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on October 1, 2002
After waiting four years, finally the release of Ace Of Base's fourth studio album, "Da Capo"! "Da Capo" means to return to the beginning, of lets say an era in AOB's case! This album definately leaves you feeling unspeakable from start to finish! The album has a little bit of everything for everyone's taste. 12 tracks of pure magic and mystery, that only Ace Of Base can pull off. Here is the tracklisting:
1. "UNSPEAKABLE": This is the first track on the album. It is very catchy, upbeat, modern and fun! How can you not sing the lyrics from the start..."All I Wanna Say To Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah....UNSPEAKABLE! This is a very strong song, with hard beats, great vocals, and a catchy chorus. This will most likely be a single off this album. 5 out of 5 stars!
2. "BEAUTIFUL MORNING": This is the first single that was released in Germany and other countries. This song is very similiar to the Ace of Base hit "Life Is A Flower". It is very up-lifting and powerful. Very good vocals with a bop along beat. Not my first choice for a single, but the song nevertheless is great and special to Ace Of Base, make it special to you! 4 out of 5 stars!
3. "REMEMBER THE WORDS": A very eerie and mysterious rollercoaster ride through time. Very spacey, even gothic sounding at times. It contains great vocals of course and cool bell sounds throughout. Typical Ace of Base sound combined with sounds of today create this song, and what a powerful ending to it! 4 out of 5 stars!
4. "DA CAPO": This is the title track off the album "Da Capo". This is my favorite song off the album. This song sounds like a mixture of Ace Of Base's "The Sign", "Travel To Romantis", "Tokyo Girl" and "Love For Sale" all mixed into one modern masterpiece! If this track doesn't get you to move, nothing will! Filled with electronic and hard pounding beats, with outstanding vocals from Jenny and Linn. This song will hopefully be a single off the album.5 out of 5 stars all the way!
5. "WORLD DOWN UNDER": This song has a beat like in the Ace Of Base song "Happy Nation", and takes some beats from "No Good Lover" and "Perfect World" to create this great track. It is very modern, pure pop song at its best that only Ace Of Base can do! They are back and better than ever in 2002/2003, and this song proves that nothing can stop them now! 5 out of 5 stars!
6. "ORDINARY DAY": Breathtaking! An emotional epic ballad that is unlike ANY ballad you have EVER heard! This song should be a single as well. The lyrics are great, the vocals magical. A perfect song to share with you and a loved one! 5 out of 5 stars!
7. "WONDERFUL LIFE": This is the first cover song that has been done for the album. The original version of this song was sung by a group named "Black" in the 1980's! However, Ace of Base take this song to new levels with cool summery sounds and lovely vocals by Jenny that make this song a modern piece of art! With such energy and emotion, "Wonderful Life" leave you feeling wonderful day after day. A 5 out of 5 stars!!
8. "SHOW ME LOVE": The original version of "Show Me Love" was done by the Swedish duo "Yaki-Da" in the early nineties. However, Ace of Base take the slow ballad and turn it into an upbeat pop track. This song has Ace of Base written all over it. Very good vocals and a great energy behind it. Probably though, my least favorite out of all the tracks on the album. 4 out of 5!
9. "WHATS THE NAME OF THE GAME": This song is so fun! This song is similar to "Don't Turn Around" with some beats from "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"! The beats are incredible. Ace of Base take their sounds from "The Sign" album, and modernized it to a new upbeat dancable 2002 sound! This song proves it. I seriously have never heard such perfect pop and dance! 5 out of 5 stars!
10. "CHANGE WITH THE LIGHT": Has much much potential to be a single of this album! It is very unique, danceable, vocals are great and you can sing and dance along easy! Great electronic sounds mixed with pop and dance elements create this perfect Ace Of Base song! You got to love the part where the music stops and you here Ace of Base say "Don't stop the music!!!" We sure do not want them to stop...ever! 5 out of 5 stars for this masterpiece!!
11. "HEY DARLING": Gives me shivers when I listen to this one! What pleasure, what bliss! Who would have thought a song title like "Hey Darling" could be good...this song is great! It is very fierce and powerful and has a message behind it (unlike most songs these days). Upbeat and fun! Be careful though, as there are two versions of this song. One version is on the Edel-Mega label, the other on the Polydor label, so buy both from to find out which you like better! 5 out of 5 stars!
12. "THE JUVENILE": The final track on the album! Something you would not expect Ace of Base to do! This song was supposed to be for the JAMES BOND film "Golden Eye", and the song title was originally supposed to be called "Golden Eye". However, it was changed etc, but finally made its home on "Da Capo". Has lots of bells and eerie sounds, magical vocals and is very strong and powerful. Not what you would expect from Ace of Base, but a welcome change and a great ending song to a perfect album. 5 out of 5 stars!!
