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DC Universe Online Standard Edition - PC
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on January 30, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
Honestly can't remember being as excited about a game since Mass Effect 2. I've a huge fan of MMORPGs. I bought this game the day of it's release. After installing it I began what would be the best week of January. The game was amazing to say the least.... for the first two weeks. I'll go into specific detail now.

Character Creation - I've read comments stating that it isn't all that great but honestly it's a lot of fun to edit your character's appearance. I spent 2 hours alone just on trying different combinations of clothing, colors and accessories. As for the powers, you have six trees to choose from: fire, ice, nature, gadgets, mental and magic. It's very limited but the powers unlocked for each one are very useful for just about any situation. Each one focuses on a specific role; fire and ice are defense, mental and gadgets are control and magic and nature are healing. All classes can enter into a damage mode so there's no need for damage dealers. Then you choose what type of weapon you want to fight with, this will be your main damage dealer so choose wisely. You have a few good selections but none that will blow your mind. Melee weapons like the staff, one handed, two handed, brawling, martial arts and the bow(yes the bow is melee). Ranged you get hand blasters, rifle and dual pistols. I might be forgetting a weapon but I doubt it. You can choose one of three mentors, who they are depend on whether you're a villain or a hero. The reality is that it doesn't really have a huge difference in the game, it only makes a difference in the armor you get to unlock and the first few missions. Body type is very limited as there are only three, a child, normal buffed up human and a hulking huge beast of a man. After that, you choose a name and you're good to go.

Story - Story is pretty interesting in the beginning, after that it's nothing special. Your mentor has a small effect on your first few quests but after that you're basically doing the same thing every other hero is doing. I never felt like I was doing anything interesting, no immersion from the quests. All the quest lines follow the exact same path; do three quests then do an instance. Which is fine but then once you get to the instance, more often than not you're rescuing the main heroes. Well, not the main heroes as Wonder woman, Superman and Batman only make about two to three appearances in the entire game and they are always getting beat down. Story feels weak, you jump around way too much and it feels way too random. Help Superman with Braniac, help Batman with the Joker, then go help Wonder woman with Shazaam, there's no structure/order aside from having to rescue these powerful experienced heroes in most missions.

PvP - PvP experience depends on where you play. If you're on a PvP server then you had better be a hardcore PvP lover as you'll constantly get killed by max level player enemies. Mind you, it's a starting area and everyone there is about level 5-7 and you get nothing for killing other players as a prize so it's just for grieving purposes. If you're OK with that then you'll be fine. I felt like there should have been more rewards for killing other players. There are little missions you can take that tell you to kill an enemy player but they aren't anything special. I got more from doing races than doing those missions. In a PvE server, you can flag yourself for PvP and just go about your business until you run into an enemy player that's also flagged which to me was much better because you did it when you were ready and you weren't harassed by players that were board.

PvP & Instances - I seperated this because this is another beast altogether. Instances in general are an enigma to me as after two weeks of playing I haven't done more than two. I queued myself on a Thursday and on a Saturday was still waiting to get in. Once I finally got in I was asked to leave because the players there were waiting for someone else. Either that or I'd be loaded into an instance that was already started and was abandoned by the original team because they got wiped out. No idea why I'd get loaded into an instance that's already started. The more balanced of the instances are the duos in which you go play with someone you're grouped with. Raids on the other hand, are a lot more complicated. If you don't have the proper team you're going to feel a lot of pain and frustration and by the right team I mean 2 of each class. Sure you don't have to but then you're going to experience headaches which suck the fun out of the game.

