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on June 21, 2008
This book is very sweet and is written by someone who is old enough to remember what life was like before everyone became so freaked-out about every little thing. When you read a line like, "Lift up her legs and take off the diaper; Get a damp cloth and carefully wipe her," do you really think there is something perverse about that? What planet are you from?? I am lucky to be the daddy of a 2-year-old girl. Diaper changing is a fact of life. Every day for the last 2 years I have lifted her legs, removed her diaper, and carefully wiped her with a damp cloth. If you walked up to me on the street and told me that I'm a pervert for changing my daughter's diaper, I would punch you in the mouth. Anyone uncomfortable with a line like that is a goofball.

Oh, and here is how my dictionary defines the word "ECSTASY":

1. rapturous delight.
2. an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling.
3. the frenzy of poetic inspiration.
4. mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

Ecstasy is a word that is only 'dirty' for those who WANT it to be dirty. If you insist that there is a sexual connotation whenever the word "ecstasy" is used, you are the weirdo. Like I said before, the author (born in 1942) comes from an era where people used words like "banana" and "nut" and "meatball" and didn't automatically think about sex. Some of these reviewers have watched Austin Powers a few too many times.

One more example -

"Of all the babies you're the fattest one; You big-leg women are a load of fun".

Today when people hear the word "fat" they think about morbid obesity, apparently. Baby-fat is cute and healthy and normal. The whole world loves an adorable little chubby baby. I believe that the author uses the phrase "you're the fattest one" in a loving and proud way, as if saying, "you're the cutest one". And in that context, the phrase "you big-leg women are a load of fun" is just a silly thing to say - and far from inappropriate.

I would agree with the people who suggest reading this book in a library or bookstore first. Why? One reviewer said that they bought the book and hated it so much that they were going to throw it into the trash rather than donate it to charity. If you're that idiotic, please, please, read the book first, and don't buy it. Don't put it into the garbage and send it to a landfill. Don't stage a Nazi-style book-burning. Just leave it in the store and go back to watching your Austin Powers movies.
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on March 27, 2012
I loved this book. My husband and I were blessed by a daughter 10 months ago after being told for years that I could not conceive. She is joyful baby, and is cuddly sweet and like a lot of babies, has rolls all over. She loves music and her daddy dances with her every day. I found absolutely nothing offensive about this book. People are so quick to instill sexual overtones into everything and anything.
The first story is about daddy changing the diaper. Get real, people: diaper changes are a fact of life and there's is absolutely nothing wrong with how it is described. I sure wouldn't want my husband to "haphazardly" wipe our daughter instead of the "carefully" as the book says. As anyone with a baby girl knows (We also have a 4 year old adopted son that we've had since birth) it's a tricky business to wipe a girl clean after a bowel movement in order not to contaminate her. And what in the world is wrong with a beautiful baby with a "nice clean butt"? Although it's not a word we frequently use in our household (we prefer the gentler "bottom") I think it's hilarious and sad that it could be miscontrued.
"B-a-n-a-n-a-s" is the 2nd story and it's about the daughter loving a certain food. I know most babies loves bananas and I can't believe people would think it's a metaphor for a penis. My daughter happens to love spinach. I would describe her eyes lighting up in "ecstasy" when she sees I have spinach for her...she actually opens her mouth as wide as it will go, throws her hands up in the air and frantically waves them, and wiggles in her seat in pure anticipation. It's cute; not perverted, creepy, or disturbing as some people have said. Bananas are a fun fruit for babies...they love the taste, texture, ease of eating (it's much softer and easier for babies to gum or chew than a lot of other fruits. And my daughter prefers the sweeter, milder taste to peaches, strawberries, or other fruits) And b-a-n-a-n-a-s is a cute word that kids love to spell. (Gee, did anyone tell Gwen Stefani that her song was OBVIOUSLY about her Electra complex with her father???) To the person who suggested Mr. Keillor could have used "apples"...why? So he could be accused of using it as a metaphor for testicles? What about "peaches" "pears" "kiwis" or practically any other fruit that is round or cylindrical? It's just grasping at straws and trying to make something dirty that is innocent!
The last story almost made me tear up. There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed to have our daughter and her daddy is an amazing man. He dances with her, plays music for her, and one day will gladly/sadly dance at her wedding. As I mentioned, our daughter is about as roly-poly as they come and we absolutely love it. She's a BABY. Babies are supossed to be chubby. My daughter has a double chin, "thunder thighs", and creases in places that don't even have a joint! Luckily, she is a BABY and all that fat helps keep her temperature regulated and provides stored energy for all her increasing crawling/standing/walking. Her big, strong thighs have helped her start standing at 7 months, and practically walking at 10 months. I love her "big-legs"!! She eats a very healthy diet and is constantly crawling, moving and exploring her world. My husband and I kiss her chubby cheeks, nuzzle her little neck rolls, squish her chubby little thighs. Babies are supposed to be loved and given physical affection. I love her squishy baby fat that is so kissable. Who doesn't see a chubby baby and smile? My son was all legs and arms as a baby (and still is!) but I delighted in kissing and cuddling him as much as I could too. Now he laughs and goes "Aw Mom!" and sometimes even wipes it off when I kiss him and I know my daughter will eventually do the same.
The daddy in this book obviously loves his daughter, and delights in all the everyday moments he gets to spend with her. He knows she will someday get married and most of her affection will go to someone else so he's just enjoying her baby days as a chance to cuddle her while he can. It is a sweet story full of love and caring. Hands-on dads are not always celebrated or talked about and I love that this story shows a dad who spends every moment, from banal (eating breakfast and changing diapers) to the special occasion (dancing with her at a wedding). What girl wouldn't want a doting father that isn't afraid to show his affection and love? My daughter will always have her daddy's heart, no matter what age she is. And I know she is going to grow up more confident and able to love others because her parents aren't afraid to show their love for her.
This book isn't for everyone, especially those with narrow minds who prefer to taint affection for children as some sort of predatory action. As a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, I would stop at nothing to ensure my daughter's safety and well-being. However, I also know that kids need love, kisses, hugs, cuddles, and their parents and loved ones to see the world through their eyes. I'm sure the baby girl in the story will have a hard time finding someone to love and marry who measures up to her daddy. That's the way it should be.
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on April 4, 2005
I saw Mr. Keillor at a reading of this delightful new book in New York, and he's one of a kind! This book is funny, clever, and truly captures the spirit and depth of feeling that a father can have for his child. The illustrator captured the Upper West Side gorgeously - like Woody Allen makes you see the City with charm. The CD that comes with the book of Mr. Keillor singing these songs will have you singing and dancing along with with the text. I will be buying this book for Father's Day for my Dad and all the other great Dads I know to share with their daughters.
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on August 13, 2005
If you've never watched a father interact with his young daughter, you have missed a delightful treat. There aren't many things as sweet as the love a father has for his daughter as he watches her in day-to-day activities. The love returned from the daughter is almost one of adoration. Such is the sentiment of Garrison Kellor's children's book DADDY'S GIRL. In it, he shares four stories in which a father celebrates moments of quiet time, taking walks, dining, and dancing with his little girl. The joy of fatherhood bounces off the pages and into the reader's heart.

