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on February 12, 2012
This "super" refill has an extra feather in it and it does seem to last a little longer than the regular refills, but because it has that extra feather, it doesn't flutter in the air and my cats were not as interested in it.

They do really like it if I swish it across the floor -- they chase it and pounce on it. But if I swing it through the air, they just watch it and don't leap. As soon as I get out a regular refill with two feathers, they are leaping through the air again.

The flutter matters!
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on June 25, 2011
I have trouble with the claim that they spin/twirl more because of the extra feather. I've only used one of the two I bought, but that one that I used didn't twirl very much at all. That being said, I like the product and so does my cat. Even all chewed up, it still looks like a fleshed-out bird and my cat just as eagerly chases it as much as she did when it was brand new. This chewed up "bird" still gets the job done. This same cat liked the two-feather variety, but as soon as it got chewed up, she lost interest. So far, this three-feather bird has lasted her at least twice as long. Try it. Your cat will love you for it!
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on June 24, 2013
I purchases the new Da Bird Super wand with the better feathers and I also bought 2 refills of the Da Bird Super Refill. I decided to by the extra feathers because I have 15 cats 12 of which are large Maine Coons. I figure with so many cats that no matter how good the feathers were that they would not last. I received it today and have already had three hour long play sessions. You can image that many cats at one time a vying for the feather that it would be destroyed, but there is very little wear and tear. These cats get the feather in their mouth (very big teeth) or trapped with their very larger claws and between them pulling it from each other or me pulling it from them it is in great shape. I have created monsters who want to play 25/7.
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on April 2, 2012
My Cats love Da Bird but unfortunately PetSmart no longer carries them so I purchased them off Amazon. I don't understand why others have said their Bird does not "FLUTTER," as ours does not have that problem. It is possible they received one that is defective. I cannot attest if these last longer as my two younger cats put a death bite on them.

Overall, my cats love them so I will continue to purchase them. I find this product GREAT for kittens as it gives you and your young cat an opportunity to play together and develop socially.
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on February 6, 2013
Our original 'bird' was loved to death, so we purchased this replacement. It works very well. We have one cat that likes it to fly and another that prefers a more grounded approach. It satisfies both.

Unfortunately, one of our cats has a bit of an addiction to this toy. She knows which closet it is stored in and will sit it front of it waiting. If you get within 5 feet, she starts her little alarm that gets progressively more insistent as you get closer. If you pass by without opening the closet, she will run in front of you to herd you back. It's pretty cute.

These are great toys and provide much needed exercise for cats of any age (ours are 9 and 2 years old).
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on July 22, 2012
Have had two of these and five or so of the original two-feather model. As others have said, the original flutters in a way that brings the cats running from far reaches of the house. This deluxe model sometimes spins but doesn't make the same noise and so isn't as exciting. As for lasting longer, I pull the feathers out of beat-up ones and shove them into not quite as beat up ones to get more use out of them--no flutter with these but the kitties still chase them for a while.
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on March 6, 2012
I love my other Da Bird items, my cats love them more. I have bought every add-on available. This SUPER refill broke in a day. It was not the cats fault. the metal broke away from the red plastic, so it is beyond repair. I have repaired the other add-ons like the fur, and the sparkley one. This one however I thought would be awesome since it cost more, but instead it was a waste of my money :(
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We have a stressed and not very confident 13 year cat that typically hides under things and gets quickly bored with most toys. However, she was interested in the Da Bird feather pole but would sit under tables or chairs and stare at it intently (she is a bush cat). So, we used a u-bolt to tie (with SOFT string) one of these refills (without the pole) to the medium high step on a cat condo and encouraged her to climb up.

Now this cat obsessively climbs up and down the condo to capture DA bird. Sometimes she climbs practically upside down to bat this thing around. We swear her self confidence is better and she now OWNS that step and the one above it! She actually lost weight she is getting so much exercise.

Thanks Da Bird! Over a few weeks the quality of life for this cat changed right before our eyes. Now she is a "tree cat".
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on January 29, 2013
I thought that I was ordering the complete toy, but that was my mistake. It worked out fine, though. I took the adjusting rod off the mini-blinds and tied da bird on with a piece of string. My cat whent BANANAS for it! I hadn't seen him that active in a long time. I had to put it away before he had a heart attack! Highly recommend this toy! I don't know what the difference is, but he responded to this toy more enthusiatically than other feather toys I have used.
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on June 14, 2015
BOOM! This product it the best cat toy I have purchased. I bought a 4 foot stick from Home Depot and 4 feet of fishing line and BOOM my cats love this thing. I have a Bengal cat and an Egyptian Mah and they chase this thing around till they find a corner to rest. To get my high energy bengal to rest is a miracle in itself and have not been able to do it with any other toy. I read comments about peoples cat toy not twirling or it breaks easy: It is made of feather and my cats do catch it and like to chew on it so I have to put it up. Every morning and night they let me know they want to play so it will last about 2 weeks or a month, thats pretty cheap if you compare it to the price of a venti frappuccino thats gone in a few minutes. Note: this is the three feather the refill is only two but the cats love it all the same.
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