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on March 14, 2011
I haven't had this dishwasher more than a few months so I can't speak on durability. I live in a small apartment on my own and had never had a dishwasher before. I decided against the countertop models because living in a small space, I really didn't have any kitchen counterspace to spare anyway; but I figured I did have 18 inches of floor space where I could put this dishwasher and I would be able to use the top of it as a counter. So I figured this would in fact be more space saving than those countertop models which take a lot of counter space. I ended up being right about this at least as far as my apartment is concerned.

Cleans well. I never expected a tiny model like this to clean as as well as some bigger models out there, but it does. I expected to have to pre-rinse everything that went in the machine. Most of the time I find I don't even have to do that to get a squeeky clean result. But it's recommended that you do pre-rinse. The wheels are plastic, but they roll easily. The hoses are designed to attach to your faucet so you can store this anywhere and just roll it to the sink when you want to use it. If you want to keep it in the same spot at all times, you better make that spot right next to your sink because the hoses are short. Maybe only 3 feet long. If like me you can't keep it next to your sink you have to roll it to your sink each time which hasn't been a problem for me. It comes with a 1 year warranty. The worst thing about this dishwasher is the accompanying manual which is the worst manual on a major appliance I've ever seen. It would not answer some of my most basic questions. I spent over an hour trying to figure out where a piece that came with the machine was supposed to go and finally resorted to posting photos of it online to see if anyone could tell me. (it was too late in the day to call Danby customer service). Most people that had dishwashers had no idea what the cone piece was for. Found out that it's actually a salt dispenser for the dishwashing salt (which I don't use anyway as my water really isn't that hard). Other things the manual doesn't mention: The Red button on the faucet attachment is to release water pressure so that when you add and remove the attachment you don't get sprayed with water. Also you can remove the metal faucet adapter and attach it to the faucet and leave it there. Your faucet will work same as always and then whenever you want to use the machine you can just pull the plastic ring on the white faucet attachment on the hose downward (exposing the metal dots) to attach it to the faucet adapter already on your sink. Easy Peasy. Before I realized this I was struggling to screw on the metal attachment while it was still connected to the hose as I didn't know there was a more appropriate way to do it. It makes me nervous when a manufacturing company doesn't take the time to write a decent manual for their product, but in the end all I cared about was that this thing cleans well and doesn't take much energy doing it. According to the papers it came with it only costs about 30 bucks a year to operate if you use it 3-4 times a week! My energy bill came with no unpleasant surprises. Since this isn't a small, cheap item, before buying I spoke (online) with 4 other owners of this model over a period of 2 weeks to see if they had any issues. One person said that their indicator lights didn't always work right,but all of the owners including him said they were still happy with their purchase 2-3 years later. I use the machine about 3-5 times a week. The strongest cycle takes 3 hours. I let it run right before I go to sleep and I wake in the morning to clean dishes. After contacting a few sellers decided to purchase from 'Today's Concept' because they responded to my questions in a timely manner and were very helpful and not all the sellers even bothered to respond to my questions. I know the sellers are always changing on Amazon, but I was happy with their service so I figured I might as well mention them. I would buy from them again.
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on December 19, 2010
I have owned Danby Products before and have never been disappointed. This is a well built machine at a great price. It does have a long cycle but I've never had a built in so I don't really have much to compare it to other than doing by hand. the Normal Wash setting runs about 2.5 hours from start to finish. But it is very quiet compared to what I have heard in friends homes. I live in a small home and my bedroom is right next to the kitchen. I am able to start the washer before I go to bed and not hear a peep. It is like having my own magic elves doing the dishes while I sleep. Of course, nothing is perfect and I will say that the "drying" mechanism doesn't always mean that I wake up to dry dishes, but it seems that it depends on the dishes. Ceramic type dishes dry very well while plastic seem to be what holds the droplets of water... Also, top rack doesn't seem to get the benefit of the heat like the bottom rack. Secondly, I've read tons of reviews on a variety of websites (competing sellers, nexttag, etc) and a lot of the problems can be avoided by reading the manual, which is not an easy feat since the manual is not all that clear on some things. The number one thing I've read is what is the funnel for... well, if you open the machine and pull out the bottom drawer, you will see a great big dial looking thing next to the water arm... that is where you would put water softener salts (if you live in a hard-water area)... Unscrew that cap and the funnel use is obvious. Third, If you don't think the adapter will fit your faucet, know that the quick-release adapter has threading on inside and out, if your faucet has threads on the outside, just take the big fat washer out of the adapter and you will see the inner threading (don't forget whenever you work with water, you MUST use thread tape). Now the machine does heat your water but I have an older home and don't have the strongest water pressure. I alleviate this by turning on both the cold and hot taps full blast and it seems to be working. I will continue to buy Danby products because what the manual doesn't cover, usually common sense and a little examination of the machine takes care of and I've never been disappointed in the quality of workmanship.
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on May 12, 2011
Love this machine! LOVE IT. I have been 5 years without a dishwasher and this little thing is perfect for me and my husband.

