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The manufacturer commented on the review below
20 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on August 20, 2013
I have been a fan of DLINK for over 10 years with more than 15 WIFI routers and very happy with their performance, speed and solid product, until I bought this crapola ... what a ripoff !!! It simply doesnt work!
It disconnects every 4 or 5 minutes, if you have it connected to satellite or TV internet it keeps freezing the image every 10 minutes and I had to restart the router WIFI range is less than 11.n and at 5ghz it goes down to 30 ft max
Dont buy it wait until 3rd generation of 1750AC products are available before buying any brand it was my mistake but got burn by believing that DLINK was a technology leader ... it is not the case with this piece of junk
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Based on the description of your issue, it appears that the DIR-868L is not providing proper wireless performance. This can be caused by a number of issues within the wireless environment. Ensure that there are no other competing 2.4Ghz wireless signals that are operating on the same channel as your router. Be sure that your host hardware is receiving adequate wireless signal. Please also ensure that you're running the latest firmware on your DIR-868L. To do that please visit
106 of 139 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2012
This is a great router. I also have several other model DLink routers.
This will be a new generation of router and Wifi. Client side is still waiting on AC support so keep looking for wireless adapters that will support the new AC wireless speeds. They are coming.

People fail to understand that most any Wifi router has issues, especially in area with numerous Wifi routers near by on 2.4Ghz. These are using up all the channels and thus people are seeing disconnections from there router as it has to stop and rescan for a different channel. In most cases the router can re-establish a connection, however sometimes it can't due to the channels being used up. If your aread is congested with 2.4Ghz wireless APs, then you need to think about switching to 5Ghz.

As for NAT, that depends on the Host ISP modem. People fail to understand that if the ISP modem has a built in router already, this WILL produce NAT issues. It's preferred to bridge these modems if ISPs and the modems support this. If not, it's recommended to use DMZ on the modem and put the external router into the modems DMZ. ALL routers work well. it's how they are set up and what they are set up with that can dictate how they work for users. This IS a good router. People need to research there needs and product details before buying so they buy what they really need.

If people are having problems with there routers, Please visit the mfr support Dlink forums for information help. DLink has a great support forum with experienced users to help out. You'll never know if you don't ask.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2013
I've had this for several months now, and in all honesty I tried to give it a chance.

When I first got it, it ran like a striped ape. After a few months, the quality of the connection started to go downhill. I reset all the configurations and wiped it completely, and it ultimately ended up the same.

I live in a small house and have this in the center. Even older Linksys 45G routers fill the whole space, but it may be because they have actual antennas. Then again, if that were the case, the small Meraki and other routers I have, would have had the same coverage.

Nonetheless, after a few months, the connectivity will begin to degrade. If you don't use the web a lot and don't have a lot of devices other than laptops, it's possible that you may not see much change after a while. I run 3 xboxes, 2 laptops, mobile devices and a PS3. Even when everything else is turned off, there are still degradation issues in performance.

I have 3 other routers at home: Meraki Z1, Cisco 2106 WLC with 3602i AP, and an older linksys. None of them have issues that happen after time like this, on the same connection.

In summary, I wouldn't buy one of these. I got this as an exchange at Office Depot and wanted something that's AC. At this point I can't return it because it's been too long, and I'm certain that even if I talk to D-Link for a replacement, it will ultimately end up with the same outcome.

I'm disappointed in this product, and just want something worth the money. I paid nearly $180 for this, and it was a complete waste. Even at Amazon prices, it's not worth it. Had this device been in the $60-75 range, it may be, but that's a long shot.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2013

The router has started to act up and it now disconnects every few minutes!!! The internet speeds are terrible and its not a problem with my modem because when I connect directly to my modem everything is fine and I have solid and consistent speeds. I'll update this review if I find a solution.

This is a dual band AC router.

The range on this router is not as good as i expected it to be. I have a 3 floor townhouse which is approximately 1400 square feet. I would expect this router to cover the entire house, but it does not.

The other issue I've had with this router is that I sometimes lose connectivity with my devices and the only way to get it back is to restart the router. This is true for my laptops and my mobile devices.

Other than those two issues, the router functions as its supposed to. However, I am disappointed with the two problems mentioned above. I would have hoped that an expensive router would not have these problems.

While I'm at it.... tech support really sucks! I'm not a expert in networking, but I do a very good understanding about it. It can be really frustrating to have to speak to a support agent who is less knowledgeable than me. Tech support is not located in the united states and the agents simply read you whatever is on their screen. Its hard to have a normal conversation with them.

