Dark Shadows 2 Seasons 1967

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Season 2
(49) IMDb 6.8/10

1. Episode 210 TV-PG

Handyman Willie Loomis discovers a chained coffin in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum.

Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall
22 minutes
Original air date:
April 17, 1967

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Episode 210

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Season 2
  • $1.99

    1. Episode 210 Handyman Willie Loomis discovers a chained coffin in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum.

    TV-PG 22min April 17, 1967
  • $1.99

    2. Episode 211 A stranger arrives at Collinwood, introducing himself as Barnabas Collins, a cousin from England.

    TV-PG 22min April 18, 1967
  • $1.99

    3. Episode 212 At the Old House, Barnabas speaks to the portrait of Josette, declaring that he has come home to stay.

    TV-PG 22min April 19, 1967
  • $1.99

    4. Episode 213 Carolyn Stoddard tries to learn what hold Jason McGuire has over her mother, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

    TV-PG 22min April 20, 1967
  • $1.99

    5. Episode 214 Barnabas meets Roger Collins and Carolyn, who comment on his resemblance to the original Barnabas' portrait.

    TV-PG 22min April 21, 1967
  • $1.99

    6. Episode 215 At the Blue Whale, Willie refuses to tell Jason where he's been. Jason notices blood on Willie's sleeve.

    TV-PG 21min April 24, 1967
  • $1.99

    7. Episode 216 Jason forces Willie to apologize to Carolyn and Elizabeth. He discovers bite marks on Willie's arm.

    TV-PG 22min April 25, 1967
  • $1.99

    8. Episode 217 Hearing a hearbeat, Willie sneaks out of Collinwood and goes to the cemetery, Jason follows him.

    TV-PG 22min April 26, 1967
  • $1.99

    9. Episode 218 Barnabas asks permission from Roger and Elizabeth to take up residence in the Old House.

    TV-PG 22min April 27, 1967
  • $1.99

    10. Episode 219 Dr. Dave Woodward informs Roger that Willie's illness has been caused by a loss of blood.

    TV-PG 21min April 28, 1967
  • $1.99

    11. Episode 220 Elizabeth allows Barnabas to live at the Old House. Barnabas moves in with Willie as his servant.

    TV-PG 22min May 1, 1967
  • $1.99

    12. Episode 221 Waitress Maggie Evans meets Barnabas at the Collinsport Inn. She later feels as if someone is watching her.

    TV-PG 22min May 2, 1967
  • $1.99

    13. Episode 222 Barnabas commissions artist Sam Evans, Maggie's father, to paint a portrait of him, but only at night.

    TV-PG 22min May 3, 1967
  • $1.99

    14. Episode 223 Elizabeth learns that Willie is working for Barnabas. David Collins sneaks into the Old House.

    TV-PG 22min May 4, 1967
  • $1.99

    15. Episode 224 Maggie has a nightmare where she is lost in the woods and discovers a coffin with herself inside it.

    TV-PG 22min May 5, 1967
  • $1.99

    16. Episode 225 At the Blue Whale, Maggie reacts strangely to Barnabas. He later appears in her bedroom as she sleeps.

    TV-PG 22min May 8, 1967
  • $1.99

    17. Episode 227 Maggie is tired and weak when she wakes. The next night, Barnabas slips away while Sam paints.

    TV-PG 23min May 9, 1967
  • $1.99

    18. Episode 228 Carolyn discovers something relating to her missing father is in a locked basement room at Collinwood.

    TV-PG 22min May 10, 1967
  • $1.99

    19. Episode 229 Dr. Woodard says Maggie's illness is due to blood loss. Sam later discovers that Maggie is missing.

    TV-PG 22min May 11, 1967
  • $1.99

    20. Episode 230 Disguising his voice on the phone, Willie tells Victoria where to find Maggie. Barnabas beats Willie.

    TV-PG 21min May 12, 1967
  • $1.99

    21. Episode 231 Dr. Woodard orders a blood transfusion for Maggie. Sam prevents her from leaving their cottage.

    TV-PG 22min May 15, 1967
  • $1.99

    22. Episode 232 A defiant Maggie orders her boyfriend, Joe Haskell, out of the cottage. Victoria Winters watches over her.

