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on July 2, 2011
This product works great. I particularly like how clean it cuts. The Dymo hand-held I have often does not cleanly cut through the tape. This product plugs into my Macbook and immediately shows up as a drive. The software is launched from the drive and allows printing of simple labels. I keep this in my vehicle and can easily print labels off my laptop on job sites.

- no separate power required; powers off USB
- able to print labels in about 15 second from plugging in
- use my existing stock of DYMO labels
- the tape fits securely and device feels solid
- label cutting is clean
- the base can also be used to wrap/store the USB cord

- included software only supports the simplest designs
- would prefer form factor that can better fit in case (more rugged)
- width of tape limited
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on November 27, 2012
I have been a frequent user of stand-alone label makers for years, but have always yearned for a reasonably-priced labeler that would talk to my computer. I have only had my Plug 'n' Play for a few hours, but I am already in love with it. It's pathetic - I find myself sitting here trying to think of something else to label. It's *so* much faster and easier when you don't have to hunt and peck on tiny keys and negotiate an arcane system of codes to get the right font size and the special characters you want.

I knew before ordering the unit that I would love being able to make labels from existing files on my computer. What I had not foreseen were some of the niceties of the PnP: (a) The entirety of Unicode and all my fonts ready to use with no muss, no fuss. (b) No more batteries, no more power adaptors - the Lithium-Ion battery recharges itself from the USB connection. (c) No software to install. (d) The ability to make labels as long as needed. (e) No more scrunched, hard-to-read LED displays - the PnP's interface on my Mac is delightfully clean and modern, and it worked first time. (f) The ability to talk to my label machine using Siri Dictation - very handy for large, tedious jobs. (g) An absolutely trivial installation process: insert battery, insert tape, connect to USB, and you're done.

I am one happy labeler.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Plugged this into the USB port on my MacBook Pro, went to Finder, clicked on LM PNP then selected the DYMO Label

The app looks like a tiny word processing screen and all you have to do is place your curser into the label box and start typing what you would like to have printed on the label. Options available to format the label include bold, underline, italic, font size and type. (I wish the font options would show the style of the font rather than just the name - time consuming to try out each font.)

I like that there are options to print the text onto the labels both vertically and horizontally.

Another interesting function is the ability to do a screen grab and to insert it onto the label - although I'm unsure of how this could used most efficiently. Just tried inserting a small image and when I printed the label it wasn't clear at all.

The unit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and charges when plugged into a powered USB port.

D1 Label cartridges are available in 1/4-inch; 3/8-inch; and 1/2-inch sizes and come in a variety of colors. They are however, not inexpensive.

To save on label waste, I like that the unit does not auto cut the label. (You have to press the cut button on the unit.) I owned a different unit, the Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker with Auto Cutter (PT-2430PC) which always wasted a small bit of label each time it would auto cut.

The unit itself has a small footprint and won't take up much desk space when not in use.

I do wish this unit worked with Bluetooth or WiFi...
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on July 8, 2011
this thing is really awesome compared to the portable one sold at target/walmart stores. very easy to use and it's nice that you don't have to mess with the font sizes everytime you print a label. We are using this label maker at a doctor's office to print name labels for the patient charts. We set it at 2.5 inches and it doesn't matter how long the names are, the labeller automattically adjusts the font to fit the name on a strip that's 2.5 inches long. love it!!! would definitely recommend, esp if all the labels that you print are the same exact size each time!
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on May 31, 2011
When they say "Plug and Play," they mean it. This label printer appears as a mounted drive in Mac OS X and Windows, and you run the software right off the printer, no installation required. Tested with OS X 10.6 and Windows 7. It is bus-powered (no AC adapter) and small enough to slip in any briefcase or laptop bag, which means you can print labels anywhere and everywhere with trivial ease. I have and love a LabelWriter Twin Turbo, and that's nice for address labels and the like, but this is one you can tote out to the garage or your grandmother's house with your notebook computer, or take with you to make professional-looking project folders in the car outside the client's office. It is awesome.

