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on August 18, 2013
Summary: An quick review for the Wii version of Disney Infinity.

Essential points:

- Play Sets only support 1-player gaming; Toy Box supports 2 players

- No concrete information on online support for the Wii version

- One hexagon Power Disc comes with the Starter Pack

- Buying the Sidekick or Villain packs (counterparts for the 3 included characters) is the cheapest way to get more figurines for 2-player co-op.

- Each character is confined to their Play Set when not in Toy Box
- For example, Sulley cannot play in the Pirates/Caribbean Set, Jack Sparrow cannot
play in The Incredibles Set

Controls: Disney Infinity is fairly easy to pick up, but I would advise reading the manual, because this game uses all Wii remote buttons in different ways. Nunchucks are required to play this game, so be prepared. Most controls are standard, so there is not so much of a learning curve here.

Play Set Gameplay: Each Play Set involves completing a plethora of missions (6-10 hours) that help you level up characters, buy special vehicles and weapons, and earn Spins in the Disney Infinity Vault. Some missions are harder than others, but they are fun to complete.

Toy Box Gameplay: Mentioned previously, Spins allow the player to receive items in the Disney Infinity Vault that fill their Toy Box worlds (Block packs, Creativi-Toys, and Landmarks). Those Spins can be earned through Play Set missions and other activities. Toy Box is a really fun experience, and I will certainly have a blast making game 'levels' for my family to win.

Online Play: First off, the Wii is nearly seven years old, so the Internet capabilities are limited. It does not have an option to link to my Disney ID, and I do not see an option to play with others. For now, I would not count on online gaming for the Wii version.

Power Discs: There are three types of discs: Toy Box Toys, Toy Box Themes, and Character Powers. The only way to re-theme a Toy Box world is to collect a Theme disc, FYI. We received "Carl's Cane" (Up) in our pack.

Audio and Video: The audio part of the game seems a little lacking, and not as rich, but the music is dead on. One of the songs makes me feel like I am in Disney World, and 'Metroville' from The Incredibles is fast-paced and jazzy. The graphics were also less than desired, but that's expected from the non-HD Wii.

Overall: This game gets a B+ from me after six hours of gameplay. The Toy Box component is a little more advanced, so that's a good chance for the parent to jump in (wink, wink). The Play Sets are freeplay for the most part, and missions are completed on your own time. Disney hit a triple with this game.

Thanks for reading my review. I may be able to help with any questions, so feel free to ask.
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on September 1, 2013
If you're buying this thinking it's more like Skylanders, you'll be disappointed like almost all of the reviewers. If you're thinking it's more like Mine Craft, then you'll probably be less disappointed, maybe even pleased.

First, I won't go into the details of the game and how it works - "Denise" did a nice job of that in her Most Helpful review.
Secondly, a little perspective may be helpful - the Wii simply doesn't have the technological capabilities/specifications of XBOX or PS3/4, but I knew that when I bought the system (the gameplay was unique at the time - it was also lot less expensive than those systems), so I'm not expecting the best graphics, multiplayer, etc. For the starter pack, if you factor in that individual characters retail for ~$14, then more than half of the cost of this starter set is for the characters, which can be used on any system.
Bottom line, I don't feel ripped off because I know the limitations of my system and I went in with eyes open on this purchase. I'd rather spend the $75 than $400 for a new system, but the main reason why I don't feel ripped off and think the game is cool --

It is basically like Minecraft with a Skylanders twist, except populated by everything Disney. I may be way out in left field here, but I think Toy Box is the main point of the game, not the Play Sets. The Play Sets are fun and I can understand why folks are disappointed in the single-player only restriction, but that's assuming you want a traditional video game. I personally think Play Set mode is your run-of-the-mill mission-driven adventure game, nothing new or groundbreaking here.

But once me and my 9 yr old and 6 yr old figured out how to use the Toy Box mode, which is 2-player, we're spending more time there than in Play Set. Again, its like Disney exploded in Mine Craft (or vice versa). If you've been to Disneyland CA, you'll recognize the cars from the Autopia ride as items you can interact with. The little Lego/Weeble-like denizens are side characters from Disney movies, like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and you can build your own Temple of Agrabah from Aladdin with the building materials you acquire. You can ultimately build your own Disney worlds and games, and I think that's what Disney is really advertising and pushing (it certainly looks like that from the commercials and Infinity website). A bonus is that you can download the Toy Box game for your PC and iPad and go mobile! You can enter the codes for all the characters that you purchased and they'll be available on your PC or iPad, and you can download and share toy boxes, plus I don't think you're as limited on how many pieces you can put in your toy box (I haven't explored as much on the PC or iPad versions yet so someone correct me if I am wrong). Keep in mind that the PC and iPad versions are for the Toy Box only (not the playset adventures).

