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on May 22, 2013
I was initially concerned because it took over two hours to connect to COMCAST, it kept saying that service was denied. But when it got registered and authenticated, it worked perfectly for me and my home network.

This product appealed to me because it was a cable modem and wireless n router with gigabit capability. From my understanding, gigabit capability is important if you consider the following:
1. Let's say you are using a a router that has only 10/100 network capacity, as opposed to a gigabit, which is 10/100/1000.
2. Wireless G has a max rate of 108Mbps and Wireless N has a max rate of 300Mbps.
3. Cat5 has a max transfer rate of 100Mbps.

What is limiting your speed? if you have a 10/100 router, then no matter wireless n or g, it will be limited to 100Mbps. If you are using Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7, then you can handle gigabit speeds (and ten gigabit in some cases), but if you are using cat5, then that could be your limiting factor. The weakest link will determine your speed. If you want to max your potential for wireless n (300Mbps), you need to have at least a cat5e and a gigabit router with wireless-n to handle traffic higher than 108Mbps (potentially up to 300Mbps wireless and higher physically connected).

Of course, if your internet connectivity from your provider is terrible or slow, this is all pointless. If you want to maximize the potential from your provider, as I did, you could consider picking this up. (I apologize if some of the figures are slightly off, but I believe this concept is sound.)

Update 5/28/13:
Using, I get:
PING: 12ms
Download: 55.35 Mbps
Upload: 10.92 Mbps

My internet plan is for:
Download: 50Mbps
Upload: 10Mbps, so I am satisfied with this product.
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on July 11, 2013
Great customer service, awesome product but I had to have some faith at first! If you are impatient you won't reap the full rewards of this product. To sum up my experience you can read the negative reviews where I commented but I will paste it here for others to see so everyone can enjoy this product because it is the best device available right now!

"I was going to leave a bad review today for the same reason but instead I will post the solution for others to see before they give up on this great product. I called the company support line and they were very nice and were ready to RMA it for me as they are fully aware some people are having range issues and it was the first question they asked me. You may notice when you are wired directly your speeds are perfect. Before I returned it they mentioned that sometimes the antenna cable is loose or not connected and I asked if it was okay for me to open it and check without voiding the warranty. They allowed me to do so before returning it.

Simply remove the rubber feet and use a phillips to remove the four screws. (The rubber feet are a bit hard to remove do it slowly or heat it up to make it easier and there are no seals or break tabs to indicate it was ever opened anyway).

You should be able to simply lift the top of the unit off after you do this. When I did I was shocked to see BOTH antenna wires were completely disconnected! What a relief to know I didn't have to return it either. If the lights are facing you the wireless card looks a bit like a laptop one and will be in the bottom right corner. On the bottom corners of that card there are 2 white slots next to them closer to the middle. Simply place each wire above the slots and push down and it snaps in perfectly. Their tech department said it does not matter which wire goes in which slot but I did the left antenna in left slot for simplicity.

That's it, assemble everything and reconnect wiring. I went from 55mb down and 10 up when Wired to 1-2mb then 10 then 30 down while fiddling with settings and only reaching half my upload speeds on wireless. After attaching antenna cables inside device my speeds were exactly the same as when wired and now everything works amazingly!

I love this device now because it's one of the few that has a combo DOCSIS3 Modem & Router, looks great. (If you haven't noticed you turn a bottom plate around to sit it upright too!) I really wanted it to work and be what it claimed to be. Don't be discouraged if your range sucks mine was exactly the same, 6 feet away or in another room with only 1 bar which is understandable when neither antenna is working! I'll bet 9/10 yours is the same way and this is all Zoom does when they get them back in, reconnect and resell. Apparently they are just discovering this issue in their quality control but claim most times it happens during shipping which is hard to believe because these connections are pretty solid but they plan to glue them in the future.

