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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using the Roku 2 XS to stream content, so I figured a comparison between that and the D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media Player would provide perspective.

Right off the bat, the D-Link is thirty bucks cheaper. But cheaper doesn't mean it is of lesser value. The difference is more of different value. I do like some of the things I can do that the Roku wont do.

The number one cool feature was being able to link up my Android phone to the D-Link via the YouTube app, and choose videos on phone and stream right to my TV. I loaded up Freddiew's Video Game High School ep 1 after scanning the QR code with phone. The video loaded quickly and the high def quality was instantly apparent. It worked great. There is no YouTube on Roku, so this is a clear advantage of the D-Link MovieNite.

Another advantage is the Kids section is available on Netflix, as it is at and on the Wii version of Netflix. This is great because it's easier to let my kids roam Netflix to see what they like without them clicking on some random movie full of naughty words and people getting disemboweled.

The box itself is of decent design, a little smaller than a CD case, and a little thicker than a TV remote. It has a slit on the front to show the power light and allow for the remote's IR signal to reach it.

The remote has good and bad points. It is IR based, as opposed to the wireless Roku remote, and isn't as responsive as I'd like and the cone of effectiveness is narrow. I can't sit at my computer beside the TV and use the remote. The remote does, however, have a Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube buttons to easily launch those apps. Useful if you use those, but in the way if you don't. I have mixed feeling on the remote.

An app it does not have is Amazon. If you buy or rent content on Amazon, there does not appear to be a way to access it with the D-Link MovieNite. As with so many streaming (or cable-cord cutting) options, there is no one ring to rule them all. It seems that every option is missing one or two components others have. A driving factor of which to buy is can you get the content you most want.

I don't subscribe to Vudu or HuluPlus (coming soon to MovieNite at the time of this review) so I didn't test those options, but there is a Vudu 'app store' that appeared to be just free content, such as a Dexter podcast, or shows like Wreakreation Nation on Discover. This is content I don't believe is on the Roku.

Overall, the YouTube streaming via phone is a killer feature, and the Netflix app works well. Lack of Amazon may be an issue for some. The remote isn't as good overall as the Roku, but both have an option to control via Android app (or iOS).

If Netflix and YouTube are your main content delivery services, the D-Link is a cheaper and better way to go, but aside from the YouTube via phone, I find the Roku experience smoother and easier (plus you can play games on the Roku). Verify you can get the content you want before making a purchase.
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UPDATE: July 6, 2013 despite early promises, a year later there is still no Hulu Plus. Factor that into your purchase decision.

I recently purchased a Roku HD Streaming Player for a friend's birthday and set it up. In my July 4, 2012 review of that product I gave it five stars, but noted that while it met my friend's needs it fell short of mine.

Specifically, I use Youtube more than I do just about any other video service. I know that is an odd statement when some premium services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are almost as good as cable at a fraction of the cost (and are making inroads to a 'cut the cable' movement that is taking place.) However, even if I was more mainstream in my use of streaming video devices I think this model is still superior to the Roku HD. Here is my comparison.

Set-Up. Both devices are a snap to install and configure. I will give a bonus point to Roku's documentation.

Content Delivery. To a novice I think this beats the Roku. While you can add a lot of channels to the Roku, it is something that you discover and do as you get used to the device. This, on the other hand, has more content immediately available after you set it up.

Remote. I prefer the Roku because it is simpler (I used the term elegant in my review). While this has my beloved Youtube assigned to a button, that may be deemed a waste of real estate on the remote by folks who do not care about that service. Also, both D-Link and Roku missed the boat in my opinion by hard wiring a service to the buttons on the remote because it's entirely possible that future services may eclipse them. Better would have been three buttons that were user assignable.

Cost. As I write this the competing Roku model is twenty bucks less. However, that is not an apples-to-apples comparison because the Roku to which I am comparing this is their entry level model, while this one is a 'Plus' model that is a step up from D-Link's entry level model that is exclusive to WalMart and is ten bucks less than the Roku. More importantly, this model will display HD in 1080p if the channel you select supports that. When you factor in that you need the higher-priced Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p to achieve that resolution, then the prices are nearly identical.