Chat System & Social aspect - JEEZUS! Just JEEZUS.... Never seen such a horrible chat system in all my 11 years of gaming in MMORPGs. To say that it's broken is an understatement. After all this time league chat (the chat channel for your "guild" which is called a league in DCUO) is still broken, unusable as in not working. It works every day for about four hours after they bring back the servers then it dies again. Chatting is such a pain, you can't stick to one channel always having to type what channel you want to direct your comment to. As in /shout every time you want to chat with everyone in your current "world" or /g every time you want to chat with someone in your group. Now, you don't HAVE to but it randomly reverts back so you run the risk of typing something and sending it to the wrong channel or no one for that matter. Being unable to redo the UI is inexcusable considering that this hasn't been a real issue for any MMO in the past few years. By that I mean no resizing of the chat window, it's always the same size and only fits a few sentences at a time. In order to check what others have written you need to press "O" which brings you to a window that covers your entire screen so your choice is either to chat or play. You have to come to a full stop to check what someone has written if you missed it. People just try to defend this by stating "use voice chat" but the truth is that the voice chat isn't too stable either and whether it's there or not, typing is the bread and butter of an online game as it's the way people communicate. Not being able to communicate with your league is probably the most frustrating as you can never really organize anything unless you have a TS channel which seems to be turning into something that's mandatory now. There's no real reason to group up with people unless you're doing hunts (quests to kill super bosses roaming around the city) and even then you just group up, no one chats because it's such a pain, then you part your separate ways. Nothing in the game drives people to stick together, to socialize other than the odd request for help with bosses. It feels extremely lonely as most of the time once you leave the starting area you rarely run into other players. World chat is usually dead or near barren.

Combat - The main attraction of the game, the combat is so much fun. Sure a thug with a bat can kill you even though you just finished defeating Metalo after he whooped Superman but it isn't a huge issue aside from kind of damaging the immersion. Combat is tons of fun especially once you've mastered your chosen weapon and find what skills better suit your play style. You can choose a different set of skills which are called Iconic skills (skills that the main super heroes use) which are pretty cool to use but you should focus mostly on your chosen abilities rather than the iconic ones as they hurt your main role and you can only have a maximum of 6 skills on the bar. Once you hit level 30 you'll have tons more skills than you'll actually need but it's good to have to pick and choose what skills you want. It makes you really focus on what play style you're going to use and helps you master it. I can't say anything about the combat, it really is the highlight of the game and I'm a PC gamer. I've used both the keyboard and mouse combo and the 360 controller and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, it's fun to beat people up with your powers and weapons.

Graphics - Oh, they are awesome. I have nothing to say about the graphics. Sure distant things look pretty bad but that's for server and personal computer stability. So as not to stress your PC or their server too much. Honestly I never really noticed it unless I was actively looking for it. The detail in the game is amazing and it seems to run perfectly fine on older rigs. My friend is using my eight year old rig (P4 ghz, 2gb ram and a 7600 Nvidia graphics card which I upgraded about 4-5 years ago) and the game doesn't lag one bit. I use an M11X R1 and I've had ZERO issues as well.

Glitches - There are TONS of these from crashing when you enter a dungeon to falling through the floor. The healing currently doesn't always work, so when I'm in a group sometimes I can't heal anyone other than myself. The only way to fix this is to let myself die and once I respawn I can heal again. The respawn rates (not sure if it was intentional but it seems more like a mistake than anything else) are rediculously high. I kill an enemy and move to the next, before I get my first hit on the second one the one I just killed aggros me. Seriously, it's annoying because it's easy to get overwhelmed at times since if one comes to attack you his buddies will also. In higher levels it gets a bit better (or at least for me since I'm a healer) but it is annoying none-the-less. There are more glitches but these are the ones I've run into the most. The only one I haven't run into is the falling through the floor, I bought this game for a buddy of mine and he stopped playing because any time he landed he'd fall right through the floor with no way to return other than waiting 10 minutes or porting back to HQ. Aside from the glitch where you fall through the ground, they are all well known glitches.

End Game - You level to 30 in about two weeks if you only play about an hour a day or so. Once you get to level 30 that means you've done the main quest line and probably most if not all the side quests. The only thing left is either to PvP or run instances or you can reroll and do it all over again. I did it three times and by the second time I found myself slightly annoyed. By the third time I rerolled, I actually got bored and gave up on the character. Unfortunately, since instances are such a pain to get into and the queue is so long at times, it means you'll spend a lot of time just waiting unless you already have a group and even then it could take a bit long. The main redeeming quality is that the devs promised to release new small content once a month and once big chunck of content once every three months.

Economy - There isn't any. There's no reason to buy from other players, no reason to buy from stores and no idea why Batman is giving me 11 dollars to stop the joker from blowing up half of Gotham. Money is only used to purchase soda (potions), costumes you don't already have and for repairs. The main stuff to look for at the end of the game in terms of loot is the special high tier armor for either PvP or PvE. Each one has a different armor set.

