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on March 28, 2008
Finally the long awaited Dark Sector has hit the shelves and sadly it just came short of meeting HALF of its expectations. Visually the game is phenomenal but unfortunately there's only so much scenery can do for the entertainment value of a game. The story is very cliché and lacks the ability to really get you involved and suck you in; for the most part Hayden (who you play as) comes off as a very one-dimensional character with your cliché "past that haunts him" so nothing new on that front. As far as game play goes, the movements are extremely stiff which makes aiming a really big pain especially when the enemy AI is hardly existent yet so hard to eliminate. The glaive; honestly, it's awesome the first few times you kill with it but sooner rather than later you'll get sick of it and it just becomes annoying to maneuver and even more annoying when you try to run up to an enemy to hit them with it and for some odd reason it does NOTHING the first 2 tries so you get hit THEN it works.
So overall I'm sad to say this game was a HUGE let down for me because I, like a lot of you I'm sure, have been anticipating this game since back when Xbox 360 was still labeled Xbox 2. Definitely worth a glimpse but I don't think it quite deserves it's spot on your shelve next to those other long awaited titles that actually delivered. Rent don't buy.
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on July 3, 2008
In short, Dark Sector looks like Gears Of War, the same art direction, there's even a simular roadie-run. But that's where the comparison ends.
Dark Sector for me was very fun, but the game didn't start out that way,it grew on me ,then I found myself having a strong desire to replay it again on the hardest setting after I intially beat the game. At first I didn't like the game but I stuck with it and really thought it's a very good game.
Some of the boss battles at first will leave you scratching your head as what to do,but once I figured out there weak spots ,it was easy as gravy.
I actually like not being 'held by the hand' so to speak ,having the game give me hints on killing a boss.
For the most part you gotta figure it out without 'glowing parts' as hints on the bosses body, with exception the last boss.

I actually loved my second playthrough on the hardest setting ,it was pure gamer bliss.

One thing I highly,highly recommend is getting used to the 'Glaive' ,it will be by far your fav weapon in the game.
You unlock the Glaive's various abilities as you progress into the game.
I didn't find the Glaive hard to control at all,and it's really the hilight of the game.

Overall a very satisfying enjoyable game, with epic boss battles,and decent Gears Of War like scenery,Dark Sector is a solid game.

If you so choose you can use primarily use ballistic weapons ,all of which are upgradeable at various black markets you'll find in the sewers.

I like the fact that you can duel wield ,have a Gliave in one hand and a micro-machine gun in the other. I found myself using assault rifles for distance enemies ,because the Glaive does have limited range.
Think of the Glaive as a boomerang on steroids ,only it has very sharp blades. By far my fav weapon in the game.

A must play game for any gamer. PEACE
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on August 3, 2009
This game is the definition of underrated. It's amazing how some bad reviews can make or break a game and in this game's case, its the latter. This game has been full of bad press, most notably because it "copies" Gears of War's cover/combat system. Make no mistake, this game is very, very similar to Gears... However, it changes so much to make its own unique experience that in my opinion, is even more fun the Gears. In the same way Uncharted Drakes Fortune(another Gears "clone") changed things up with platforming and combos... This game has a throwing weapon called the glaive and brutal finishing moves that never disappoint and never get old.

The glaive is given to you in the second level and is probably your most devastating weapon. It can be thrown powerful enough to decapitate, dismember and maim enemies. You can also control it with pinpoint precision, slowing time down to really hit those dismember points. The only word to describe this is AWESOME. Once you get the hang of using the glaive in combination with your pistol or shotgun... its like gory poetry in motion.

Also, like Gears 2... This game has finishing moves when your close to your enemy. They vary between enemy and what side you attack from... But let me tell you that they are simply described as AMAZING. The game sorta slows down ala the Matrix while you shred the enemies up with the glaive in multiple ways. Its epic, seriously.

But what completely separates this game from the pack is the way you change(you're infected with some "disease") over time, allowing you new abilities and way to annihilate your enemies. Most notably is the energy pulse, which for a short time, will deflect all bullets/projectiles/etc, shot at you. And even better, the "Shift" which allows you to become invisible for a short period of time, allowing you to get the drop on your enemies and go for those finishing moves! Not only that... throughout the game, you collect upgrades. Upgrades which can be applied to your weapons you buy and sell which also changes the game dramatically. It's great because... you can play the game differently in so many ways and always change it up. Makes for great re-playability.