I hope anyone that reads this hasn't returned theirs yet and realizes how great a device they have and learns from my experience. It would have been worth the price had this worked perfectly from the start but I think it's worth $100 for sure.

P.S. Zoom says enabling the "OBSS Coexistence" feature in Wireless>Radio ( admin/admin) helps a lot of people as well but this drops you to 20Mhz, i'd look into it. I did notice it dropped the status of my connection from 300mbps to 144.4 by enabling it so it does affect throughput so I left it disabled to have the full 40Mhz. Make sure Power Output is always set to 100% as well. and use WPA2-Personal with AES only for max throughput (correct me if i'm wrong).

The client isolation feature is cool as well as it makes it so you can share your internet with other people on your network without allowing them to communicate with each other. This shouldn't be used if you want to communicate with other clients for file or other sharing. I wish it could be enabled only on the guest network!"
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on May 18, 2013
This is a superior product. It works flawlessly with Comcast high-speed internet service. Setup and sync with provider worked perfectly. Once synchronized with the provider was able to reach full/top speeds within about 30-45 minutes. The configuration options when logged into this modem/router are incredible. It is like having a business-class device in my home. Since the wireless is "N", you'll want to have computers/devices with Wireless-N network cards to take full advantage of the wireless speed. Using any of the 4 Gigabit ports on the back of this unit almost guarantees you the bandwidth you need for your permanent home office laptop/desktop. Then you're not sharing a "piece of the pie" in terms of the wireless signal -- with all those iPhones, iPads, Roku, laptops, gaming consoles, etc.

The downside of the modem is the WiFi range. Due to the wireless spectrum being used, 5.0 GHz (narrower than 2.4 GHz), the WiFi range just isn't all that great. The two external antennas are not removable. I'd advise that if you live in a larger home that you add a wireless-N range extender to the mix.

The manufacturer's web site has a very good technical support area and you will find everything you need there. I'd suggest first downloading the PDF manual for the unit so you can walk through the setup of all the detailed options to fine-tune it. You'll especially want to turn off services you don't use on your network or want to allow in/out. But out of the box the default settings are secure. Even the wireless network security is pre-set. You should change the network name (SSID) to something of your liking, else your neighbors will know you got a new wireless router. ;-)

I would HIGHLY recommend this device. It's more than the Motorola cable modems, but it's well worth it. This is clearly one of those items where you get what you pay for. You'll be able to get your service level bandwidth now. The junk hardware that you lease from Comcast isn't worth a penny. Their service is great, but get your own modem and you'll not regret it.
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on April 14, 2013
Very good experience with this product. I have time warner internet through cable and this works perfectly with their service and give a fast wireless signal throughout the house.
I replaced the old provided router that I had to reset if it lost the signal. I have not had to reset this new router once - I believe it has the ability to reset itself so it can connect quickly and restore the signal.
I do not usually write reviews - but this product was worth the time to do so.
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on April 28, 2013
This router really rocks, works great, made things a lot easier for me. Instead of a cable modem and wireless routers not talking to each other and my cable company renting me the cable modem and telling me problems are the router's fault while the router company says it's the modem, I combined them both into Zoom and case closed. Highly recommended.
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on July 6, 2013
We bought this modem to use with Comcast cable. We had no issues getting it set up and activated with Comcast, which was a good thing, but that's where the positives ended. We found the signal strength even when in the same room, less than 10 feet away, to be horrible. We pointed an antenna right at my laptop, and I still only had 4 bars out of 5 of signal. The wireless speed was noticeably slower than the Comcast-owned modem and Linksys router we had prior to this. Signal strength varied randomly between 2 bars out of 5 to 5 out of 5 from a distance of 10 feet away from the modem. I have no issues with wifi on other networks with this laptop, and the other laptop in the house had the same signal issues with this modem / router. Even my husband's Surface tablet, which was on a desk less than 4 feet from the router was often getting only 2/5 bars of signal strength. We'll be returning this and trying something else.