Conclusion - The game is fairly new and honestly seems to just be aimed to make a huge bang at the start and then drag on until new content is released. The game was amazing for two weeks but after that, it became stale really fast especially since I had no real way to chat with my league other than sending tells to each person individually. I'd try and get people to join in world chat to do things but there usually weren't enough people to team up with for instances and when there were, the wait was so long that most would just go about doing their own thing and leave the group. The game is still in beta, I'm going to stay on board with it for another month to see if they fix the chat and the issue with the instances. This game isn't going to fail but it isn't going to be a huge success either. I'd tell anyone thinking of getting this game to buy it but after four months or so. Right now, it's short on content and the community aspect is broken. It isn't a failed game by any means, but it will mostly be enjoyed by those that don't enjoy the social aspect of MMOs too much. For me, a community is very important and without it a Massive Multi-player Online game isn't very massively multi-player. At least the devs seem to be actively working on fixing the glitches. Unfortunately, I noticed that in one of the updates all they did was change the icons as if that's really what players were worried about. Aside from that, the game has improved from the release date although some odd glitches keep popping up. (like one that popped up yesterday where you lose your connection once you try to enter a dungeon, but the devs already stated they were working on it.)

5/17/2011 Update: Unfortunately, after playing for so long I've decided that it just isn't worth it. The devs failed in their promise for content in a timely manner and glitches have only gotten weirder and more frequent. With each update (they promised one every month since release and have only had 3 so far and they keep getting further apart) they claim to get rid of some glitches while adding a huge amount of new ones. The only reason I lasted this long was because I joined a league that was populated with amazing people but I just couldn't deal with the dull lifeless world. I'd only log on to enter the same instances over and over to collect marks to buy the higher tier armors. There just isn't anything at all to do aside from grinding the same missions. There are races but they aren't fun or addictive for the most part, just a challenge. You could also focus on getting achievements but when that's one of the main activities in the game it speaks volumes about the lack of content. After the first month and a half of playing this is all there was to do. I stayed this long because the combat was amazingly addictive and fun but even that has changed as the dev's answer to fixing "exploits" is to add a timer between moves and if you do a move within that time it does zero damage until you stop the combo and restart. An odd and extremely lazy fix. The game had potential but the player base has lost faith in the devs for this game and have left in droves. I recommend this game as a standard type of game, not an MMO. Meaning that you should enjoy the one month and then move on to your next game. I don't see why I should pay 15 dollars a month for this game as there's absolutely nothing to do after maxing out your level which is done in two weeks at most. The instances you grind in the end are the same ones you go through as you level up. With about 8 instances that are duo (for two players only) and about 7 for parties of 4 it gets dull. Doing those exact same ones indefinitely to get marks to get better armor to go back and do them again. No real purpose in it. The raids are fun but they're either ridiculously hard or extremely easy. They don't seem to know how to balance the difficulty in the game. Once instance which was the hardest to do indefinite spawns was changed to the point that we finished it in 33 minutes. The time achievement was 60 minutes max. When we first did the run it took us about an hour and a half and the second time we got the achievement with three seconds to spare by pure luck. We finished in 33 minutes even though they had to wait for me because I crashed and then had to wait for one of the guys because he had to go on a smoke break. Plenty of MMOs out there that are free and include tons more content. Heck, tons of freeware games that have more content. If you have other games your interested, I suggest spending the money on those first. I stick by my previous review, I just don't feel like this is a real MMO. It's a game you play for a month and then dump it. If you're so interested in parting with 15 dollars a month, there are plenty of other games that are better. If you're itching for an action combat system then wait for TERA or Firefall.
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on January 12, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
First off, let me say that I have played many MMO's in my years (EQ, EQ2, SW, FFXI, WoW, Vanguard, CoH, Aion) many from their launch date and I must say that DCUO has a very strong start. I will try to break this down into different areas that I have played so far:

Character Creation:
What can I say about this? As would be expected with a superhero MMO, this is an extremely strong point. You can literally create any hero you want with any color combination (limited to 3 main colors or you can pick a favorite hero and have the game make a char with a similar look and feel to that hero) and equipment combo you want. There are three main "Classes" that you will pick from (Defensive, Controller, Healing) which will define you in group role. Of these classes there are 2 different types of powers you can pick from (I.E. I made a controller with mental powers, I use illusions and telekinesis as my supernatural powers). After this you will be asked to pick a weapon that you will use (there are loads! Everything from bows to staves to pistols to giant 2 handed weapons). Then you choose a travel mode (Flight, Speed, or Acrobatics) which is how you get around. Creation is strong, and you can spend a lot of time making the exact hero you want (I think I spent almost an hour)!

