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HALL OF FAMEon November 13, 2003
The reason Dare To Be Stupid is my favourite Weird Al album is that "Like A Surgeon" was the first I heard of him and I remember laughing at the video on MTV. I wouldn't want the guy in the song, an intern who was last in his class, and whose patients have a high mortality rate: "It's a fact, I'm a quack/the disgrace of the AMA/cause my patients die/yeah, my patients die/before they can pay." The way he says "HEY!" after he sings the title really skewers Madonna. EEG beeps are featured that flatline towards the end of the song, immediately after "I can your heart beat/for the very last time."
The title track has a uptempo new wave sound that's almost like a Devo song, but Al sings a laundry list of things one can do to emulate the song. Some are takes on old cliches, "it's time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys, it's time to let the bedbugs bite." Others are way sillier, "You better squeeze all the Charmin you can, when Mr. Whipple's not around, stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan."
Only Weird Al could take Huey Lewis and the News' "I Want A New Drug" and turn it into "I Want A New Duck." This is not only silly, with Donald Duck-like quacks, but has some groaners for puns, "duck tape", "the duck stops here", and the king of them all, "one that won't smell too foul."
"One More Minute" is a breakup ballad where he sings like Elvis a la "Can't Help Falling In Love". The bitter humour used is like those pain gags used in Inspector Clouseau or Naked Gun comedies: "I'd rather have my blood sucked out by leeches/shove an icepick under a toenail or two/I'd rather clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my tongue/than spend one more minute with you." There is a hint of innuendo using a clever metaphor: "cause I'm stranded all alone/in the gas station of love/and I have to use the self-service pumps."
"Yoda" is a send-up of the Kinks' "Lola" and here's the first shot at Star Wars Al did years before "The Saga Begins." The Dagobah swamp is described as a place "where it bubbles like a giant carbonated soda" Yoda, yo-yo-yo-yo-Yoda" Catchy, that. Funniest line: "I know Darth Vader's got you really annoyed/but remember if you kill him then you'll be unemployed/oh my Yoda."
The brief "George Of The Jungle" replicates the theme song to the show. "Slime Creatures From Outer Space" features weird space age noises about an invasion from beyond the stars.
I wonder if Al got any dates after singing his Cyndi Lauper's send-up, complete with crunching noises. His funny take on the female metabolic system and how females never like to pay would've gotten him a moratorium on dating: "She eats like she got a hole in her neck and I'm the one that always gets stuck with the check/can't figure out why they don't weight a ton/girls, they wanna have lunch."
I was told that the ragtime/Dixieland jazz of "This Is the Life," about something being so filthy rich, was featured in the Johnny Dangerously movie. Nice guitar solo here.
"Cable TV" is another critique on TV, on the perception that getting more satellite channels and esoteric ones makes one cool, be it watching the stock report in Korean, midget wrestling, Celebrity Hockey, etc. "83 channels of escatasy/I love my cable TV" go the chorus. Here's how it'll it end: "I never want to leave my apartment/cause there's so much for me to see." Is life is so empty that they feel fulfilled doing that?
Finally, "Hooked On Polkas," which is a polka medley of 80's tracks Al does snippets of with accordion accompaniment and silly noises. The medley consists of Pee Wee Hunt's "12th Street Rag", Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger's "State Of Shock", ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man", Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It", Hall and Oates' "Method Of Modern Love", Yes's "Owner Of A Lonely Heart", Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It", Nena's "99 Luftballons", Kenny Loggins' "Footloose", Duran Duran's "The Reflex", Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head", and Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax."
So, bite off more than you can chew, take some wooden nickels, look for Mr. Goodbar, get your mojo working now, you can dare to be stupid.
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on December 19, 1999
This CD is awesome! I've never listened to an "Al"-bum with so many songs that appeal to my ear drums. "Like a Surgeon", "Dare to Be Stupid", "I want a new Duck", "One More Minute", "Yoda", "Slime Creatures from Outer Space", "Girls just wanna have Lunch", "This is the Life", "Cable TV, "Hooked on Polkas". . . . they are all awesome! , (if you didn't know, I named all but one song on that CD). It's got some of Al's best parodies, ("Like a Surgeon", "I want a new Duck", "Yoda", and "Girls just wanna have Lunch"), coolest Artist parodies, ("One More Minute" and definately "Dare to be Stupid"), and shows Al's versatility in originals,("Slime Creatures from Outer Space", "This is the Life", and "Cable TV"). "I want a new Duck" is Al's most underrated parody of all time, and should be on his greatest hits CD. "Hooked on Polkas" revolutionized Al into making awesome polka adaptations from several excerpts of hit songs. Even though the title sounds stupid, "Slime Creatures from Outer Space" is one of Al's best originals, with a bunch of kooky sound effects, blues guitar riffs, and hilarious lyrics. "This is the Life" has musical tidbits from all music; Polka, Blues, Heavy Metal, and even a disco twist tossed in for good luck.
"Dare to be Stupid" has to be heard to be believed. Take the risk of buying it before pre-listening, believe me. It's worth every cent.
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on June 23, 2005
"Weird Al"'s third album continues with the pattern he established with his second album. An (almost) equal number of parodies and originals, plus a medley of hit songs done polka style. (Although this album throws in an out-of-leftfield cover version of the George of the Jungle theme song.) The parodies: "Like a Surgeon" and "Yoda" are classics, "I Want a New Duck" and "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch" are just average. The originals are all pretty good, with "Dare to Be Stupid" (a Devo style song) and "One More Minute" (a '50s vocal group style song) being absolute classics. Recommended to "Weird Al" fans (you know who you are).
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on June 2, 2003
This album carries on from `In 3D' with more classic parodies and chuckle inducing original songs by the Master of parodies, Weird Al Yankovic. This ranks up there with later releases such as `In the Deep End', `Alapolooza' and `Running With Scissors'. DARE is strictly a case of `buy or die', if you like Weird Al.