Like I said before... if you like Gears and other 3rd person shooters... You will absolutely love this game. The graphics are top notch and the gameplay is fluid and slick. Do yourself a favor and buy it... Especially now, seeing as its under $10 brand new!!! I'm sad that this game fell upon deaf ears and never really got the accolades it deserves. But I'm hopeful it will become a cult classic and one day will receive a sequel... cause it most certainly deserves one!
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2008
Put simply, Dark Sector is a fun game. The game has unique puzzles that incorporate the various abilities of the glaive, this unique weapon that your character "Hayden" uses throughout the game. The glaive eventually gains an ability called "aftertouch", which allows you to steer the glaive toward your enemies or objectives by taking on the third-person view of the glaive itself -- you travel along with it, in slow-motion, until it hits its intended target...and better yet, you get to see the results up-close.

The game has really smooth gameplay, and I did not encounter any bugs, defects, or poor framerate issues. The voice-acting is superb, and the sound on this game rates as "one of the best" I have ever encountered. The controls are well laid out, and as Hayden obtains more and more abilities as the game progresses, the controls never become overwhelming or confusing.

The weapon upgrade system in this game is somewhat deficient. Once an upgrade is applied to a weapon, there appears to be no way to remove it. The "blackmarket" upgrade sites are few and far between, and once you swap out a weapon from your locker, you're stuck with whatever you have, until you either backtrack or get to the next location.

The environments in the game are a mixed bag. Ultimately, this game plays a lot like Resident Evil 4, in terms of the controls and the underlying game engine. At times, the levels feel like a mix of Condemned, Resident Evil 4, Tomb Raider, and sometimes even Bioshock. Some of the levels, especially the later ones, look much better than others, a sign that development may have gone off in several different directions until they brought the final game together.

The game has a good save system, so you won't find yourself repeating sections tirelessly.

The AI is not advanced. At times, it seems all the enemies just rush you. Some of the enemies have special abilities that make them more difficult to defeat. However, the enemies come at you in very predictable waves. By the time you're 50% through the game, you can predict the patterns. Melee combat is weak.

There's a loosely woven story that keeps the game moving along. The cut-scenes are well-done. What doesn't make sense, at times, are the number of bosses that appear in the game, which seem totally unrelated to anything that is going on from Hayden's viewpoint. Most of the bosses are extremely time-consuming to figure out -- they are puzzles themselves. There are no health meters on the bosses, so you never know if what you're doing is actually working.

From a replay-value perspective, you may be compelled to play the game at least twice, since completing the single-player campaign unlocks the "brutal" difficulty, worth an achievement. There are a few achievements dedicated to online play, which this game supports. However, the online population for this game has been very small.

This game has probably been overlooked by many gamers. The environments, bosses, and gameplay may seem dated, but the glaive and its unique abilities make the game rewarding and fun. I'm glad I picked it up.
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on April 18, 2008
I'll say this... Dark Sector reminded me heavily of a very popular game and movie franchise combined with a little known anime franchise.

Of course I'm referring to Resident Evil, and the anime is The Guyver.

The creators of the game seemed to have both of these in mind when they put it together.

The story is pretty basic. You play Hayden, a secretive special operative working for the CIA. You've been tasked with finding a fellow operative in a fictional country in Eastern Europe.

The prologue sets the scene for the rest of the game. After finding and `liberating' your fellow operative, you're set upon a strangely armoured figure (very reminiscent of the Guyver), and upon the orders of a man named Mezner, the figure infects Hayden with a disease that begins to mutate him.

His right arm, shoulder and part of his torso becomes metallic, and he gains a three bladed throwing disk called a glaive, which is an extension of his own body.

Ok, enough spoilers regarding the plot. If you want to learn more, you'll have to search online or play the game yourself.

The game is cut into ten specific chapters, each one of varying degrees of difficulty and length. Some I found very easy to play through, others were far more difficult and even considerably longer than others.

Believe it or not, that was one of the highpoints of the game for me. Most of the games I've played since I got my 360 back in Christmas of 2007 have been very short. Five to seven hours is what it typically would take me to beat most of the games I've played.

So, when I come across a game that takes longer for me to beat, I'm quite pleased.

Anyhow, as the game progresses, you learn to utilize your newly discovered powers in a varying of ways. Your glaive can absorb different types of elemental energy when it's encountered, such as fire, electricity and cold (is cold a type of energy? I thought it was lack of energy - sorry, I digress).