    TV-PG 22min May 16, 1967
  • $1.99

    23. Episode 233 During a violent thunderstorm, Barnabas tells Victoria and Carolyn the story of Josette Collins' death.

    TV-PG 22min May 17, 1967
  • $1.99

    24. Episode 234 After Maggie angrily orders her to leave, Victoria phones for help. The sound of howling dogs is heard.

    TV-PG 22min May 18, 1967
  • $1.99

    25. Episode 235 In the hospital, Maggie appears to be dead. But her body disappears when the nurse and Dr. Woodard return.

    TV-PG 22min May 19, 1967
  • $1.99

    26. Episode 236 Barnabas takes Maggie to the Old House and tells her that she will become his lost love, Josette.

    TV-PG 22min May 22, 1967
  • $1.99

    27. Episode 237 Dr. Woodard fears that Maggie may be dead. In the woods, Jason hears he sound of dogs howling.

    TV-PG 22min May 23, 1967
  • $1.99

    28. Episode 238 Carolyn and Victoria admire Willie's work at the Old House. When they leave, Maggie appears dressed as Josette.

    TV-PG 22min May 24, 1967
  • $1.99

    29. Episode 239 Maggie seems to believe she is Josette. Willie hides her when Sam and Joe arrive at the Old House.

    TV-PG 22min May 25, 1967
  • $1.99

    30. Episode 240 Barnabas takes a curious David back to Collinwood, but the boy returns to the Old House and sees Maggie.

    TV-PG 22min May 26, 1967
  • $1.99

    31. Episode 241 At the Old House, David believes Maggie is Josette's ghost. Later, Maggie calls out for David.

    TV-PG 22min May 29, 1967
  • $1.99

    32. Episode 242 Dr. Woodard finds something suspicious in Maggie's blood slides, which are later stolen from his ransacked office.

    TV-PG 22min May 30, 1967
  • $1.99

    33. Episode 243 Dr. Woodard hopes to examine Willie's blood. Jason informs Elizabeth that they will be married.

    TV-PG 22min May 31, 1967
  • $1.99

    34. Episode 244 Jason threatens to tell everyone that Elizabeth murdered her long missing husband Paul Stoddard.

    TV-PG 22min June 1, 1967
  • $1.99

    35. Episode 245 After Dr. Woodard arrives to take a sample of Willie's blood, Barnabas switches the slid samples.

    TV-PG 22min June 2, 1967
  • $1.99

    36. Episode 246 Carolyn believes the locked basement room contains a clue to Jason's mysterious hold over her mother.

    TV-PG 22min June 5, 1967
  • $1.99

    37. Episode 247 Sam visits the Old House. Later, Maggie sneaks out and is spotted by Sam outside his cottage window.

    TV-PG 22min June 6, 1967
  • $1.99

    38. Episode 248 Barnabas finds Maggie in the cemetery and puts her in the coffin in the secret room in the mausoleum.

    TV-PG 22min June 7, 1967
  • $1.99

    39. Episode 249 The locked room in the basement is opened. Everyone is shocked to hear of Elizabeth's wedding plans.

    TV-PG 22min June 8, 1967
  • $1.99

    40. Episode 250 Maggie pretend to believe she is Josette. She prepares to stake Barnabas in his coffin.

    TV-PG 22min June 9, 1967

Product Details

Genres Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Horror
Director Lela Swift
Starring Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall
Supporting actors John Karlen, Alexandra Isles, Timothy Gordon
Season year 1967
Network MPI
Executive Producer Robert Costello
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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No need to stop and find.
James McDonald
As long as these dvds sell successfully, I think we will eventually see every episode released on dvd.
Amazingly, as you sit through Collection 1 and 2 you can REALLY feel momentum building.
Eddie Landsberg

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

48 of 49 people found the following review helpful By David H. Downing on September 5, 2005
Format: DVD
DARK SHADOWS has become a classic for being the first soap opera to revolve around supernatural horror, and to do so while keeping its characters believable and its situations plausible.

As this installment begins, DS's most famous character. the 175-year-old vampire Barnabas Collins, is passing himself off as a cousin from England, while secretly holding waitress Maggie Evans prisoner. Maggie escapes, in a nearly catatonic state, with the help of a mysterious little girl named Sarah, who appears to her and several others. Maggie is sent to Windcliff, a sanitarium run by Dr. Julia Hoffman, who finds Maggie's case especially fascinating.

