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on December 11, 2007
I am a homeowner who yearned for new base boards and crown molding.

Its very powerful, and I have other Dewalt tools that use the same battery so it kept going and going. A setting of 3 or 4 (out of 10) was plenty to counter sink the nail (2 1/2 inch) into the wood molding. I have finished 2 rooms with no jams or misfires. If you are used to an air nailer it might be a bit heavier but they compensate for the weight by balancing the load nicely.
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on April 3, 2007
I love this cordless nailer. I've had the straight dewalt cordless nailer for the last couple of months and it works great as well but this 34 degree version seems to get in those tight places just a little bit better especially with the crown moulding. I haven't had any trouble with power or jamming with this nailer. I have used the hitachi 2 1/2 inch angled finish nails from lowes for this nailer (after trying the bostitch finish nails which wouldn't fit right), and they have worked great. I would definitely recommend this cordless nailer to others especially for the $279.00 promotional price I recieved from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.
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on February 7, 2008
I purchased a refurb model of this and have nothing but great things to say about this nailer. I've used it for quick shoe moulding repair, bathroom baseboard installation, and to flatten out cedar shingle siding that was warping before painting. Bump mode is highly functional with no lag or delay.

I Have never needed to use a depth adjustment setting higher that 3, even while using 2 1/2 inch nails into 2x4s, setting 2 will sink it all the way in.

I would change the LED light to a white color rather than yellow though.

I use hitatchi nails from lowes with no problems at all.
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on June 11, 2009
Considering cordless nailers? DeWalt has it done right! My project was crown moulding with enhancers for the entire downstairs and master bedroom upstairs; four large rooms in all. I did not want to drag cables and a compressor around or deal with the noise so I did my research and narrowed it down between this one and the Paslode. Ultimately I decided on the DeWalt because it did not require air cartridges and reviews of Paslode showed a regular tendancy to jam alot. I purchased a refurb model. I am extremely happy with the purchase and performance of the gun. I used 1.5 and 2 inch nails and also ordered those from Amazon. I probably went through 2000 nails and the gun only jammed 3 times. Removing the jammed nail was super simple and was completed in less than 20 seconds. The gun itself is a little heavy at around 8-9 lbs, but I wasn't holding it up for any extended length of time. I am extremely pleased with this gun and solidly recommend it. Your toughest challenge should be determining what gauge nail gun you need for your project.
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on June 15, 2009
I bought this nailer in January and wanted to use it on several projects before writing the review, I have and here it is:

After years of dragging the compressor and hose up one or two flights of stairs (the compressor still rules in the shop!) I was eager to "go airless" and boy, am I glad I did. Small jobs (like 4 or 5 nails into a piece of trim) are effortless. As others have mentioned, the battery lasts a really long time (two batteries is plenty) and the power setting (to set the nail depth) is great.

After several little piece-of-cake trim jobs, it was time to challenge the 628 with oak flooring. I installed 3/4 x 5" inch solid unfinished oak in a bedroom and had to use the 628 on the first and last 3 courses (where the Portanailer wouldn't work) as well as in two closets. On a power setting of 6 (the highest) the 628 had no problem blasting through the full 3/4" oak into the plywood below and setting the nails nicely. I had about three jams (probably hit the H-clips or screws below the oak), but they were pretty easy to clear.

The fact that 628 uses the same Senco nails as my Senco nailers was a huge bonus as I have a pretty good stash of 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inch and I wasn't looking forward to purchasing and storing more.

Expensive? Maybe, but the thrill of money saved on inferior tools is forgotten long before the frustration of cheap tools is.

Another great Dewalt product!
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on March 14, 2011
Using 2.5-inch DeWalt brand nails that are made specifically for this nail gun, the gun still jams a lot. If I set the depth adjustment on 6 (deepest) it doesn't work at all, jamming with every attempt to drive a nail. If I set the depth adjustment on 3, it jams typically after 20 nails or so -- but of course this number is variable. Sometimes it will jam for several nails in a row.

When I clear a jammed nail, there is a technique that works best. It is almost always necessary to discard, not only the nail that misfires, but also the nail next to it in the sheet of loaded nails, because that adjacent nail gets damaged by the misfire. After turning the gun off and removing the battery and then removing the sheet of loaded nails, I have learned to use two needle-nose pliers together to clear the jamming nail. With one pliers, I grasp the head of the nail adjacent to the one that jammed. With the other pliers, I grasp the head of the third nail, that is, the first nail that is not damaged. Then, by pulling on the two pliers, I tear the nail sheet so as to remove the two nails from it (the two nails removed are the jammed nail and the damaged nail next to it) and discard them. When I do this without using pliers, I find that the nail removal is often sloppy so that nail sheet is stretched and the gun jams upon the next attempt to fire it.