All in all, "Da Capo" is pure pop perfection at its best. It has elements of techno, dance, and upbeat up-tempo tracks that make you sing along at first listen! So, what are you waiting for? Buy "DA CAPO" today at, as this has only been released in selected countries!
Ace of Base return and are here to stay, 2002 and beyond!
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on October 14, 2002
Ace of Base once again delivers a picture perfect album. Da Capo marks the return to the traditional ace of base sound, which include dance, reggae and pop tunes. This album has it all. With tracks like Unspeakable, Remember the Words, Da Capo, and Hey Darling you will never want to stop listening. The Juvenile gives a darker moodier side to the album. But overall this CD is an upbeat great listen for those who want to have a great time listening to awesome music. If you want to hear pop at its best get this album!
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on October 1, 2002
It's been over 4 years since Ace of Base released their last full length album of new material.... and it's been an extremely long 4 years! They FINALLY return to show the world that they are stronger and better than ever. While the songs may not be as deep as the tracks on "The Bridge" they definitely show a new side of themselves and continue to impress me. It's the best pop album i've heard in a very long time, straight up, fun, catchy, tunes. Ace of Base fans will not be disapointed and those of you looking for a great pop album thats not fake or fabricated should definitely check out this talented and dedicated group and their latest release! DA CAPO! ACE OF BASE IS BACK BABY!!!!!
(i really hope this gets released in the USA... it's a lot better than the 'premade pop' we get)
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on January 2, 2004
I do not exaggerate when I say that this is the second best album I've ever heard. It is the ONLY album that is completely devoid of songs that I would skip, although "The Juvenile" comes close. Even Evanescence couldn't claim that honor, as "Hello" was just too damn boring. More specific ratings follow:
Unspeakable - With really brilliant lyrics, it starts off a little boring, but when those overlapping choruses kick in... oh yeah. 4/5.
Beautiful Morning - Like Opium, it makes you feel GOOD. 5/5
Remember the Words - Another feel-good, 5/5 song.
Da Capo - The verses are totally lackluster, but they make way for the chorus quickly enough, and then you'll find yourself unable to stop bobbing your head to the rhythm. The ghostly half-synth, half-vocalized lyrics were a VERY nice touch. 3/5.
World Down Under - I don't know whether they're talking about Hell or Australia (like there's that much of a difference), but with music like this, I find myself unable to care, caught up once again in AOB's musical genius. 4/5
Ordinary Day - A rather ordinary AOB ballad. It's not Angel Eyes or Experience Pearls, but then, very few songs can be. 3/5.
Wonderful Life - About as good as Black's version, but without the whole "christmas in Jamaica" vibe. Okay, so it's WAY better than Black's version. 5/5.
Show me Love - The abrupt gaps in the string music give this song a distinct feel without ruining the sweet AOB taste. Slightly lackluster and insubstantial, though.
What's the Name of the Game - One of AOB's most distinct verses, plus an (expectedly) excellent chorus. 5/5.
Change with the Light - The staccato synthesizer "smacks" give this song just the forceful rock touch it needs to make me wish I could crank up the volume even higher. Some of AOB's most complex synth music, there is good variety, with the rare rap lyric bringing back memories of Linkin Park and Evanescence, and the occasional calm moment making me feel like I've risen through a bunch of stormclouds to the beautiful calm above, Just like in the Matrix Revolutions. 6/5, if such a thing is possible.
Hey Darling - The electric guitars pull the verses along just well enough to make them listenable, and then they unleash their pull power upon you in the choruses to produce AOB's most rocking song ever. The synth work is excellent, too. Another song that I wish I could deafen myself listening to. 5/5.
The Juvenile - My least favorite song on the disc, but I can't give it anything less than 2/5 because it shows us just how haunting pop music can be.
As a fan of both pop and rock, this album satisfies both my fields of interest simultaneously. Rock fans who normally dislike pop should give this album a shot, becasue they'll probably like parts of it. And pop fans will be in heaven, period.
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on March 6, 2005
What a surprise...

This album gets better as you go along. It definitively is the most mature album of AOB; more polished, interesting, more commercial (in a good sense).

Pop fans should be in heaven. Rock fans, while won't fall in love, might actually enjoy few tracks (makes for a good 'car' CD as you are trying to stay awake in a traffic jam).

