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on July 13, 2011
There are certain tools that everyone should have in order to complete basic repairs and tasks. I consider a cordless drill to be in this category, because with a good set of drill bits, and a screwdriver attachment, you can do just about anything basic you need to mount things (amongst other more complicated tasks).

Basically, you're reading these reviews to see if you can justify dropping the extra coin on this puppy, right? Why not get an off-brand for 1/2 the price? Well, it's up to you, but I think if you go for something cheaper you'll regret it in a year or two. Read on for why that is.

This drill kit has a couple major things going for it:

- Very well balanced. You may not think about it when you first pick it up, but the weight of the battery vs the weight of the motor, separated by the handle matters. A lot. You need to be able to do things with it one-handed (even though you shouldn't! Seriously, be safe. Get another set of hands if you need it.), and you need to be able to have control where you can focus less about the drill shifting in your hands and more about where you're aiming it. This is probably the best balanced drill I've ever used.
- Comes with an extra battery pack. Another thing that has saved me time... countless times. Oh shoot, you could only work for 20 minutes because you forgot to recharge the battery? No problem! Switch to your backup while the dead battery charges. When you finish, move the recharged battery back to the drill while the backup recharges. Then you put it all away.
- Incredibly sturdy construction. I've dropped and kicked this thing accidentally quite a few times, and not only is it still operational, it's not even got a scratch! It's built like a tank, and I've yet to overheat it (although I hear that it has protection mechanisms to disable the drill if the motor is close to being damaged from overheating).
- No hand crank! The system for changing drill bits makes me so happy. No more hand crank gears to keep track of, or duct tape to the cord, or gears on the drill to avoid wearing down, or have to maintain and grease up. Nope! Just set it to the resistance level for changing out, back it out, change it out, and back it in. All done! It's something I take for granted now, but it's a huge boon.

All in all, this is a beautifully crafted drill that's a dream to use and is built like a tank. No task has been too much for it to date, and I don't see one coming anytime soon. When you're ready to invest in a drill that will last you, pick this bad boy up. You won't regret it.
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on June 8, 2010
Our crews use a lot of different makes of cordless drills and when they need one from the shop they used to grab one of the Makitas but now their first choice is the DeWalt DCD970 drill. The DeWalt deliver a lot more power over a longer period of time. Part of this is their having the biggest (and heaviest) lithium ion battery and part of it is the 3 speed gearbox.

We use the Hole Pro adjustable hole cutters a lot and the low speed setting is perfect for good cutting speed and having enough power to cut 8-1/4" holes in TJI or plywood. The middle speed we have learned makes for smoother cutting with hole saws though we have switched to using Blue Boar TCT hole cutters 90% of the time. We can easily cut 6" holes in inch thick plywood with an 18 volt cordless and the very efficient Blue Boar hole cutters.

Hole Pro X-230 Kit: 1-7/8" to 9" and all fractional sizes in between. Infinitely Adjustable Cutter with Twin Tungsten Carbide Blades needs ¼ drill power of a hole saw to quickly cut Plywood Sheetrock Plaster Fiberglass OSB Plastic MDF Hardie Board

Blue Boar TSF-12 - 12 Piece Tungsten Carbide Deep Hole Saw Kit - Cut 10x Faster, 3x Larger, and 40x more holes per battery charge versus bi-metal hole saws in wood, chipboard, plaster, MDF, cement board, etc. Deep side slots for fast plug removal

The DCD760 has only two speeds but a strong gearbox and an excellent chuck. The DeWalt drills are the only ones that never seem to loosen while drilling or hammering. The Makita and Hitachi are easily the worst chucks and we only use them to drive screws. Don't be mislead by either the power ratings or recharge times from the manufacturers' marketing departments. If you want to compare two DeWalt or two Makita or two Milwaukee against each other they are OK but the are worthless for comparing two drills from different companies.

Recharge times are also a bit of a con. Faster recharge times means hotter batteries and this is not good for the batteries. With lithium ion batteries they can even catch fire. Makita states a 15 minute recharge time but in the manual it also recommends at least a 30 minute cool down period before you take the battery off the charger. We have found that the bigger the battery and the more efficient the hole cutter or drill bit or screw fastener the longer the drill lasts on the job and the fewer spare batteries we need. Before we switched to the Blue Boar hole cutters we used to take 6 batteries to a job and now we only take two and often never use the second one.

The DCD760 is all the average home DIY guy or gal will likely ever need but for pro use the DCD970 is worth the extra cost and weight. You get a pro grade gearbox and clutch and very good batteries (but with half the warranty period of the yellow ones on the high end drills from DeWalt).
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on August 19, 2010
I was looking forward to trying this drill/driver out. I wasn't disappointed. I enjoy the light weight for a 18v drill/driver. The battery last a long time. Though I didn't know that Li-Ion batteries just stopped turning the drill instead of slowing down like a Ni-Cad battery does. This was my first Li-Ion drill. However, it doesn't cause a problem, just pop the other battery in and keep going.

The only thing that caused me a problem at first was the brake for the drill motor. If I didn't securely tighten the bits, meaning tightening the drill bit, etc. at a high clutch setting, after a few times of using the drill/driver the bit would come loose. The brake stopped the drill motor so well that the chuck would open and the bit would be loose. I would expect that as the brake wears a little it might not stop the motor so quickly and it won't be a problem. However, I wouldn't want this option changed. It is nice to have it stop that quickly.

