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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent doesn't do it justice....
For those of you who have the Kinect, Dance Central was THE game to get for it. With songs like "Poison" and "Brick House", it was the first game that actually made me want to get off my butt and dance. Though - to be fair, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures are great games in their own right, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when your dance moves sends...
Published on October 25, 2011 by Quentin Gerlach

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great game, but...
I liked Dance Central. I liked it a lot. I was very much looking forward to Dance Central 2 as I was sure it'd be an improvement, which it is. The 2 player co-op is a big plus because I hated taking turns in the first one. Now 2 players can be on-screen at the same time for synchronized dancing. Be sure you have a lot of room however, otherwise you'll be dancing into each...
Published on November 29, 2011 by Darcal

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158 of 163 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent doesn't do it justice...., October 25, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
For those of you who have the Kinect, Dance Central was THE game to get for it. With songs like "Poison" and "Brick House", it was the first game that actually made me want to get off my butt and dance. Though - to be fair, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures are great games in their own right, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when your dance moves sends your friend crying off to mommy. Haha - but in all seriousness, Dance Central made dancing fun. With Break it Down mode, you could learn moves at your own pace, and the actual song never stopped just because you weren't doing so well that one time.

If you didn't think it could get any better, trust me -- it does. The main feature to come to Dance Central 2 is the ability of two people to play at the same time. The function works well enough, though it does get awkward depending on which songs you do. It's actually not a fault of the Kinect, just that one person's body movements sometimes gets in front of yours, and it confuses the game. A nice addition to the game is that when you pick a song, before you play it, the game actually does a little preview of the dance moves involved with the songs - a nice quick way to see how difficult the moves actually are (or aren't).

You also can import your songs from the original Dance Central, unfortunately - you have to pay for the privilege. I really shouldn't have to spend Microsoft Points to redownload the songs - just allow me to store the songs from Dance Central on the HDD or USB stick, and play them from there in Dance Central 2. Also, one of the commentors had mentioned that the dancers don't do their little quirky sayings and moves in the beginning of songs anymore. He's correct, but I'm sure I like it or not. Having them making random sayings or moves gave them personality - almost making me choose one over the others. Maybe it's just me though....

One more thing that can be hit or miss: the game now allows you to go through menus and change options by the regular hand swipes, or with your voice. The voice recognition does work, but I've noticed that it sometimes has a hard time picking up your voice when you're in a song. I really don't like having to turn my TV down when I'm singing "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz, ok Harmonix??

Those are really the only three things I can say that are somewhat a negative to this fantastic sequel. They also changed up the songs somewhat - picking some more 90s and today's hits, like "What is Love?" by Haddaway and "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. I have to say it - flawless performance on this, Harmonix. Another thing I enjoyed: Dance Battles just got a whole lot more interesting. Instead of having Freestyle like in Perform It mode, they took it out, and put in Freestyle Moves, where the game shows you 4 different moves, and each person can choose whichever they want to perform, but if you and the other player start performing the SAME move, you basically go head-to-head to see who can finish the move correctly FIRST. I can't tell you how much more fun and competitive that made Dance Battles. Also something to note - Dance Central 2 introduced Gold Moves, which are worth 4x the points. And yes - Gold Moves are in Freestyle Moves (can't tell you how much of a competition that creates).

Between the awesome selection of music to the once-again awesome and nice twist of humor in the move names (Sir Mix-It-Up, Funky Charleston just a few of the ones I noticed), Dance Central 2 proves that if you just put the time and effort into it, sequels really can be better than the originals....
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5.0 out of 5 stars Time to get down again, October 27, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
I'm an old lady, but I love the Dance Central series. And DC2 is a worthy -- better than worthy -- successor to DC.

Like in DC, you'll get to learn new dance moves and choreographies, sweat, and generally have a good time set to good music. But there are a few differences.

1) Graphics. The graphics are a lot better this go-round, from the backgrounds to the way the characters move. Instead of being set in a gritty city setting, they've moved down to a Cali/Miami-styled place, with richer and brighter colors. DC2 looks amazing. The incidental music feels more sophisticated.

2) Instead of dancing as a particular character, you dance with a "crew," whether that means the athletes of Riptide, the club kidz of Hi-Def, or one of the other styled crews. I haven't seen Dare or Oblio, two fan faves from DC, so far in a few hours of play. Boo. However, the crews mean there's a campaign mode. You select the level of difficulty for the dances at the outset (Easy, Medium or Hard), then cruise from one crew to the next dancing their routines with them. This means you get to go through the campaign three times, if you want, and the personalities of the crews come through.