Robin Preiss Glasser's illustrations set this book off perfectly, with her depiction of the little girl in various poses of exuberance and the father glowing with pride. I loved it! Adding to the charm of this book is an accompanying CD which includes several of the stories/verses put to music that is catchy, a bit jazzy and fun to listen to and sing along with. DADDY'S GIRL was a fun, delightful, and heart-warming read. I look forward to sharing it with my husband and our daughter -- a definite Daddy's girl!

Reviewed by Tee C. Royal

of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers
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on June 1, 2005
When I first saw this book I thought it would be full of "sugar and spice" sentiment - a perfect companion for quiet daddy-daughter moments before bedtime, etc. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that an altogether different type of feeling was addressed: those times when you think you will positively explode with the joy and excitement of having a little girl that calls you daddy. By itself, this superbly-illustrated book captures the essence of these moments, but, for me, the whole experience is brought to life by singing along with the CD. The one small issue I would have with the product is that there 4 songs in the book and 4 tracks on the CD, but one of the songs in the book isn't on the CD and vice versa - not that this really lessens the enjoyment. Buy this book and put a smile on your face.
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on July 15, 2013
I got this for my husband for Father's Day. My 18 month old loves to read books and it's best to use hardcover/board books with her. This is a great book for a young child and it was really special to give to my husband for Father's Day this year.
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on July 14, 2006
Garrison Keillor, of "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show fame, has written an incredibly beautiful story, dedicated to his own daughter, that takes place in a very colorful Paris (or another city in France). The "daughter" in the story is a very young girl who notices and delights in the people and places she encounters on walks through the town with her daddy. Mom is never shown or referred to, just a delightful relationship between father and daughter. I bought this book for my son-in-law as he became a first-time daddy to a new daughter on June 1st (of 2006). The story brought tears to my eyes and he was thrilled to get it. It is a beautiful hard-bound book that would make a great addition to any child's (or parent's) library, and would make any little girl feel very special if her daddy reads it to her.
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on December 28, 2015
I found this book (hardback with paper pages and a disc) at a secondhand store & purchased it for oldest daughter (who is now 4). She LOVES this book & has asked her daddy & I to read it to her hundreds of times over the last couple years. My youngest daughter is almost 18 months & has taken an interest in sissy's book....and she ripped one of the pages a little bit. Big sister was not thrilled & requested that little sister no longer touch her "Daddy's Girl" book. So, I turned to Amazonas usual & thankfully found one in a board book. The description stated its a pre-owned/used book but that didn't deter me as I NEEDED this book! I received it very quickly, with only a couple spots on the back cover(that wiped off with a baby wipe), a small red mark on the top across the pages (that won't come off but doesn't affect the book in any way) and a couple small indents in the cover but also doesn't affect it and it's not like my 18 month old cares. Lol! She's got a book like her big sister now! Little sister isn't touching big sisters book anymore, big sister isn't complaining to me about the "Daddy's Girl" book & I'm happy! Win/win/win!
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on June 7, 2007
I purchased this book for my husband and daughter after leafing through it at the store and seeing "Bananas," which seems to describe our little one perfectly! I didn't even notice it was by Garrison Keillor, a master storyteller, until later. It immediately became my husband's favorite book to read to our babe. The poetry is witty, intelligent and true. The negative reviews of this book sicken me, honestly... anyone who finds this book perverted must have some serious underlying issues. I see absolutely nothing wrong with rhyming about a diaper change ("beautiful baby with a nice clean butt"), a man feeding his daughter bananas, or a line like "you big-legged women are a load of fun," which we thought was very cute, on account of the chunky thighs of little ones, ours included. I suppose those who want to be offended will be.

This is a wonderful and innocent book about the love and everyday lives of fathers and daughters. Please, do not be put off by a couple of small-minded paranoids.
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on April 23, 2005
This is a very cute book! The sentiment is sweet, the wit is classic Garrison Keillor and the illustrations are wonderful. My 2.5 year old daughter loves to dance to the songs on the accompanying CD. You won't be disappointed.
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