There are issues. If you don't have a well you'll have no clue why there's a salt reservoir, and with the crappy manual you'll have to read the reviews that tell you that the white topped, clear middle, screw off cap on the left is where you put salt into the bottom pan. Then you'll have to learn that the salt you need is only sold in 40 lb bags (minimum) at Home Depot which isn't a big deal if you are like me and have a well and buy that stuff all the time. For those who are curious look at the user uploaded pictures, I've got a bag of pellet salt that you'll need and my brine tank that needs to be cleaned. X(

EDIT: As of today I have filled the brine tank of the dishwasher to the top and the salt light is off!

As for cleaning, it works, it has a stainless steel interior which will keep it from stinking after a few years of hard labor. Bad side: it takes 3 hours to clean however you can pause the wash and throw something in and let it go again. To pause, just press the start button on the right, the wash will stop and you can open the door. To start again just press the start button, there will be a 5-7 sec lag, don't be worried. :)

Of note: the top washer arm isn't meant for hard cleaning so don't put a nasty pot up there or it'll need another go, or you could bite the bullet and clean it yourself you pampered snooty pants.

If you're single or it's just you and your partner this is the right machine for you. It can handle a small party for dishes or a good large meal of pots. But if you have 5 kids and a lazy husband who can't rinse out a cup you're going to need a built in washer.

Edit: Another issue. There is a shallow dip in the soap dispenser cap for pre-cleaning. I have found that the globules of soap land on my dishes and don't wash off well. It leave a white residue after the wash is over. It's easy to remove since it's only soap but now I put pre-wash soap on the lower part of the door. I'm not sure if that decreases the effectiveness of the pre-wash but it solved the white stain problem.

Edit: I was having an issue with a screeching noise at the beginning of the wash cycle. I thought it was an internal component, a belt or some such. I found later that my lower washer arm is a little loose. Once I detached and re-attached the lower washer arm the noise ceased. It still cleans wonderfully and I have yet to clean the washer arms, but I am very careful to never put dishes in the washer that have large chunks of debris on them.
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on January 4, 2012

I bought this same model dishwasher a few weeks ago from another retailer. This leads me to the reason I'm giving this particular product 4 stars - price. I paid far less for this thing after shipping.

If you look for 10 minutes you can find this thing for about $400 shipped after tax. Not bad.

I will be fair to Amazon though - if the shipped price of this goes down below $430 shipped (roughly what I paid), I will give back the 5th star.


I got this thing because I NEEDED IT BADLY. I was spoiled in one apartment that had an ok dishwasher, and of course, my parents own a Bosch.

I searched long and hard for a good dishwasher. Apparently Whirlpool sucks - I stayed at a friend's place and this was confirmed. Then I came across this Danby.

I've heard of Danby, but I don't know anyone who owns anything made by the company, aside from me now.


PERFORMANCE (this is why you're reading, right?):

Excellent. I made some cheesy pasta 2 nights ago, and didn't clean it until I got the dishwasher. I INTENTIONALLY threw in pots, pans, glassware, and more that had a great deal of baked on, dried on, caked on filth.


I ran the cycle - something that had sat for literally about a month came out sparkling. Stuff from cheesy pasta night did the same.

My only criticisms are as follows:
-A butter knife with dried on melted cheese didn't clean off. I threw it in another cycle and it was sparkling
-The Pots and Pans cycle doesn't really work right. This seems to be a common problem. I'm thinking that it's not a defect, but rather Danby needs you to conduct a non-intuitive step to assure that it gets past the first rinse cycle.
-2.5 hours runs the entire wash, rinse, and dry cycle. The dry cycle lasts the longest, so pulling them out early isn't a big deal.
-The detergent dispenser works well for me on every cycle but Pots and Pans. That being said, I don't have a problem with just throwing the tablet anywhere in the dishwasher and I get great results. I'll probably trade detergent with someone who likes the tabs and wants to get rid of powder or liquid.