On the Wii, the lack of online multiplayer and downloadable worlds is a slight bummer (but somewhat made up for by the PC and iPad versions), and navigation within the game is not the most intuitive. But we're still enjoying the game. The kids love it and can't wait until other characters come out so we can have Rapunzel battling it out with Perry the Platypus in a Tron-inspired Cars world. Or Lightning McQueen racing Vanellope around the Magic Kingdom. You get the idea...

I have a feeling most won't agree with me, but I just wanted to provide a different perspective as folks consider whether or not to buy this game.
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on August 18, 2013
Take note. The Wii version of this game only allows multiplayer in Toy Box mode. In the Play Set area where you complete adventures the Wii version only support single player. According to the Disney customer help website the PS3, Xbox, and Wii U versions support drop-in, multiplayer in both Toy Box and Play Set. The kids are pretty disappointed.
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on September 28, 2013
I preordered the Disney Infinity for the Wii after EXTENSIVE research and pondering. I read everything I could find, put out by Disney and other reviewers as well. Everything seemed to be the same. It was a great game. And I was excited and we couldn't wait to open the box when it arrived. We started playing and then realized that.... there was no 2 player in the story mode. Wait, what? The box says it's 2-player. Oh, only in the Toy Box mode we find out after a week of emailing. Not everything you can earn is available in your Toy Boxes? Wait, there isn't a toy box like it's described on the package? The box says, "Toy Box is a wide-open world of possibilities where you can mix, match, and mash up everything from the Play Sets to invent any adventure you can imagine". Oh, yes, except not with the Wii platform. There are 6 areas within the toy box and each new toy you earn can only be used in one of the 6 specific toy boxes. Online content? Nope, sorry, not for the Wii platform. Nothing in the description of the game before launch and even immediately following said anything about these limitations. Not until people started asking questions was the description here on Amazon changed to reflect the REAL capabilities of this game on the Wii, and the description still hasn't changed on other sale sites. I've been emailing back and forth for almost a month now to try and get these questions resolved and they were willing to trade what I had for a different platform. Great, but we only own a Wii. Well, we could get a free character. Great, but I have a bunch of hoops that I need tech support's help to jump through again. What I would have really liked was them to be upfront and honest about what the Wii platform's capabilities and limitations were BEFORE the launch happened. They knew the limitations and for money they were willing to sacrifice their brand's reputation. Honestly, the Wii platform should be priced significantly less than the others because there is a significant amount of game that is unavailable. If you are thinking of buying the Wii platform as a family game, please read and study what is available first so that the disappointment and aggravation can be minimized for you. Disney Infinity brand, I'm ashamed of you and your marketing scam. I believe Disney is better than that, and I hope you can make it right.

All that being said, my kids do enjoy this game, which is why I didn't give it 1 star. It is a fun game, but knowing that there is so much that they are missing and that I paid the same price for such limitations is annoying.
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on November 29, 2013
I was really excited for this game because my son and I love playing Skylanders Giants together, and this is essentially a Disney themed Skylanders rip-off mixed with a little Mine Craft level building. But I was very disappointed when I actually played it because the Wii version is awful. I've got a laundry list of complaints, so here goes.

The Wii version costs the same price, and prior to the game coming out Disney did not announce that the Wii version would have limitations compared to the other system versions. Unfortunately it does have many limits.

Firstly, the graphics are pretty terrible. I understand the Wii is an older system, not really known for its graphics, so I would expect them to be worse than the current gen systems. But these graphics are really sub-par. Almost all my Wii games look significantly better than this, including launch title games that didn’t have the benefit of seven years of programing experience on the system.

While that is annoying, it is not really a big deal for me. What is a little worse is that the game is glitchy, often not recognizing figures and power-ups when they are placed on the portal.

But the major limitation with the Wii version is the lack of multiplayer. The hub world of the game is known as the toy box, while the parts of the game that resemble traditional levels are contained within playsets that have to be placed on the portal, or the “base” as they call it in the game. One lame thing about these playsets is they are based on particular movies, and you can only use characters from those movies in the playset. So the whole fun of mixing and matching Disney characters from different movies is negated in these areas. You’ll also need to buy extra figures if you want to play multiplayers in these sets (The game comes with Jack Sparrow, Sully and Mr. Incredible plus their worlds).

