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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 17, 2003
As a co-owner of a daycare, and being male, I was really interested in catching this movie.
First of all, the kids are really cute. Especially the kid who plays Ben, Eddie Murphy's "son". But the entire cast of kids did a fantastic job.
I love Eddie Murphy so I wasn't surprised to be entertained by his antics (he has the best facial expressions in everything he does, very likeable). But I also wanted to applaud Steve Zhan who did fantastic as a Star Trek geek. I guess he stood out for me because he reminded me so much of myself especially when around fellow Trekkies.
As a daycare provider, I did find some things entertaining. I've heard the horror stories from parents looking for a daycare, so the scene of Ben's parents trying to find a new daycare was quite funny. The scenes of the house being destroyed... oh, there is no way around that with a group of kids. You've got the inspector who we need to deal with on a regular basis (of course, we had to pass inspection BEFORE opening unlike this movie, but it was fun to see the interaction with the inspector).
One of the things that made me go, "yeah right" was the competition aspec. No, I'm sorry, Day Care is not a cut-throat business. Actually, there is a lot of business to go around and there seems to be no dominate player that nobody can raise a candle to. That idea was very laughable to me, and I'm sure to anybody else who catches this movie. But the plot would be thin without this aspect, so I can somewhat understand. But I should deduct a star for the very idea...
...But I won't, and only because of the one thing I appreciate most about this movie. Other than some brief questionable parts, this was a fairly clean movie that you can feel comfortable having the entire family watch. Bravo for making a family movie, more need to be made. It was nice to watch a movie and not grimace or have to turn it off because I'm sitting next to my son. Hopefully some of the Hollywood Execs take note as the success of this movie.
I would recommend this to anybody.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
My friend brought this over for us to watch and my husband gave me the "look" as he slowly settled down to watch.
I could hear him groan, "Oh no! How long is this movie? It's about what?", but by the end of the showing even he was smiling.
Eddie Murphy does an excellent job of playing Charlie, a man who lost his job when his 'Veggie-O" cereal line did not make the production line. After being dismissed he and his friend Phil decide they will open a Day Care Center! the fun begins as the Dad's take on the everyday antics of the little ones and the wrath of one Mrs. Harridan, owner of a more 'uptown' Day Care Center that seems to be losing it's student to "Daddy Day Care."Angelica Huston, who plays the part of Mrs. Harridan, does an outstanding job as the villian in this flick.
There were quite a few chuckles from many scenes in this movie and the children were absolutely adorable! Reminded me a little of the movie "Three Men and A Baby", only this was three men and 14 babies and more! I enjoyed this movie, it was clean, fun and left you with a good feeling! Good job to all the actors, even the little ones!
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on May 27, 2003
I took the whole family, hubby kids and all, to see this, and it was an entirely acceptable evening out for everyone. It's not much higher in quality (writing, acting, etc.) than your average TV sitcom but the premise you came to see (Eddie Murphy plays with some kids) is played out predictably and amusingly, right down to the potty jokes.
Sadly Angelica Houston is wasted in a badly-written part as the villainous headmistress of a rival snooty daycare `Academy.'
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
I hadn't expected a whole lot from this movie but Daddy Daycare turned out to be a real treat.

I knew the premise that Eddie Murphy loses his job and needing employment and affordable daycare for his own son decides to incorporate the two and open his own daycare. What I wasn't expecting was the sweetness, warmth and charm of this movie.

I really enjoyed Daddy Daycare. The storyline had depth and the actors did a really good job, especially Eddie Murphy and Steve Zahn. The kids were absolutely adorable.

A fun and touching movie for the whole family.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 17, 2006
Daddy Day Care just wants to make you laugh, and make your kids laugh too.

Eddie Murphy's best film in some time has him back in the warm and cuddly family-friendly mode. "Daddy Day Care" really is fun for the whole family as two suddenly unemployed fathers (Murphy, Jeff Garlin) decided to open up a pre-school.

The message - and it's there but only gently underscored - is that fathers ought to listen to their kids. Charlie (Murphy) is a business executive on the go who tries to make up lost time with his son, but doesn't really pay attention. When unemployment makes him the chief care provider after mom (Regina King) goes back to work, he's not sure what to do. Then he hears mothers complaining about the lack of affordable, quality day care and realizes there's a market niche to fill. That he understands.

The plot provides a rival pre-school run as a college prep academy by the tightly wound Miss Harridan (Anjelica Huston), but the story is really about the fathers finding out just how hard it is to mind a group of youngsters all day. It takes the arrival of a state inspector (Jonathan Katz) to make them realize the responsibility they've undertaken, and the addition of a third teacher - the airhead mailroom clerk from their old office, goofily played by Steve Zahn - to get them on track.

The comedy works both high and low. There's plenty of slapstick, such as the scene of the little boy not quite potty trained who "missed" the toilet in a scene already played to death in the ads, but there's also some clever writing as well. One of the best jokes, not to be spoiled here, revolves around one toddler who seems to be spouting nothing but gibberish. The set up and payoff show that some thought went into this, and it's not merely a series of pratfalls.

