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on September 25, 2013
First: this is not PTZ - fixed manually adjustable position
second: no power supply in the box, provide POE or your own 12vDC
powerful for the money, not for uninitiated to setup in Blue Iris: many trials led to Blue iris settings:

set static IP on camera web interface and use default video settings 1080p 30fps main stream, camera comes preset for RSTP port 554 web port 80

in Blue Iris - add camera
Under Video tab open configure screen
set the static ip from above and select from generic (scrollup to top of dropdown list) "RSTP H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4"
fill in the ID and password for camera
HTTP port should be 80 and Media/video/RSTP 554 (from default camera setup)
close configure with ok
select "automatically adjust" check box on Blu Iris main video property screen to get the 1080p otherwise only lower resolutions show - save with ok (and when you reopen the 1920x1080 will be present)

video should now be visible on blue iris

you can still fiddle with VBR and CBR bit rates and frame rates if you need to
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on August 22, 2013

Biggest PLUSes for me are:

** Low profile
** Small size
** very, very discrete

Can hardly tell what it is from the end of the driveway (30 ft). And you don't notice them unless you're looking for them. I hang mine from the eaves that are about 7 feet up.

At default settings, picture clarity and quality are excellent. Connected via CAT5, PoE resulting in strong signals--video frame rates is consistently near 30 frames per second. Easy to install. A snap to configure once you have the ActiveX Controls correctly installed. (More about this later.) Camera switches from day mode (color) to night mode (BW) without issue. Day mode has excellent color: brilliant color capture, detailed, accurate. Night mode captures details as far is the light source will reach which is about 15-20 ft. Beyond that it's hard to distinguish features.

The lens on these cams can only be tilted up or down and can be slightly angled to either side.

Field of view. In practical terms, near the camera (about 4 ft away) I can see nearly the full width of my driveway (3-car garage). At the end of the driveway (30ft), I can see about 100 ft of my 150 ft front yard.

These units replaced a Logitech Alert 750e (NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE in picture quality and now get full 30fps video). Used on Blue Iris system.


I finally set mine up on a subnet after complaints from the rest of the family about bad internet connections and poor movie streaming. On occasion we had 6 streams of HD video hitting a 3 year old router: 3 from other internet connected devices and the 3 IP Cams.

Bought 4 from 2 separate sellers. Manufacture dates 2013-05 (1X from CCTV-ONE), 2013-06 (3X from HD_Video_Depot). The side of the lens on the CCTV-ONE unit clearly indicated that it was a 3.6mm lens (Model IP-DO3200C-3.6MM). Web server came set to English. Great resolution and performance from the get-go. The HD_Video_Depot units(Model IPC-HDB3200CN-0280B) had no lettering on the lens shell. The web server on these came set to Spanish. Out of these 3 units, 2 were defective--1 had slightly blurred pictures the other would randomly be show feed in hot pink or go unresponsive. From the router I can see that it's connected (IP address) but neither Blue Iris nor the IP Cam Config application can see it. The 3rd unit from HD_Video_Depot worked perfectly from the start. HD_Video_Depot had no issues with return of the defective units. Ordering a 5th one from CCTV-ONE.

I'm not worried about lack of IR capability. Three 13 watt CFL lights each side of my 3-car garage clearly lit the driveway. (At last, finally found out who our newspaper delivery person is and what time the paper is delivered...he's getting a nice tip.) Two 13 watt bulbs on either side of front door clearly lit the entire porch. Also, I had already installed motion-activated flood lights prior to getting these cams.


These cameras come with DCHP enabled.

On 64-bit Windows you will need to MANUALLY REGISTER the ActiveX Controls in Windows registry. (I suspect that this may work, too, if you're encountering installation problems on 32-bit Windows.)

The ActiveX Controls for the web interface will only work with 32-bit IE. (Tested on IE9 and IE10.) Not a problem if you're running 32-bit Windows. Problematic for 64-bit Windows.

(1) On 64-bit Windows, the controls are placed in C:\Program Files\webrec\Torch. Copy the entire folder contents to C:\Program Files (x86)\webrec\Torch.

(2) Manually unregister the components that were installed from C:\Program Files\webrec\Torch.
Start > Search > cmd.exe (Run as administrator) > "cd" to the directory above then enter the command "regsvr32 /u filename.ocx" for each.

(3) Register the components that were copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\webrec\Torch.
"cd" to the directory above. Enter the command "regsvr32 filename.ocx" for each in that folder.

I got all of the ActiveX components (video features) to work by doing Step 3 twice. I suspect the registration order/sequence was significant for at least two components. Live video would not work in Overlay config feature until I did Step 3 once more. I didn't bother "getting to the bottom" of this since things are working fine now.

None of the 3 units I have would recognize the Class 10 16GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC card. Didn't matter if in NTFS or FAT32 format. This card worked fine on my PC. No problems from my Hero2 and other cameras.

Had no problem with a Class 4, 2 GB Kingston Micro SDHC card (Not sure if FAT32 or NTFS).
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on August 15, 2012
I simply do not understand how or why this IP66 / 67, Vandal Proof, 2MP (1080 x 1920), POE, IP camera is costing so much less than even the most mainstream brands such as Axis.

I purchased and installed 10 of these at my home - all POE. I love the simple connectivity.
The picture quality is astounding. Moving from an analog D1 system to 2MP is jaw dropping. That would be the case even with a lesser performing camera. However, these cameras are simply beautiful. They're clearer, faster, and more configurable than several other low cost IP cameras tested.

With no IR, you will need some light for night. But that is not to say these cameras have a great configuration set for low lighting situations (making it very effective at night).

I am very pleased and saved TONS of money on my home system choosing these Dahua Domes. The seller (HolidayCoro) was a snap to work with. I would highly recommend!

