DTS-HD Will I get any sound watching a blu-ray with DTS-HD audio?
will it be 3.1 or just 2 channel audio?

I have a 'B' generation LCD Samsung tv.
It doesnt have ARC, plus it only sends 2 channels thru Digital Out when the TV source is hdmi (ie, Dish Nwk, DVd, BD)
So I want to send audio or hdmi thru sound bar first.
asked by JurgyMan on January 3, 2012
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You can still get full digital surround with your setup (HDMI from blu-rat to sound bar and HDMI from sound bar to TV), but you won't be able to control the sound bar from your TV remote. So you will either have to leave it turned on all the time or manually turn it on and off before and after using the TV and manually change the "input" from Blu-ray to TV receiver, etc. for the sound bar independently of the TV. Or, program the sound bar remove to control the TV instead of the other way around. All the ARC does is allow your sound bar to be controlled via the TV, which allows for one touch to turn on/off or change input and use of your TV remote to control volume. (It also can pass audio back through the HDMI cable -- so without ARC if you had "apps" on your TV they wouldn't have volume on the sound bar without a separate optical audio cable.
J. Stewart answered on April 16, 2012
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