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on October 2, 2008
I've been using this in a 1500 sq ft basement now for about a month and I honestly have to say I don't know what the previous reviewers on this product were thinking when they ordered. It's a dehumidifier. Every dehumidifier I have ever owned has been loud. That's what happens when you mount a fan and compressor unit together in a small cabinet.

You really need to consider why you need a dehumidifier and for how large an area you are buying in the first place. If you need to dehumidify only a small area in a lived in space, then this is not the dehumidifier for you. This is exactly what it says it is and it does an incredible job. Danby actually list this as "for areas up to 3,700 sq. ft. depending on conditions." I suspect that might be pushing it if you actually tried to use it for that much space, but to be fair I may be wrong on that. For our 1500 sq ft area it turned out to be an incredible find. The basement in our new place had a humidity level of around 65% when we moved in. This is just way too high to tolerate. I needed a quick solution for a basement with an obvious moisture problem (until I can devote the time and bigger money to fixing the various causes of the moisture anyway). Within the first 24 hours of clicking this Danby Dehumidifier on, I saw a drop to around 45%, so 24 hours got me a 20% drop. This is very nice. But it gets better. As time goes on this dehumidifier keeps sucking in water and I have seen numbers as low as 38% down there with an average of 40%. Note that at this point I'm keeping it set on high fan and 45% as the cut-off point (which means it shuts down when the humidity drops to 45% or lower - ideal range for indoor humidity is generally agreed upon as between 40% to 50% - below 35% is considered too dry). So with an average of 40%, even set on 45% the dehumidifier keeps the humidity down below the 45% mark according to my humidity gauge. Nor does it raise temperatures all that significantly. It does put out heat, but not any more than any other dehumidifier in my experience. The reason other reviewers complained about this seems obvious to me - they bought too much dehumidifier for a space that needed far less.

If you are worried about the noise, know that this is rated at 60 decibels. This comes in roughly at the same level as "normal conversation" on the decibel charts. So yes it could be distracting if you plan to put it in a room where you watch television or regularly do things that noise would be irritating. And as a comparison, the average hair dryer or lawn mower comes in at 90 decibels. This thing is just not that loud for use in a basement or other location that does not need silence.

I don't think the unit looks any cheaper than other products out there today. It does have a lot of plastic on it, but then again it's not like I plan on rolling it down a hill in impact test or anything. It just sits there with nothing on top of it, so I don't think in the long run this matters one bit. In fact, thank you Danby for not making the thing overly heavy and overly costly with a metal case!

The one complaint I have: emptying the tank could be smoother. If you don't have drain hose and you use the tank expect to empty it about twice a day in a high humidity environment. This is not a smooth process. The tank slides out ok, but getting it back in takes a little work of lining it up and getting it just so-so to slide back in. Ultimately it does not take that long and it does go in so I consider this a minor annoyance that I could easily solve if I just went out and got a hose. If you have a drain hose and a basement drain to drop it in then this will solve that problem easily (the drain hose makes it a complete no fuss thing and Danby includes a drain hose connector that will hook to any standard hose thread). Considering that this is a 65 pint dehumidifier, this really is the best option for drainage anyway.

The short of it is, if you need a good dehumidifier that will handle high humidity for an area of 1500 sq ft or more, look no further. If you need to dehumidify an area smaller than this, do not buy this. Bigger is not better with dehumidifiers. If you have a particularly moist area like we had then in my opinion overbuying on the rating is a good thing since it helps, but overall think about your needs and look at the ratings before buying and then complaining.
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on July 10, 2008
I purchased this product based on the good reviews of Danby dehumidifiers on Consumer Reports. The 60 pint model they tested was no longer available so I went with the 65 pint model. It is extremely noisy! I hate to have in running while I'm in the room. It is impossible to watch TV while it is running. The unit also appears very cheaply made and the water bucket is awkward to remove. I am very disappointed with this purchase and cannot recommend it!
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on June 10, 2009
We loved this at first. It was expensive and we assumed a quality product. We used for a few months in the summer and then put it away. It did not work the next spring. We finally got through to Danby Customer Service (almost impossible) while it was under warranty. They told us to clean the filter. We did that, but by the time we got through again, the warranty had expired and they would not do anything to assist. They recommended we take it to one of their service dealers that's 70 miles away from our home. I asked if I could ship it to them (to avoid taking a day off work to take it to repair, another day off to pick it up, plus the cost of repairs), but they do not accept items for repair. As frustrating as it's been to buy a product that no longer works, it's been even more frustrating to try to deal with Danby. I would not recommend any of their products.
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on August 21, 2008
I agree with the previous reviewer. I had too purchased this because of the great reviews of the 60 pint version and purchased this one because the other was discontinued. This unit is VERY loud and produces a LOT of heat. I have a pretty big room and after running it for 3 hours, the temperature had gone from a cool 72 degrees to about 85. The manufacturer does state that the air temperature will go up a few degrees as with all dehumidifiers but this is absurd. I plan on returning it and finding something else.
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on August 10, 2009
I purchased this dehumidifier on the recommendation of Consumer Reports magazine, which rated it highly. I was pleased with it for the first summer that I used it. However, I have had nothing but problems with the dehumidifier this summer.