3) Fitness is tweaked. There are playlists, which load pretty rapidly, so you can either do a 20-minute low-impact workout or a 50-minute "long hall." The game estimates calories for you, though I'm curious to know how it does so since a medium-sized old lady like myself burns a vastly lower amount of calories than someone significantly larger and a lot more than a skinny kid. You can also create your own playlists. If there were a "shuffle mode" that would have been perfection.

4) Break It Down mode is WAY better. You can actually get through it faster than in DC, and using voice commands can slow it down, video your movements and check against the dancer, and focus on one or two moves you may need to get through. The only reason I'll never have all the achievements on DC is because one is "get 100 percent on all songs in break it down." If this tech had existed for DC, I might have gotten it.

5) Import all your DC songs. This is great, but 400 MSP? Come on. I'm glad I got the pre-order free points to do it. But the instructions were wrong -- don't redeem code from inside the game for this, go through your XboxLive account. Seriously, there are too many digits for the in-game code redemption, which works for the 240 MSP card you get inside the package.

Speaking of songs, there are some really good ones on DC2. Lots of them are not family-friendly, even with words blipped out. And there are a lot of "meh" songs. I think my biggest disappointment in the DC series is that there is a lot of great dance music out there, but a lot of what DC licenses is ... "meh." What's up with that? Why don't they get a whack at better songs? They get a lot of great songs through "Rock Band," why is a dance game such a challenge?

While I'm on about song choices, I think one of the things that hampers the series is its music choices are all in a limited genre -- hip hop, classic disco/funk and pop. Why not bust out an occasional jazz standard, rockabilly or country song, at least for DLC? Here's where having characters and crews kind of limits the range, one way that the Just Dance series overcomes these limitations. Of course, Just Dance 3 is way more family-friendly than DC. But my point is that if you're going to limit your range, you need to get the best of what's available from that range, and I don't know that Harmonix necessarily does that (I mean, three novelty songs -- the Numa Numa song, "What is Love?" and "Baby Got Back" are supplemented with the Humpty Dance. This is too much novelty. At least they're fun to dance, if not to have stuck in your head -- damn you, Haddaway.)

6) Two people can dance at the same time. Yay! Party time! And there are mini-games in the multiplayer mode.

7) You can shut off Freestyle mode and just do programmed moves for all the DC2 dances (not so much the older stuff you have).

8) The way it reads your moves seems to have improved. Although going "down" in a scroll menu you can still have a rough time of it getting "stuck."

At any rate, there were reasons that DC was the best, most-popular Kinect title on the market forever. And those same reasons -- fun, fitness, challenge, friendly multiplayer -- are still around, and even stronger, in DC2.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dancing Has Returned to the Xbox - Better Than Ever, October 25, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
When you think about the Kinect, there are a handful of games that come to mind. Without doubt, Dance Central has earned its spot in the Kinect Hall of Fame. There are dance games and then there is Dance Central. Millions of fans have benefited from the fun approach of dance instruction and often club floors are living testimony of Dance Centralfs impact. Now, the DC crew is back and better than ever in Dance Central 2 for Kinect.


There are many positive things to talk about with Dance Central 2. Immediately you will notice the clean interface and ease of menu navigation. The original version of DC was already clean, but Harmonix took their time to make navigation even more of a breeze. This aided tremendously by the addition of voice commands. Within seconds of popping in the game, you can be dancing. For me, all it took was literally saying, gXbox, dance, song, Like a G6, XBox danceh. And off I went.

For those that have already played the first Dance Central and even purchased songs, everything is ready to transfer directly into Dance Central 2. Purchased songs will automatically show up in Dance Central 2s playlist. To carry over all the songs from the original Dance Central, you will need the code that came with the first game and 400 MS Points (5 USD). The transition is smooth, but you will need a harddrive or USB drive, as well as a connection to the internet. Once the songs carry over, everything is integrated into the game. Your play list becomes HUGE. All of Dance Central 2s new features are supported except the option to skip the freestyle part of the song.

The new game play modes are subtle, but add a lot of play value to Dance Central 2. My personal favorite new additions include the ability to make my own playlists and the Dance Crew challenges. There are already a decent amount of pre-made playlists, but you are able to pick your own songs for some killer back-to-back dancing sessions. As for the Dance Crew challenges, this is as close as you are going to get in a story mode for the game. Essentially, you meet a Dance Crew, dance the selected songs, and unlock the next crew. This makes it more of an immersive game versus dancing for the heck of it.

One huge bonus of Dance Central 2 is the ability to have two players, either playing cooperatively or battling it out. The second player can hop in and out of the game with ease and at any time. Like the song? Jump in and play. That easy.

