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on January 5, 2011
- compact, short, lightweight = a joy to use
- slim handle is great for smaller hands (e.g. women, kids)
- one-handed chuck uses all types of bits
- good high end speed for drilling
- well balanced
- stands upright; belt hook
- excellent battery life between uses
- relatively inexpensive for additional battery packs (30 USD)
- powerful enough for 98% of my drilling/driving needs

- LED lighting isn't as good as the hex chuck version of this drill
- the one handed chuck adds length as compared to the hex chuck version of this drill
- not cheap (but worth the price I think)

Dewalt was little late in releasing their compact driver drills (Bosch has had one for years), but they really set themselves apart for the rest with this one.

I think this category of drill is perfect for most homeowners. Bosch, Porter-Cable, Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and others all make ultra compact 12V lithium ion driver/drills. They are all a vast improvement over previous options because:
1) Lightweight: e.g. drilling over you head to hang pictures
2) Lithium Ion Batteries: don't lose as much charge between uses
3) Compact: can fit your drill in tight places

All manufacturers except Dewalt put the battery in the handle which makes for a beefy handle and an off balance drill. Dewalt puts the battery at the bottom which balances the drill and allows it to have a more ergonomic grip. My wife tried some of the other drills with the battery in the handle and found them awkward to hold because of the size of the grip. She loves this one.

The combination of a lightweight drill with a slim grip makes this the perfect drill for many women. Even my kids can use it. My wife hates my Porter Cable 14.4 volt NiCad because it is so darn heavy that she has to use two hands and almost throws out her back doing it. Now my doesn't have to ask me to do the drilling because she can do it herself comfortably.

Dewalt is a great choice for drill to have around the house that every one can use.

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I have used Ryobi 14v and then 18v battery drills for years and presently have five various models of the 18v units. I'm a GC and the Ryobi drills have proven themselves to be a good value, strong, but large and heavy, with about a two year life span under heavy use. I recently had to install a set of exterior shop built screens on the second story of a Brooklyn Brownstone. As luck would have it, lightweight driver drills were recently reviewed in Fine Home Building magazine and the Dewalt received a very favorable review. As is typical, the reviewer based his opinion of the tools under test on the repetition of holes drilled and screws driven. While I was impressed by the review, with a shelf full of Ryobi's I wasn't moved to rush out and buy a new drill. While the reviewer's criteria was valid I would like to toss out another one.

Installing the screens was a two day project due to the difficulty of access to the facade where they were to be installed. On day one I used one of my trusty old Ryobi 18v heavy weights. While not bad when standing on the shop floor, it was a definitely a hand full while hanging off of a ladder thirty feet in the air. That did it for me so at the end of the day off to the local big box to pick up a Dewalt DCD710S2. Fast forward to day two for an entirely different experience. Set up with a quick change bit receiver the DCD710S2 comfortably took its place hanging on my belt with the handy built in belt clip. Talk about a different experience. The short barrel of this drill meant that I could stay closer to the wall keeping my center of gravity over the ladder, a much more comfortable and safer stance. As I expected pre-drilling and driving the three inch screws was practically effortless for this lightweight and surprisingly powerful tool. While the screw count and hole size weren't important, the location of the installation was. This is where the Dewalt DCD710S2 really shines. It's a surprisingly powerful tool in a very comfortable to use package. I have yet to test battery life but I expect it to be reasonably good. I will update my review if I find it to be otherwise.

This is a great tool in general but it really shines in tough access jobs where tool weight is a liability. I'm looking forward to using the drill in a more comfortable setting and can easily see it becoming my "go to" tool for driving screws and drilling reasonably sized holes. I also have a Dewalt 18v XRP to handle tougher drilling requirements, which will be covered in another review. These two tools have put me solidly in the Dewalt battery powered driver/drill camp. I highly recommend the Dewalt DCD710S2.

Regards and Build Responsibly - Our planet depends on it !!

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VINE VOICEon December 16, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a bigger drill that's great for construction work but just too big and heavy for a lot of uses around the house. I was looking around for a smaller drill and ended up with this one and haven't regretted it. The drill feels good in your hands... fairly light, a nice rubber grip, and is balanced well.

The drill is reversible and variable speed. While it doesn't turn as fast as my bigger drill, it's more than fast enough and the speed range is probably better suited for around the house use. It has a very bright LED that shines on the drilling area. It's a small thing, but very usefull.

This drill uses lithium ion batteries. These are lightweight, put out a lot of power, recharge fast, and keep their charge longer than other types.