Here’s where things really suck in the Wii version. There is no multiplayer in the playsets on the Wii. So I couldn’t even play the best part of the game with my son. We had to sit there and take turns.

And here’s the next problem, the game is too complicated for kids! Everything is done in convoluted text menus, some of which are so complex that I had trouble navigating them myself. Unlike Skylanders, which wisely uses symbols the kids can recognize for menu items, this game is all text. So unless your kid is a comprehensive reader he’s going to have trouble. Also, many of the missions are complex and set up poorly. So expect your kid to get frustrated.

The playsets themselves are pretty fun, but over very quickly (You can finish them in about 4 hours, even when taking your time). I’ve heard they are also shortened for the Wii version, which seems to be true because the videos and commercials I’ve seen contain footage of things that I never found in the game. But reviews I read made it sound like these other versions aren’t really much longer anyway.

There are a couple of other playsets you can pick up, but they are similar in length. One of the other problems with these playsets is that they are not divided into levels, so they aren’t really worth going back to replay later.

What Disney was hoping would separate this game from Skylanders is the toy box aspect. Think of a light, Disney themed Minecraft. These are basically level editors, and you’ll have to play the rest of the game to get the building pieces. This is supposed to be the game’s big selling point and innovation. That’s where the “Infinity” comes in, “infinite possibilities”.

Nice tagline. Too bad it is inaccurate. On the Wii these toy boxes are divided into different categories, which contain different items to build with. Unfortunately they are incredibly limited because you can barely place any items down before it says the toy box is full. So you can’t really do much. Also, the editor is really poorly made and hard to use. I’ve seen better editors on most other games that contain a feature like this. And remember, this is the only part of the game that contains multiplayer.

Oh, and while other versions of the game share toy boxes online and have new downloadable toy boxes available regularly, the Wii version is left out again, despite having perfectly functional internet capabilities.

So the toy boxes, and by extension the multiplayer are pretty boring and useless. Oh, and you have to buy power-ups/accessories in a blind bag format, so you waste a bunch of money on duplicates of things that don’t really do much. And sometimes cause glitches. You can level your characters up, but it doesn’t actually do anything besides give you tickets for buying toys and add ugly medals to your plaque in the Hall of Heroes. And all the characters basically feel the same when it comes to controls (Aside from the cars from the Cars movies, which control like when the other characters drive a car).

I could go on with other issues, but there really is no reason. The bottom line is my son and his friends don’t like playing this game because it is too complex, yet they love playing Skylanders. It just isn’t very well made or very fun. Some of these issues are Wii specific, and the other versions are definitely a step up, but they still have quite a few of the same core issues. Basically they’ve made a sloppy game and relied heavily on the licensing appeal of playing with Disney stuff to sell a bad game.
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on August 19, 2013
Bought this game for my son's bday and he spent his birthday money on figurines. What a disappointment to find that although the box states that it is a 2 player game, it is not. The only time you can use 2 players is in the "Toy Box" which is basically running around the area and collecting sparks. How is this promoting family time and why is ok for Disney to lie on the box just to make a sell? After, searching online for an answer and all the information assuring me that a second player can join at any point by simply pushing the plus key, I find out from Disney support that is not the case. Shame on you Disney!
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on October 15, 2013
The Wii version of this game lacks more than just the capability to play two player. It also only has a fraction of the number of collectibles that the other platforms have. When you find toys in the playsets many of them do not transfer over to the toy box like the other systems. Even more disappointing is that the playsets on the other platforms have an unlockable feature where you can play in a premade playset in the toybox as well. For example, if you unlock the vault in the Lone Ranger playset then an entire world patterned off of Colby appears in your toy box. This does NOT happen in the Wii version. I had already bought the wii version and didn't discover these differences until after I read through the Disney infinity guidebook. I went out and bought the xbox 360 version and the difference between the two is tremendous. If you only have the wii then this game is alright, but if you have any other system buy it for that instead!
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on September 1, 2013
Disney. When a game is released for multiple platforms, people expect all the console versions to have the same features and functionality. In response to this outrage, Here's what Disney said on the Disney Infinity FAQ.

"Due to the space and memory limitations of the Wii platform, some design decisions had to be made in the game. In the case of multiplayer, we decided to focus on the Toy Box over the Play Sets because we wanted every player to be able to build custom play experiences together."

Pity they didn't warn anyone about this before the launch date. They could have put this fine print into the TV commercials so people knew what to expect.

I got excited about this game and peordered 2 months before its release after seeing all the advertising stating what Infinity could do. Little did I know that the wii version would only be able to do half of these things.