There is a major stray from your typical MMO in their combat system which will be good for many and, I am sure, bad for just as many. The combat system follows a more combo/interactive style. So for example, my char, the bow wielding mental maniac shoots his bow with right mouse, can charge a shot by holding right mouse, bashes with the bow with left mouse, and has several combos revolving around this. Powers are used by your typical "Toolbar and mana/energy system" But by doing this minor change to combat DCUO has made combat much more interactive rather than a spam of "Rotations". I think combat will be strong in this game

Also strong in this game, everything I have encountered so far is voice acted and voiced pretty well. Graphics are beautiful. Good to see. However, at a distance, I have seen some enemies being rather choppy. I am not sure if this is due to high player volumes on launch day or if it is a game issue. If you can run this game at max graphics you'll be happy.

Haven't had a chance to try this yet, unfortunately. I do have a questline to open up arenas and there are the equivalents of battlegrounds. I also play on a PvP server but have yet to fight my first villain in world PvP!

The quests are pretty inventive and seem to all be large questlines that progress into larger and larger events. An example is last night I was in Metropolis and there was an Ape Supervillain (sorry I am not terribly familiar with anyone who's not a major player in DC) that was devolving citizens into apes. Superman called me for help and, of course I obliged. The first quest was to take out ape guards that were devolving citizens. I then went to take out their reinforcements and fuel supplies. Then I was asked to go re-evolve citizens. Then take out the machines allowing this to happen. Then The Flash went missing and I was asked to help(and it was bedtime). You will get your generic kill monsters quests, but they are spun into a story that makes it less mind numbing. Leveling is going pretty fast (but it is still early in the game). And gear, from what I can tell, is similar to most games with your common/good/rare items. One thing to say about gear is that the gear will change the look of your hero but you can change this to keep your 'classic' look or continuously upgrade your look.

I think this has a very strong start for an MMO, however, the upcoming months will really show whether or not the game will live or die. It is hard to tell if it will become a big player on the MMO market until some time has passed, but the game did start off on the right foot if you ask me. It definitely IS a step off of the beaten path, but that will appeal to many since we have been seeing games that are practically clones of each other over and over and over.

Hope this review helps you!
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on January 24, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
Okay let me start off my review by saying I have not reached max level nor have I yet to engage in PVP. So I will not be commenting on those two, albeit important things. But it is my belief someone should not have to experience those things to get a good understanding of the game. With that being said I have been currently dividing my MMO time with WoW: Cata and this game. When Im doing dailies or bgs in WoW I find myself thinking about my time battling the forces of evil and defending citizens against brainiac.
Sometime ago SOE, DC comics, and comic genius Jim Lee all go together and said "Hey lets make a DC MMO!" When I first heard of this I was very skeptical, after experiencing what was essentially Marvel online, Champions Online. Trailers surfaced and they were pretty intense, but hey that's what trailers are supposed to be like. After a while threads about it started surfacing on the Age of Conan forums praising the need for skill in the game and its lack of auto attacking. After experiencing past MMOs that featured heavily instanced areas, lack luster combat, and an isolated feeling despite being an MMO I decided to keep my distance and just try out Cataclysm, another good xpac by Blizzard. Being a DC and all around comic geek I found the pull of DCUO being harder and harder to resist. A few weeks later give or take and after a terrible day at work of superheroic proporations I felt DCUO would be perfect therapy.
One thing CO had was the character customization that game and Aion was had crazy character customization. In the beginning part of the game I felt the character start was a little bit of a let down. You either choose between small medium and large templates and then you decided if youre a villain or hero. Afterwards you either use predesigned templates or go from choosing primary powers, like fire, ice, sorcery, etc. Then you choose your main combat style like dual pistols, brawling, or two handed weapons. Then you get into what essentially SOEs nitty gritty of character making, from picking a scant few hair and facial hair combos which range from short hair, medium hair, shor hair with mustache, medium hair with mustache, bald, and afro....
One definite thing that left a bad taste in my mouth with the string of new games is the single player instance. On paper these sound like a good idea but they make me feel like Im not playing an MMO but a single player game. I know these things can be nice but the feeling of being cut off with the rest of the game world is something I find to be a turn off, granted it subject to preference.
Now the biggest complaint with the PC version of the game is the social and general interace. Many people have said the game was designed with the console in mind and that is why the PC u.i. has suffered, and damn if they aren't telling the truth. This sort of U.I. could end weaker games with how terrible it can be. First off a simple /trade channel is not possible and i have to navigate through the rest of the U.I. to talk to other people. Not a big deal you say? If you say that then you've never played an MMO and don't understand how important the social part of the game is. Just earlier I found myself in a dungeon in a pug and no one said anything to each other cept for a thing or two and we constantly found ourselves apart or killing different things. Keybinding seems to only be possible binding one button while other games can let me keybind multiple. This sort of thing definitely DEFINITELY needs to be fixed by S.O.E, thankfully word is out they intend to fix it with their next patch, which hopefully will be soon. That being said it seems like these things would turn me off to DCUO, that would be correct if the rest of the game was bad....

