DVD/VHS-R to tape TV shows - pls help I don't want to go TIVO route so am looking for a DVD-R/VHS-R, mainly for the purpose of 1) taping tv shows to VHS tapes (yes - the old VHS way) and (2) watching DVDs and/or recording tv shows to VHS tapes or DVDs. I have no purpose for taping old VHS to new DVDs, like most of people here. Does anyone know if one of these DVD/VHS-Rs will work for that purpose or am I forced to go the TIVO route?
asked by sfelizabeth on May 29, 2011
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We have an older GoVideo machine that will make VHS tapes directly from the TV set. It does an OK job of doing this. (It will not record from the TV to DVD, and the DVD player is bad--skips a lot, rejects discs for no reason, etc.). So there are machines out there that will do what you want to do. Because of the poor DVD playback, I would not recommend the GoVideo. But I'm sure there are others.
Regarding the Toshiba, one purchaser says it records from TV, but doesn't say which format. Another purchaser says it doesn't "tape" from TV, but I'm not sure if he means VHS (he says he uses it to convert VHS to DVD, so it's hard to see why he'd want to record to VHS). I've asked for clarification.
now what answered on June 14, 2011
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The Toshiba DVR620 does NOT... I REPEAT DOES NOT have a TV TUNER built in...HOWEVER You CAN record from a broadcast by either going directly from your cablen or Satelite box with DIRECT AUDIO/VIDEO LINE IN CABLES and Just setting the set-top box (Cable or Sat) to what you want to record and press record on the DVR6200....It is not something I would do often...but it can be done and ALSO...if you Must have a work around for a tuner...you can buy tje old DIGITAL TO ANALOGUE Tuners that first came out when they had the Analogue to digital TV Conversion Nationwide and hook up your Coaxial "OUT" from the Cable /and or SatBox to the IN of the ANALOGUE TO DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX and the LINEM OUT frpm the converter Box using AV Cables into the DVR620 (Or use the Best Level of connection that is on the Converter box IE Super ,Component (RED GREEN BLUE) or if all else fails use COMPOSITE AUDIO RED & WHITE ..L& R and YELLOW (VIDEO) into the DVR620..it is the lowest quality but not bad for thjis particular purpose....The converters are all over Ebay etc etc I think Zenith made the best one at the time and they ARE availablr for around 30-40 bucks...but to REALLY Record with Quality...you need a Digital HD recorder 1080P for quality Record and Playback capabilities...I am assuming "most" not all..people buying DVD/VCR machines at this point are transferring tapes etc etc and not buying these machines for any serious playuback quality. Transfer them soon...Thes machines are ALMOST done...and these Toshibasn and the Magnavox combos are probably the last NEW ones you will ever see....
Hope this helps people.
Graham answered on May 30, 2012
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i got Direct tv with a DVR that has two turners . I wonder how i can plug it through the dvr instead of back of tv with t he rca cords. i do not have extra inputs so i guess i need a A/B box. i have a older tv box tv for this unit.
Ronnie W. Davis answered on December 26, 2011
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does this unit have a tv turner ?
Ronnie W. Davis answered on December 17, 2011
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it will record even though all the broadcasts are digitial now?
CScott answered on December 9, 2011
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YES - tuner is included in the product. I have been very pleased with the unit and think it was a great buy, at a great price. good luck!
sfelizabeth answered on December 18, 2011
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