Edit: I replaced it with the Arris / Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless N Cable Modem - Retail Packaging with MUCH better results. Significantly faster with full signal strength throughout the apartment, and a bit more compact in size too without the awkward antennas. Don't waste your money looking to save a few bucks, the extra $15 here is well worth it.
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on May 30, 2013
Why have two power cords? Two interfaces? Seems to me the answer is an all-in-one modem/router, and while this device does its job there are definitely some caveats. Since it is compatible with the Devil (aka Comcast), the firmware is not user-updateable and has to be "verified" by said devil. This means your stuck with whatever options Comcast (aka the Devil) decides is or is not necessary (one thing I found not allowed: no custom DNS settings, so you're stuck with the Devil's DNS, aka Comcast's notoriously crappy servers). To the manufacturer's credit, I don't really blame them for making a device that works, it just kind of stinks it is hamstrung by the bully service provider (aka Comcast, also known as The Devil). The only other quirk I've noticed is some devices take a bit longer to reconnect to wireless than I've been used to with my last router, also no QoS per port setting which is slightly annoying. For such a high cost device, I would prefer to have full control of it and it to smoke the Internet clear into my home. Alas, it is merely an OK device.
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on January 2, 2014
Extremely easy installation and set up. Had to call Time Warner tech as advertised to complete the transition from a rental router to this new one. Took less than 5 minutes to establish the new connection and eliminate the rental. Wireless connections now noticeably faster than with old modem. Easy connection to other household wireless connections (laptop, Ipad, Wii console, printers, etc). All connecting much faster now.
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on June 10, 2013
First, I did not buy this in Amazon, but got a great deal locally.
I like it, I haven't had to think about it.
What's great about it: I like being able to hardwire so many things, as I have the computer, an OOma phone, a printer, a separate HP Media server, and a tv all in the same place. Wire seems faster.
It came in excellent shape, and powered right up. I hooked it up, and turned it on, but did not (having read the directions) turn on the computer until I called Time Warner. Then came the 2-hour ordeal.
This is partly about dealing with TIme Warner, as well as the modem.
The Zoom 5352 absolutely was working, and the techs could see it and program it, but I could not get past the page that said to call Time Warner. No matter how they tried to get me onto the Internet, all I got was that page. I went up through 4 layers of tech support. Finally, the 3rd one (who could see what the problem was but wasn't finding a way around it) went and talked to someone, who had the very simple fix.
Turn off the modem for more than a minute - disconnect it from everything! THEN hook it back up, and turn it on.
And it worked.
Apparently, with this modem (and a couple of others), after they program it, it needs to be absolutely off and powered down for over that minute mark. Then I had my Roadrunner cable back.
SO - no problems with the modem since. I am not resetting it every day, as I was with the TW supplied one, and it is just working.
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on October 15, 2013
I bought this to replace a Motorola SB5120 modem and a Belkin N1 Vision wireless router. My wireless download speed in a room 30 feet away from the router went from 16mbps with the old modem and router, down to 5mbps with this Zoom 5352. I could drive down the street with my old set up and still be connected to the internet. I did open this new modem/router up per another post here and both antennas were connected.

Security is another issue with this router. Although you can have a long WiFi access password, the admin password to access this modem/router can only be 8 characters long. Plus, despite a field in the set up to change the admin log in name, you cannot change it. If you put anything other than "admin" in that field, it will result in the following:

"Error converting one or more entries:Password confirmation failure
Error: TXOP Max Rate must be in the range 0 to 65535.

They couldn't even get the error description right. I'd much rather someone be able to access my WiFi than be able to access the modem and take it over. I also did not see any way to disable broadcasting of the SSID, something that my 7 year old Belkin N1 did. In this day and age, security should be getting stronger, not weaker. I guess this is what you get when you have dumb and lazy firmware developers working for you. Hey Zoom, the 1990s is calling. They want their modem/router back.

Sorry but I am taking this back for a refund.
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