You can use this stored energy for a limited time and it will affect not only the enemies you encounter, but the environment as well. In fact, it will be necessary to use the elements around you from time to time to progress through the game.

The game does involve a little bit of puzzle solving. There are times throughout each level you'll have to figure out how to open certain doors, cross water, put out fires, or even keep the elemental power of your glaive on long enough to get to the next area.

It could get a little frustrating at times, especially when you have to do the whole `bullet' time with your glaive in order to control it's trajectory in flight so you can use it to unlock doors or absorb elemental energy.

Still, this whole bullet time where you can radically control your glaive has its uses, especially when you want to get the decapitation achievement.

You will also get a variety of weapons to use through the game, and you'll be able to pick up the weapons your enemy drop after you defeat them. This, however, has a major drawback. The weapons that you pick up from your enemies will last only a short period of time before they short out because of your condition and you'll be forced to drop them.

However, it is a great way to conserve ammo. Grab dropped weapons and then you can empty them, without burning through your limited supply of ammunition. And there are times you'll find yourself running out, and it can be very frustrating.

So, speaking of weapons, you can choose from a variety of handguns, assault rifles and shotguns.

You'll start out with a basic handgun to use in conjunction with your glaive, but as the game progresses you'll discover Rubles lying around in various spots on the map. You can pick the money up and use it occasionally in the underground black market to purchase different types of handguns and rifles.

Which brings me to weapon upgrades. On top of finding money, you'll find weapon upgrades (which appear as metallic attaché cases through the game) that you can use to modify your weapons in the black market. These range from increased fire rate, magazine capacity, stopping power and reload time. I know I'm missing a few, so please forgive the lack of complete information.

Oh, and lets not forget that you find grenades quite often. Perfect for forcing your enemies out into the open, or getting past them when they're hunkered down behind cover.

Before I forget, your glaive has one very handy feature. It can be used to snatch up items such as ammo, money or dropped weapons at a distance. Use it well, use it often. I loved that particular feature.

As for the enemies you encounter, it breaks down into four types... the mutants, the soldiers, the armour and the bosses.

Each and every type of enemy has its strength and weaknesses. Soldiers have the advantage of tactics and ranged attacks, where as the mutants can swarm and stun you. Bosses... the bosses are an exercise in both frustration and futility. I won't lie to you, I had to go online each time I ran into a boss to figure out how to defeat it.

Once you learn how, it's not too difficult, but good luck trying to figure it out on your own. And be prepared to spend at least an hour defeating the finale boss in the game.

The graphics were standard for what I've come to expect from Xbox 360 games. They were very well done. The lighting was terrible in places, and it only helped heighten the mood and feel of the game.

The environment looked exactly as it was supposed to... dirty, worn down, dark, old... it was perfectly done and suited the game wonderfully.

And, since I'm on the subject of graphics, I'll tell you right now, some of the kills you made with your glaive are very gory. You will lop off limbs, decapitate your enemy and the blood will fly.

If you're squeamish, this game won't be for you, I can tell you that right now.

Some of the games I've played recently had really good soundtracks. This game, there was nothing at all that struck me as memorable, so I can't really say anything about it other than it was simply there.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the ever present cut scenes. They definitely were well done, and I was quite surprised to see that the actor who did the voice for Hayden was none other than Michael Rosenbaum. You know, Lex Luthor from Smallville?

One last thing about the game play that I forgot to mention earlier. You do get to pilot a vehicle at least twice in the game, and unlike many of the games I've played where you pilot a car, tank, helicopter, boat, etc... this games vehicle controls were easy to handle and use. Kudos to the programmers on that aspect!

Ok, overall it was a slightly better than average game for me. I liked it, although it definitely lost marks for the bosses and the frustration that ensued in trying to defeat them.

- Longer than normal game play. Ten levels in total
- Really cool kills with the glaive.
- Lots of checkpoints.
- Well done cut scenes.
- The Glaive and the powers you gain as the game progresses.
- Easy to control vehicles.

- Extremely frustrating boss battles.
- Very little in the way of enemies to fight.
- No real destructible environment.
- End battle very long and frustrating.

