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VINE VOICEon August 17, 2007
"Dallas," though one of CBS's top-rated shows, was showing a slight drop in the ratings at the start of the show's SIXTH season.

The producers decided to add some controversy and spice to the show with a May-December romance between Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and her son's trainer, Peter (special guest Christopher Atkins). There is also the end of the beloved marriage of Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Pam (Victoria Principal) and the rekindling of a romance between Bobby and old flame Jenna Wade, now played by Priscilla Presley. The third highlight of the season sees the marriage of Ewing matriarch Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) and Clayton Farlow (Howard Keel).

Of course, of all the characters, the dominant character is still J.R. Ewing, superbly played by Larry Hagman. Hagman is given the best lines, indicative of his character's devilish persona, willing to do anything to keep Ewing Oil on top.

Woe to anyone that stands in his way...and that applies to family members, too.

Linda Gray has really grown as an actress and she gets many chances to show her thespian skills. Besides that, her distinctive walk, along with her marvelous figure, is presented in several key scenes around the Ewing pool.

With those three aforementioned major plot developments propelling much of the season, it would be easy to concentrate on those solely; however, this is "Dallas" and, like the state in which the soap takes place, is bigger and other story lines and characters routinely take center stage.

Steve Kanaly and Susan Howard (Ray and Donna Krebbs) are highlighted as their characters get embroiled in a case of euthanasia. Guest star Kate Reid is memorable as Ray's Aunt Lil.

Morgan Brittany shines as Katherine Wentworth, Pam's sister, who will do anything (including sleep with J.R) to conquer Bobby.

Ken Kerchevel's Cliff Barnes is still as social-climbing as ever, willing to sacrifice his morals, his family, and even his girlfriend Afton (Audrey Landers) to achieve his place in Dallas society and power.

Speaking of Afton, she continues to be the silent conscious of the show, being the first to notice Katherine's deviousness, Pam's inability to shake her divorce with Bobby, and her own dwindling relationship with Barnes. Landers' skill as an actress, as well as her "telling eyes," is showcased well this season.

J.R.'s secretary, Sly (Deborah Rennard), finds her loyalty tested but turns the tables on her blackmailer and becomes her boss's undercover agent.

New and equally interesting characters are introduced. As mentioned above, Peter becomes the "young stud" in Sue Ellen's life. Though Atkins does an admirable job as the Sue Ellen's suitor, his boyish looks betray him. He appears to be more like seventeen than his actual twenty-two years. His "intimacies" with the forty-something Gray almost border on the absurd.

40's movie star Alexis Smith joins the cast as Clayton's off-center and mysterious sister, Jessica. It is ironic that both she and Keel were MGM stars during that studios heyday.

The show would not be complete without appearances of other actors in their respective recurring roles: Fern Fitzgerald (the sexy Marilee Stone), Don Star (Jordan Lee), Morgan Woodward (Punk Anderson), Dennis Patrick (Vaughn Leland), and my personal favorite Pat Colbert (Dora Mae, the hostess of The Cattleman's Club).

As far as the DVD quality as a whole is concerned, the picture transfer could be better, befitting the status of the show in television history. If any show deserves re-mastery, it is the Lorimar production.

Also, there is only one extra: an interesting, albeit short, look at the men behind the music of "Dallas."
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2007
I didn't realize how much the previous season dragged on with the whole fight for Ewing Oil until this season came along. There wasn't an episode that was dull in "The Complete Seventh Season." This was gripping t.v. and definitely defined the whole 'Must See TV' statement. What I liked most about this season is that it set itself apart from the other seasons. Filming wise, more sets were added which gave the show more room to breathe. The acting was at its best; you still are rooting for J.R. Ewing even though he was by far the most crooked character on the show. You felt sorry for Sue Ellen Ewing but cheered for her as she began to stand up for herself and play her own hand at J.R.'s usual games. Katherine Wentworth is so evil that you find yourself screaming at the television as she's driven another wedge in-between Bobby and Pam. Best yet, you can't hate Jenna Wade who plays Bobby's new love interest.