One of the main niceties of playlists is for working out. Our Kinect to Fitness and Health group has already seen great success in people losing up to and over 100 pounds from playing the original Dance Central. On top of the improvements already mentioned, the workout mode now has its own screen in Dance Central 2. Calories are tracked from every activity, including Break It Down mode. When doing the playlists, the songs flow from one to another without interruption. What I absolutely LOVE is how quickly you now move into the song. No more waiting for your dancer to bounce around and talk buckets of smack. They might do a quick move and a few words, but nothing like the original Dance Central. And finally, when the dancing is done, the calories are added all up. The calorie tracker may not be totally correct (no weight or gender asked), but you definitely have an idea of how close you are to burning off that Halloween candy.

Break It Down mode has returned and has been made more inviting for us impatient folks. The same mode from the original has returned, but with added voice control. There is a sweet satisfaction in yelling, gskiph after being told to perform ehitch a ridef for the millionth time. Better yet, for the returning veterans, you will be able to pick out certain steps to learn, versus learning the routine. And for the curious mind that wants to know exactly what they are doing, you can shout, grecord videoh and a video of you dancing a particular move will show up behind the dance leader for comparison.

The final added feature that really brightened my day was the cleaned up store-front. The first Dance Central had the ability to buy extra songs, but was made cumbersome by having to pull up an extra menu and scroll through a few songs at a time. The new store is built into the game and is just as easy to navigate as the playerfs song list is. With a quick flick of the wrist, you can be jamming to James Brown in no time.


Despite all the nifty new features, the dividing point between Dance Central 2 and Just Dance 3 seems to be the songs and the graphics. Ifll have a more detailed comparison of these two games up later. As for Dance Central 2, the graphics are very similar, but have definitely had an overall. Character models are similar, but backgrounds and special effects have been smoothed out and upgraded. The game is a lot more pleasing to the eye. Between the scenic locales and neon hand paths, everything feels more alive than the original.

Everything in a dance game comes down to one thing: songs. The fact is, if you enjoy the music, you will enjoy dancing to it. Dance Central 2 has everything from Gaga to Willow in it. There isnft a song on the list that you probably wonft hear at the club. The song variety is a little more eclectic than the first Dance Central, but you still wonft find anything your granny might be anxious to jump into. The songs are all fun, even the Bieber one, but thankfully there are those playlists to pick your favoritescjust in case youfve had your fill of ethe Biebh.


When reviewing games, I like to look for the five ffs: family, fitness, fun, functionality, and firsts. Dance Central 2 is rated for the teen crowd and above. Mostly for lyrics, but there are a few mildly suggestive dances. I mean, do you really think you can dance Baby Got Back or The Humpty Dance without smacking some booty? For the fitness folks, there isnft a better game I can think of that will get your cardio flowing. Playlists and trimmed song intros will make sure you are getting a full heart-pounding workout. Without doubt Dance Central 2 is one of the most fun games around. Now with two player tracking and voice commands, the same trusted functionality of the original has been upped. There isnft a lot ground-breaking features that Dance Central 2 brings to the table, but you can expect a lot of additional features compared to the original. Calorie tracking, playlists, uploading to Facebook, and more have all been done by other games, but now you can have the complete package.


- Streamlined play
- Two players
- Playlist creation
- Calorie tracker
- Many more!!

- None!


If you have ever been interested in a dancing game, then this is the one to get. With the streamlined play, ability to bring in your previously owned songs, and added player tracking, youfll be partying for quite a while. The song selection has spread out, but still maintains its roots. Essentially, the bottom line is, if you own a Kinect then you will need to eventually own Dance Central 2.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great game, but unlike DC1, NOT for large people., October 29, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
I must say the song selection, character design, co-op play, and newly renovated moves are refreshing, but sadly this game has one design flaw - unlike Dance Central 1, which worked well with my large frame and helped me to lose 100lbs (Yay me!), I have found within the first hour of play, that it will not register me below the waist at all (Even though I am wearing skin-tight pants, and have checked to make sure I appear fully in the camera frame), and it will barely register my arms, although this may be due to a baggy sleeves issue. However, this was never an issue before in DC1, wearing the exact same clothing. I feel like I have wasted my money in a game that keeps telling me I am doing the moves wrong when I know, as a veteran 5-Star DC1 player, that I am doing them right. I can't imagine what the issue here is... a change in programming perhaps? However, I really regret pre-ordering it now, as it cannot be returned (as it is opened). It's really too bad. I feel like I am stuck with a game I cannot play. I hope other larger people like myself will be helped by my review, and at least rent the game before buying to see if it will register you correctly. I gave this a five star rating for fun, because even though it would not register me, I got a great workout and had fun playing this game with my husband and friends. It gets only a 3 star rating overall because of the issue I have described. I should mention, to make sure this is not a camera or hardware issue, that all my thinner friends registered for the camera and were able to play just fine.