Good-Excellent. The frustrating parts are that since the drain is smaller than a normal dishwasher AND it has to pump waste water upward into a sink, the chances of hard water scaling is high. This is remedied by a salt pellet chamber. For $4 you get a 40 pound bag of water softener salt pellets and you have to fill up the chamber once in a while. It's not that bad - just remember to keep up on it. I believe it senses if there is salt present.

The manual isn't very good, but it doesn't take long to realize how to work this thing. Read it once, and understand the intuitive aspects of a dishwasher and you'll be fine. If there's some funny extra step on how to run the Intensive Cycle (pots and pans), it's not in this manual.

Portability. I really dislike having to push this right up against the sink. I will explore options to extend the short hoses. It's enough for most sinks, but I'd like to be able to tuck this in a specific corner of my kitchen and not have to move it around.

Cleaning. You do have to dump the filter every once in a while. It comes in 3 parts - the primary filter (a screen that catches a lot of things), a coarse filter (it catches big things), and a fine filter (the last line of defense). This is a quick rinse in the sink.


Overall, I wanted something that cleaned well, could fit a few pots and pans, glasses, plates, and large bowls. The bonus is that it's also countertop space. My Microwave is going here and now I have actual countertop space for prepping food. This is a MUST for a medium sized kitchen that doesn't have a dishwasher. $400 + $30 in energy per year to run is great.
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on April 20, 2011
As has been noted by many, the owner's manual is terrible. I set this machine up, turned on the spigots, flipped the power switch and... nothing happened. The machine was lit up, but the cycle did not start. I thought the machine might be "paused" so I pressed the pause button and a light started flashing on the machine - which in my mind is consistent with a "pause" state. Nothing happened so I hit the pause button again thinking I was "un-pausing" the cycle. I spent a lot of time fiddling about with the controls and trying different things to make the machine work. In the end it turns out I had the machine on pause without knowing it. If this happens to you, hit the pause button, the light will start flashing (which DOES NOT mean pause) and after 15-20 seconds the cycle will begin. I haven't had this machine for long but so far I love it.
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on August 20, 2011
I was looking for a portable dishwasher which is really had to find locally at any of these big chains. Home Depot has this product but it has to be special ordered online only. Can't even see it at the local HDP. The clerk in major appliances won't help because he can't order it. Lowes doesn't have this one either and what they can over cost over $600 bucks. Like HDP they only want you to buy the huge 24". Best Buy is the same and the one they have doesn't have all these features. I got mine from Walmart online. It had taken 8 days to get to the Walmart Super Center.

That experience going to get it was crazy. No one at that location ever seen this Danby Portable Dishwasher before so I was the first one. I was worried about the size of the box and the weight I got email from Walmart saying you need to people to pick it up. It weighs 130lbs. When I had gone there I told them I need help to get it into my SUV. No way would this fit in your car. I say best to have it shipped to your home instead of the store. The store they had a hard time getting it through the door. The product is taller than a regular 24" dishwasher and actually it's the height of my counters in the kitchen. It's really heavy though at the bottom. Danby really package the unit up very well. There is also water in the pump too that comes with the unit to keep the pump prepped. Just in case you have to tilt the box to fix into your SUV.

Once you cut off the straps off the box, you just lift the box up and ta-da you can see the unit. Pretty much all you have to do is remove all the packaging and then one more thing. You do need water softener salt and any Supermarket has that. There is a few type you need to look for though. I got the salt maker for table salt but it's for all type of machines that need water softener salt it comes in 40lb bag. Danby should give you a measuring cup for the salt as they do with the jet dry and power dishwasher detergent. I use Cascade All with Orange Gel. Too me works just as good for now.

So fill up the salt first and add water to it. I see none her mention that. If you don't the light will come on and say there is no salt in the unit. The same with the jet dry you need to fill that up to the max, otherwise the light will come on for that. I on the first try I had stuck in a few pots, pans and plastic rubber maid containers am etc. I left the default selector on and press power in green light came on, then press the start button. I didn't hear anything. Make sure you turn on your hot water on after you connect the facet attachment.

This unit can also hand food particles since it has 3 type of filters for such. Not bad. It does clean up everything I put in there. Takes a long time to do it though. Uses only $30 bucks a year which isn't that bad. The stainless is good feature to have. None of the $600 portables did I see at SEARS or Best Buy had these features.