Those are my two cents. Best of luck router shopping.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on May 9, 2013
I bought this to replace a Netgear router and it worked great....for about a month. Then it started disconnecting randomly, then more frequently, until it'd connect for about a minute after I reset it and then it'd die again. Today, after going through every test I could imagine to figure out what was wrong with my internet, I plugged my Netgear router back in on a whim...and it's been working all day. I can't believe I spent as much as I did on this router; it will be my last D-Link purchase.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
We are sorry to hear that you were having issues with the DIR-865L device. D-Link suggests that you try resetting the router back to the factory defaults and checking for the most current, updated firmware version available for this device has been installed in it (which would be version 1.03). In addition you will need to check and verify if your network is using multiple access points as one of the access points may be malfunctioning. Open a Command Prompt window on a PC on your wired network and ping your wireless access point's IP address. The wireless access point should respond to the ping. If it doesn't, there's either a break in the communications link or the access point is completely malfunctioning. For further troubleshooting please refer to pages 129 through 132 of your User Manual or please visit
20 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2013
I work in IT as a network administrator and have had good experiences with high end D Link consumer routers, that's why I discounted all the negative reviews I saw for this. I am very sorry I did that. I lose my connection both wireless and hardwired constantly. Powering it off for long periods of time seems to work, but 5 minutes or less doesn't help. I have sent an email to D Link support about this problem but have not gotten a reply. I am shelving this piece of junk and going back to my 6 year old DIR 655 until the netgear nighthawk I just ordered gets here.
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12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on August 11, 2013
I got help figuring out some problems in setting up my router. I installed it without problems, then two days later it quit working. I spent several hours trying to fix it but could not. Finally, I called the support number for D-Link. I got Carlos, agent number AR004279, who spent with me at least 30 min, until we finally fixed the problem which WAS NOT a problem with the D-Link router. I had an old Linksys router that was still connected to my cables in another room and I connected those cables to the new router, messing up the whole process. It was not until Carlos asked me about what cables I had connected to the D-Link router that he asked me to disconnect them and the problem was fixed.
I had a great service, and will highly recommend D-link routers to anyone.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
26 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2013
I liked this router at first, it was very fast, the wifi was good, and it had a very comprehensive web interface. But after a month it started disconnecting devices from the network randomly. Then after 35 days (five days after Amazon return policy expires!) it disconnects from my cable modem for good. I don't know whether this started happening because of a firmware update or if it was hardware. But it's going in the trash :(. I wish you better luck than me.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with the DIR-865L. D-Link suggests that you visit to make sure you have upgraded to the most current firmware version available for this device or if you need additional assistance with troubleshooting. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for being a D-Liink customer.
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on August 2, 2013
My smartphones 6X faster then on my old D-Link n class. After 3 months router keeps going off line. It works a few days, a week, an hour, then quits. Will not communicate with the computer. Support language barrier a problem. Needs to be replaced but can't get past supports wanting to tweak it only to fail later.
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26 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2012
20130704 . . . Well, I am finally giving up on the D-Link router. The new firmware seemed to help but only for a short time. Actually, the problem still exists. So, with the ASUS AC-1750 (RT AC66U Dual Band Wireless AC1750 Gigabit Router . . sitting in it's box, staring at me, I decided to give it a chance. I am very pleased and will also review the ASUS. I still consider the D-Link a good router but you should be prepared for the possibility of having the same "reset" issue.

20130526 . . . OK, ironically, with an ASUS-1750 in transit from Amazon, I discovered a new firmware update (1.03) on the D-Link support site. Then, when the ASUS arrived and I looked at the install instructions, I thought it might not hurt to try the D-Link firmware. I installed the firmware version 1.03, shut down all the devices on the network and released the IP addresses. I then started every device on the network starting with my primary I7 desktop and working my down to, last but not really least, my Samsung Tablet and a little Lenovo Q150. Knock on wood, I have not had to reboot the D-Link 865L since, nor have I had any glitches in the network. And, as a "bonus", the network runs noticeably faster.
As a side note, one of the things that I took into consideration when making the decision to give the 865 one more chance was my experiences with ASUS "Customer Service". I have had many ASUS products and currently have 3 ASUS laptops including an N56V71 I7. I will leave it at this. To say that their "customer service" is poor, is being kind. My N556 had a hardware issue, a very simple fix of a manufacturing defect. I sent them the N56 and, after they had it for about one month and done nothing but give me a run around, I asked them to fix it or send it back so I could send it, registered, to their CEO. Four days later, on a Saturday morning, via FedEx special delivery, it was fixed and on my doorstep.
Moved the 865L to 4 stars because I have still not been able to solve the Ipv6 issue. Obviously, this issue is not high on my "to o" list.

20130501 . . . Again, I am modifying the review. does not handle Ipv6 . . . although the specs and the application manager indicate that it does. Probably will be moving to the ASUS-1750. I opened a "help" ticket with D-Link, without, as usual a response. If things change and it works, I will let you know.

20121207 . . . I feel that I have to modify this review. I still like this router it works fast and will flawlessly deliver full HD to your whole house. But, at least every other day I have to shut it down and restart. Sometimes, like today, I had to shut down my whole system. I guess nothing is perfect. Thankfully, it has an on/off switch. So, put it somewhere that makes it easily accessible. You will probably be using that switch quite a bit.

This little beauty was not cheap but it is worth every penny. It flawlessly streams full HD video to every room in my house. Now, I do not live in a castle but it is good size (2250+ sq ft). I can sit in my garage and have no problems connecting to my network. The install was fast and easy. The management tools are very good so you can insure that your network is secure. I worked my way up the ladder, trying several lesser priced routers and none of them come close to matching the performance of the DIR-865L. D-Link Systems, Inc. Amplifi Cloud Router 5700 (DIR-865L)

OK . . . I am adding to my review. In one of our rooms, we have a Lenovo Q150 hooked up to the TV . . . hardly ever used it because it would not play 1080p video. But, since we got this router, there is no problem. The problem was in the delivery (bandwidth) not the processor.

This is a great router! Wish I had found it a long time ago. Others might claim to be fast but this one really is . . . a max of 300mbs just does not buy it.
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