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141 of 146 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2011
With the Amazon price drop & DeWalt's current $30 rebate, I took the plunge (pun intended) on the DeWalt DWP611PK. I am *very* impressed!

I like my Bosch Colt routers a lot and use them often, but IMO the DeWalt is clearly superior (although durability is unknown). The after-rebate price seems very fair for all this functionality.

The only things that I prefer on the Colt are the:
1) Rubber grips (vs. the raised-dimple aluminum on the DeWalt). The Colt's grip is better when your hands get sweaty, and generally more comfortable.
2) Offset base which has come in handy a few times (no equivalent on the DeWalt)
3) Less-cheesy wrench (the DeWalt is flat stamped steel)
4) Hard case (the DeWalt comes with a canvas bag, but this is obviously personal preference) - see update below
Only the grip and offset base are significant to me. In every other respect (accuracy, flexibility, precision, ease-of-use) the DeWalt is better than the Colt.

Much of the dado-style & circle-cutting work that I do is with small bits where a 1/4" shaft works well (and a smaller/lighter router is easier to handle). But without a plunge base I was reluctant to use the Colt (I'm not comfortable plunging fixed-base routers...). The DeWalt plunge action is very smooth, and feels similar to my Bosch 1617 (but obviously with less tension). The plunge depth stop is just outstanding - very easy to adjust quickly, but also quite precise.

DeWalt obviously did their homework, and hopefully the DWP611 is reliable. The overall quality is higher than I expected, with minimal slop and very precise adjustments. The little DeWalt has an abundance of small refinements that I'd read about in other reviews but are even more impressive in-person. One surprise is that the motor can easily be re-oriented 180 deg; this is helpful for handling the power cord or aligning the power switch with the correct base edge. The LEDs near the shaft work very well to illuminate the cutting zone. And the clear polycarbonate ("Lexan") bases are one less thing that I need to replace!

If your woodworking includes lots of cuts appropriate for 1/4" shaft bits, definitely consider this router. My Colts are now relegated mostly to basic round-over work.

FWIW, the one I received was made in Mexico.

** Update August 2011 **

If anything, my impressions of the DWP611 are even better after several months of use. So far, no reliability issues. The dust collection hoods are sturdy and work very well, although dragging around a hose for long cuts is a PITA so I only use the hoods for relatively small cuts. Overall, I just *love* this little router! I'm thinking about getting a second one and unloading one of my Colt's. The only reason I'd keep a Colt at all is for the occasional use of the offset base. The little DeWalt is just a much better router.

FWIW, with all the accessories, I now prefer the canvas case. I'm not dragging the router around in the back of a pickup, and the canvas case is easier and faster for the relatively light DWP611.

If the cost of the DWP611PK seems too high, then consider the fixed-base-only model: DEWALT DWP611, but the plunge base is *very* handy, and what I use most often.
Or, keep your eyes open for a periodic price-drop from Amazon, and/or a rebate from DeWalt. :D
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57 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on July 25, 2011
I had a Bosch colt trim router and was never totally satisfied with it. The Dewalt 611 combo cured all the Bosch shortcomings. It is a copy of it larger brother the 618, which I've owned for several years and is my primary go-to router. This little guy is quickly becoming its replacement. It smaller and lighter than its brother making it easier to handle. But keeps all the great features. Here is my quick summary:
The Good:
-depth of cut is easily set and modified, with great precision.
-The plunge base is great for mortising, dadoes, and grooves. Something other trim routers just don't support.
-Size and operation is great. Light weight, but has enough power for most router jobs.
-LED really lights up the work. LEDs are finding their way into more and more tools. And they are great.
The not so good:
-The detachable cord is hard to find the index. You have to plug the detachable cord into the top of the router but it only goes in one way and has to be perfectly lined up to insert. I like that it's detachable but could be easier (although it's improved over the 618).
-Only 1/4" collet. I know it's a trim router and 1/2 bits are supposedly too much for this size. But frankly I think it could handle many of my bits (straights, roundovers, etc).
-I'm still on the fence about the soft carrying case. It allows the tools to clank around up against each other as you transport. That said the hard plastic case that its bigger brother has (618) is a monster and won't fit into most of my bench cabinets its so big. Maybe the answer is a soft case that has dividers to prevent the bases from smacking up against each other.
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91 of 100 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2010
I just got my new compact router and just played with it. So far GREAT!

I had just returned a Trend to Woodcraft `cause it was a step above junk.