THe drill comes with 2 batteries, the charger, and a cloth carrying bag. A plastic case would have been nice but you can't have everything. Other than that, I'm very happy with this drill and haven't picked up my bigger one since getting this.
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on January 20, 2011
I'm a tiny old lady (70 yrs, 110 lbs, 5'1") and have small, arthritic hands. My husband has several Drill-Drivers and I can barely hold them with two hands, much less manage holding a screw or other item. I can actually hold and effectively use this drill with ONE HAND ONLY. WHAT A JOY! I dreaded projects and repairs that required a drill but now I look forward to using this gem. The quick load accessory is a must for rapidly changing bits or drivers. The tiny battery adds to the lightweight compactness of this tool. Don't know what kind of battery life I'll get but charging the battery for the first time was quite rapid. I look forward to years of enjoying this device.
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on November 17, 2010
This past summer the big orange box store was promoting Milwaukee 12v lithium ion 2310 inspection camera with free 2401 m12 compact screwdriver. Well, always wanted an camera (tired of poking holes in drywall and using a mirror with flashlight), but wasn't crazy about the driver. You see, I have small hands, and the handle of the driver was wide to accommodate the barrel-shaped battery. Plus, if you wanted to use drill bits, one had to get the bits with hex shank. The rep offered a free 3 ft. ext. cable - that sealed the deal!

To my dismay the Dewalt new 12v max drill/driver came out 3 months later. Never had Dewalt before, because of the weight/big handle issues. So I got it. Here are my comparisons:

Milwaukee: Fatter handle to grip.
Difficult to pull out battery (have to squeeze tabs).
Need hex-shanked drill bits.
Short enough to put in pocket.

Dewalt: Very easy grip.
Easy slide-out battery.
Stands up. If laid down on side, has rubber bumpers. Won't scratch fingers picking it up.
Belt hook. No need to put in pocket.
Yellow easier to see in dark (like attics).

So far both are powerful enough for my needs: remodeling/maintaining rentals. Time will tell which will last longer.
In all fairness, keep in mind the Milwaukee is a compact driver(hex) and the Dewalt is a drill/driver(chuck).
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on April 29, 2011
I use a heavy duty 18V DeWalt driver nearly every day at work (and love it), so I was a little worried about "downgrading" for a tool to use around the house. So let me reassure anyone who is a bit nervous about buying a smaller tool: this drill performs just like the big guys. Sure, it's a little less powerful, but its incredible lighness and agility more than make up for that. Everything that's great about the 14.4V and 18V drills is here: the otherworldly battery life, the fantastic ergonomics, the way it keeps 99% of its power until the battery is 99% dead, the the excellent torque adjustments and two-speed gearbox. It's too early to say anything about the durability, but the build quality feels like nothing less than the standard set by the bigger DeWalt tools.
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on December 9, 2010
This drill is a darn nice tool for its intended purpose which is well beyond occasional homeowner use. While I'm not a contractor, I operate a farm and greenhouse operation and have use for an extensive line of tools including 36v, 18v, and now 12v max Dewalt cordless. Each has its place, but I found I seldom used my two 36v drills nor my 18v drills with their truly wonderful lithium nano-phosphate batteries. Sure, for heavy portable drilling, sawing, grinding, and fastener-driving I reach for the 36v or the 18v. The higher voltage drills, though, are quite large and cumbersome compared to this new 12v max. This little guy is CONVENIENT, very confortable, and very well thought out. It has rubber bumpers to protect fine finishes should you set it down on a table for instance; the belt clip is enormously handy, the handle is properly sized for the human hand, the chuck tightens easily and firm. The battery life and torque output of these tools is impressive given their size. I think Dewalt, a little late into this competition for quality compact tools, has hit a home-run with this line-up. BTW - My favorite tool of all time is the 18v DC827 (same driver as DC826 and DC825) 1/4" hex impact with DC9180 batteries. Playing around with the new DCF815 (12v max impact driver) and this little DCD710 drill has me convinced that these new little guys will be the most reached-for cordless tools in my lineup. Amazon's prices are really terrific on these Dewalt tools at the moment, but I'd strongly recommend going to a brick and morter store to try these and other offerings by Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee etc. if you're new to the game. If you're primarily driving fasteners, think hard about an impact driver instead or in addition; they're pretty good for drilling too but vastly superior to a drill for all but finish driving. For odd jobs around the house with a single cordless tool I'd probably reach for the DCF610 screwdriver instead of either the drill/driver or impact. It's light, comfortable, one-hand bit change, terrific illumination, easy to control so it won't damage delicate screws, and it drills nicely too if you have some hex drill bits. Same thoughtful rubber bumpers and belt clip as the other tools in the lineup.
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2011
There are already several reviews on this tool, so I'll keep mine short and sweet. This thing ROCKS. Especially for it's size.

I have the 5 piece Dewalt 20v Max kit and use the crap out of it and it continues to impress me, but the hammer drill/driver and to a point the impact driver are a bit chunky and heavy, so I went on a search for something more compact. Seeing as how the 20v max charger will charge the 12v battery, buying this seemed like a no brainier. I bought both the 12V MAX Impact Driver and the 12v MAX Drill/Driver. Both are very lightweight, built well and perform flawlessly. I tested this drill by drilling into everything from hard wood, to steel and it never choked. In fact, it's comparable to the 20v MAX driver, but with shorter runtime and it doesn't have quite as much "oomph" due to not having the hammer feature. I was actually surprised how well this little guy held up compared to the beefy 20v Max drill. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this a LOT more than the 20 V hammerdrill, as it's about 85% as powerful and about 60% lighter. Battery life is quite good, although under load, it's not going to last as long as the full size drills with 3.0ah batteries. But this is to be expected.

