Customer Reviews: Dance on Broadway - Nintendo Wii
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on June 17, 2010
Just Dance was a revolution in dancing games. Before it, most dance games just consisted of moving your hands or stomping your feet to an on-screen cue. Just Dance was the first game to incorporate real dance moves to choreographed steps.

Dance on Broadway plays pretty much the same as Just Dance. It retains most of its features, both positive and negative.

- You follow one of four silhouetted on-screen characters, mirroring their moves as they dance.
- There are also icons that scroll across the bottom of the screen that tell you what moves are coming up (basically, what "pose" you should be hitting when the icon hits the arrow). Honestly, I didn't find this as useful as simply mimicking the on-screen characters themseves, but I'm guessing over time once you memorize what the icons mean it'll help you perfect your performance.
- Up to four players can play at the same time. Like Just Dance, this makes for a ton of fun with friends or family.
- Each player holds one Wii remote. No nunchuk, no second remote, no MotionPlus is used. This is good in that it simplifies things and there are no cables to get tangled up in. It's not-so-good, as Dance on Broadway still suffers from a lack of precision in motion tracking.

In addition, Dance on Broadway adds a few neat enhancements that its predecessor did not have.

- The casting of the four characters matches the song. For example, for "One Night Only", there are four African American women which allows you to live out your dream of being one of the "Dreamgirls". For "Aquarius", there's a nice mix of hippy guys and girls.
- The choreography is more detailed. For some of the songs, each of the characters has their own individual dance steps resulting in a pretty cool and fully choreographed Broadway routine when four people are playing together.
- The precision of the motion tracking is a little better than before, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Still, as before it's so fun learning the dance steps that you don't really care (I was thrilled with my "70%" accuracy, even though I knew it was really closer to 90%). They do give the advice to hold the remote firmly in your right hand, which I found helped.
- The songs are decidedly less "intense" than the ones in Just Dance. The songs are rated by "difficulty" and "effort", but in all honesty, even the most difficult songs were pretty simple. So it's not as good a workout game as its predecessor, but more suited for those of us who have always dreamed of being on Broadway.
- There's the option to turn vocals off, meaning you can not only dance, but you can also sing along with the words.

Here's a complete list of songs, the shows they're from, and their rating of Difficult / Effort in parentheses:

All That Jazz from All That Jazz (1/2)
Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In from Hair (1/1)
Bend and Snap from Legally Blond (2/3)
Cabaret from Cabaret (3/2)
Dreamgirls from Dreamgirls (1/2)
Fame from Fame-The Musical (1/3)
Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray (1/1)
I Just Can't Wait to Be King from The Lion King (2/2)
Luck Be a Lady from Guys and Dolls (3/2)
Little Shop of Horrors from Little Shop of Horrors (2/3)
Lullaby of Broadway from 42nd Street (2/2)
Money, Money from Cabaret (3/3)
My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music (1/2)
One Night Only from Dreamgirls (3/3)
Roxie from Chicago (1/2)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins (2/3)
Thoroughly Modern Millie from Thoroughly Modern Millie (3/3)
Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show (3/3)
We're in the Money from 42nd Street (2/3)
You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray (2/2)

In short, while I gave Just Dance 5 stars, I'll give this one 4 mainly because I would have liked to see Ubisoft improve the motion tracking more than they did, as well as include more cardio-intensive choreography. Still, it's a solid title which I definitely recommend. There are a lot of titles coming in the next few months like Ubisoft's Gold's Gym Dance Workout, Majesco's Zumba for Wii, and Konami's Dance Dance Revolution which will also focus on real dance moves. I definitely commend Ubisoft for starting this trend, and hope between these companies they can really perfect the motion controls and get the world dancing :)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon June 17, 2010
Are you the kind of person that can't listen to a Broadway soundtrack without tapping your foot and bopping out in your chair? Do you want to get some exercise without even realizing you're working? If you're anything like me, I think you'll like this game. Remember the dancers in the Broadway hit, "Fame", dancing their hearts out to that great song? Or the dancers in "All That Jazz" doing that cool tap dancey thing? Well, this isn't quite as complicated as all that but its lots of movement and fairly easy choreography that you follow along with while the Wiimote records your moves. You can play with up to four people. You choose one of four characters that you would like to be at the beginning, when you choose the song. There are 20 songs, some of which are:

* "All That Jazz"
* "Aquarius"
* Caberet
* Luck Be a Lady
* Lullaby of Broadway
* "Bend and Snap"
* "One Night Only"
* "Dreamgirls"
* "Time Warp"
* "Fame"
* "We're in the Money"
* "Let The Sunshine In"
* "You Can't Stop the Beat"
* "Little Shop of Horrors Theme"
* My Favorite Things
* And there's more....

The idea of the game is to follow your chosen dancer, like in a mirror image, with dance, rhythm and arm movements. One of the options is to set it so you see the words to the songs at the top of the screen and they're highlighted, kind of like a bouncing ball but without the ball, so you can sing along. There really isn't any recording of your voice so it's just kind of for your own amusement. When choosing a song, you see a difficulty level and an effort level shown by the number of stars. Several of the songs are at a somewhat slow pace so it's pretty easy to follow along. There are some little icon figures that move along the bottom that show upcoming moves. I found it easier just to watch the dancers. The game does a reasonably good job of recording your movements and you can see with a gauge above your dancer whether you've missed the move "X", got an "OK" or a "Great". It's possible to get combo points by scoring several "Greats" in a row. Your points are totaled up at the end in each category.

Ok, so why did I give this game only 4 stars if I like it so much? Well, I just got the game today and after playing it for a couple hours I'm already scoring pretty well. It's not that I'm really good at this sort of thing, in fact I'd have to say I'm pretty uncoordinated most of the time. It's just that I like games that are more challenging and I want to get a lot of hours of enjoyment out of it. Now I do have to say that I really, REALLY had fun playing with it tonight. I love the music, the graphics are pretty good and I just like the whole idea of the game. But I'm not sure a couple of weeks from now that I'll be challenged enough to be looking forward to playing it as much. I always compare this type of game to We Cheer and We Cheer 2, by Namco. Those are rhythm games as well, kind of on the same principle, but I couldn't even get past the first song for over a week. I played those games for hours and hours trying to open new levels of songs and stages. (I still have fun playing them). With Dance on Broadway, there are 20 songs and as far as I can tell, everything is accessible right away, no additional challenges or hidden things to open. Some of the songs like All That Jazz and Aquarius are very easy to score on because of the way these games record the Wii movements. Now, if you want to follow along with the steps and really look like the dancers on the screen it will be more difficult. But this game, like others of it's type records only your arm movements to score.

So would I buy the game again? Yeah, I love the music and I'm a sucker for rhythm and musical type games. But I wish it had more levels and was more challenging. The challenge for me will be not so much the scoring, which I think I'll probably be able to ace in a fairly short time, but trying to really copy all the footwork and look like the dancers onscreen. And while it's not as energetic as some games like We Cheer, my arms are sore after playing it for a while. I'm not exactly huffing and puffing but it's still good exercise. I just wish Ubisoft would have added a little more interest and more levels to this game. It's good as far as it goes but seems as though it was rushed to market too soon.