I noticed a great improvement in the picture quality; espescially in the early episodes of the season with the repairs going on to Southfork, the video quality looks great, giving the show a more epic, crisp, cinematic like feel. A complaint, the same I have for the previous sets, is that this great show is desperately lacking in terms of extras. I hope it's because the powers that be are holding the best extras, such as the prequal mini series they speak about on this set, for future releases. I enjoyed listening to the commentary about 'The Music of Dallas' but again, it hardly seemed the type of material to use as the season's ONLY special feature. Even with this let down, it didn't, for me, keep this from being a 5 star review. Once I started watching, I couldn't stop. It makes me crave for another release of Dallas soon.

Plot wise, I found the writing and plots to be far more engaging than the past season. Victoria Principle and Patrick Duffy do well playing the lovers torn apart; Priscilla Presley steps into the show as if she's been there since the beginning and though plot wise it seems as if she's replacing 'Pam', you really can't hate her. She's a loveable character that you take a liking to and unlike many shows, you actually see and believe her relationship with Bobby just as much as his with Pam. Ken K. plays the good guy who you still, confusingly enough, cheer on to lose at the hand of the manipulating J.R. Larry Hagman was set in this role early on but doesn't falter in this season; you see a mix of emotions from him, from really caring about Sue Ellen and John Ross to doing what he can to cripple Cliff, do away with Pam and have Sue Ellen at his side whether she wants to or not.

I was glad, as with last season, to see Baraba Bel Geddes' character of Miss Ellie actually get a big share of the plot and action. The plots for this season were outrageous and surprising without being over the top and has you pulled along until the very last episode of the season. This finale worked for me too because it packed just as much of a punch as the "Who Shot J.R.?" finale, leaving you yelling at the television and once more, awaiting the arrival of the next season to see how things are wrapped up and what was really going on. What I found worked best with 'Dallas' this season as well is the continuity; things from the previous seasons aren't simply forgotten as they would be on other shows. They come up again, they're discussed, they're dealt with and it makes the show seem far more genuine and real than simply being a drama of yesteryear. Impressive and hats off to the producers, writers and actors of this show.