The nail gun is durable, compact, not too heavy considering what it is, and the duration of a battery charge is great. I have not had any problem with marring the surface being nailed.

DeWalt has excellent customer service, and they offered to exchange my nail gun for a new one. I did not make the exchange because I was able to get it to function, despite a frustrating frequency of jams, and I was pressed to complete a job I was doing. So, maybe my gun is defective -- maybe other users get fewer jams.
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on August 4, 2007
We use this thing all of the time. I don't miss the door trim abrasions from air hoses at all.

Some of the carpenters complain about it not being a "real" nail gun. But for some reason, they don't want to run out the air hoses and set up the air compressor. Like my mom would say, "Some people would complain, even if they were buried in a gold coffin."
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on January 25, 2015
I've owned 3 of these nailers. The first 2 had to be returned due to defects over time. The nails stopped driving all the way. The 3rd round lasted for a few years doing what I expected it to. The weight is completely manageable once you get used to it. The power was always appropriate for the different applications, and when I did have complications, Dewalt proved to have excellent customer service, even when the nailer was out of warranty. The final death blow for my nailer was a slow and gradual one. Nails stopped driving to full depth. I basically took the entire nailer apart and replaced worn and even broken parts (with dewalts help over the phone), but unfortunately nothing seemed to work. I have given up on it and seriously considered purchasing a new Dewalt, because when it was working good- it was really good. But the reason I gave this nailer 3 stars is the same reason I'm not going to be buying another one...I just can't take the chance of getting another defective gun, or spending $300+ on a nailer that only works for a couple years. Granted I install doors for a living, and really give these tools a run for their money- I still expect them to be able to preform the one task they were designed to do. DRIVE. NAILS.
Side note: I know about 4 other installers that work around my area who have all used this nailer. Some loved it, some just kinda liked it, but ALL of them eventually walked away from Dewalt, and went with comparable Senco models (F16).
review image review image
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on June 13, 2008
First of all, this nail gun is great. It is very reliable, and the lighting by the business end illuminating the work (which might seems like a silly gimmick) is actually a great feature when dealing with dodgy job site lighting, crawl spaces, etc. On to the future - first you forgot the hoses and cylinders when the Paslode Impulse guns came out, but now forget dealing with the gas cartridges needed for the Impulse guns! However - having scanned the product description, it isn't made clear that this gun comes with only one battery. You need two for production carpentry without down-time, so plan on another $60 expense there unless you have other 18v DeWalt tools in play. Second of all, the re-furbished model (when available) is a great deal [...] why pay almost twice as much for a brand new tool when the major difference seems to be a few scratches on the refurbished tool. Big deal! Thirdly, be aware that the plunger is driven back into the housing with a pair of glorified rubber bands. This will usually be the first part to wear out (after several years of regular use). DeWalt will tell you that a new $69 assembly (plus about $10 shipping) is needed to get the replacement "rubber bands", a service center will often ask for $220 to solve any problem with the tool, but the "rubber band" only can be had [...] if you are willing to venture into the inner working of the tool yourself and wait a few weeks for the part. Happy finish nailing!
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on October 16, 2010
First let me tell you that I do not work in construction. I am a 5'4" female homeowner who enjoys remodel projects. I purchased this nail gun after I did online research and hoped it would see me through this project and many others.

This Summer and Fall I have used it to install cedar siding on my 100 yr old craftsman home. It preformed beautifully and is now my favorite power tool!

After using this nail gun for several months and comparing it to my MAX siding coil nailer (and other power tools), I have listed my pros and cons for this tool below:

Convenient - No compressor hose to haul around and additional nails can be found at local stores.
Dependable - Only jammed twice and it was VERY easy to see what happened and clear it.
Easy to use - Press gun nose to surface, gun tip lights up, engine hums, and pull trigger.
Battery life - A single charge lasts all day. Gun tip blinks to indicate battery is dead. Battery charges quickly.
Nail size - Varies so you can use for multiple projects from siding to indoor and outdoor trim...etc.
Safety features - Lock
Nail depth - Dial could not be easier to use!

Lock location - Cannot easily unlock with trigger hand because it is too high on the gun.
Size and weight - Large and top heavy. Surprisingly the battery does not add a lot to the weight.

Good luck!
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