Out of all the new MMO launches this clearly is one of the smoothest ones I've experienced. The game performs very fluidly despite some alt tab crashes, but in all my MMO experience this is very minor in comparison to other nightmare launches. Single player instances would be a problem but outside of those Im constantly surrounded by players always active and doing something. I myself play on a medium server Vice and Virtue and at times I find it packed. Whether or not the Max lvl pop is the same remains to be seen though.
Outside of quests dungeons and pvp theres a good bit of things to do like Booster Gold kisosks that have you explore various parts of the cities. What makes this sort of thing special is even if I play just for under an hour or so a day I still get a feeling of accomplishment with DCUO. Never has another MMO made me feel this way as timesinks in other games feel tedious and time consuming.
Things like crafting and auction houses are non existant and too others it might seem like a huge disappointment. But in DCUO I dont even notice it. Never had gear enter my thoughts while leveling (except the occasional yearning for some raid or PVP gear). Vendors are strewn throughout the game aplenty. And dont worry about not getting the right look for your character as they roam Gotham or Metropolis. You can adust the look of your character with the social appearance tabs, you can still use the skins of gear you got at the beginning of the game if you desire. This in itself makes up for what feels like a limited character creator at the beginning.
Combat in the game is visceral and fast paced, unlike WoW and other auto attack MMOs. Counters and blocks are active which mean you have to do them at the right times or they won't work. This is something I'm used too coming from Age of Conan, but WoW and other MMO players might not catch on right off the bat. But it's something I find highly enthralling. From what I hear about pvp its something that really gets your blood pumping and I hope to experience it soon.
Yes this game has flaws and so far Sony has been pretty quiet lately. But with the rest of the game being fantastic I would hope they implement their fixes soon. The game is smooth and the combat is fierce and fast. If you find yourself wanting to try something new in the MMO universe and dont mind the tights and capes I'd give this one a suggestion. But of course the question that always hovers around a new MMO is; "Will it last?" Honestly i don't know. But the game seems to have a pretty healthy population but I feel after the free month ends I feel many people will renew, I know I am.
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on January 26, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
I bought the digital download from the amazon website.It took about 1 hour for me to download and it was easy to do.
Registered my account with SOE. The first month of playing is free. So it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get going from buying to playing.

I have played alot of MMORPG, WoW,EQ2,ect, I was thinking of just using this game as a filler till Star Wars comes out , but I may play both.

I am very impressed with the game overall so far , my char is level 11 and I have been playing for 4 hours or so. So far it has decent content, I really like the costume design , no one really looks alike unless they are going for the Superman, Batman, look ect.
Though some of the customization could be better ,I would have to say CoH char customization is better.

I was really worried at first from what people have been saying about the button mashing and lack of mouse use.
I myself prefer mouse and keyboard use<like using the mouse to click on items ect, and using the keys to toggle spells>, in DC Universe using the mouse is very limited, you mostly use the keyboard in fights and movement, the mouse helps you look around.There is no arrow you can move around on the screen unless you go to equip gear or select spells .And yes there is inventory!
It did not take me long to learn how things work and there are a bit more things to remember then if it was point and click, for instance your combos < left click ,left click hold>.Granted you are pushing more buttons , but it is fun !!The fighting is more intense and faster then your regular mmo , I don't feel like I am waiting for spells to go off to wait for another spell ..