Remember this is a huge portable dishwasher it could be mounted in your counter if you made space for it. Otherwise you just roll it to your kitchen sink and snap on the hose. Connect the power and that's it.

Danby has 2x extra months if you register your product online with them. This is in-home service no way could you mail this back to them. Again this is bottom heavy product.

Controls are your typical Euro design meaning no text to say what the heck the lights or buttons and dial selector does. So you have both electronic and analog controls. Water sensors and more. Not a cheap product it's well made. If you need one get it!


I had first reported and issue with a leak. I fix this issue on my own. Seems that the unit had stuff into the salt softener and drain housing. I had use a Wet/Dry vac to remove anything in those locations. Now no more leaks. Odd found all sorts of stuff must be left over from the factory. I was going to return this to Walmart but would have been hassle to do. Anyway I have 90 days to return it or 14 months of service from Danby. In all the unit does clean very well. I've ordered two boxes of the dishwasher salt from Amazon along with the rinse agent. I was using Finish Turbo Jet Dry with mix results.

Second Update!

Again only 10 days and last night it leaked a huge puddle of water this time. I had called up Danby and was on hold for 18 minutes. A nice girl pickup and told me that they won't send the repair tech out since it's only 10 days I have this unit. If it was over 30 days then they would. So now she told me to call up Walmart but as you know Walmart gives you 90 days to return the product. If I follow Danby rep on the phone it's going to be like another 8 to 10 days to get a new one from Walmart and I still have to return this one back to them which I did a store-pickup. This is a real pain what's the deal with two months extra warranty service if they won't come out to service their product in 10 days. Beside the leak for some strange reason the unit will not stay dry inside it's always damp and pots have some drops of water on them. The Danby girl told me to use rinse dry. I did, still does it. Oh well I'll have to box it up and take it back to Walmart. No I won't be getting a replacement one not after this hassle with Danby.

As for the leak it's coming from the salt housing container. I see others online with this issue too so beware!
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on June 11, 2012
The wife and I live in an old house in Washington, DC. Old houses of course didn't have dishwashers, so we've been washing dishes by hand daily for the last two years while we slowly save money to get the kitchen renovated. We finally had enough after washing dishes by hand for so long and decided to get a portable dishwasher.

I wanted to get a different one because I assumed it would be higher end, but the wife found this one. It was pretty highly rated and cost way less. Her reasoning was "If we get it and it's a piece of crap, you know they'll take it back with no questions asked. But from the looks of the reviews, we're going to love it." Don't tell my wife I said this, but she was RIGHT!

This dishwasher is a GODSEND! This is the first place I have lived that did not have a dishwasher, and this portable one holds just as much and cleans just as well (if not better) than the installed dishwashers at my last three apartments. Ordering it was simple. I was amazed at how clean and streak-free my dishes were upon the inaugural run and have been in love ever since. A feature that this dishwasher has that the other ones I looked at didn't is a stainless steel interior to prevent mold and odor. That ALONE makes this dishwasher worth the purchase.

If I have any complaints, it would be the following:

1. The instruction manual is HORRIBLE! I mean ATTROCIOUS! It tells you a little about the features and NOTHING about how to use it. I had to go online and read reviews and watch a few videos on YouTube to learn how to use it and what a few pieces were for that the instruction manual didn't even bother to mention. Thank God for the internet! Just so you know: the red button is a pressure relief and the big funnel is to be used if you live in an area with hard water. The red button is pressed once the washer is finished and you turn off your faucet. You press it to relieve the pressure in the tubing before disconnecting it (preventing water from spraying everywhere after disconnecting due to backpressure). The funnel is put into the dishwasher to add water softener when the softener light is illuminated. Since I don't live in an area with hard water, I did not need this and my "add softener" light is constantly illuminated. It's a minor annoyance, one I can definitely live with.