- It wasn't until I received my copy did I find out there was no online play. You can't share toybox levels online nor can you download any of the toybox levels that other people have shared. So wii users will be completely cut off from the DI community toyboxes until the PC version is released in October.

- The gripes I've been hearing from parents is that you can't play 2 player co-op in the play sets with the wii version. That's a valid concern. Since I'm on my own this isn't a problem for me, but parents with kids will want them to be able to play together. Also it doesn't say anywhere on the box that this isn't supported.

- All I wanted to do was open up the toybox and have access to all the toys I've unlocked. But apparently I can only use my enemy toys in the combat toybox, and my platforming toys in the platforming toybox, and my vehicles and track pieces in the driving toybox and so on (unless you use power discs). So much for limitless. Not to mention some of these "pre-built toybox worlds" are just one large terrain block in size. Why couldn't there just be one toybox with everything in it? I was really looking forward to playing around in the vast, randomly generated toybox terrain that I'd seen in E3 videos

- As far as I can see, there's no way to customize the terrain or sky textures without using power discs. They showed you could do this in the advertising videos

- Play sets are shorter in length and have fewer cutscenes due to space limitations on the wii

While I do get the occasional laugh from designing crazy platforms or throwing a townsperson, I still feel ripped off. It feels like I'm playing a beta, half-baked version of this game (which cost about the same as the superior wii u, xbox 360 and ps3 versions. So I paid extra for them to take features out?). If I don't soon find a toybox where I can use everything I've unlocked, then I might consider returning my copy (on the grounds that it wasn't as advertised) and waiting for the online PC version to be released. If you have a wii u, xbox 360 or ps3, then I suggest you get one of those versions instead. You'll be glad you did.
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on August 19, 2013
This was a huge letdown for our family. Our kids' anticipation was super high which amplifies the disappointment. Especially after initially purchasing every character except the Lone Ranger playset. It is very counterintuitive; operation is not straightforward and accessing different parts of the game is convoluted. Split screen greatly limits what you see onscreen and while in the Toy Box, only one player at a time can edit anything. The biggest problem though is the fact that the Toy Box is the only area of the game that supports multiplayer mode, which is ridiculous. The marketing for it being a two player game is deceptive, careless, and misleading. We will not be investing another dime in Disney Infinity. Instead, we will look forward to the next Skylanders game.
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on September 1, 2013
This review contains my initial impressions after one week. (We purchased the game knowing that only one player could play the adventure portion. Even so, Disney and Wii deserve a hand slap for indicating that it is a 2-player game on the box.)

The visuals, when compared to the sharp, high-definition screens selling the Infinity in stores, are a definite step down; however, they are comparable to other Wii games. If you're happy with the quality of other Wii games, you'll be fine with these. Exceeding our expectations is the quality of the figurines, which are heavier and more substantial than we anticipated.

My family's disappointment stems from two things.

(1) There are bugs in the system: The game has frozen twice when we have tried quitting out of the game, and we have been forced to unplug the Wii from the outlet. Another time, our character got into a certain area of the game and could absolutely not get out. We tried for 15 minutes. My kids have only played it about 5 times, and 3 of those times had problems.

(2) The lack of documentation and confusion about how to play: Some of the confusion has been about little things - like Sully's Toilet Paper Gun disappearing and not knowing how to get it back. We would just have to start messing around with all of the buttons on the Wii controls and we'd eventually figure it out. Other confusions have been downright frustrating. We got to the Cinderella Castle part of the Toy Box, where you can earn "spins" to acquire toys for your toy box. We thought this Cinderella's Castle area WAS the toy box, but couldn't find where any of our newly acquired items were. We somehow got to the Toy Box, but still couldn't find our items, eventually discovering (we think) that you first have to complete some Mastery Adventures that teach you how to build and play in the Toy Box. We have spun a helicopter, but cannot find it in our Toy Box even after completing mastery adventures. Once, when returning to Toy Box mode, I couldn't find my kids' Toy Box they had been working on. It appears to be erased, but darn if I know how we did it. The navigation menus and the travel hub thing are not intuitive and you get regular warnings that if you navigate away, that all data will be lost, without providing an immediate link to save your data. Some menus, places, and options still don't make much sense to us (like "feats" and The Hall of Heroes).

Right now my kids are just running around the mostly barren Cinderella Castle area, and we still don't understand how that area fits into things. Eventually, we will probably figure things out one by one, but be warned that there is a significant learning curve to this game; not because it is clever and sophisticated, but because it is confusingly organized and has insufficient documentation. We still don't have the big picture of what this game is all about, and daddy's getting a bit tired of going on Google to try to find answers.
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