Also worth noting, these are actually 10.8 volt tools (Like all the rest of the subcompact tools available). Like other companies, Dewalt has fallen in-line and started going with MAX ratings. Meaning the batteries are only 12 volts when not under load. Audio companies have been doing this for years, so I guess it was only a matter of time before tool manufacturers started this practice. But don't let the rating fool you...They perform like nothing I've ever seen for this size and weight.

This is a great feeling tool. Very balanced. I used the Milwaukee M12 for about a day and couldn't wait to stop using it. It's top heavy and the battery doesn't compensate enough which causes wrist fatigue fairly quickly. The Milwaukee DOES have the hammer feature however, but I have yet to find it necessary in this drill, as it has all the power I need. If you need to drive lag bolts into concrete you're going to want to use a bigger, higher voltage tool, anyway.

The only negative I have found is the FWD, REVERSE switch feels a little loose and "spongy". It hasn't been a problem thus far, so hopefully there won't be any trouble.

All-in-all, I am VERY pleased with this 12V Drill/Driver (along with it's impact driver brother) and highly reccomend to anyone looking for a powerful, yet compact cordless drill.
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on April 20, 2011
First, I must say I am just a handy homeowner who decided after many years to upgrade to a cordless drill. Being a woman, I never liked the large drills and battery packs. When I saw this, I had to have it. It is lightweight yet pretty powerful, although I'm no expert. I did read many reviews and most are very favorable. I helped a friend hang curtain rods with it and now she says she wants one!!! Now it is my favorite tool.
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on January 13, 2014
Update - I replaced the worthless hand chuck with a keyed chuck. Look for a Jacobs 3/8 inch chuck with a 10-24 thread. It's a direct swap replacement. With this change the drill now has 5 star performance. Original review follows below.

I used the previous 12 volt DeWalt model until it the batteries would no longer hold a charge and the unit simply wore out. It was well balanced, had all the power I needed, and had great little side clips to hold driver bits not in use. But the chuck struggled to hold a drill bit securely and frequently raised burrs on the drill shank. Still, overall it was a great tool and I considered it the best of the lot at the time. I wanted another just like it.

I was specifically attracted to this successor model because its 12 volt competitors had all stuffed the battery inside the grip, making the grip large and uncomfortable to hold. This model (and its predecessor) sizes the grip for your hand and balances the battery underneath. Much better design.

I bought this model after several weeks of review and research, including the Amazon ratings on this item, hoping to replicate my previous experience with this brand. The new "improved" chuck in the ad copy really caught my eye. After 3 months of use, here are my thoughts:
The pros:
* The drill is physically smaller than it's predecessor and easier to maneuver. I suspect the ladies would find the size appealing.
* LiOn batteries - the batteries are physically smaller than the LiOns on the previous model but hold enough charge to drill an entire box of 1¾ inch #10 screws into pine without changing batteries. They seem to hold the same amount of charge as the older big ones.
* Plenty of power - 12 volts is all the power you need to drill and drive screws. However, don't expect it to have enough juice to run large spade bits.
* Well balanced - the batteries in the bottom of the grip make it effortless to control this drill. VERY nice.
* Light weight - I can use it all day and not have my arm on fire when it's time to quit. For small jobs or quick chores you'll reach for this over the 18 or 20 volt honkers every time.
* Two speed transmission with reverse - two speeds are vital to controlling screw drive depth while still having acceptable drill shaft speed.

The cons:
* THE CHUCK IS A JOKE! The "improved" chuck is actually worse than the old model and doesn't have enough grip to hold simple small twist drills while drilling plywood. The drill bit stalls, but the chuck continues to spin, initially raising a burr on the shank and then (unbelievably!) the chuck will spin completely wide open! Recovering the bit involves either a pair of pliers or attempting to close the chuck and tighten it back up on the stuck bit in the hope you can get enough traction to break it free. This happens in about 2 of 10 (20%) of the holes I drill. Ridiculous! I was so disgusted on my last project that I gave up and dug out my old Craftsman metal housing drill with the keyed chuck to finish (quickly) the holes I needed drilled.
* The little white LED light is worthless because it isn't bright enough and focuses about 1 inch below the driver or bit. Strictly cosmetic.
* The bit clutch has a no less than 15 positions, which is about 5 more than is necessary. That makes the clutch unnecessarily fussy when trying to get the countersink depth right.
* You have to ratchet all the way through all 15 clutch driver settings in order to reach the drill setting that locks the clutch. On a drill of this quality there should be a quick lock ring to quickly shift between drill and drive modes without having to constantly readjust the clutch.
* The useful side clips to hold unused driver bits have disappeared on this model.

Overall, across the 12 volt brands I think this drill is marginally the best of a pretty sorry lot. But it's sad to see the DeWalt name saddled with equipment of this quality. I have several older DeWalt tools that were the benchmark of their time... and continue to be today. I plan on junking the chuck and spending more money on a 3/8" keyed chuck that will make this drill closer to what it was supposed to be.... and I'll have a $200 drill at that point.
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