LIKE A SURGEON - A medical (and malpratical) twist of the Madonna anthem. The video clip with Al cavorting around in surgical getup convulses me every time (all puns intended!). Love the heart monitor beeps sprinkled throughout the track until finally flat lining at the climax!
DARE TO BE STUPID - Can Devo get any funnier? Only if Al gets a hold of them! He imitates Devo's two singers to perfection and the lyrics are scream inducing: "You can be a crowning achiever or you can sit around the house and watch `Leave It To Beaver' ".
I WANT A NEW DUCK - Watch Al batter Huey Lewis' `I Want A New Drug' to death with a barrage of groan-producing `duck' jokes. Love that quacking solo in the middle of the song.
ONE MORE MINUTE - This is the type of song I would kill to sing to an ex who had broken my heart. Yankovic recites a list of atrocities he would like to self-inflect rather than spend one more minute with his ex-girlfriend. The `doo wop' background vocals are a nice touch and the video clip is a killer . . .literally!
YODA - Apparently Ray Davies loves what Al did to his rock staple `Lola'. Dedicated to the Star Wars creature ` who looks like a Muppet, but he's wrinkled and green.'
GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE - Note perfect cover of the Jay Ward cartoon theme. Introduced me to George way before I saw the cartoons or the movie. Come along, everybody sing it with me: "Watch out for that (CRASH! "Ooh!") Tree!"
SLIME CREATURES FROM OUTER SPACE - A rocking tribute to those cheesy `50s sci-fi movies. A slight track, but it's got some good wordplay (and a quick nod to `Ghostbusters' at track's end).
GIRLS JUST WANT HAVE LUNCH - An excuse for mass slurping and burping solos . . .. and why not? Cyndi Lauper's `80s `Girl Power' Anthem gets taken out to lunch with some side splitting results: " She eats like she's got a hole in her neck and I'm the one who always get stuck with the check"
THIS IS THE LIFE - From the movie `Johnny Dangerously', this is a bouncy hymn to being filthy rich and powerful. I wish, I wish . . .
CABLE TV - One of Al's television songs (but oddly a positive one), specifically about the joys of having cable. Another slight, but fun song.
HOOKED ON POLKAS - Another round of chart hits to be polkaed to death by Al and his band of cronies. Always a highlight of every Weird Al-bum (sorry about that!)
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on February 27, 2014
This is a awesome cd it is fun and enjoyable to listen to the best songs on this cd are


1. Like A Surgeon
2. Dare To Be Stupid
3. I Want A New Duck
5. Yoda
6. George Of The Jungle
7. Slime Creatures From Outer Space
8. Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
9. This Is The Life
10. Cable TV

if you have not listened to this cd then I recommend you do
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on April 20, 2015
My quest to find and download every one of "Weird" Al Yankovic's songs (even the ones that never made it to albums for whatever reason) continues, and has taken me to one of his most well-known albums of his "classic" era in the '80s -- "Dare To Be Stupid." Even folks who are only vaguely aware of the accordion-playing madman are probably familiar with at least one of his songs, and he's seen such phenomenal success as a parody artist that he's become the joy and the bane of musical artists everywhere, as almost all musicians seem to take it as either a compliment or an insult to be parodied by him, with very little in-between. And Al was hitting his stride with this album, finally settling into his signature sound and becoming popular enough that artists were pretty much expecting to be parodied by him eventually at this point.