Oh, one more thing - these have a standard m12 lens mount and you can buy various focal lengths to accommodate your needs. I have run the standard lens, 6, and 9mm lenses.
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on December 9, 2013
Quality of the images met my expectation for a 2 MP camera. Good low-light performance, but not IR sensitive, contrary to what a few people have said. Moderate barrel distortion from the wide-angle lens, not an issue in my application.

My main complaint is the awful motion-detect capability built in. Email notifications with pictures have a time on the mail that is consistently 15 hours behind actual time, even though timestamp on the pic, and time inside the email are correct (I'm GMT -7).

Many notifications arrive with no attachment, and I get lots of "Motion DetectStop" emails, which aren't interesting. Motion detect built in the $70 super low-end cameras isn't great, but it beats what this thing's got. I'll be switching to Blue Iris or something similar, but sometimes you just want the camera to handle this.
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on May 11, 2013
My neighbor has a great HD network camera from another manufacturer that produced a great image... problem is that it costs $1,000. Then I found this camera. Great independent online reviews, price was substantially less than alternate products... so what's the catch? I haven't found one. As other reviews have stated, it's just the camera... no power adapter included, probably because it's assumed that this camera won't be used stand alone and you will need a PoE switch (a 4 port will cost you $50 to $150 or so). I never used the included instructions, instead went to the address to configure. If your network isn't a 192.168.1.x setup just change your router temporary to that setup, log into the camera, change the IP address to whatever your network is, and change your router back. Took me all of about 5 minutes with router reboots.

The image is great in daytime and respectable at night. There are no IR illuminators on this model which means it is completely dependent on ambient light to show an image. No ambient light and it will be pitch black. Turn on your front porch light or if you have a street light in front of your house and your in business.

I bypassed the internal capturing methods and instead use Vitamin D running on my mac mini. The camera isn't native to Vitamin D but a quick google search and you will find the appropriate settings and I was able to have it running within Vitamin D in 15 minutes or so. I've had it running several weeks now and it works great.

Things to be aware of. It's not a PTZ camera, you will have to adjust the field of view and focus manually. The ethernet connector requires a 1.25" or so hole to have it pass through your wall. I wasn't interested in drilling that large of a hole in my siding so I opened the camera up and disconnected the harness of the ethernet cord from the logic board and passed the small connector through from the inside to the outside of my house and reconnected... that saved me from drilling a large hole.

Overall, I am very happy. It's small and in my opinion doesn't look like a camera to people passing by. The image is great and it feels well built. I plan on purchasing a few more.
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on July 6, 2014
The camera shipped to me was not the one advertised. The picture listed on Amazon while close is not the camera I received. The listed model number on Amazon's site is IPC-HDB3200C. The camera I received was model# W-IPD3300C If you google this model, you'll find that it is a Winic Technologies camera not Dahua! Bait and switch? not sure....the seller, Tech Video would know. Unfortunately I didn't start my installation until it was out of the return policy window. The camera works fine but it did not work for the placement I wanted. The lens can be moved about10 degrees in one direction only. I rather use a bullet style to have the most flexibility on viewing angle.
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on May 19, 2014
This is my short list of things I wish it did better: 1. See at night, and 2. See in detail.

Like most dome cameras, this has no IR LEDs, so it has VERY limited night vision. You might compare it to wearing sunglasses at night.

This field of view is so wide that even HD resolution can't save it. In the balcony application I currently have it in, I'd guess perhaps 50% of the field of view is usable; the rest is wall and ceiling. (I also have the choice of wall and floor) I'll try the camera in another location to see if I have better results.

Other things: I had a terrible time with the native software. It took an entire day of fiddling to get the settings right. I was able to get it running satisfactorily in Blue Iris, but like another reviewer, I was unable to locate the settings to change the port from 37777. It didn't help that the camera was delivered with the native language set to Spanish. Additionally, it has two accounts, one user and one admin, that came already on the camera, and I can't delete them. I'm not comfortable with the idea that someone has such an obvious back door into my cameras.

I wouldn't buy this camera again (I think I paid $169 for it), but the poor experience won't stop me from trying other cameras until I find a good fit for this location. I have a total of nine positions to fill—it's possible I may have to buy nine different cameras to get it all right.
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on December 23, 2014
Worked great for 2 months, then died! It was mounted inside so it was never exposed to rain, heat or cold... it was just made with cheap junky parts. I was gullible enough to buy 2 of these before I learned my lesson. The first one lasted about 9 1/2 months before it died and I thought maybe it was just a fluke so dummy me bought a second one. I rated the first one 5 stars before it died, then I changed it to 2 stars. I would rate this one a minus 10 stars if it were possible!
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on July 25, 2012
These cameras are just amazing. Extremely small and easy to mount, simple hook-up with a single RJ45 cable with power supplied by POE. I've used them with BlueIris ($50) along with a number of other NVR applications (they are ONVIF compatible) but currently I run them with Digifort running on VMware. I think what amazes me the most is the clarity - it's nearly as good as just what you'd see yourself.

The web interface is very good without too many chinese "english" translations. You can also view the cameras directly from the browser if you want or use other apps like media player or VLC.

That said, the only down fall is that if you have a completely dark area without street lights or other lighting, the video will be less than perfect. On a friends house we installed a few 13w CFL's and that was more than enough to even keep them in color mode (as opposed to B/W).

Here is a video showing the unboxing of the camera (sorry amazon, it was too big for hosting on your site):
review image review image review image review image
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on June 17, 2014
Hardcoded backdoor built in. I do not trust this company. After receiving this item and setting it up , I googled for help and found a whole worl dof people upset with the hardcoded user accounts and the easy access that can be had to this cameras from a would be hacker. STAY AWAY get hikivision same camera, better ui and no hardcoded user accounts.
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