UPDATE 1/13/2013: Dusted off the game after basically ignoring it for awhile to find a series up updates available which seem to have fixed my problems. It reads me fairly well now, and while not perfect, makes the game fun.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Microsoft and Harmonix Have Done It Again, October 26, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
Dance Central was a huge step forward in dance video games when it was released as a launch title for the Xbox Kinect. It wasn't the first video game to let you use "real dance steps" (Just Dance had pioneered the concept a year earlier on the Wii). But by making use of the Kinect, it offered unprecedented accuracy in evaluating your precise moves. The question is, does Dance Central 2 move the platform forward? The answer is a resounding "yes".

As soon as I started up the game, one thing I noticed right away was that my whole body was getting picked up by the Kinect sensor, even though my TV is only about 6 feet from me. I can't tell you how many Kinect games can only detect my torso and above.

Something else I noticed right off the bat was that the user interface that Harmonix developed was the best I've seen of any Kinect game. You can scroll through long song lists easily, and menu selections require simple and foolproof "swipes" of the hand. Microsoft should require every game developer to use this instead of the current situation where each invents their own.

Okay, on to the game play itself.

There are five menu options when you start Dance Central. They are:

Crew Challenge
Buy New Dances

As with the previous version of Dance Central, you can just jump right into dancing by selecting "Dance". You'll be shown a list of songs to choose from. I noticed that as of today the Amazon product page doesn't have the list of songs, so I'll provide it here (the complexity of the song is in parentheses):

Atlantic Connection and Armanni Reign - Reach (1)
B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars - Nothin' on You (3)
Bananarama - Venus (2)
Bobby Brown - My Prerogative (4)
Britney Spears - Toxic (7)
Bruno Mars - Grenade (4)
Chingy - Right Thurr (3)
Ciara ft. Petey Pablo - Goodies (4)
Daddy Yankee ft. Fergie - Impacto - Remix (2)
Daft Punk - Technologic (6)
Darude - Sandstorm (1)
David Guetta ft. Akon - Sexy Chick (7)
Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole - Last Night (2)
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (2)
Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (3)
Electric Valentine - Body to Body (3)
Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull - I Like It (3)
EXILE - I Wish for You (4)
Far East Movement ft. Cataracs and Dev - Like a G6 (5)
Flo Rida ft. David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me (3)
Gnarls Barkley - Run - I'm a Natural Disaster (6)
Haddaway - What Is Love (5)
Justin Bieber - Somebody to Love (6)
Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On (2)
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks (2)
La Roux - Bulletproof (2)
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (5)
Lady Gaga - Born This Way (5)
Lena - Satellite (7)
Little Boots - Meddle (4)
Mary J. Blige - Real Love (1)
Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On (7)
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (2)
New Boyz - You're a Jerk (3)
Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett - Massive Attack (4)
O-Zone - Mai Ai Hee - Dragostea Din Tei (1)
Remy Ma - Conceited There's Something About Remy (5)
Rihanna - Rude Boy (3)
Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (3)
Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back - Mix Mix (6)
Tweet ft. Missy Elliot - Oops - Oh My (3)
Usher ft. Lil' Jon & Ludacris - Yeah! (5)
Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love (5)
Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (5)

For each song, each player can select a difficulty of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The "complexity of the song" plus "difficulty level" together dictate how complex and intricate the choreography is.

As others have noted, new to Dance Central 2 is the ability for two dancers to dance at once head-to-head. Once you select a song, the screen basically splits into two sides, where both dancers select the difficulty level they want to dance to (this allows for a "golf-like handicap" where strong dancers and weaker dancers can compete head-to-head). Here's where you really do need at least 8-10 feet of space and to stand separately, or you'll be bumping into each other and confusing the system if your motions cross.

I was a little perplexed as to why the system automatically assumed that two players; I would have rather seen the split screen come up only when another person stepped into the camera. Still, if you're playing solo, you can just ignore the left side of the screen and select "Play Solo".

The first time you play, you start out by reviewing the basics. For those who don't know, the concept is simple: you try to mirror the movements of an on-screen dancer as if you're looking through a mirror. A series of unique flashcards, with real dance move names like "cabbage patch", "snake", and "shoulder pop", will tell you which moves you should be performing as well as which ones are coming up. You have a couple cues to tell you how well you're dancing--a "spotlight" under your feet will display encouraging words when you hit the moves, the onscreen dancers will glow red if you're out of place, a boombox will display 1-5 stars depending on your progress through the song. Gold flashcards are worth 4x the points, and if you nail multiple moves at once, you'll "pump up the room".

Most of the reviewers have already talked about how spot-on the motion detection is, and all I can say is I agree. Every motion of your arms, legs, and body seem to be tracked almost perfectly. There are certain types of actions that the Kinect isn't necessarily great for (gunfire, precision sword fighting, and auto racing come to mind), but it's games like this where the Kinect's capabilities really shine.