Update 6/27/10 - After playing with this game for 10 days I'm finding that the motion sensing is sometimes a little quirky. It doesn't always pick up the motions of the Wiimote as quickly as it should. But we've also had some really big fun with this game when we had friends over. After a couple glasses of wine we started up the game, and after watching, had 4 people playing at a time and it was hilarious! Watching a line of "dancers" make their Broadway debut with exaggerated dance movements and expressions was way funny. And trying to outdo each other on the points kept everyone playing for a long time. Because there are a lot of easy dance numbers like the one from "Hair" or "All That Jazz" everyone can score reasonably well after just a few tries. And there are definitely some that are more difficult and energetic. So I have to give the "party potential" 5 stars even though I rated the game 4 stars for the rest.
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on April 14, 2011
We have "Just Dance 2" and love it.
"Dance on Broadway" is quite a few steps down from "Just Dance"- it sucks.
For every song, there are four characters on screen, making it difficult to see their movements. They have created the program to pan around (to the right, left, and above) the characters while they dance, so not only can you NOT see the movements your supposed to be doing, you can't always fully see your character (sometimes the characters do minutely different moves). The characters movements are not fluid, they jerk around. The graphics looks very cheap and like old technology.
The actual dances are slow, repetitive, and simple - so much so that I imagine elderly people doing these moves in a water aerobics class.
If you have an older family member that can't keep up with Just Dance, this may be perfect.
You can not enter your name to keep score. The game keeps score for the current song, and then it's gone. You have no way of knowing if you've improved or not.
There are no additional games that you can play - only poorly created dances.
The music is great.
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on June 16, 2010
I got this for my wife and she loves it. She was big into dance when she was younger and we go to Broadway shows now so this was the perfect game. Can't believe I bought a video game that she actually enjoys! I even had a surprisingly fun time playing some of the more upbeat songs with her too.
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on January 28, 2011
I bought Just dance 2 and fell in love with the game. So when I found out that there was a Broadway dance game I was so excited I had to get it! When it came I played it right away but I was disappointed. The graphics were not great and neither were the versions of the songs they used. It was also difficult, at least I found, to know what dance movements you were supposed to do. Overall I was really disappointed with this game.
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on August 19, 2011
This game should've been more like Just Dance but it failed on all accounts. The choreography is slow and boring, the graphics are distracting and difficult to follow with all the camera angles. I wish I could get my money back.
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on December 13, 2010
So, I went back and forth with myself a lot about purchasing this game. A friend of mine and I both read the reviews and noticed that they were all over the place. She was more willing to take the risk than I, but I purchased it for a ladies party at her house (you know, a bunch of 25-35 year old women having cider and dancing games).

There is much to be desired in this game. We put it in and danced to the songs that we like since most of us are into musicals. That was the most exciting part--the music part. We wished for a long of songs that weren't listed, (for example, "He had it coming" from Chicago), but we knew that before I purchased the game. The characters are animated and annoying to watch. I was personally offended by the way the women were shaped and the differential between the shape and shade of the women's skin. They were also very difficult to follow-because their movements were very robotic (and there were "real" dancers among us). Also, the way the camera angles were constantly changing was very annoying. We spent most of the time laughing about how horribly the game was produced. One of the ladies even decided that she was done with the game and would jump back into plan when we switched to one of the other games (Just Dance 2 or Michael Jackson, the Experience--both games which we thoroughly love and have been getting worn out since they were purchased).

We rotate houses and trade games around. I have a lingering feeling that Dance on Broadway will be spending a lot of time on the shelf! I give it 2 stars for fun because we like the songs and enjoyed "talking" about the game. I give 2 stars overall, because the game is not nearly as bad as some of the other games I have played.... but again, there is much to be desired.
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on May 15, 2011
I love this game! This game is my favourite wii game. As a fan of musicals it stands to reason that I would enjoy dancing to the songs from Broadway, however as a dancer I also find that this game is soooo much better than Just Dance 1 & 2. The dance moves are more like dance moves rather than exercise moves like Just Dance shows. Plus I prefer seeing proper characters and backgrounds rather than plain coloured ones. The dancers look a lot more realistic too and less robotic. Overall it's a fantastic wii game that you can play over and over again. Even more fun with more than one player, brilliant purchase :)
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on January 7, 2014
I am a HUGE Broadway fan, and even though I am a horrific dancer, I thoroughly enjoy the "Just Dance" series of Wii games, as well as other dance games such as Michael Jackson Experience, Gold's Gym Dance Workout, and Zumba. Perhaps it is because I can dance in the privacy of my own home, with no one judging me, that I so enjoy my "workouts" to these dance Wii games. Because of my love of both Broadway and dance games, I thought this game would be perfect for me.