Everything that was bad on the Trend is top notch on the Dewalt. It is so smooth (the Trend was really bad at higher speeds) I am doubt that it is really turning 27K RPM. The "feel" is almost as good in my hand as my Bosch Colt.

I got it mostly to cut shelf pin holes. I got my jig, installed a 5/8 bushing and cut about ten holes. Good plunge action, fast depth setup, and easy bit change. Easy bushing install. The depth locking adjustment feels solid and secure.

I think it will become my go-to for small edge profiles and shelf pins.

My PC690 edge guide fits the plunge base.

Professional quality, worth the cost

UPDATE: I have used this router for stopped profiles on cabinet carcases and have cut shelf pin holes in about 6 cabinets. With the fixed base it has excellent balance and control. With the plunge base, it is a little top heavy but has smooth action. Setting the depth is easer and more accurate than my 890 Porter-Cable. The depth seemed to be locked in (I have had by older PC-690 plunge router) not stay locked in, it got deeper as I went.

Update to Update: Wish Dewalt had a 8mm collet available to use with the Leigh jigs.

Same junk stamped wrench as most tools nowadays I had an extra Bosch 17MM from my Colt that solves this.
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70 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2011
I bought the DeWalt 611 for cutting inlay channels and decorative routing in small hardwood keepsake boxes. I have used it, for example, to rout a quatrefoil design in the lid of a small rosewood box. It produced superb results. It is powerful enough to do the job well and yet small and light enough to be very mobile and controllable. The two small LED lights embedded on the underside of the motor housing work very well, providing light right where it is most needed for this type of work. The plunge mechanism is smooth and easy to use and the stops work very well to control the depth. But be aware that this tool can only use 1/4 in. collar router bits. This is not a problem for my type of usage, but if you've got a large investment in 1/2 in. bits, they're useless with this router.
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26 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on January 3, 2015
It's everything I needed in a router. I know it's just a palm router, but I cut out an entire guitar with it plus built templates, planed joints, did very precise cuts, and gutted hoards of wood out of thick slabs and it never noticed. I love how fast it is to swap bases and bits. The LED lights are a huge plus! This is a quality piece of equipment!
review image
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2011
This router is made for hand work. It holds easy and you can move around in tight spaces. Leave deep hog-out work for the big boys unless you have a way to step into the work. The small base and light weight does not lend this unit to heavy cuts. If Dewalt comes out with a bigger base then that issue would go away. Routed out (36) pockets on a project I am working on using a 1/2" and 3/8" bits. All pockets were done freehand and looked great; clean staight cuts with no pull-in at the corners. On 1/4" bits I would recommend spiral flutes rather than straight flutes due to heat-up issues with the bit. The router has more than enough power to handle the loads it was designed for.

Review after (3) months of use.
Made some ajustments to the base clamp system and now the tool powers through cuts OK. Chip build-up around the base is a problem when doing long straight cuts. I suggest leaving .01 on the depth for the final pass then a no-load pass to get the bottom of the cut smooth and clean. Otherwise, it is a well thought out power tool espesially with the LED lights. Bottom line - the more you use this tool, the more you will appreciate its capability.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2013
I own a Rigid trim router previously. It was a wonderful little thing, which I used for flushing trimming and carving signs. It was much lighter in weight, but still sturdily built, made it very manuverable and versitile. But the lack of a plunge base and imcompatiblity with most accessories rendered it much less useful than it could be.

So when I decided to upgrade, I considered several factors: available accessories, dust collection, visibility, and weight/size. I researched the internet and went to the local stores many times to compare. Looked at Bosch Colt, Makita, and this Dewalt kit. It boils down to really two choices, the Makita kit and the Dewalt. I liked the Makita becasue for a little over 200 bucks you'll get 4 bases, edge guide, and 1/4 and 3/8 collets. The Dewalt kit cost a little less, but is sure comes with a lot less accessories. Nevertheless I eventually decided on this one for the following reasons:
1. Although it doesn't come with edge guides, the plunge base is 100% compatible with my existing porter cable accessories: edge guide and guide bushings.
2. Its sub-base is transparent.
3. It has two LED lights. This is important for a trim router because most of the work I do using a trim router need to trace a pattern free hand without any guide or template. So visibility is key. Without a clear sub-base and lights, the Makita would make things a lot more difficult.
4. Its depth adjustment on the fixed base is lot better than the Makita. It's quick realease allow you to change bits very conveniently. And the twist adjustment is more controllable than the makita. The makita design falls behind on this one. Once you loose the latch, the motor will just drop to the bottom. The rack and pinion is too loose to retain any force. Kinda defeats the purpose of its fine adjustment ability.
5. Dust colletion althought not included, but can be added for about $11 more.