After the song is done, you can view Photos of your performance. A nice new touch is that there is also a "Break Down" section, where the system will identify which areas of the song you didn't perform very well in, and review which areas you need to practice.

"Crew Challenge" is another new feature of the game. This is a 2-player "story" mode where both players perform as a "Dance Crew" battling to get to the top. Scoring works the same as in Dance mode with a few differences. For example, during dance battles, each member of the crew will be able to "go solo" where good performances will result in double the points. During a "Free 4 All", the dancers have to perform any of the moves of the song to score points. And so on. I was a little disappointed that the mode required two players, as this leaves out a large percentage of people. Having said that, if you've got a dancing buddy, you're going to love it.

To play "Fitness" mode you need to sign into a gamer profile. There's no option on the main menu to do this, you need to go to the Kinect menu and do it. Once you're signed in, you're brought to a menu where you can "Enable Fitness Mode". Once you've done this, the game will begin to track the calories you burn and the length of time you've played the game, both per session and lifetime. There are also a couple suggested workouts song mixes you can choose from, with names ranging from "Easy Start" (a 20-minute workout consisting of lighter songs such as Last Night and Hot Stuff) to "Sprint" (a 10-minute workout consisting of intense songs such as "Run (I'm a Natural Disaster" and "Toxic") and "The Long Haul" (a 49 minute marathon consisting of just about everything). I would have liked some more features within Fitness mode, such as the ability to set goals, set a schedule, see graphs of your progress, and so on. But regardless of all that, Dance Central 2 does have the potential of being a great way to work out that surpasses any step aerobics class at the gym.

In the "Options" menu, you can turn on and off Photos, Freestyling, Autosave, and Voice Control. There's also an intruguing option called "Enter Cheats".

"Buy New Dances" leads you to the downloadable content store. As of this writing there are 32 additional songs, each costing 240 Microsoft Points (about $3 a song). You can also purchase Dance Packs for 480-960 Microsoft Points each, and Marathon Packs for 1400 Microsoft Points. There's a pretty good variety of artists to choose from, from Ne-Yo to Rihanna to James Brown to The Black Eyed Peas to Sean Paul.

Bottom line, Dance Central 2 is a great sequel to an already great game. Of course, there is going to be a debate over whether Dance Central 2 or Just Dance 3 is the "better game", and I'm sure opposing sides will defend their choice with religious ferocity. But from my point of view, they're very different games. Just Dance seems to put more of an emphasis on being party game that's just "fun" (with more frivolous and lighthearted choreography and multi-platform play, but perhaps at the expense of precise motion tracking), while Dance Central definitely puts a higher emphasis on technical accuracy and perfecting the dance steps. But at the end of the day, both are extremely enjoyable to play, and both can provide a great workout.

But when all is said and done, from a motion detection perspective and a game which can teach you real dance moves that you can take onto any dance floor, Dance Central 2 right now represents the pinnacle of "real dance move-based" dance games on any platform.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!, December 27, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
So, I'm a big guy getting smaller and fast. I already have my heart rate and blood pressure down to where (below actually)it should be but can't seem to trim off the middle-aged middle-drift excess, until now. An hour or so of this amazingly intuitive and accessible fitness/dance/ridiculously fun game and the weight I've been wanting to trim is starting to melt away.

This is one happy, dancin' redneck. But no one and I mean no one besides the o'lady is gonna see the action as it takes place.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Update to the Series... Except some of the Playlist, October 26, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
There is little info out there about the game (compared to the spam ads of Dance Central, the original) I figured I should add some info. I was a bit skepticle with the lack of news on this game. But I loved the original so I bought it, and definitely don't regret the decision.

To begin with, if you liked Dance Central you are going to still like Dance Central 2. Its pretty much the same game with a different song list (plus the old list if you pay the $5 to import it), and a lot of new and updated features.

The Menu:

Similar to the last game, the opening sequence and menus set the vibe for a fun interactive game. The Menu is easier to navigate, and the menu for purchasing new songs now allows you to see more than one song at a time. The song list menu also shows a demonstration of the dance if you wait on a song enough, which is helpful for deciding the skill level required to perform it.

The Song List: (I'll include it at the bottom, because it isn't posted anywhere else.)

While it's expansive, its hard to say I really like it. The list is very hit or miss. It tries to hit all demographics between 80's, 90's, and today's top 40 music. As well as random tech to mix things up. The problem is I find myself loving half the songs, and being annoyed (or feel uncomfortable dancing to) some of the others ex. "Venus." So if you plan buy the game definitely definitely look the list over, or import the old songs so you can use the new features on the songs you love.