Overall 3 out of 5
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on March 26, 2008
if you remember back even before the 360 launched, this was actually the very first next gen game announced. it was originally intended to be a launch title. 2 and a half years later we finally get the game. and believe me, it was worth the wait.

the cover system is very reminiscent of Gears of War with 3rd person shooter controls very similar to the previously mentioned GoW and Resident Evil 4. masterfully combine those shooter elements with upgradable supernatural abilities including a razor sharp disk that can decapitate enemies in a single throw. it can also be combined with different elements including electricity.

there is a very interesting story behind your character and the world around you. the planet is in such a dark and desolate state. how did the world come to this point? who or what are you? what role will you play in the events about to unfold? play to find out.

the graphics are stunning even on a SDTV. textures and lighting equal to any other AAA title on the system(CoD4/Bioshock). Animations run very smoothly with great effects to compliment it all. the sight of your electified blade is priceless.

there is online play, but i cant comment on that since i havent played that part yet. the single player alone is well worth the price though. mainly recommended to hardcore action/shooter fans.
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on March 29, 2011
Recently got this game at LameStop for 4.99. With a price like that, it's basically a steal especially for this game. I'm going to go straight to the critiques:

- Pretty decent graphics.
- Had some scary moments or moments that put me on the edge of my seat, running for my life.
- I like monster related games, that's why I chose this game. It delivers somewhat even though the variety of monsters was lacking.
- Entertained me for a good number of hours.

- Beating the game does not unlock anything. You cannot carry over any weapons, monster, etc. All weapons will remain locked when you plan to play brutality.
- Even though I managed to get the best rifle, shotgun, and handgun in the game, I couldn't really get started until stage 7 (end stage is 9 and the last two are relatively short). I got the best shotgun earlier (Protecta stage 4 end), but I didn't like it much because I usually prefer keeping my distance from the enemy and taking them out from afar. Another problem was not only when it was available, but also money. Money is a bit rare to accumulate, I was able to afford the shotgun and rifle both at the beginning of stage 7 by selling pretty much all the upgrades that I found thus far.
- That said, I find that most of the time you are stuck with the pea shooter (your starter gun), saving up money for the best guns, which surprising remains moderately effective even on the last stage, but is not advised. You can buy slightly better guns, but you run the chance of not having enough money for THE gun that you'd eventually want to get. Your gun sells back at about half price and you lose all the upgrades placed in it...which does hurt.
- You cannot take out and move upgrades around. Once you put an upgrade into a gun, it is stuck there permanently.
- You can probably beat the whole game with one main gun...
- Not much of a variety in terms of opponents and monsters. I was more disappointed with the variety of monsters/mutants. It's really a very small handful and leaves a lot to be desired.
- The story/plot of the game.....suuuuucks.
- The cinematic are not memorable and noteworthy.
- The bosses are a little too easy and the end boss got me a little irritated....Bosses are mainly easy because their attacks are quite easily avoided.


1. Make sure to always check around for those upgrade suitcases. They're good for upgrades and for selling. Some may be higher up so remember to search thoroughly. One thing that's neat is that the game doesn't really try to hide the upgrades in really hard areas so as long as your attentive, you should be able to see them. No worries though, at the last level, I was selling extra upgrades left and right.
2. Every new stage grants you 4 grenades, you can use them, but I find them not super useful and so sell them for money. They're 450 each I believe? Times 4.
3. Some of the most useful upgrades I find are stopping power, fire rate, fire rate, and enferon. Emphasis on enferon. Some of the most useless upgrade or upgrades I never touch are puncture, reload speed, and accuracy. Accuracy, however, put a question mark on that. Of course upgrade slot upgrade is useful, you can have a max of 4 upgrade slots per gun. My favorite gun was the kortov, which is the best rifle. My upgrade was stopping power, stopping power, enferon, and fire power. I question the usefulness of fire power mainly due to the fact that it increased the damage by 25%, but the gun wasn't high on fire power for it to change much. Anyway, two stopping power causes your opponent to be knocked down 25%x2=50% per hit. Enferon is a gradually acting poison. What I usually do is snipe the enemy from afar with one or two rounds, hide somewhere, and let the poison just kill them, especially if they're knocked down which lets the poison work on them longer. What I'd do is run down and as soon as I hear some enemies, run back up to a higher or more secure area. The enemies will be standing around and sometimes if your far enough, they won't attack you and you can snipe away and basically kill all of them without them laying a single finger on you. One or two burst and just stand and wait for them to die, this works throughout the game. I find load speed, puncture, and accuracy not so useful because loading for me happens while I move or wait for an opponent. I ALWAYS keep my gun fully loaded when there's no enemies and you don't usually have a huge horde of enemies going your way anyhow.....so reloading isn't an issue. Puncture works when enemies stand in a line, but I find it rare therefore not worth it. Accuracy I didn't find it worth the upgraded, especially with the kortov, where I can snipe pretty much anything and hit targets dead on even when they're pretty far away.
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on August 17, 2011
this is a fun game a little short but still fun and most of the fun ones are short. you play as a sort of one man assasin for an organization that is all and you get infeceted buy a drug that turns your skin at least part of your skin to metal and you get this cool glave that you trow like a boomerage and as you play thought the game you get some neat tricks you can do with it. and you can buy differnt guns also to use in the game. you fight these military type of people as well as other infected beings that look more like zombies. and some other weird looking creatures. so it is a shooter type of game with a little mystery involved but i beat the game twice already and im a older player so if you like a simple easy game to play that dosnt involve a lot of button movement or configuration then give this a chance. thers also going to be a dark sector 2 comeing up. so if you like this game you will look forward to the second one comeing out like I do.
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on March 29, 2010
Well, this game basically rips off that old Mark Hamill movie I saw on sci fi channel when I was a kid. It also steals a bit from Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War. Undaunted by all this I rather enjoyed myself while I was playing this, after all, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best. Then again, the Guyver kinda sucks, but in a good way.