Another cost that you need to factor in is an HDMI cable to connect this directly to your TV. The Roku comes with composite audio/video cables bundled with even the low end model, making it a turn-key solution out of the box.

For me the deciding factor was, as I said, Youtube accessibility. The other major services - Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc. - are available via both devices. As of yet there is NO Hulu Plus despite promises. Had the Roku provided me access to Youtube I would have probably opted for their entry level model because my needs are modest and I don't even use the HD 1080p feature on my TV.

If I were a more mainstream consumer I would probably opt for this D-Link model, though. Especially if you are one of a growing number of consumers who are examining ways to 'cut the cable' from costly cable or satellite services that can easily cost five to ten times what Netflix or Hulu Plus (for examples) charge monthly. Indeed, for around sixteen dollars a month you can get both of those services together, which covers a lot of content. It does not take long for this device to pay for itself and start saving you lot of money that you are probably now paying in monthly fees to cable or satellite companies.

Personally, it's hard to go wrong with this (or any of the Roku models). Carefully compare the features of this to competing models, including streaming services that are available, before making a final decision. Whichever you choose is probably going to be as convenient and significantly less expensive than services for which you are currently paying. This device may be the one that cuts your cable.
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on February 14, 2013
Bought this yesterday for $32.xx. Today it's a little higher than that as Amazon prices change on the fly. But let me tell you just quickly why I bought this over Roku.

1.)It is a able to be hardwired into your network. Only the highest Roku, the 2 XS has this feature and it's usually $90ish here at Amazon or straight from Roku.
2.)It comes with component cables for TV's without HDMI, or you can connect it via HDMI
3.)It doesn't have as many App's as Roku. But how many am I really going to need? I really need this for Youtube, Netflix, Pandora. And I like the feature of being able to take something from youtube on your phone and transfer it to your TV.

In the end it's a great deal at this price. If I had gobs of $. I probably would have bought the Roku 2 XS. But at $50-$60 less when I as many others are on a budget, this will do just fine. And save $ for a nice meal.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The D-Link MovieNite Plus Streaming Media Player is a very handy addition to my media center. It's the first device of its type that I've tried out and I really enjoy being able to easily access Netflix and other video content such as Revision3 video podcasts and others that I am just getting into exploring.

A few notes on setup and ease of use:
Setting this up was super easy! I just plugged in an HDMI cable (not included) to an available port on my TV and plugged the D-link into power. It found my network and started working and all I had to do was press the WPS button on my router.

The Netflix 'module' did ask me the first several times to choose between a regular Netflix and a 'Kids' Netflix, which I thought was an annoying additional step, but it seems to have learned my preferences and now just goes right into netflix. The user interface here is like a file menu, which is easy to navigate and search. The video quality is VERY good for everything I've streamed to my HDTV.

One gripe I have is that the different modules (or 'apps') each have their own layout once you're in them. i.e. browsing Youtube Videos is a different menu scheme than browsing Netflix videos or Vudu videos. And the Youtube module didn't seem very well put together (not at all like the youtube experience on the internet) but I personally don't plan on watching much Youtube content on my HDTV. I'm not a Vudu member, but this device lets you start a free trial, so maybe I will be soon. If they added Hulu to a future update to this service, it's value would increase drastically. If you're a Hulu member you might find this box only a partial solution.

For the price, and NO membership fees, I think this product is a great value, especially if, like me, you were formerly paying for X-Box Live Gold just to have Netflix through your TV. This device will pay for itself in 4-5 months JUST on that basis. Plus, you have all the other content available.

Thanks for reading, if it was helpful please click the thumbs up!
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on March 9, 2013
I'm admittedly quite cheap, and when I saw this product, the idea of ditching my 29.99/mo cable subscription which features a pathetic selection of channels with endless commercials was quite appealing. I signed up for Netflix and ordered this baby. I am extremely satisfied. I was listening to Pandora, watching netflix, and watching youtube all from the comfort of my couch with the click of a button and within about 10 minutes of opening the box (it had to do a five minutes 'firmware updated' first. The best part? I've got an extra 29.99 a month and a 10x better tv experience (Netflix's selection is actually quite impressive).