The Crew Challenge:

I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. Instead of having specific challenges on the setlist, it is it's own feature on the main menu. Obviously this game would be a bit weird to have a true story mode, but without some kind of story a lot of gamers would have no reason to replay the songs after getting the achievements. In crew challenge mode you meet the characters by dancing 9 songs to join their crew. Until you meet the last new crew member. Didn't add too much to the game, but overall it gave the game something more than a party or fitness aspect.

Break It Down:

I am so glad they fixed it! While break it down can be useful, it was boring trying to go through each dance move until you got to the one you really needed. Plus if you passed it once you had to go through the song again to get back. Before and after a song, you are able to choose whether you want to learn the whole song, or focus on specific moves, which makes it a lot easier to perfect the moves you actually need help with. You also have the option to record video of you dancing and have it play next to the character to see where you may be having trouble. Voice Commands have also been added to help navigation of a song in break it down mode, so you don't have to hold your arm out for 45 seconds as you fail a dance move.

Fitness Mode:

I've met people who used the first game religiously for exercise, and it definitely gets people active so I can see why. The biggest addition are pre-made setlists for every part of a work out, whether it be a warm up or a cool down. I feel like this is a nice feature, and they did a decent job at matching songs to build or slowly drop your heart rate. They've also added new features to help track calories you burn outside of Perform It Mode which is convenient if you want it to track all the calories you have lost in other modes.

Two Player:

I haven't tried it yet (not enough room in my room :P), but I'll update as soon as I try it. The interface for it looks efficient, allowing for a second player to join right in at anytime If the kinect can effectively watch both people, I am sure it is amazing. I can't wait to try dance battles now that you don't have to sit through the song twice. My friends no longer will need to dance in the background or take turns.


I was hoping for a few more venues, characters, and outfits. There are very few extras. Luckily none of these unlockables really affect gameplay, other than personal preference, so the addition or subraction of them doesn't really matter in the enjoyment of the game.

New Characters:

They no longer have Eliot, Oblio, Dare, or McCoy, instead they added counterparts to the other old characters to form dance teams. They added seven new characters: Glitch, L'il T, and Bodie, *spoiler* Jaryn, Kerith, Cyph -56, and cyph-78 *spoiler*. Glitch is kind of my problem character, because his shorter limbs make it harder to tell arm movements, similar to the robot in the last game. Other than that characters again don't matter other than their stereotype catch phrases.

Voice Commands:

Originally I really didn't like this concept, but after failing songs in the last game (because you have to hold your arm out 45 seconds) I can see why this was added. Voice Commands make it fast and easy to pause in the middle of a routine, or change how break it down mode is helping you. This is a very nice and useful addition. Unfortunately, if you are quick to skip instruction screens, you will miss the directions to use them. So I didn't know the commands or all of the features voice command could regulate (If you skipped it, check the instruction manual).


Updated Menus - make it easier to jump into the game and get new content from the marketplace
Less annoying characters - (sorry Dare and McCoy)
2 players at the same time
Extensive playlist (by this I mean a lot of songs, especially if you import the old ones)
Fitness Mode - new features and playlists that combine well to make an effective work out.
Break It Down
Voice Commands


The Playlist - while there are some good choices, most of the songs are really hit or miss (why have you still not added Thriller!!!)
Paying $5 to upload the old songs - plus you need the code from the manual from your first game to do this
Instructions hard to find for voice commands if you aren't looking at the manual (I did trial by error and figured it out)


This game is a lot of fun with friends, especially allowing for two players at once. Its a better version of the last game, with a different set list. Between all the updated features and the ability to import old songs, this has become my new favorite kinect game (over the original). My one qualm is the set list... I feel like they spread the variety too thin, leading to a bunch of unwanted songs that I have to beat to get 5 stars on everything and beat the crew challenges. This goes for the DLC bundles which do the same thing, each one has one song I like and the rest I don't care for.

One final remark is that this game does take a couple songs before you are used to watching the player and the flash cards, but once you figure it out its by far the best kinect game on the market.

Comparing Just Dance 3 to Dance Central 2:

Just Dance 3 is fun if you want a mindless party game that takes little effort to succeed at (watch youtube videos of people standing in place and doing better than those actually trying). Dance Central is a lot of fun, but takes some time to get used to. Plus, in the end only one teaches you real dance moves (I'll give you two guesses).