After using it, here is what I like about it:
1. Soft start motor, and relatively quiet.
2. Good balance with both the fix base and the plunge base.
3. Those LED lights are great. They really light up the work surface well. They might not matter on a large router where there are large openings to allow you to see. But on a compact router this is a must.
4. Plunge action is precise and smooth. And honestly, its motor is more powerful to handle most of the tasks than your hands can. In other words, for free hand plunge routing, your hand will likely to be the limiting factor and not its motor.

Now what I wish Dewalt can do better:
1. The motor and its base are kinda "fat". They are not as comfortable to hold than any of other popular brands. (Ridgid, Makita, Bosch). This router feels more like a full size router than a trimmer.
2. Doesn't come with a 3/8" collet like the Makita. I would really like that because 3/8" spiral bits, which is the most common mortising size, comes either in 3/8" shank or 1/2" shank. Not having the collet for that means I can not easily use this router for any mortising tasks bigger than 1/4", which is a shame given that the motor is so powerful and the plunge base can dip a full 2 inch.
3. And lastly, probably the worst design flaw on this router is its collet design. It doesn't allow you to use two wrenches. You have to press the detent pin and turn the nut with only one wrench. This is particularly a problem when you need to remove a bit. With two wrenches, you can set the two wrenches slightly apart, and just squeeze on them with your hands. With a detent pin and only one ranch, your arm will have to exert so much force that you will find yourself slamming your knucles into the work bench a lot more than you or your wife would like.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on August 1, 2011
This New DeWalt 611pk is a dream, the Best I have ever used.
I have been looking for a new router for about three to four months now, lots of reviews and web searching. I totally believe in buying the best that you can afford, you get what you pay for, especially in woodwork tools. It has more than enough power for all my needs, from edge profiles, mortise and tenon's, dadoes, trimmings, and a lot more.

The pros-

-Made professional-Great quality
-Great power, from the soft start to full power
-The adjustments work with ease
-The LED's lights are fantastic, they really do "light" up your work
-The Plunge is so smooth, better than I have ever used, Bosch, Porter cable, Craftsman, and DeWalts 2 1/2.
-Very comfortable in my hand / hands, real quite, no vibrations
-Long power cord
-The switching of bases are easy

-Bit change out is a little bit of a pain on the Main base. The bit nut has only has two slots for the wrench so you have to sometimes spin the nut by hand to line up the wrench. And you can only access the bit from the front,or you have to lower the base all the way down.

-The price is high, but you get what you pay for. And this DeWalt is so well worth it.

-And lastly, A soft tool bag? Really? I don't get it. Such a Great product, I was not about to have "This router" in a soft bag a get tossed around and get damaged. So I tossed the bag and bought a hard case that I came across at Home Depot for $25. And everything fits perfect.

If you are in the market for a new router, I would think long and hard at the DeWALT
611pk. You will not be disappointed, I can not say enough goods things about this router. This now is my go-to router.

Take it slow...


"Make the Best out of every situation, regardless of whatever it may be"
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2011
Being a Porter Cable shop when it comes to routers, I spotted this palm router to be far superior to the Bosch Colt that has been in the market for years and has a huge following. First of all as it has been mentioned, Dewalt's DWP611PK is designed after the PC 690 series routers - a very reliable method of setting the bit depth. You see this design in the fixed base and plunge base. The plunge base will except the STANDARD Porter Cable bushings and will also accept the router edge guide for the 690 Porter Cable. The LED lighting makes routing so much easier and should be on all routers in my opinion. Soft start and variable speed is a very nice touch and the horsepower (1.25HP) is the most on the market from a palm router. Both bases have a flat edge which works very well with routing dados with a straight edge.

I'm very happy with this router and if you are considering a palm router for your shop, get this one. Even if you don't think you'll use the plunge base, you will be glad that you have it and find that it's indispensable.

Happy Routing!
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32 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2011
I have a router table and four larger routers that sometimes are to big for the job.
I've use this router to make signs. It has lots of power and is very easy to operate.
The plunge feature is very accurate and works well.
This is a small foot print router, but does not lack power!
Arrived a day late, but in excellent condition.
Would have preferred a hard case rather than the cloth one that is packed with the kit.
I like this router and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small powerful tool.
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