The flying is fun and fast, the acrobat is my favorite because along with running fast and climbing walls , you can up that to gliding across the map through your skills.

I played CoH and it was fun for the time but I would say DC Universe is better, I have not attempted Champions however.
SOE is good until they NERF something, I am hoping they don't nerf this one , it may need some patches , but I haven't seen any glitches yet, nor have I lost connection.
I have not figured out the chat system yet , it is a bit different then typing /shout or/guild.I am sure I will figure it out though.

If you are strictly a point and click kind of person this game is not for you, unless you are willing to give it a try and see how it works out for you.

It all really depends on the user and what the user's preferences are and how much the user is willing to try something different.

Great game , good filler!!
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on February 7, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: StandardVerified Purchase
Started playing the second I received it in the mail, after a short install. The game is loads of fun for an MMO, especially the combat. I expected it to play like Aion, or World of Warcraft(I haven't read much into DCU at the time), and loved how different it was. Combat is more action-based, using weapon combos and superpowers to defeat enemies.
-Combat is fun
-Exploration is enjoyable
-No power is really "stronger" than the other, you can play however you like.
-The lore is great. I haven't read many comics at all, and only know a handful of DC characters. Playing this, I learned quite a bit more about some of my favorite heroes and villains.

-PVP can be frustrating at times, if you play on a PVP server. Sometimes, certain areas for quests can be entirely locked down.(A Lv10-12 quest area can be camped by 2 level 30 villains, for example)
-Not much costume customization at the start, but this is remedied later by collecting additional costume pieces as drops.
-Playing with mouse and keyboard can be a pain sometimes, would recommend a gamepad if you can get it to work.
-A bit of bugs and glitches, but it's expected for a newer MMO.
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on January 22, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: StandardVerified Purchase
This review is for the PC version of DC Universe Online.

I was really looking forward to this game - January is the best month for playing an mmorpg (twenty below and four feet of snow), and this new superhero game looked pretty awesome in the game trailers. Well, the graphics are pretty nice. The cities, like Gotham and Metropolis, are beautifully rendered, and the game maps look good too. Haven't had any weird 'toon behavior (like getting stuck in a wall or falling through a map), and no game crashes - although I've been kicked from the server a couple times for unannounced server shutdowns. The "Acrobatics" travel power is pretty cool too, your 'toon climbs walls just like Spiderman, and glides off tall buildings like Rocky The Flying Squirrel (from Rocky and Bullwinkle).

My primary beef is the user interface. With no mouse cursor on the game screen, clicking on objects, contacts, doors, and enemies, is unintuitive. Can't even move chat or inventory windows. The chat interface doesn't appear to be accessible while on the game screen either (there may be a way, but the only way I've accessed it is by opening the chat screen, which takes you away from the task at hand). The key mapping isn't so great either. There is no "run" button (nor is there an available command to allocate a "run" button), so you have to hold down the forward button to go - even for long monotonous flights all the way across the city. The PC version of this game plays almost like it was designed exclusively as a console game, and ported for PC at the last minute.

If you want to play a Superhero/Villain mmorpg, and you've never played City Of Heroes/Villains, buy that game instead. Statesman and Lord Recluse may not be household names like Batman or Superman, and Paragon City isn't quite as graphically stunning as Metropolis, but the game-play and chat interfaces are a heck of a lot more user friendly. Plus, you won't find a more customizable character creation interface in any current game!

Sorry, Sony/Warner/DC - but there's no way I can recommend the current PC version of DC Universe Online.
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on November 22, 2011
Platform for Display: PCEdition: Standard
This game is free on Steam, and it is the full game.If you dont have a steam acount its realy easy to make an acount.Like I said this game is free on steam.............DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!
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on January 31, 2011
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This is for the PC version.

As a big comic fan I was certainly looking forward to this game. Unfortunately, it plays like a console game ported to the PC. The keyboard controls are a tad awkward, you really need a controller to make playing it easier. The missions get repetative very quickly: go Here and beat up X mobs, now go THERE and beat up Y mobs, now move Over There and pick up Z items. There is little difference between hero and villain missions, only the context is different. Example: one villain mission I had to pick up demon souls in metropolis and drop them in a circle to empower it. The hero version I had to pick up souls and drop them in a circle to capture them. Essentially the same mission worded differently.

