next day, we got the DAP collar & diffuser from a local pet supply.

We have yet to use the diffuser, but within a half hour of my getting the collar onto her, she was relaxed, made herself a nest in the blankets & went to sleep soundly for the first time in ages. She is still adjusting to losing her vision, but her personality & awareness are much as they used to be; she's calmer than she has been for several months. (And she likes us again, & is back to singing her arias for chicken handouts.)

I did not expect the collar to work, to be honest, & as some of these reviews show it is not effective in every situation. But it gave us back our dog, at least for a little bit longer. I wish I had tried it sooner.
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on October 29, 2011
Have used this product for numerous dogs in varied situations successfully for years. I like the collar because the pheromone (mother dog scent) is right there where ever their head and nose is. The diffuser works too but you have to put it in the room where the dog is. The diffuser works great for when dogs are crated and stay in one place.
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on June 8, 2009
The DAP collar works well on my dogs with anxiety issues and I will not be without them.
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on October 27, 2011
We bought this collar with hope that it would work. Alot of people reviewed that it didn't but for our three year old beagle that was rescued from a humane society, it worked. She has severe seperation anxiety, chewed on things when we left, broke out of kennels and always pooped and urinated on the floor. Started using this collar and not a single accident, or piece of furniture damaged. We can't wait to order our next one because we can see the effects wearing off. We may even try the diffuser or spray also.
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on January 31, 2012
We have two special needs dogs that struggle with anxiety. Despite the cost of the product, we decided to try the D.A.P. collars. We did two rounds to make sure of our conclusions. For one of our dogs, it really does seem to help him. He is a bit more confident and calm. During our training classes and on walks, he is able to focus more and we see less signs of stress. Our other dog showed no improvement in her anxiety or behavior issues. So we will continue to buy a collar for one dog, but not bother for the other dog. The collar is not an end all or magical solution, rather it is a tool to add for behavior modification. I wish the price was less and/or the collar lasted more than 3 to 4 weeks, but we will take any help that we can get.
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on March 6, 2015
Background for this review: I am a veterinarian. I love, use, and recommend Feliway (another CEVA product) all day, every day. I'm a very small-time practitioner, zero connection with any company or corporation. I use and recommend what works, basically, and my poor pets are a testing ground in many cases!

I bought this having heard from a behavioral specialist at a conference that they recommend an Adaptil collar for ALL their patients, regardless of issue, breed, length of issue, etc, while undergoing treatment. I recently acquired a rescue dog who is unbelievably sweet but terrified. She won't touch the floor because she is scared of my cats, particularly the Maine Coon who is larger than her! She "shuts down" in anxiety-inducing situations, which is basically every situation, so ANY degree of sedation is unacceptable. I put the collar on her within a few days of coming home.

One month later, yes she is settled in better, but still scared of everything. I'm not sure how much, if any, of that *minimal* improvement could be attributed to the collar, and how much is just that she's getting used to her new captor and those awful fuzzy critters with the long tails and sharp claws. I'm sad that for how expensive this was, it wasn't as magical as Feliway is for my cats.

HOWEVER, as I understand it, there seems to be a pretty clear-cut set of responders and non-responders to Adaptil. I suspect that may dog was a non-responder, but I'll never really know. There is zero smell to the human nose, and although the collar is a bit wide (length is adjustable) for probably any dog <10lbs, it was fairly unobtrusive to my dog, as well as a variety of harnesses and regular collars and leashes. The number one thing to watch out for is placing it correctly - it has to be CLOSE to the neck, not loose - read the instructions!!!!

I file this under the "doesn't hurt, and might really help." It didn't seem to help my dog, but it does others. Unfortunately, the cost is such that I'm unlikely to reach for it first thing because it's a gamble as to whether your dog will be a responder or not. I will be moving on to more trusted nutraceuticals such as Composure, Anxitane, Zylkene and the like for my own dog until I strike the desired balance of value, non-sedative anxiety relief, and acceptability to the dog. However, if you've got the money, it's absolutely worth a shot early on because it's as simple as putting a collar on correctly.
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on March 12, 2015
I read the reviews and was desperate so I decided to give it a try. I didn't notice any difference in my dogs behavior initially and I thought it was a gimmick. After the seventh day I noticed a complete change in my dog. I thought it was possibly psychological on my part but then all my friends started noticing a decrease in her barking and anxiety. My husband definitely noticed a difference and oh my gosh… I have to say, this thing actually is working for my pain in the behind dog. I can't believe's hard to explain but she's noticeably more relaxed and calm and settled. I will definitely buy again and I think I will try the room diffuser as well. If you're looking at this then I can't imagine it's not worth trying. I never would have thought this would work. I have weaned her off her Prozac medication since I didn't notice any change in her behavior while on it for the year and this is the only thing I've noticed any change in her.
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