A previous reviewer rated this one star because it can't print 1" address labels. This is true, but I feel that the poor rating is unwarranted; it prints exactly what it claims to, and it does a great job.
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on November 5, 2012
I bought the DYMO LabelManager PnP partly based on the product's well know name and many favorable reviews. It works with all current version of Windows and I especially needed it to work with Windows 7. (I'd ordered out one made by Brother that doesn't.) You just load the label tape cassette, insert the included battery in the battery compartment, plug it in to a powered USB port, and you are ready to go! The internal software loads itself. I did have to go to My Computer and click on it but, that's no big deal.

One feature I discovered is that you can insert images to print on the label tape. I don't know that it was entirely necessary but, I converted the logo image to black & white and increased the contrast. I just figured it would probably be the best thing to do. I was very surprised at how well it turned out. WOW!

I posted an image in the Customer Images if you are interested in seeing some actual results. You can also use any font you have on your computer. This is one nifty label maker! Of course, I had to email all my friends to show them too!

If you are a nifty tool and gadget person... you NEED one! :)
review image
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on January 11, 2014
Relatively cheap printer unit
Good label cartridge selection
Nice rechargeable battery to handle power fluctuations from thermal printing

Wastes label space in default settings
Dymo Light software does not work on Mavericks (or other OS X versions, per other reviewers)
Full Dymo software for Mac takes some seeking to find, and has some bugs in OS X Mavericks
Price per inch of label is more expensive than competitors
Unit is bigger than I think it needs to be, plus the stand is pointless and non-removable

The easiest way to find the software for Macs is by searching for "DYMO Labelwriter" at macupdate dot com

Both the Windows and Mac full-featured software have some quirks/annoyances. For one thing, there are wasteful defaults. In addition to the ~3/4" of border on the left and right that the label maker "needs" for the cutter, the default is that a text box has another 0.14" of border on both sides. To avoid using that, you must edit the properties for that text box, and any other new text boxes you create. I just made that change with a single placeholder character and clicked the "Save" button, and now it comes up saving 1/4" for each label. At work I use a Brother hand-held label maker that saves tape by clipping once at the very beginning of the tape, so it is trimmed close at the beginning and end - I wish this printer did that. I wonder if Dymo would have included this quirk if they didn't sell the refill cartridges...

Also, this printer does not prompt you to clip in between multiple copies of labels. On Windows, it at least prints a dashed line to show you where to cut with scissors - on a Mac, you need to guess where in that ~3/2" of wasted space you should cut.

In the "Labels" view, you have to click out of the text box and then back in it to reselect it (I noticed this more on the Mac). This goes away if you stay in the "Insert" view (using the tabs in the upper left corner).

The default "Auto fit" text setting makes the text smaller than it actually needs to be. Using "None" instead makes the text bigger, but you have to adjust the font size for the font you are using and for the number of lines you have.

The Mac software has an additional issue. It does not let you delete the automatically-supplied text box in the layout view (no hotkeys, no Cmd-click, nothing). If you want to print a label with a barcode or graphics and no text (and minimize your wasted space) then you must select the text box, click "Properties", click the "Advanced" tab, click Object Scaling: "Fixed", and then so the object width to "0".

On Mavericks, the Dymo Light software from online or included on the read only "flash drive" on the printer is useless - it prints out blank labels. You can use the PNP from Mavericks using the full software, which is almost as fully-featured as the Windows software. I think you need to install the software before you plug it in (I didn't, and had to reboot to get it recognized by the full software). But, you might need to reboot anyways.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've owned a few different label makers, including an old style manual Dymo, a handheld Brother, and a USB Brother model. Obviously the manual Dymo is very limited, but served its purpose for a time gone by, or for very quick labeling when font, etc. doesn't matter.

The other two products from Brother also work well, although the USB model is a little bulky and doesn't fit well into a laptop bag. That's what makes the Dymo Labelmanager PnP so nice. It's easy to use, fast, flexible, and very lightweight.

What's in the box?
* Dymo Labelmanager PnP label maker, model 1768960
* Li-Ion Battery (ships partially charged)
* On-Board software (Dymo Label Light)
* USB cable
* Starter cassette of ½" D1 labels.
* Quick Start Guide
* Warranty card.