I found that this game is not nearly as fun as the "Just Dance" series, even though this game has the songs I so love from Broadway. This game's dances are often slow, and the scoring is DEFINITELY "off." I am often PRECISELY with the character on-screen, but earn an "X," meaning I am not even close. Other times, I am barely with the on-screen character, but can earn an "Excellent" or "OK." The game's scoring is not always 100% off, but can be at times. I've re-calibrated my motion bar and controllers, but that doesn't seem to make a big difference at all.

The graphics are more clear than the outline-like characters on "Just Dance," but they still leave a lot to be desired.

I also found that the "difficulty" and "effort" ratings on the game are not consistent with how I would rate the difficulty and effort required.

The game includes the following songs:

"All That Jazz" (All That Jazz) -- this one is fairly low difficulty and effort, but the scoring can be off.
"Luck Be A Lady" (Gu-ys and Dolls) -- this one is slightly more difficult than other songs, but the effort required is fairly low.
"Aquarius" (Hair) -- this one is easy
"My Favorite Things" (The Sound of Music) -- this one is easy
"Bend and Snap" (Legally Blonde) -- this one is slightly more difficult than other songs, and also requires a little more effort.
"One Night Only" (Dreamgirls) -- this one is more difficult
"Dreamgirls" (Dreamgirls) -- this one is easy.
"Time Warp" (The Rock Horror Picture Show) -- this one is difficult
"Fame" (Fame) -- this one is more difficult than other songs, and requires a little more effort.
"We're in the Money" (42nd Street) -- this one is of moderate difficulty and effort.
"Let The Sunshine In" (Hair) -- this one is easy
"You Can't Stop the Beat" (Hairspray) -- this one is moderately difficult
"Little Shop of Horrors Theme" (Little Shop of Horrors) -- this one is moderately difficult to difficult
"Lullaby of Broadway" (42nd Street) -- this one is moderately difficult
"Cabaret" (Cabaret) -- this one is more difficult
"Roxie" (Chicago) -- this one is very easy
"Good Morning, Baltimore" (Hairspray) -- this one is of moderate difficulty
"Thoroughly Modern Millie" (Thoroughly Modern Millie) -- this one is of moderate difficulty
"Money, Money" (Cabaret) -- this one is more difficult
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on June 29, 2013
Years ago I used to purchase Broadway movies on video (when they were available) so that I could learn the dances. It was rather difficult to keep rewinding to view the the dance scenes and it was not set up to allow dancing while viewing. Update to 2013 and now I can learn popular Broadway dances using my wii which will actually track my movements (at least the movement of my right arm) and rate my ability to do the dances. You can choose from 20 different Broadway hits to dance to with different levels of difficulty. To increase the difficulty level you can choose a more difficult tune. Up to 4 players can dance at once while holding the remotes. You are supposed to follow the movements of the dancers on the screen. At the bottom of the screen stick figures will occasionally appear in order to prepare you for a change in the steps. The dancers themselves are cartoon figures with realistic proportions. The dances are not real hard and some of the same movements are used in some of the different dances. Probably anyone including children could practice these if they wanted. You don't actually have to be a good dancer to participate. But make no mistake this is real Broadway dancing and it is a workout if you choose to make it a workout. It does not involve a lot of jumping around, some of the dances remind me of line dancing or low impact aerobics (remember when that was popular?). Between each song there is a break when you can choose a different tune to dance to or choose the same one. The forced break can be annoying and I would prefer to be able to chose a sequence of songs rather than just one at a time.

The first time I used this I practiced for 3 hours without realizing it. Then I had a few friends over and we had a blast practicing the Time Warp, Fame, and some of the other dances while having a few margaritas. The bottom line is, if you enjoy Broadway music and dancing and would like to get some exercise which is low impact and not too difficult than you might enjoy this. If you have ever wanted to dance the Time Warp, Aquarius, or All That Jazz (or any of the other tunes listed) you may enjoy this. If you prefer a hard core fat burning workout, if you don't enjoy Broadway style dancing, or if you looking for non-stop rave style dancing this may not be for you.

To conclude, this is a game which allows you to practice and learn 20 real Broadway dances. That is what it does and it does it well. Sooo, Let's do the time warp again!

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