Dairy or Not in the 4 Hour Body? he says both Hi 4 Hour Body readers,
Would love some clarification. Love this book, but like a previous reviewer pointed out, TH clearly says NO dairy whatsoever. Then he says cottage cheese is okay because of the high casiens. Okay, got that (kinda). In his 'case studies', the participants eat sour cream, etc with their salads/proteins. (odd..now slightly confused)
Then he (agrees) and cites another study saying yogurt is beneficial to weight loss. What is the deal? Is greek yogurt okay or is it the devil? I'm doing the diet and would lOVE someone to clue me in.
Thank you!!
Thanks so much!
asked by offthegrid on December 30, 2010
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How's the diet working for you? I'm starting next week. Of course, I noticed the same things. I finally decided (without resolution from the book) that lactose-containing dairy like milk will be out, and I will also cut out cheese because of its high fat and how excessive I can get with it. I will use a tiny amount of cream in my coffee, and very small occasional servings of yogurt, as well as the occasional spoonful of sour cream on taco salad or black bean soup. Hoping that works!
dobes answered on December 31, 2010
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Thank so much for your response. I am basically doing the same as you - a nip of cream in coffee and some greek yogurt with stevia for breakfast occassionally. I am only 6 days in and I don't have a ton of weight to lose, so I thought I would notice 'de-bloating' right away, but haven't really experienced that. I am very thristy (similiar to atkins experience) and a bit low energy. But having beans has helped that (just be careful of the amt - bc while they definitely cut down on your hunger and give you energy, I do think they bloat a bit). I am not sure how comfortable I am with 'binging" on junk or otherwise...would be interested to hear your experience..hope that helps!!
offthegrid answered on January 1, 2011
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I also not sure about the binging and is a bit sceptical about it. My husband started this diet and naturally dragged me into it...I would be careful with binging though. I love bread and co., so will surely have a croissant, pancake or bagel on the binging day but that would be it...no more.
RouriM answered on January 2, 2011
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I've been on the diet for a week now Monday through Friday with my "binge" day on Saturday, today being Sunday. I lost 4.2 pounds and gained 1.6 this morning. I wouldn't get so caught up on the word "binge". When I hear the word binge I think about eating massive quantities of junk food like candy bars, doughnuts and pizza. Instead, think of it as a day where you can relax and eat what you want guilt-free. I see myself using the binge day to eat out with friends and have a few drinks.
Elizabeth Gilbert answered on January 2, 2011
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I had the same confusion but as Tim has suggested that each section is its own book. Use it as a reference guide and not a complete lifestyle. Perhaps, using dairy in some instances is ok, but not in slow carb diet. I agree with most that little amount of dairy (like in coffee or greek yogurt will not adversely impact the program). I started the program 2 weeks ago with 151 lb. which is just about ideal for my height. I started with 13-14% body fat and am still stuck at that % (using calipers). My weight now has been fluctuating between 147-150 during the weeks. My mid section which has the most fat on my body looks slender but overall body fat % is not moving downward as quickly as weight loss. Anyone else had the same experience with body fat %??
I review therefore I am!! answered on January 2, 2011
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I started this diet on Sunday, It's Wed. I have lost about 5 pounds so far. I am also going to use Sat. as a day to bake some cookies and have a beer. I am only having dairy in my morning coffee and that is it. I feel way less sugar cravings, and don't feel bloated at all.
Kirstie answered on January 12, 2011
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One doesn't have to binge - in the full sense of the word - to make this kind of diet work. Just eat normal meals (ie. not diet) on your off day for lunch and dinner. For eg. have your pizza and ice cream or whatever your 'bad food' craving is'. You can still eat the diet breakfast on your off day if you want to or if you are worried. It may also help some people a bit if you start the day off well, you are less likely to go totally nuts on your off day.
Basically what I'm trying to say is; allow yourself the few things (meals/snacks) you craved in the week, and then make SURE it is all out of the house by the next morning. Obviously if you have left over candy bars, ice cream, pizza etc. you are setting yourself up for failure. But very IMPORTANT: This stratergy only works if there is NO cheating AT ALL during the week.
That is why he recomends eating OUT on your off day.
silver bird answered on February 8, 2011
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NO DIARY. except on cheat day...

Cottage cheese is only if you absolutely MUST have cheese...coz it's the least 'harmful'

Check out his blog where he posted lots of clarifications
Aaron answered on April 17, 2011
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he said kefir is good, didn't say when....... he does have a few exceptions to rules like egg WHITES....HELLO SO TO kefir or not to kefir that is the question
gifts4444you answered on April 10, 2012
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