Out of the box, the Labelmanager PnP is a snap to use. Simply insert the battery in the compartment, connect the device to a powered USB port on your Windows PC or Mac. It has a Li-Ion battery that trickle-charges so there is no need for a power adapter. I tried the Labelmanager PnP on several computers, including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS (Snow Leopard and Lion) and had no issues. The device was recognized by every OS I tried.

There is no software to install so you are ready to go once connected. Dymo label Light should launch when you start up the device in Windows. If it doesn't, or for Macs, you may need to click the Dymo Label Light.exe icon to launch the software. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. It is also flexible; you can change fonts, insert graphics, change the orientation of print, and print in different colors. NOTE: different label cassettes are required for different colors.

The Labelmanager PnP comes with a ½" label cassette. It can also use ¼" and 3/8" Dymo D1 labels.

The built in label cutter is manual. I prefer this over an auto-fed cutter. I have a Brother which advances the label to allow you to cut it and I use up a good deal of label stock that way. Not so on the Labelmanager PnP. You can pick a fixed length label and simply press the cutter button when you've printed what you want.

The on-board software is adequate, however if you like you can download Dymo Label (presently version 8.x) for free at the manufacturer's website. I haven't downloaded it, but I thinkl the full version has a few more features like the ability to print from data associated with some other applications, print multiple labels, etc.

I can't find anything to dislike about this product. It works as advertised, its reasonably priced, easy to use, very portable and flexible. Accessories are not super-cheap but nor horrible either. Overall, this is a really great product and I'm very happy with it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Dymo Labelmanager Pnp is a computer printer of sorts. It operates with a PC or Mac computer using the plug-in software that comes with the device. I have two label makers both of the battery powered hand-held type and the Labelmanager is a giant step beyond those in many ways.

The Labelmanager utilizes the computer keyboard for creating text on a label, making it unnecessary to peck around among those quirky buttons on a hand-held label maker.

The Dymo Labelmanager runs on a Lithium -ion battery that recharges through an ordinary USB power port on a computer eliminating the need to continue replacing throw away batteries.

The Labelmanager is well designed and small enough to place beside a computer when in use.

The label tapes are standard Dymo D1 cartridges available in most office supply stores. The Labelmanager can handle three tape widths and the Dymo D1 tapes are available in several background colors and a few letter colors.

The labels constructed with the Labelmanager and a computer can be designed using many of the options offered by a word processing program, but not all of them.

Now having said good things about the Dymo Labelmanager I must say the device was a big pain to install in a Windows-7 PC. I plugged it into my almost new Hewlett Packard computer, followed the on-screen direction, but the software was impossible to open. I got a red X window saying "configuration manager error 13". Delving into my computer's help options I eventually saw a window telling me that the Dymo Label maker was incompatible with my computer. I tinkered around trying a number of things to get around that problem, but nothing worked. I even re-installed the software, but that didn't help either.

What did help was going to the Dymo Web site [...] and downloading a free software program called v.8 containing additional drivers.

The Pnp program that initially installs is called Dymo Label Light and it just didn't work in my computer running Windows-7. However, the v.8 software from DYMO does seem to include everything the Label Light program does and more.

I easily installed the Dymo Labelmanager software in another one of my computers running Windows XP. I mean easily. I just plugged the Dymo device into the USB slot turned it on and in a matter of minutes (no hands) the software installed and I then opened it easily.

Once I had the Dymo Labelmanager installed and working as it should--I like the thing. I believe it tops any and maybe all of the hand-held label makers on the market today.
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on November 17, 2015
I would have given this a five star rating...but after five months, the "replaceable" battery has died, and the ONLY place to get a replacement, it seems, is the DYMO website, where the battery costs more ($25 plus shipping) than an entirely new unit.

I've perfectly printed out hundreds of labels with this unit, but now it's a paperweight on my desk, as "Battery level is too low to print" is the only message I get when I try to print anything.

Since the unit is constantly plugged in to a computer's USB port, I can't understand why it wouldn't stay charged perpetually.

Shame on DYMO for designing a proprietary battery. The battery case seems to be glued shut, so replacing the cells does not seem to be an option.
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