You play as Hayden Tenno, a CIA assassin in a Russian country in complete devastation from biological weapons exposure. Hayden ends up all mutated and his arm is turned into a sharp batarang and you have to blast and boomerang your way to Meznor who's basically your typical lunatic plotting all sorts of nastiness. You got Russian clean up crews in yellow hazmat jumpsuits as well as those nasty resident evil zombies and creatures that look like imps from the computer game Doom all standing in your way.

So, what are you gonna do about it? Why shoot everything in sight in all ways reminisent of Gears of War and cut people in half with a sharp frisbee, of course. Along the way you buy guns from the shopkeeper from Resident Evil 4 with a stupid russian accent. You also have to solve really basic puzzles with your batarang, such as setting it on fire and throwing it at black gunk blocking doors. Sounds cool, huh?

Yeah, you know, it kinda is. Everything is pretty solid and the graphics are pretty. The Glaive (frisbee) is a cool weapon and you can dual wield it with a few of the guns including a sick one handed shotgun, but the problem is that three quarters of the way through, the whole thing gets really stale. The story seems to just flatline for a couple chapters and the environments develop too much sameness. Chapter seven is the biggest offender and that level seems to just really drag. It does pick back up for the finale and you develop some new abilities which spice things up but you aren't given a whole lot of time to play with them.

Another complaint is that most of the boss battles are trial and error, making each new fight more of a fancy puzzle than an action packed all out battle royale. For me, the high point of a game like this should be giant crazy bosses that kick up the adrenaline and that's sadly not the case here.

Basically, what you have here is a game that tries really hard to be alot of other games and when it tries something original, it basically falls flat. Not all is lost, however, because now is a perfect time to give this thing a try as you can buy this up for the price of a rental. Honestly, despite some serious issues with the middle section here, this game is decent and I can't say I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel take the concept to another level. So go ahead and pick it up, I got mine for three bucks and pick up the Guyver, if only to compare Hayden's armor at the end of the game to that movie.
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on February 14, 2010
The game was really spectacular I have only gotten to Chapter six and I cant put my controller down. Though i am not playing it on the xbox 360. Because it broke down. Go figure that. the graphics and game play to be sure of probably aren't that much different anyways. The storyline is almost like that of the Resident Evil 4. An unknown virus has infected people blah blah blah now you have to eradicate the perpetrators who made the virus. Interesting enough though you start off as basically an assassin, and fight your way through TONS of zombies. The controls are almost identical to that of Resident Evil 4. There is no Framerate slowdown, or difficult controls to contend with. The Graphics are up to par with Gears of War 2. The only complaint and it is minute, is that there aren't to many cinematic s. Which even then isn't much of a deterrent.
Also something else that is real refreshing is that unlike other games there are no women in mini skirts or skin tight clothing. The game actually concentrates on hardcore fun. And pays attention to detail toward the monsters rather than the women. I must admit i was taken aback by the price. It couldnt believe that it could be any good if it is only going for 5 dollars new.
Dont let the price fool you go out and buy this and love it you need it in your library.

Umar ibn Sebranek
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