Customer Reviews: DEWALT D51275K 1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kit
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... I am a general Contractor and I build mostly new construction houses and specialize in finish trim. I've used various different trim guns, some like the Porta-Cable, Duo Fast, and Senco, in my opinon are to bulky and heavy or are just not layed out well especially for a left hander. Recently I had a bostich 15 gauge angle gun that was oiless and seemed designed very well but it lasted less then 3 months, I had it replaced and the next one the drive pin broke in less then 8 months. By this time Dewalt had their gun out and I was tired of replacing the Bostich. I liked the look and feel of the Dewalt gun so I decided to give it a try, so far I have not been disappointed!! The weight of the Dewalt is just right and probably one of the lightest in its class. One writer says they tested the weight of the Bostich and the Dewalt and the Dewalt was "so much heavier". Even if their scale was right believe me you won't feel it. A few writers have complained about the fireing of this Dewalt. To this I say, if you can't handle the bump and fire trigger change it with the other trigger provided by Dewalt, but for the professionals, like myself, who have to use this gun all day it is one of the best features of the gun and one I look for. When needing to nail a lot of base or crown the time and effort this feature saves is great. The depth setting is very easy and accessible and the unjaming is easy. Maybe the simpless and yet best thought out feature of this gun is the belt hook. Try climbing a 24' extension latter with crown in one hand and a nail gun in the other just a few times and you will know what I am talking about. Loading the gun for the first time can be intimidating to some people especially if you haven't read the manual, maybe that is why some have complained about it. Really though, it give you more versatility then most guns. You can load it first and then pull the spring back, or pull the nail spring back, lock it, and then load the nails. The only reason I didn't give this gun a 5th * is that I have not had enough time with it to truly prove its durability. I have found one thing that troubles me and maybe it is just this particular gun, or the genaric nails I tried using, or even my fault for letting a little rust get on it, but from time to time it will not fire a nail. It seems that the spring may not be pushing the nails to the head enough, however I did not notice this in the begining so it may be a problem caused by something and not the guns fault at all. So far, over all, I have found this gun to be the best I have used, other then this problem. The line of sight is great, the safty boot cover is one of the best and does not seem to come off or get in the way as so may do. The popular Senco nails seem to work a little nicer then the Bostich nails of my old guns as well, but maybe thats all in my head! To sum it all up, this trim gun is another great offering by Dewalt, and I think if those who have had doubts take alittle more time to get to know their gun they would find it works!!! and works well!!!
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on January 4, 2004
I own both this gun and DeWALT's 18 ga. nailer. I have owned and used this gun for 2 years and have nothing but praise. It's funny, Home Depot used to carry these but gave up because so many people refused to change from other brands. Too bad for them!!! This gun is light but strong. A previous review had indicated that nails are difficult to find. What? This gun accepts all 15 gauge finish nails. Believe me I have used them all. I have run countless nails through this gun and have never had any issues with it.

Some features that I like:

1.The magazine is very easy to load.

2. Indexed depth setting is easy to use and requires no tools.

3. I can adjust the exhaust airflow to any direction. This is nice so it doesn't blow a piece of sawdust into my eyes.

4. If you jam a nail you can open up the firing head without the use of tools to free the squished nail.

I have used this gun on 6 inch crown molding, baseboard, installing doors and cabinetry. I have no complaints. I have no suggestions to make it better. It's perfect as far as I am concerned.