Song List:

Sandstorm - Darude
Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tea) - O-Zone
Reach - Atlantic Connection And Armanni Reign
Real Love - Mary J. Blige
Venus - Bananarama
Bulletproof - La Roux
Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle
Last Night - P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole
The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
Impacto (Remix) - Daddy Yankee feat. Fergie
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
Body to Body - Electric Valentine
Fire Burning - Sean Kingston
You're A Jerk - New Boyz
Oops (Oh My) - Tweet feat. Missy Elliot
Right Thurr - Chingy
Rude Boy - Rihanna
Nothin' On You - B.O.B feat. Bruno Mars
Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida feat. David Guetta
I Like It - Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
Massive Attack - Nikki Minaj feat. Sean Garrett
My Prerogative - Bobby Brown
Grenade - Bruno Mars
I Wish For You - Exile
Meddle - Little Boots
Goodies - Ciara
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Whip My Hair - Willow Smith
Conceited (There's Something About Remy) - Remy Ma
What Is Love? - Haddaway
Like A G6 - Far East Movement
Yeah! - Usher feat. Lil' Jon & Ludacris
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher feat. Pitbull
Run (Natural Disaster) - Gnarls Barkley
Baby Got Back (Mix Mix) - Sir Mix-A-Lot
Technologic - Daft Punk
Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber
Satellite - Lena
Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot
Toxic - As made famous by Britney Spears
Sexy Chick - David Guetta feat. Akon

(If anyone debating on the game has more specific questions, I would be happy to update this review)
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5.0 out of 5 stars My Pregnant Wife and Mother in Law, October 25, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
This is not meant to be a big in-depth review. I merely want to state the features from Dance Central 1 (DC1) that were important to me and how they are matched or better in Dance Central 2 (DC2). But first I want to say that my pregnant wife and mother-n-law are having a blast playing it.

DC1 was my favorite Kinect game to navigate, second is Your Shape. It just is so intuitive to just stick out your hands and swipe. I find menus that require you to hover more annoying and difficult to navigate. DC2 maintains the DC1's navigation style and adds a nice click sound to it. Doesn't really add anything but more importantly doesn't take anything away. What makes navigation in DC2 better though is the incorporated voice controls, they are responsive enough to use and have so far been coming in very handy. What I like most about the voice commands is that you don't have to pause after you say "xbox" and then say "Dance", you just say "Xbox Dance". Nice. I use it most in break down mode, Love it.

Learning Moves and Slow Mode:
I think something that all people enjoy about DC1 is how accurately you have to do the moves to make them count. But this requires a good system to help you learn them. DC1 had an adequate system. You always had the option to slow down a move and learn it in slow mo and then speed up once you felt ready. The only issue was when it let you continue onto the next move before you wanted to, there was no way (that I know of) to go back. DC2 incorporates the same slow mo training but adds a few extra options. It allows you to go back to previous moves if it skips on to another move before you are done, Big Plus. You can do this by either saying "Xbox Previous" or lifting your right arm at 45 degrees to bring up the menu and select "previous." To go into slow mo you must say "Xbox Slowdown" or use your right arm. I kind of miss the old swipe left at the top of the screen to slow down as it was fast, but I understand why they took it out; I can remember several times when I'd accidentally swipe upper left and go into slow mo when I didn't want to. Using your voice to give the xbox commands to go to the into slow mo is just as fast, but you can't turn your music up so loud your neighbors can hear because you xbox won't be able to hear you. But you can have the volume at a decent level. My voice had to be nice and firm though (not shouting), of course you can probably speak quieter if you reduce the TV volume even more. You can of course skip ahead a move as well and you now have the ability to focus on specific moves from the menu. This is a huge plus. So happy to see all these additions.

Accuracy of Moves and 2-Player:
While I loved DC1, like everyone else I wanted 2 players to be able to be tracked at the same time. As you know DC2 does. My main fear was a loss of accuracy with tracking two players. I have not yet noticed any reduction of accuracy. This is such a big accomplishment for DC2 and probably the biggest plus. No more feeling dumb dancing by myself. Now I just have to make sure I don't knock out my wife when I swing or kick out my arm/legs during some of the moves.

Funny Videos of yourself:
DC1 as you probably know had moments during each song when you could self-dance and then it would play it back to you and you could laugh at yourself. DC2 continues this but also incorporates and self video when you are learning a move. You have the option to record and view yourself trying to do a move. This is a cool feature. Not sure how useful it is yet.

What Else:
There are a couple more things worthy of note.
-First: The music selection is great, no complaint there.
-Second: It allows the second player to jump in and out of a song. This is one of my favorite features in these types of games.
-Third: it identifies each player pretty well and will ask if it's confused. I like that. Games that don't do this well are annoying, sometimes I have had to restart such games just because it identified the wrong person and had no way to correct it in game.
-Fourth: There are some minor additions to graphics and play cards that make the experience just a little bit more fun.

I hope this review has helped. There has been nothing yet that I liked about DC1 that is not in DC2. I am very happy to say that DC2 keeps what was good about DC1 and adds only what will make it just that much better. A hard task too accomplish that many companies do not always accomplish.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Dance Central 2 vast improvement on DC1, November 12, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
I'll make this short and sweet... I freakin' love Dance Central, the game was the only reason I bought an XBOX (I'm a woman in my thirties and thought I'd never own an XBOX). I love the Dance Central playlist (hip hop, r&b and dance) and the choreography is very authentic, the stuff of music videos. I originally had a Wii but I wasn't feeling the avatars, playlist and choreography of Just Dance, just wasn't my cup of tea, it had a more universal commercial feel. The animated avatars/characters on Dance Central look great and the dance environments provide a great atmosphere (unlike Just Dance). As much as I loved Dance Central 1, it wasn't perfect!