"Dare To Be Stupid" contains some of Al's most popular parodies and original songs, as well as a couple of his "problem" songs. Said "problem" songs are fairly obvious upon listening, but those songs aside, this is a wonderfully solid album, and shows that he's found his signature sound.

"Weird" Al's music usually captures the feel of the music of its era, which is understandable seeing as he's made a career of parodying popular music. Thus, with artists like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper being popular at the time of this album's release, it's understandable that his music would be stylistically similar to theirs (even if it's under duress in the Lauper case, but more on that later). The parodies on this album are among Al's most famous, including "Like a Surgeon" (Madonna's "Like a Virgin"), "Yoda" (The Kinks' "Lola"), and "I Want A New Duck" (Huey Lewis and the News' "I Want a New Drug"), and unlike previous albums they sound very similar to their source material, save the lyrics and some comical sound effects and exaggerations on Al's part. In the case of "Like a Surgeon," legend has it that Madonna herself suggested the song and title for Al, which improves my view of the infamous song-stress. And of course, he tops everything off with a polka-flavored medley of songs popular at the time, including "Sharp-Dressed Man," "99 Luftballoons," "Footloose," "What's Love Got To Do With It," "Owner of a Lonely Heart," and "Relax," among others.

Despite his reputation as a parodist, most of the material on this album is original, even if it's stylistically similar to a few other bands. "Dare To Be Stupid" is a spot-on musical riff on Devo's work, and hilarious and insanely catchy to boot... as well as warmly familiar to fans of "Transformers: The Movie," as this song made an appearance on its soundtrack. "One More Minute" is a side-splitting anti-love song and a refreshing antidote to the many sappy love songs out there, and "Slime Creatures From Outer Space" is a wacky tribute to the sci-fi B-movies of the 50s. "This Is the Life" is a swinging ode to excess, while "Cable TV" is pretty much exactly as the title says, and actually will sound pretty familiar to anyone who's binge-watched a TV series (even if they're more likely to do so on Netflix nowadays than actual cable...).

I mentioned a few "problem" tracks on this album, so I might as well explain. The executives at Al's record label apparently refused to release this album unless he A) did a straight cover of a song, any song, without making a parody of it, and B) parodied a Cyndi Lauper song, as she was popular at the time. In response, Al decided to comply, but in his own way. And "his own way" is both vindictive and entertaining.

For the first request/demand, Al decided not to cover a popular song of the time, but the theme song to the old "George of the Jungle" cartoon. True to his word, he doesn't alter the lyrics, but it's obvious he's having fun while covering it, and it technically fits the requirements of his label.

The second request/demand was filled by taking Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and re-writing it as "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch." And according to legend, Al deliberately wrote this song to be the worst song he's ever created. It worked a little too well -- it's obvious listening to this song that Al isn't even trying. He sounds bored and even a little irritated throughout the entire song, and there's absolutely no effort put into the lyrics. It's a lazy and sloppy effort... and serves as a wicked "take that" to his record label for trying to dictate what he can and can't do. So... good job, I guess?