My problem with the dehumidifier is as follows: The red light that indicates that the tank is full turns on when there is very little water in the tank. I called Danby customer service number and was told to glue a piece of plastic onto the piece of the tank that moves up and down and signals to the dehumidifier that the tank is full. Despite my best efforts--I glued several different kinds and sizes of plastic to the piece--I could not get the dehumidifier to function properly. One of two things would happen: either the red light would turn on again and the dehumidifer would stop running, or the dehumidifier would not turn off and overflow all over my basement floor.

When I called customer service number back again I was told that, since I had purchased the unit more than a year ago, there was nothing they could do to help me. I find it outrageous that I spent $300 on a dehumidifier expecting it to last for years and have to glue plastic on it in order to get it to perform its most basic function. I don't have to glue plastic to any other appliance that I own, especially one that I paid $300 for.

In these difficult economic times, it appears to me that Danby is selling an inferior product. Don't spend good money on this dehumidifier and make the same mistake I did.
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on May 23, 2011
Previous reviewer said that all dehumidifiers are loud. Yes, they all make noise, but they don't need to be THIS loud. We had an LG that we returned because we have an uneven floor and whatever water sensor was inside didn't deal with that well; it would occasionally overflow before turning off. But it ran quietly and smoothly, felt solid, there was a handpull for easily and smoothly removing the bucket, and the carrying handle was comfortable with a full bucket. I highly regret replacing that machine with this one. The bucket on this does not slide out smoothly and is very uncomfortable/painful to remove because the only handhold is that vertical gap you see in the photo, on the the side of the machine. It is finicky to put back in, as another reviewer said -- you have to make sure everything is lined up perfectly and bang it back in. The handle for carrying the bucket is not ergonomic and it is uncomfortable to carry the weight of a full bucket up from the basement (we have no sink down there). The machine feels cheaply made not because it's plastic, but because the plastic feels flimsy, and is poorly fitted: The baseline sound on this is already louder than the LG, and sounds like not just motor noise but also the vibration of loose plastic, and worse, sometimes things get jostled when we are putting the bucket back in, and something rattles VERY loudly when the motor starts up again -- I can hear it loud and clear upstairs! -- and I have to smack or kick the thing to get it back down to "normal" levels. We were desperate because we were past dehumidifier season and couldn't find any other models in our local hardware stores, and we figured we could just deal with this, but I hate it more and more every day.
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on September 28, 2009
Stay away from Danby products!!!!!I also purchased this unit based on a glowing Consumer Reports review. It is a piece of garbage! I wasn't impressed from the start as the water bucket never smoothly slid in and out of the unit and it just had a very cheap plasticy construction. It is extremely loud and produces an inordinate amount of hot air. I'll add that it is sized perfectly for my basement. After 3 months the unit started shutting off on me randomly and then just went dead. I had the sensor switch replaced under the warranty and the repairman told me he had seen a bunch of these. 1 year later the same thing happened....completely dead. I called Danby and they told me it was out of warranty and that I could have it fixed on my own. Completely unhelpful. I then called the repairman that serviced it the first time and he had just dropped Danby as they are too difficult to work with! I really got hosed on this purchase and strongly advise anyone considering a Danby dehumidifier to reconsider.
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on July 31, 2009
I purchased this unit in July 2008 after seeing favorable reviews in some publications. It was used for 3 months in 2008 and worked OK, but it is noisy and I did not see any improvement in my electric bill over my older White/Westinghouse unit.
This year after about 1 1/2 months of use it started to cycle on and off more. Last week it stopped taking any moisture out of the air. The humidity sensor appears to have failed and the unit also no longer cools the coils so it appears to have leaked refrigerant.
Of course the unit is just out of warranty. I called Danby and they did not offer to help. The nearest service depot is 70 miles from my home and I doubt it will be worth the repair cost. I will not buy another Danby product; it does not appear to be made to last.
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on August 17, 2009
Bad sensor (E1 indocator) after 1 1/2 years. Cost to fix is $89 service call + part + labor from aurthorized danby repair place. Paid too much for this to happen and it sounds like from talking to customer service that this happens quite often... will not buy Danby again.
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on May 2, 2010
extremely noisy, sucks a lot of power. Then after 1yr warranty the coolant leaks out and it no longer works. Fan still blows though. Danby also does not stand behind their product. Stay away
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