Without a doubt, I reccomend you pick up this season. It's one of those purchases that I don't think anyone will regret; whether you've always been a fan of Dallas of are just getting into it, this show (at least so far) is great. I wish it'd improve on the special features side but for the price it is and 30 episodes (yes, it's quite a collection), it's worth the money and wait for future releases and better specials later on. BUY this season of Dallas, you will not be let down.
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on April 17, 2007
Yee-haw! Season 7 represents the best of DALLAS on all levels -- acting, writing, background music and "all of the above." The show really hits its stride here, showcasing fun, inventive stories that breathe new life into the genre, while staying true to the series' roots and the characters' makeups. Unlike other soaps from the 80s, DALLAS could generate real emotion with its twists and turns and explore Pam and Bobby's divorce with real heart, drama and even a sense of humor when appropriate. Even this season's cliffhanger reinvented things for DALLAS, which had been trying to outdo the "Who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger for many seasons since that "high." Anyone who counts themselves as a fan of J.R. and company will definitely want to own Season 7. (And no, I don't have anything to do with the show or the company releasing this DVD -- this is a heartfelt opinon!)
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on April 19, 2007
In another season of my favorite show, more twists and turns await every body. This season is the first to expand to 30 episodes, so the storytelling style changes-it becomes much slower paced, with much less happening per episode. Nevertheless, this is the style that held for awhile and works once you get used to it. This also marks a turn towards more of a Dynasty style lushness in the values and more of a turn towards being a Woman's show in it's overall tone, whereas earlier and later it is more unique in being a man's soap. Once again though, once you get used to that, you can still appreciate both sides of the story, as there are still plenty of guy-friendly plot elements, including all of JR's back room business deals. Starring everyone from the last season, and also starring Audrey Landers, John Beck, Morgan Brittany, Timothy Patrick Murphy as Mickey Trotter, Priscilla Bealieu Presley, and Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow.
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on August 31, 2011
Unfortunately it is too late for me to return these discs, as I bought them two months ago and the return limit is 30 days. I have not tried the second and third disc, but the first one gets totally hung up on both sides. I did not have any trouble with Season 5. These are unplayable. Don't waste your money.
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on July 25, 2016
Dallas loses it's flavour around this season. The remaining seasons are rather stale and boring with out Miss Ellie and Jock. It's only worth watching a few minutes here and there of JR, but the other actors just do not pack that punch that the earlier seasons had. Dallas is really only good on a solid level from seasons 1-5. Seasons 6 and after kept adding and switching characters but because I purchased the entire set, I am stuck with all of the seasons. It was only good to watch it on television, but not as a permanent collection. I feel ripped off and did suffer "buyers' remorse" after watching season 6 and 7 because the casting is weak and too much whining and repetition from the female characters, especially newer female characters are rather shallow and lack the substance that was made such a "big" deal even at that time. Pamela is a whiney and boring character who cannot make up her mind and Susan Howard has the most boring stories with Ray Krebbs (who was better off not being married at all). It becomes way too soapy. Basically the rest of the series goes on a huge repetition fest. Jock and Ellie really made this show worth watching. And forget about that "new generation" where JR and Bobby are senior citizens and the new cast is just ridiculously awful. It isn't even the same program and I am glad that this mess was taken off the air. You can't have a great set up and then change it because of including younger stars who lack the performance level or interest. Watching the series again just doesn't add up or justifies why it was all that great of a show because the producers and casting really destroyed the potential.
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on June 26, 2007
I'm looking forward to this season coming out on DVD,its out in the UK,a few months after the US,so glad that Dallas is coming out regularly unlike Knots Landing,with no news on season 2 yet.
Its the season where we see Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie,before she left(health reasons given at the time,Larry Hagman said recently it was over a pay dispute)and was replaced by Donna Reed in season 8,all of which was a disaster for Miss Reed,she was axed after season 8 and Barbara Bel Geddes returned in season 9.
Priscilla Presley debuts as the third version of Jenna Wade,she actually makes Jenna likeable,even though she's a rival for Pam,she's a lady on her own bringing up a child and Jenna ended up as a regular.
Morgan Brittany contiues her superbitch role as Katherine Wentworth,causing Bobby and Pam to divorce with her lies and cunningness.
The season has the shock storyline of Ray(Steve Kanaly)helping his nephew Mickey(Timothy Patrick Murphy)die and is one of the real tough issues dealt with by Dallas,that didn't turn out to be a dream!
Sue-Ellen(Linda Gray)embarks on the unpopular romance with Peter,this storyline nearly caused Linda to quit at the end of this season.
The season concludes with "Who Shot Bobby?",the series starting to run out of ideas,by repeating its most famous cliffhanger,I still really enjoyed "Dallas" at this point,to me it wasn't quite the same when Pam left at the end of season 10.
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on February 13, 2013
I absolutely love the show. However the quality of the DVDs were terrible. I had pixels and skipping through BRAND NEW DVDs. I was hoping to resell them after watching them, but that won't be the case as I would not want anyone else to have such poor quality of a product. I got no resolution from the seller because they said it was past my return time. The thing is, who sits down and watches an entire SEASON in the length of time they give you for returns? No one. So I am stuck. Did anyone else have these issues with the DVDs? I would love to know. I also purchased season 3 and season 9 and had the same issues. I had two episodes in season 7 that would not play AT ALL.
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on July 13, 2011
great series, finally all in dvd collection but beware about the following: season 5, 6, 7 and 8 are NOT in spanish, and some dvds do not play all the chapters. They just frezze at the midle of the chapter or sometimes at the very beggining. I only had seing up to the season 8, I hope the following seasons are going to be ok.
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on July 18, 2007
This is my favorite season of the series - and that's saying a lot. Dallas had major bumps in it's final seasons, but this is where things are looking their best.

The fight for Ewing Oil set up in Jock's will is settled. Miss Ellie and Clayton get engaged, much to JR's chargin. Katherine's schemes finally break up Bobby and Pam's marriage. Bobby reunites with first love Jenna Wade. Ray goes to trial for the mercy killing of his nephew Mickey. Cliff blackmails JR's secretary into spying for him. Pam and Mark become more serious. JR finds some secret skeletons in Clayton's family tree that come back to bite Miss Ellie. And Sue Ellen begins an affair with a much younger man whom Lucy in very interested in.

Lots of fights and romance as the Ewings tangle in business, pleasure, a mechanical bullriding challenge at Billy-bob's, the annual Ewing Barbeque, the Oil Barons Ball, and much more.
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