2: There is no timer telling you how long the cycles are or how much time they have remaining. That is the reason I gave features a 4 instead of a 5. You have to connect the dishwasher to your kitchen sink's faucet which pretty much makes your sink useless from that point. With that said, you have to do a little preplanning and make sure all your water needs are taken care of. You also can't just run the dishwasher and forget about it. Meaning you can't just let it go overnight all night or start it and leave the house for hours upon hours because even though your dishwasher and piping may be able to handle the water pressure, your vegetable sprayer cannot. The sprayer wasn't designed to have full water pressure delivered to it for long amounts of time and I read horror stories from other portable dishwasher owners about how they leave the dishwasher running overnight or while they go shopping or to the beach and wake up/come home to an exploded sprayer and a flooded kitchen. So with all of that said, you need to do a little pre-planning before deciding to run this thing and a timer would be nice to aid in the planning. I usually run mine after dinner when we're going to spend about an hour or so before bed watching TV/reading, when we get home from work before we workout, or when we go grocery shopping or to church. Generally whenever I have an hour or so to spare or when I do something away from home that will take no longer than 2 hours and I will be coming directly home afterwards.

Long story short, I am very satisfied with this product and would have no qualms about recommending it to friends or other people online.

UPDATE: It's been well over a year and countless numbers of washes and I STILL love this portable dishwasher! I have had no problems or complaints (outside of what I listed in my initial review) since purchasing this item. In fact, the wife and I use it as portable extra counterspace in the kitchen, so we found a use for it that wasn't even advertised. I have yet to run a recommended cleansing cycle with vinegar and have had no problems with clogging, cleanliness, or mold. This washer is amazing. Job well done, Danby!
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on January 4, 2012
I bought this portable dishwasher because it was among the cheapest I could find which also had mainly excellent user reviews. I did so warily, though, because so many folks seemed perplexed by the operating manual. I should say first of all that I'm really happy with the machine... but everyone is right about the instructions. It's not that they're confusing, it's that they completely leave out the most important part: how to actually connect the machine to your sink. They also don't explain what several extra pieces, included with the machine, are supposed to actually do.

The good news is, someone posted VERY helpful annotated photos to this Amazon page, which are comprehensive and awesome. Look at them! Without them I would've been totally lost. With them, the hook-up process is actually fairly easy. And running the machine is simple after that: Turn it on (power button on the far left), select a wash cycle, then hit the "start" button on the right.

For some further help, here's a video I found for another model of Danby portable dishwasher that uses exactly the same hookup mechanism:


Another note: The extra pieces allow you to put special "salt" (you have to buy it separately) into a special compartment in the machine. This will soften your water, if you have hard water in your area, thus eliminating chalky streaks on your dishes and in the washer interior. It took some research to suss out whether the water in my area was considered "hard" enough to merit this treatment. In my area of Los Angeles, it turns out I didn't need it. But in other areas of the city, you do.

Finally, I should also mention I have an old faucet in my kitchen sink. So the little provided attachment that you screw into your faucet (it allows the machine to be hooked up to the faucet)... didn't fit. I brought the faucet to a hardware store and they found me a screw-in adapter that allowed me to then screw in the Danby attachment. A pain, but it only cost like a buck. Just FYI.

Anyway, as I said, we've used the machine three times and I'm loving it. It's relatively quiet except for when it beeps to indicate it's done. It's sturdy and the interior is stainless steel -- seems really well constructed. The racks inside are set up a little tightly, so if you have a lot of dishes to wash it takes some puzzling to figure out how to fit everything in, but there's decent space. Last night we washed ten cups, three small bowls, two large ones, a pasta collander and a pile of silverware and cooking utensils, and there was space leftover. Washing takes quite a while, as others have noted, but if you rinse off your dishes a bit before putting them in the washer, the shorter (though still long, at over an hour) "light wash" cycle works fine. On that cycle, even caked-on parm cheese on a wooden spoon came right off. I use rinse aid in addition to detergent and there's no streaking on glasses. The thing rolls around pretty easily on casters.

Nice little machine, especially for the price.
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on December 27, 2010
I have had my Danby now for about five years, and it's been just great ! Now after many years of great service it developed a very small leak in the inlet water supply hose. I will have it repaired. And when this one finally dies, I'll buy another just like it.. If you do buy it, I guarantee you will love it.
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on January 8, 2011
This Danby dishwasher is great for anyone who lives in a smaller apartment and does not have a built in dishwasher. The dishwasher is narrow so it fits in a smaller place like a corner, it hooks easily up to the sink, and creates extra counter space. The reason why I am giving it five stars though, is not because of its great aesthetic and useful body, but because it does an amazing job cleaning dishes. Compared to other dishwashers I have used, this dishwasher truly cleans effectively.

It might take a little bit longer than other dishwashers to do the cleaning, but it does clean VERY throughly.
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