Update: add another year of use to this nailer. Still works flawlessly.
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on June 12, 2003
I have been a General Contractor, Trim Carpenter & Cabinet Builder throughout my 16 years in the industry and have used a lot of different nail guns. Out of all of the 15ga nailers I've owned (senco, bostich, porter), this is truly the best of the best. Just the feel of the gun is very impressive to say the least, whatever the weight. This nailer is VERY easy to use, even at 120 psi the depth stop does it's job, more than I can say for my porter, which I GAVE away after using this for a while. I've been through about 6 boxes(18000) of Senco nails and yet to have a double-tap with the bump-action trigger and it hasn't jammed even once, not quite the record with the senco or bostich. This gun sinks the nail-heads consistently and has NO kick when driving through knots. And the fact that the no-mar foot doesn't leave it's "initials" in Redwood was outstanding! I would recommend this DeWalt 15ga Nail Gun to anyone who has the need or desire for one.
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on March 24, 2002
The reviewer from Virginia which gave this tool a poor rating (*)does not understand how the trigger safety or the loading mechanism works. May be he should read the manual. I have owned many different brands of nailers of various types and as a finish carpenter I feel this is the best It has the clearest view of the nail target, that is a safey feature, is the best out there because it is open in front even with the rubber cover on the tip. Professionals rarely complain about a bump trigger(you still have to hold the trigger and depress the tool to fire?) and besides they give you a sequential trip too! Oliless would be nice but it may have a longer life as a lubricated tool. Also it uses the most common senco type nail. You cannot go wrong with this item.
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on October 18, 2001
The primary use for this tool is for finishing work with hardwood.
Having used a number of nailers from different manufacturers with varying levels of success I took a chance and acquired this latest release from DeWalt.
The result is positive. This tool is able to penetrate and countersink Oak with air pressure 25% below its maximum rating without noticable degregation in depth. The visibility of the point of nail entry is excellent. The angle of the magazine allows the tool to be used in tight corners. This tool is comfortable to handle and easy to load. Setting the depth is simple and appears to be accurate (with some overshoot on soft wood).
All in all a good tool.
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on December 9, 2004
12/09/04 My company installs hardwood floors and this is the best finish nailer out there. I also have 3 Porter Cable DA250B angled finish nailers and they would be my 2nd choice but have had more quality problems with them. The Senco sfn 35 was junk but the SFN 30 is OK as is the SFN 40. But I would still pick the Dewalt for the best finish nailer. We shoot through some tough wood species and while the Senco and Porter Cable nailers have failed the Dewalt proves reliable.
Update 07/07/05: We have had this gun for about a year now, and after heavy use I am pleased to say that I am still on the 1st driver with no time in the shop for repairs. Extremely reliable gun for the contractor. I love it.
Note: Our Porter Cable DA250B angled finish nailers have been in the shop 1-3 times each to replace drivers and other problems, all w/in the 1st year. And sadly drivers are not covered under warranty, so my repair costs have been quite high.
Bottom line: The Dewalt is the gun to buy! :)
Update 4/6/08:
After 4 years of service 2 of our 6 Dewalt finish nailers have died. The driver no longer retracts after fire. I feel I got my money's worth out of them and then some. This is still a strong nailer.
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on November 6, 2001
The Dewalt D51275K is by far the best finish nailer I have ever used. I've been using this tool for few weeks and it has not let me down yet. The magazine is easy to load, and has good spring tension. This is probably why the tool has not missed or misfired more than once or twice. The depth-setting adjustment is easy to use, with 5 Position Indexed and the angle of the tool's design allow comfortable use in many positions, like inside corners. The narrow front allows close-to-edge fastening, and the tool is lighter and easier to handle than other brands I've tried, thereby reducing operator fatigue. It is well balanced, and a large variety of fastener sizes are available. The 2-1/2" nails easily drive through 2" oak, and are set perfectly. I have no complaints about this tool, and recommend it highly to all finishers and assemblers.
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on December 10, 2001
My wife and I bought this nailer to use for trim work in restoration and construction projects. We wanted a nailer that both of us would be comfortable operating and settled on this one after testing the feel of the models offered at Home Depot. We could not be more pleased. With its light weight and angled feed rail, we both use it all day long with no fatigue and perfect results. Another reviewer complained about the automatic trigger which ships with the unit. We do not understand his difficulty since the "automatic" trigger still requires depression of the front guard and trigger simultaneously to fire. There is not much chance of that happening by accident. Also, we had no problem with the feed mechanism. The manual explains that the user can either insert a stick of nails and pull the slide back to that point or the user can pull the slide full back into a locking position, slip in however many nails is desired, and then release the slide. It would be nice to have oiless operation, but since the gun comes with safety glasses and oil, it has been effortless to squeeze in the few drops when we need it. We have had continual flawless operation and we highly recommend this tool.
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on February 26, 2005
I bought this when it was on sale @ Home Despot when it first came out and there was a promo on. Let me preface this and say this one has been used by 3 or 4 of us home owners to put in baseboard, crown, and casing as well as a bunch of nailing on some hardwood floors.

Let me also state that I have $2k worth of other dewalt tools that work beautifully. This is the first and last pneumatic tool though.

I noticed that it did have a bit of a tendency to double tap. After using it a short bit, I lent it to a friend. He had a jam (we're both been using nothing but Porter Cable nails) of some sort that broke it. Being a good guy, he assumed it was his fault and paid $80 to have it repaired.

I got it back in working order, and then promptly had it break again. This time, I called Dewalt service and they said it was an early model and they would replace the piston which had been replaced in later models. They tested it and returned it to me working.

I ran through less than a strip of nails, and went to do something over my head, and discovered that it wouldn't fire upside down. Another trip back to the service center, and it was fixed again. When I took it home, I discovered that they'd replaced my sequential trigger with the other type.


Anyway, when it works, this nailer is nice and lightweight. It sets nails beautifully. I'm not fond of the composite nail strip, nor the depth adjust and safety mechanism.
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on July 23, 2005
Buy it from Tool crib, SORRY LOWES, Bought a bostich some time ago, nothing but trouble. The feed rail on the bostich does not allow the nails to feed freely. Note i was using bostich nails. Yes 15 guage finish nails! Recently bought the Dewalt haven't had it long but i like it. Credentials??

My father has been a cabinet maker remodeler and finisher for 40 years. When he first saw the problems with the bostich he said I wouldn't have it...! He liked the DeWalt right away,easy removal of nails, and yes it feeds the nails. No missfires yet. When i've had it for a couple of years i will update this.. By the way incase you're wondering, my dad has only porter/cable finish nailers and staplers, except one bostich. The bostich is 9 months and we've replaced the the plunger, it broke. Half the price of a gun i might add. And it sticks quite often. If i were you I would look toward the dewalt. The reason i say buy it from tool crib is because the lowes here were out and they kept telling me next week. Its light has a nice belt hook and it feeds, it'll take awhile to c if its dependable!!
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