Back at Collinwood, Jason McGuire is blackmailing Elizabeth Stoddard into marrying him. In protest, Elizabeth's daughter Carolyn threatens to marry a hippie biker named Buzz. At the pivotal moment, Elizabeth reveals the secret she and Jason have been keeping between them. But there's a REAL secret Jason has been keeping from Elizabeth. Jason ultimately has a run-in with Barnabas.

Barnabas invites the family to a dinner party to celebrate his restoration of the Old House. His goal is to attract Victoria, but his plan backfires when the family decides to hold a seance.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hoffman comes to stay at Collinwood, posing as a historian, to investigate her private suspicions about Maggie's case. She discovers exactly what Barnabas is and confronts him -- which is where set 2 ends.

This installment continues to expand Barnabas's character beyond simple villain.
Read more ›
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59 of 62 people found the following review helpful By Steven Carroll on October 17, 2002
Format: DVD
I'm going to review the content of Collection 2 instead of the series like the other reviewers here. It should be mentioned that the 8 weeks of episodes on collection 2 are a big improvement over collection 1 which was good, but a little slow at times. By these episodes, the writers seemed to have figured out what to do with Barnabas and a few old stale plot lines are tossed to the curb. I think that new fans who bought collection 1 but were on the fence about whether to check out collection 2 or not should go ahead and give it a try. I'm convinced the improved pacing of these episodes will make you a fan!
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful By A Customer on July 25, 2003
Format: DVD
Barnabas Collins and the rest of the gang return for more on Dark Shadows DVD Collection 2! This Collection, which contains VHS Volumes 5-12 on 4 discs, is more of a transitional set. In these episodes, the storylines from Collection 1 come to a close and the new storylines begin. Right off the bat, we see the conclusion of the Barnabas kidnapping Maggie storyline, and then we focus on the impending wedding of blackmailer Jason McGuire and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Near the end of this Collection, we see the introduction of Dr. Julia Hoffman, who arrives at Collinwood to investigate Maggie's disappearance.
Also on these DVD's we get bonus interviews from Dan Curtis (Producer), Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard), Dennis Patrick (Jason McGuire), and Alexandra Moltke (Victoria Winters). Once again, the picture and sound qualities are in great shape. Also like the first Collection, these episodes are all in black and white. Looking forward to Collection 3, which will include color episodes!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Kenute P. Curry on November 20, 2006
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
The chills continue! Dark Shadows DVD Collection 2 is great and you can feel the momentum and the suspense building as you watch it.Maggie Evans escapes from the Old House basement where Barnabas as her kidnapped, with the help of his younger sister Sarah.Dr.Julia Hoffman is introduced as Maggie's physician and quickly figures out the secret of Barnabas Collins.Jason McGuire meets his demise when Barnabas hand reaches out from the coffin and grabs his throat! Also,Barnabas as his eyes on Victoria Winters becoming his new Josette!
In this collection some old storylines came to an end thereby giving way to the momentum for the next stories to build up suspensfully.The best episodes in this collection are #260-where Maggie escapes from Barnabas, #271-when Elizabeth reveals what happened at Collinwood 18 years ago,#281-where Victoria relieves the death of Josette and #290-where Barnabas comes to Julia's room to strangle her and surprisedly finds Julia waiting for him.These episodes are all frightfully scary!
MPI should have done some restoration work on these or cleaned them up a bit,but the episodes are in good condition considering the time(1967) and the age of the prints,as well as the audio.There are also bonus interviews with Dan Curtis(Creator & executive Producer),Nancy Barrett(Carolyn Stoddard),Dennis Patrick(Jason McGuire) and Alexandra Moltke(Victoria Winters).The voice-over-"My name is Victoria Winters..." is heard for the last time in this collection.
The disappointment here is there are no English subtitles and the episodes are not close-captioned.
Jonathan Frid is superb as Barnabas Collins,as always;and casting Grayson Hall as Dr.Julia Hoffman was a stroke of genius! The rest of the cast are great in their respective roles.
I will always have memories from my childhood of running home when school was out to sit in front of a black and white television set to watch DARK SHADOWS!
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