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on March 23, 2011
OK, I read the reviews...........they were attractive. I needed a drill immediately. I ordered overnight from Amazon at 7:30PM from and got it at noon the next day. Went to work immediatley. Used this drill (after the 30 minute charging) for 5 hours, with only one change of batteries. Building a shed and this drill worked it's torque on those screws like no other drill I have ever owned. Fantastically happy with this purchase. I really don't think you can find stock that this drill/driver won't navigate. Now, it may fall apart tomorrow, but I don't think I have ever had such a positive reaction from a new purchase. Bravo, Dewalt...............your quality and performance continues.
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on June 8, 2010
We go through a lot of cordless drills and had a lot of problems with the nicad batteries on the Milwaukee 18v drills and with the gearboxes of the Makitas (partly from operator misuse) and with the lithium-ion we decided to give the DeWalt drills a try. Very happy we did as they have a lot of power and 3-speed gearboxes. The hammer action is good enough for a 3/8" hole and the torque is good enough for even a 6" hole saw if it is one of the new kinds with the deep slots (Big Hawg and Blue Boar TCT).

Chuck is hard to untighten at first but it holds better than any other chuck I have used. The battery is the largest of any of our drills and also weighs more but gives a lot of power and lasts and lasts. Charge time is good and with the long life of the batteries I get through the day with only the original battery and seldom need to use the spare.

Side handle can be tightened in any position like the Bosch and Makita drills which I like but deWalt does not include a depth rod like Makita or a way to attach one later.

Buy this drill if you want the most powerful 18 volt drill around. Also has 2-year battery warranty.
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on April 13, 2011
i've had an older model dewalt drill for years and thought it was time to upgrade, especially after seeing the price that was being offered for this particular drill on amazon. after reading the reviews, i was certain that i wouldn't be disappointed. as a regular "handyman" around the house, this drill fits all of my needs perfectly. i love the smaller drill that allows me to get into harder to reach areas. the battery lasts for a long time and is quickly charged. what a great product. if you're looking for the perfect "drill around the home," then this is the one for you.
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on May 2, 2011
I've been using Dewalt drills for the last 8 years for my job, but never bought one myself because I always had access to my work tools. Now I no longer have access to my tools all the time, and I decided to purchase a drill for my own. Compared to Ni-Cad batteries these Li-On batteries have some advantages. One is weight, its about 1/3 to 1/4 as heavy as the Ni-Cad. Their size is also an advantage, being slightly smaller, you can get the drill into positions and areas you have have had difficulty before with a Ni-Cad 18v.

As far as performance however, I see some problems. I've never had NEW Ni-Cad batteries, but these Li-On seem to have no performance degradation over their charge life; they go 100% until they are done. And when they are done, they stop. Thats it. No slowing, no signs nothing to let you know the battery is not 100% ready. This makes it hard to tell if your battery is charged enough for the job. It could go 5 mins it could last an hour. No way to know. They also seem to stop have a shorter charge life than Ni-Cads I've used. Just drilled 24 3/8 holes into treated 4x4's and it needed a new battery after 18. It might just be the new Li-Ons need some break in time, but it was still a bit disappointing.

But for the price, and for use in light duty house work, this is doing well.
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on April 26, 2012
I couldn't be more dissapointed with my purchase.

After receiving the drill, I charged the batteries, and took it for a test drive. The drill made quite a grinding noise when the spindle comes to a stop. I checked other websites, and they stated this was normal, as well as the sparks coming out of it.

I came across another review that stated the chuck would not stay tight, so I thought I'd check that. I chucked a new 1/4" bit in the chuck and tightened it. I pulsed the trigger on and off five or six times, and the drill bit fell out.

I chucked the bit again, and tightened it as hard as I could by hand. I repeated the on-off cycle six or seven times, and the drill bit fell out again. I boxed the drill up, and sent it back to Amazon.

I can't believe DeWalt is headed down the same "path" as many other companies who sold their reputation for more profit in the short term.
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on February 14, 2011
I have been using my old 18 Volt DeWalt drill since DeWalt introduced the 18 Volt line of drills roughly 15 years ago and the drill has been very good to me. Recently both my batteries for this drill died out and the price of 2 new batteries is pretty high and it is just more economical to purchase a whole new tool that comes with 2 batteries. I don't know how they did it but this new compact 18 Volt Lithium Ion drill puts out more power than my old drill and uses less battery power to do the job. I am extremely impressed whit this drill and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for and around the house drill or a drill that can hold up in a construction environment.
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on May 11, 2012
So, after 10 years the NiMH batteries for my 18volt drill up and died on me. I had one of the large kits (flashlight, circular saw, recip saw, drill), and was not thrilled about replacing everything. I was also not thrilled about buying more nickel batteries- I wanted the lithium-ion.

But. A single battery with a charger was $129. Two batteries with no charger was $159. Or I could buy two batteries and a charger for $179, and get a new drill for free. That is what I did. Bless Dewalt, the form factor of the batteries is smaller, but they do in fact work on all of the old 18volt gear. I am very satisfied.

The newer drill is much lighter and smaller than my 10-year-old one, but it has a plastic chuck. I can't decide if I like the integrated light or not. For serious work, I'm going to stick with my sturdy old drill. But if I just need to do something light and simple, well, now I have yet another drill.
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