Would highly recommend this (these?) product(s).
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on February 22, 2013
Purchased this for a child to access netlix for kids. Easy to hook up, purchased an hdmi cable to go with this - and easily set up the wireless to run to this device. The remote is very simple too, there is a button for netflix right on it so all you have to do is press and it loads your account. Same with youtube. Happy with it.
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In my house my kids destroy DVDs. Its crazy how right out of the box it seems to get scratched or they pick it up and it gets scratched. I am all about streaming our media as much as possible and the D-Link MovieNite Plus has that and then some!

What makes the MovieNitePlus stand out to me is the ability to check on my kids on television since we also have the D-Link Cloud Camera in their room. Normally we would check on them through the iPhone app or on the D-Link website, but it is pretty nice to just change the channel and see them, especially if I don't have the computer or iPhone handy.

Now if you don't have the D-Link Cloud Camera, it is still a great media streaming device, the Camera feed is just an add-on. So installing the MovieNite Plus was very easy to set-up but I would recommend a HDMI cable which is not included - you do get tradtional component cables. So plugging it in is easy, then you have to set it up to your wireless network.

What's available on MovieNite Plus:

Vudu Movie and Apps
MovieNite Apps
Pandora music
Picasa photos

So what was I really impressed with? The D-Link Movie Nite Plus stands out against other media streaming devices for a few reasons:

Being able to pair with a device for YouTube

I paired our KindleFire with the MovieNite Plus and was able to click YouTube videos on my Kindle that came up on the television. Yes you could do this with the remote, but it was just easier to click as I normally would on my device. This works with phones and tablets too!

Vudu - can't believe I never heard of this before

New releases the day they come to DVD

Pay for what you watch (no subscriptions or late fees.)

The most HD movies on demand

HD quality and Digital Surround Sound

Buy a DVD that has a free UltraViolet Disc and watch it free through Vudu

Convert old DVDs to your online Vudu account

One-time movie rentals range from $.99 to $5.99

MovieNite Apps - so many to choose from but here are a few:
National Lampoon humor clips
Etsy how to videos
Ted Talks
The White House
World Poker Tour Highlights

The only thing this device can't do is stream your own home library from your computer; however with that being said there are options. You can sign up for a Netflix subscription, rent movies via Vudu, Buy DVDs with an UltraViolet digital copy (which is free to add to Vudu), or convert your DVDs to a digital copy for around $2 at Walmart. There is so much to browse around with though that I feel we haven't even touched the surface for its potential.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 20, 2012
Purchased from Amazon at "Today's Deal" price. Great bargain.
Pros: Low Price. Easy to install. Good choice of programs including YouTube, which is missing on Roku.
Cons: No Amazon streaming. Small monthly bill if you use Netflix or Hulu Plus or Vudu.
A good investment to start weaning yourself off expensive monthly bills for cable or satellite service.
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on April 8, 2015
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. When it worked, it worked fantastic. But there was some issue and there is a known issue with D-Link where they know they need to update the firmware. They have known about this problem for over 2 years .... no update yet. Frustrating when they will not write the code to fix this.

I made the mistake to purchase one of these after the problem of my first ... the new one had the same issue when it arrived.

D-Link just sucks as a company now because they choose not to support their own products and keep them working.
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on July 21, 2012
We had originally given this a four star review in anticipation of Hulu "coming soon." We have owned this unit since July. We contacted dLink several times about what "coming soon" actually meant. After a few times of doing this, no response from them. Finally, the only response was a kind of snotty reply about how they were still developing that feature. Here's my issue: To advertise Hulu as a major product feature and then never come through with the promise, ultimately dropping it is the worst example of misleading advertising. I noticed they have now quietly dropped Hulu as a main advertised feature about three months later. I guess that means some of us initial MovieNite Plus purchasers ... you know, the folks who bought into a new product based on trusting dLink's brand, are S.O.L. Won't ever make that mistake again. Shame on you for your "vaporware" advertising, dLink!
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