Tracks that should be noted here include (in no particular order): Da Capo, What's The Name of The Game, Change With The Light, Hey Darling, and Wonderful Life (although the fans of the original version might find this one almost sacrilegious)
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on February 19, 2004
I must confess to having had some trepidation over going to the effort of importing this CD, especially given the relative weakness of their prior "Cruel Summer (Flowers)" release. Not that their last album wasn't good, but it felt like a lot of filler thrown around a few very good songs, and clearly wasn't up to the level of their first two releases. On "Da Capo", the band really returns to top form, and sounds absolutely fantastic.
The first two singles "Unspeakable" and "Beautiful Morning" are both beautiful pop songs, but that's really just the beginning. Other top notch songs include "Remember the Words", the bouncing title track "Da Capo", the softer ballads like "Ordinary Day" and "Hey Darling", and my personal favorite "Wonderful Life." My only knock on the album is its length. It clocks in at about 42 minutes, but it's a SOLID 42 minutes, with zero filler, and well worth the expenditure/hassle of importing it.
For my part, I can't figure out why there has been no US release of this great album. Properly promoted, "Da Capo" could have been an enormous hit, as the album is vastly superior to the majority of pop music that's was released at the time and since. Fans of classics like ABBA, as well as old Ace of Base music will not be disappointed. This is the one that you've been waiting for.
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on October 17, 2002
My is nice to have some good European Candy Pop Confection in my life again. After a year or so of recording (and I'm sure a lifetime of hard work) "Da Capo" see release on some distant shore of the globe. As tired as it sounds, the "comeback" album is just that...a fine return to those sweet drum driven hits of yesterday. The first single "Beautiful Morning" sounds just right to...well start your day! It has that Ace of Base trademark optimistic vibe. The rest of album is equally as upbeat (surprise!) and stand out tracks include the opener "Unspeakable" (who knew na na na said so much?), the funk filled title track "Da Capo", and the euro-pop treat "Hey Darling". Oh there's the sweet little ditty "Ordinary Day" too. My one complaint is the lack of vocal diversity...all you hardcore Ace of Base fans know what I am saying...where's Linn? Jenny is great, but Linn's sultry silky vocals are definately missed. But who said I could have it all?! My final verdict...? Fabulous.
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on March 23, 2003
This album touched me like nothing else in this world. Every song on this album helped me escape from a deep depression, and all the songs have a special meaning to them. I would definately import this album. Since they havent released it in the United States yet, thought they should. This album has #1 album written all over it. I hope they release it here so millions of people can get touched just like I did. Ace of Base forever!!
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on November 2, 2002
The album title "Da Capo" is a musical reference to return to the beginning. Ace of Base has definitely done this with their first full-length studio album since "Flowers". "Da Capo" contains the uplifting lyrics that is standard, but with this album the group incorporates the different styles of the last three albums ("Happy Nation", "The Bridge", and "Flowers") and it blends together to form one of the best Ace of Base albums yet. Of course, Linn has stepped back as far as lead vocals is concerned, but Jenny has improved greatly in her vocal range, and has proven that she can lead the group into the next decade. Another thing that has been lacking in the last two albums is the Ulf (Buddha) "rap", but this album has the title track with him and Jenny doing a sort of "spoken version" of the lyrics, which brings back the styles that was evident in "Happy Nation". This song, Da Capo, is one of the best of the album, as it has the up-tempo Euro-pop that has made Ace of Base who they are. Linn does have a lead vocal track entitled "Ordinary Day" and it shows that she still has the voice that made Ace of Base a success in the first place. Track 10, "Change With The Light", was written by all four members, and shows the group still has cohesiveness to make albums for years to come. I would recommend this album to anyone who misses the original sound that came from Ace of Base like "All That She Wants" (the first track, "Unspeakable", will take you back), but overall this is one of the best pop albums that has been out in a long time.
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on January 31, 2003
Unspeakable is a perfectly titled and should have been the title track for Ace of Base best and 5th ablum. It's all that you loved about Ace of Base when you first heard the "The Sign" or "All That She Wants" to "Beautiful Life" and "Cruel Summer". They come back with their orignal sound and make it better. In Beautiful Morning you hear the resfreshing sound of Jen voice as if they have just started singing and writing and doing what they seem to love to do and thats sing the songs that all ACER'S around the world had been waiting for. Da Capo is a refreshing welcome back for Ace of Base and a gift to anyones ears when they pick this cd up. You will dance like no tomorrow and have your sentimental moments that make you feel powerful and energized again. Pick up Ace of Base's "Da Capo" a much needed shot of good euro music back into the pop scene.
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