With Dance Central 2 Harmonix fixed every grip I had with Dance Central 1.

Now two players can battle each other simultaneously, with the previous version of Dance Central you had to perform separately and compare scores after the second player had perfomed.

Freestyle mode in the middle of the choreography is now optional (for new routines), I personally didn't care for it as I wanted to perform choreographed moves from start to finish without interruption.

The workout mode has been developed to meet the needs of consumers wanting to use dance central primarily as a fitness tool. DC2 offers continuous songs using playlists so you don't have to stop every few minutes to choose another song/level/dancer (keeping ones heart rate up). Also the ability to switch off free style mode, aids with the quality of the workout.

Enables users to learn the choreography step by step outside of the game mode, DC2 now allows players to jump straight to the moves you have problems with.

Can't recommend this game enough...
If you love to dance...
If you enjoy hip hop, r&b, dance and dance hall music then you'll enjoy this game.
There are hundreds of videos online showing the gameplay so check those out before you make a purchase.

Finally I only have one criticism, it would be great to have a larger selection of avatars, apart from that I'm very happy with the game.
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5.0 out of 5 stars just the best multiplayer experience! pure awesome!!!, October 30, 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dance Central 2 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
I won't go into the minutiae of the game. There are plenty of reviews for that. The bottom line is you like dancing at all and if you liked DDR, Dance Central 1, or the Just Dance series, you have to buy Dance Central 2! It improved on DC1 in so many ways (and Dance Central 1 is already an awesome game as it is). The only weakness now is that there is no online multiplayer but no other dance games provide that option except for Zumba Fitness so hopefully DC3 can address that.

I will detail what my friends and I have found that we love and probably isn't covered by most reviews. Had a DC2 party last night and everyone loved it so much more than DC1 (though they loved DC1 way back in the day).

The best new feature to them was the fact that you can sign into 4 profiles and you can rotate through profiles easily (had each of them go through KinectID so that there was facial recognition). Just step up and bam, the Kinect recognizes the person and provides scoring for that unique individual. In DC1, everyone pretty much played under 1 profile. You can also set up different difficulty levels for different people so the great dancer doesn't have to do easy steps or the average dancer doesn't have to feel under duress with difficult steps.

The soundtrack is just awesome this time. They all mentioned how they liked this soundtrack more and I agree. Did the song import as well so people like all your Dance Central songs in one place, using 1 disc.

The other great new feature they liked but caused us minor problems some time was the automatic drop-in/drop-out feature. If there are 2 people playing and one person sits down, he drops out and there's only single player dancing. If a second player stands in the frame, he joins in and the players are dancing side by side on the screen. But in the beginning (since this was a new game to us), when we had people switching, we weren't quick in switching people so it would drop to single player and then back to multiplayer. That was a little disorienting on the screen so this time we made sure people didn't drop out during a song or we made sure people switched fast (no indecisiveness!).

And the tutorials section is better as well. Now you can practice just the moves you are having problems with, without having to go through the entire tutorial.

For those interested in dancing as exercise, now you can set up playlists and have nonstop dancing. This was a weakness of DC1 because in DC1, you had to pick a song after each song was completed so there was a downtime of about a minute between songs (choosing the song, the difficulty, etc.).

You can also now record videos and upload pics/videos to the Net. In DC1, it took pictures of your dancing but it stayed on your Xbox.

There's just so much that makes DC2 truly superior to all dance games out there to cover. I get excited just thinking of the fun I've had in the brief time I've had the game. Now I can conquer the steps for all my DC songs and then can go back to DC1 to finish it and get all the achievements for that game (now that you can tailor your tutorials completely).

And just one more tidbit to finish this off:
The most crazy thing is one of my friends never plays video games. His aunt bought him a PS2 way back in the day when it was well over $200, and it sat under his bed until his friend found it. He then sold it to his friend for something like $100 (when it was still hot and going for over $200). He bought a Wii since everyone else got one but he never used it.

And now, he's going to pick up a 360 with Kinect after playing around with DC2, DC1, KS2, KS1, and Lips. He's big into rapping so he'll probably get Def Jam Rapstar as well. This might be the first system that he actually plays and enjoys. The cool thing is I made zero sales pitch because I knew he didn't play video games, but he got excited anyway and plans to pick up a system, just because of Dance Central 2 (well, also because of Lips and Kinect Sports 1 and 2).
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