Aside from the (deliberate) misfire of "Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch," this is Al at his best, and marks the point where Al finally seemed to settle into his signature sound and style... as well as going from a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon to an established artist with a solid career. A must-have for the Al completist, and a great showcase of his older work for those who have listened to his more modern hits and want more.
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on August 8, 2002
"Weird Al" dares to stupid...and succeeds! Of course, I refer to "stupid" as peculiarly hilarious and nearly slapstick in its delivery. Hot"Weird Al" dares to stupid...and succeeds! Of course, I refer to "stupid" as peculiarly hilarious and nearly slapstick in its delivery. Hot of the tails of In 3-D, "Weird Al" delivers another comedic epic only the Court Jester of Pop can offer (provided that perpetual King of Pop is still Michael Jackson); however, there aren't any Michael Jackson parodies on this outing. Instead, he relies on the Queen of Pop (Madonna) to deliver his finest musical satire to date.
Opening track "Like A Surgeon" exudes Al's brilliance like never before, and if you've seen the video, you'll agree it's the greatest song/video coupling since "Eat It". Moving forward, "Dare To Be Stupid" dares to top the musical and lyrical zaniness of new wave oddity Devo and succeeds, while Al's electronic backing quacks on "I Want A New Duck" unfortunately make Huey Lewis' original "I Want A New Drug" sound comparatively controversial. Forging ahead, we hear Al's finest original to date, "One More Minute", a fitting tribute to any ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. Thoroughly enjoyable, "One More Minute" requires repeated listens so one could serenade the ex will immaculate delivery. Next up, "Yoda" resonates with a freshness exemplified in the original "Lola", sung by The Kinks. Never before has a musical movie satire sounded so, well, cute.
Halfway through the album, "George Of The Jungle" delivers an entertaining, yet digestible interlude that should not be shunned as a poor satire but appreciated as a loving tribute to the sixties cartoon which shares the same name. "Slime Creatures From Outer Space", an average Al original does redeem itself at its near-conclusion with a clever lampoon of Ray Parker, Jr.'s 1984 classic "Ghostbusters" (Why didn't Al try his hand at that one??). Following "Slime Creatures", "Girls Just Want To Have Lunch" remains fairly annoying, making one long for hearing its muse, Cyndi Lauper's "Girl Just Want To Have Fun" (Note: any song title that includes "Want" on this album is a hint that you may not `want' to repeatedly listen to it). Next up, "This Is The Life" delivers a Roaring 1920's tribute in an Excessive 1980's fashion. It's cute; you can play it for your parents, but I guarantee it won't make your "Weird Al" favorites lists. "Cable TV", the following track, remains the most dispensable track on the album for it's lackluster delivery. Finally, "Hooked On Polkas" concludes the album with a ridiculous polka fervor that leaves you yearning for more of Al's polka-rock talents. If you're in your late twenties to early thirties, you'll thoroughly recall and possibly enjoy the song's polka send-ups of "State Of Shock (The Jacksons)", "Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)", "We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)", "99 Luftballoons (Nena)", "The Reflex (Duran Duran)" and so on.
Like any "Weird Al" album, Dare To Be Stupid emanates dated appeal and will most likely appeal to those who either grew up in the mid-eighties or at least remember the songs he satirizes.
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on May 12, 2000
Well I just recently became a Weird Al fan. See I first heard about his "SAGA BEGINS" from my friends and when I heard the song, man I loved it. It took me awhile to figure out I had heard his stuff before though. Then I remembered back in 96 I was flipping through the channels till I reached MTV. When I saw the video to "OMISH PARADISE." I was rolling on the floor it was so funny, anyway onto the review.
1. "DARE TO BE STUPID." A very catchy tune. If your a devo fan you will definitely love this song. The lyrics are very clever and you'll find yourself dancing to the wonderful rhythm of the keyboard.
2. "LIKE A SURGEON." A parody of Maddona's "LIKE A VIRGIN" is a fine Weird Al parody but not his best. The lyrics are very clever but quite a few medical terms (you can't blame Al for doing his homework) and if you get your hands on the music video let me tell you, it's a hoot!
3. "I WANT A NEW DUCK." A classic Weird Al song. The sound effects (unlike some of his other songs such as "CAVITY SEARCH") are very funny and never get obnoxious. And you'll love the saxaphone. Oh yeah like the other two very clever lyrics.
4."ONE MORE MINUTE." A classic I-Hate-Love song which was written after Weird Al was dumped by his girlfriend. The lyrics aren't that creative but it's worth a few laughs. Oh yeah guys, buy this album if you've lost your latest girlfriend. Trust me it will cheer you up.
5. "YODA." If you're a star wars fan you'll love this song. The guitar used in this by Steve Jay is very entertaining. The song has a few laughs and really is one of the more serious Weird Al Yankovic songs (scary I know but believe it.)
6. "GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE" I'll have to tell you the truth I really didn't like it. You'll like the drums and the sound effects but other than that it isn't all that great.
7."SLIME CREATURES FROM OUTER SPACE." A very cool song by Weird Al. It's somewhat funny but it's the sound effects that are cool. A very good back track.
8. "GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE LUNCH." A very funny spoof of "GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN." It's very funny and the lyrics are creative but there's no sound effects or instrument to awe at. Never the less a very funny song.
9."THIS IS THE LIFE" A song made for the movie Johny Dangerously. Pretty funny but that's all.
10. "CABLE TV" A very funny song with lots of funny lyrics and some girl echoers to awe at.
11."HOOKED ON POLKAS." I've heard a lot of Weird Al's polka's trust me this isn't the best one. It is very cool though.
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on February 18, 2015
This is a really creative and refreshing album. It features some of Weird Al's more unique tracks, namely the song "Dare To Be Stupid." All the songs are fun to listen to. It is not his best album, but it is far from his worst. I highly recommend it.
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on November 2, 2005
Hilarious LP that still cracks me up. I dig the earlier more DIY sound of Al better than his more-mature, demure, long-haired self... His CDs have gotten smarter and stylistically more chameleon-like (remember back in '92 when the Al video for smells like nirvana came on and at first you actually thought it was the Nirvana video?), buit I still like this earlier stuff more... Dare to be Stupid has to be one of the funniest songs and videos of all time.
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