As he's hit middle age Murphy has mellowed, and his family friendly comedies, like "The Nutty Professor" and "Dr. Doolittle" show a desire to shift gears. A streetwise, fast talking Axel Foley (from "Beverly Hills Cop") is funny in his 20s. In his 40s, it starts getting to be a bit sad.

Jeff Garlin adds able support as Murphy's partner, thrilled that he's grabbed the kids' attention when he starts playing the guitar and singing, and even funnier when he realizes he's run through his entire repertoire. Steve Zahn's mail-sniffing, "Star Trek" loving Marvin is hilarious, while Jonathan Katz is nicely nuanced as the state inspector who's there to enforce the law but doesn't want to be a bully about it. The kids, as expected, are adorable, each with a comical mini-drama of his own. Stick around for the outtakes during the closing credits, for a wonderful moment with Khamani Griffin, who plays Murphy's son.

Here's a comedy with black and white performers which doesn't turn on one of the white characters pretending he's a rap star or a "gangsta." Instead, "Daddy Day Care" just wants to make you laugh, and make your kids laugh too.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 24, 2003
This was an ok movie. When you see previews for it on your TV or at other movies, you think it will be absolutely hilarious. WRONG.
It was not that funny; the only funny parts were the parts you saw in the commercials. I laughed a couple of times, but don't expect too much from it... The plot was ok (Dad wants to get to know son, etc.), but not that great.
If you're wanting to see it, wait a while to see it at the dollar theater or rent it when it is available, don't waste your money...
So in short, I give this movie a decent rating of 3 stars.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 26, 2006
I bought this movie at a store. I liked it and I laughted at the first part of the movie. Eddie murphy was Charlie and the other character, Phil, was has partner. They both got fired in the movie and Phil decided to have a daycare at Charles' house. They made the house a daycare with tons of toys. Phil passed out the flyers to advertise the daycare. I liked Ben in the movie. He went to the daycare and he didnt like it. It was so crazy that he never went back So funny I saw this movie twice.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 26, 2003
This film is pretty self-explanitory form the title. Two dads (Murphy & Garvin) with little or no parenting experience get together to form a cheaper daycare alternative. They get in way over their heads initially, but after they are joined by Marvin (Zahn) they begin to relate to the kids and their issues.
The story is somewhat predictable, but still manages to entertain with comedy. Steve Zahn by far gives the best performance of the film.
Overall family fun.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2003
Movies that play kids in leading roles opposite adults are typically funny. Eddie Murphy = very funny. Therefore, this movie should be FUNNY ... and it is! If you don't laugh during this movie, then you must have had your funny bone surgically removed. It is getting less and less surprising to see Eddie Murphy in family comedies (i.e. no bad language), and I find it refreshing. Eddie is every bit as funny without the gutter humor as he is with it. Two thumbs up for the new, family-friendly Eddie Murphy! Murphy is a perfect choice for this film, and the half-pint supporting cast is every bit as funny as the funny man himself.
About the plot ... Murphy and his friend are ad execs, working on a cereal campaign that is destined to fail, although they don't see it coming. Not surprisingly, they lose their jobs when the campaign goes sour. Murphy lives in a beautiful house in the suburbs with his adorable son and wife, who is a stay-at-home Mom (a refreshingly functional family vs. today's norm). Their son was supposed to be starting preschool at the elite Chapman School, where Angelica Huston is the pompous and cut-throat head mistress. Chapman becomes too expensive for Murphy's family as he becomes a stay-at-home Dad while Mom goes off to work. Having trouble finding a new job, he gets the bright idea to start a day care center ... Daddy Day Care. He enlists the help of his partner from work, and eventually Steve Zahn as well, and starts his own day care in his house. The kids that he babysits in addition to his own play off Murphy beautifully, and lend very funny antics to the film. When Murphy's day care becomes successful, despite several pitfalls along the way, Huston attempts to derail Daddy Day Care in an attempt to squelch what she begrudgingly realizes is stiff competition. At the pinnacle of Daddy Day Care's success, Murphy is offered his old job back. He must make a choice between his previous wealthy, powerful position and his son's desire to keep Daddy Day Care open ... therein lies the essential "moral of the story." This movie will make you laugh and leave you smiling whether you're 5 or 35 ... well worth the purchase. In fact, I'd say that adults will enjoy this movie more than kids, but it is at least safe to watch with the kids.
In terms of the DVD itself ... The Special Edition (the only edition I've seen) contains both regular and widescreen on the same disc, which is always nice. The extras on this DVD are great -- they give you an opportunity to watch these funny kids in real life, and to see how incredibly bright and talented they are at such a young age. The featurette is impressive graphically, and kids will probably enjoy it, but I have no idea what it has to do with this movie.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 29, 2003
Daddy Day Care is funny and cute. Okay, so maybe I like Eddie. Maybe I also like complete escapist twaddle. But it did what I signed up for; it made me laugh at the characters, at being a parent, and a little at myself.
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