Gameplay it's a button masher. The problem is that regardless of what type of attacks you pick (sorcery, martial arts, etc) one button is a fast melee attack and the other is a ranged attack. They just change the graphics, but (again) it is essentially the same thing regardless. There are only 3 types of travel powers: flight, superspeed and (basically) wall-crawling. The problem here is that flight is the only one that controls well. The camera tends to go berserk at times when you're going up the side of a building making you lose track of which way you want to go. You do, however, get these travel powers in the tutorial, which is nice.

On the plus side, whenever you complete a story arc you get a nice voiced-over comic strip. That's a nice touch.

Overall, I'd say it would be worth it if it had no subscription like Guild Wars, but I just can't see paying $15/month for this.
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on October 14, 2011
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Please note it has now been announced this game will be free to download and free to play as of Nov. 1, 2011. You will get extra characters, slots, and so on if you previously purchased the game and/or timecards or continue to pay the monthly fee for Legendary access.

Update: Apparently they were not ready to go free-to-play as of Oct. 19th, 2011. The latest is that it will be free-to-play November 1st, 2011. I hope it doesn't get delayed even more! See their website for details.
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on February 7, 2011
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PC Version Review

First off, this game is good, addicting, and satisfying. However, there are some issues that will prevent me from paying for a subscription after my free month trial is up. Before I go on, yes I knew this was a pay to play MMO prior to buying it and I have no problems with paying a monthly subscription fee.

The Pros: There is a lot to like about this game. It has decent character customization, which is a huge plus in any RPG/MMO game. There are a variety of powers, weapons, and costumes to choose from including a color customization option. You can lock your costume so that when you get new and better gear, your character's look won't change (including the weapon).

The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from a hack and slash MMORPG: you complete quests, level up, enter instances, and do "dungeon" crawling (although these dungeons are usually lairs, hideouts, and warehouses). The combat is quite good. Its real time and feels similar to God of War where you use combos to take down enemies (just without the overused quicktime events).

The game itself is lengthy as you'd expect from an MMORPG. Loads of content. You do level up fairly quickly; quick enough to let you feel like you're progressing, but not so quick that it feels too easy. A good balance, I think.

The player base and community. The majority of the players that I've interacted with were very helpful, polite and always eager to join up randomly for some in-game action. This is always a good thing to see with MMOs.

The Cons: First the minor issues that I've noticed many players have had (I read the official forums for information as I played). The game has lots of bugs and glitches. On more than a few occasions, I found that some of my powers and basic moves didn't work when I'd enter a "dungeon". Usually it would be that my secondary weapon wouldn't work or that I couldn't perform combos. This meant lots of cheap deaths (not too much of a problem since in-game death has almost no consequences). Other bugs would be that some enemies that you needed to attack to complete a quest would spawn but you couldn't attack them.

The enemies and the quests are very repetitive and redundant. I've played both Hero and Villain roles and I've found that the quests are almost the same, just with different dialogue. The cutscenes after each boss is exactly the same regardless of what role/faction you choose. Also, lot of the quests (while fun and interesting) had similar objectives and reskinned enemies.

The major issue, and the reason I won't be renewing my subscription, is the customer/tech support. It is horrid. There would be unannounced downtime, which is fine for maintenance, but it seemed too random not to be planned out by the company, SOE. Servers would crash every so often that had nothing to do with my Internet connection. About a week ago, I couldn't log into the game. I contacted customer support and I've have not heard back from them as yet. I checked the official forum and saw that many players had the same issue and no responses from SOE support. The problem was fixed eventually, but as far as I know the customers were fairly ignored.

Conclusion: I know many will view my decision as "stupid" to quit a game just for lack of support; however, for an MMO that is pay to play, customer support is a big deal especially when things go wrong. At the end of the day, its my decision and this review is my opinion and reflects my personal experience with the game. DCUO is a good game with lots of potential. I've played it, reached the cap leveling experience (30 as of 2/6/2011) and got my money's worth out of the game. I just cannot justify $14.99 per month with such lackluster customer/tech support.
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