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on December 31, 2011
Oh my freaking God! Why did I take so long to pick up this book?

The entire time I was reading this book, I felt as if I was watching an episode of a brand new series. Now, I can't wait to read the next installments.

The plot is amazing, like 5-star amazing. I love ghost stories and EVERYTHING paranormal so this book is totally within my league and the fact that the book kept me on my toes and thrilled and eventually scared me as well, makes this book even better!

The characters are realistic. They're people who have/had problems. Dex has a split personality which kind of scares me a bit and Perry is hilarious, was a druggie back in highschool, and just got out of college and is striving to go on day-to-day as a receptionist. Oh and she can see ghosts too. The way Halle describes what Perry sees is extremely descriptive and fluid, that you can't help but be where Perry is. The secondary characters on the other hand, help keep the story together. Matt and Tony were one of my favs. Those twins were hilarious and just plain old weird. They kind of reminded me of my brother, minus the drinking and whatever else they do thats "bad".

Now, Perry has the hots for Dex and we don't know how Dex feels about her because he has a girlfriend who is immensely hot and he is also 10 years older. Not only is Perry insecure, but feels like a child around him and sometimes a psycho. I love the push and pull that happens between the two. It keeps the situation realistic.

Overall, Darkhouse is amazing. Halle has delivered to the public such an incredible book that is definitely movie/series-worthy. I just want to keep reading until there isn't anything else left to read from the series. The narrative was written well, the descriptions were vivid and the plot is 5-star amazing. A brilliant unputdownable book from Karina Halle that'll definitely rock your socks off!
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on December 15, 2012
This book really reads as a young adult book-juvenile writing style. It felt disconnected, and just young, even though it was written about (mostly) adults. The author really could have changed the ages to maybe 16 and 18, and it would not affect a thing-not the character actions, lives, anything. Give them school instead of work, and it would easily work. The main character lives at home, goes on trips with her parents and sister, and really acts like a teenager. Dex just isn't believable as a 32 year old.

I also felt like I was reading bits and pieces, or different scenes grouped together, instead of a really well put together story line. It just didn't flow, and things didn't make sense. I forced myself to read the entire thing, but I would have forgotten it right away if I had stopped at any point. I normally would want to see where the relationship goes with Perry and Dex, but I can't even bring myself to care very much about that, certainly not enough to read the next book. Dex doesn't seem real, and Perry is just annoying with her immaturity. They are just not written well, and are inconsistent. He is supposed to be someone she is attracted to, but then he leaves her at dangerous times, and kind of treats her like crap one second, and is charming the next literal second? It just doesn't make sense.

I don't understand the multitude of high star reviews for this one. Sorry.
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on November 16, 2012
This book belongs in the Young Adult section, it is not a thriller. It is a story of a daft young girl who apparently has a college degree but can't even handle a job as a receptionist. She has no self esteem and falls for an older guy who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.There wasn't a single character in this book that was likeable. Somewhere along the line they actually spend a few minutes in a scary lighthouse.The ending is supposed to lead you to the next book in this series, I will not be reading it (it was FREE) because I don't care what happens to these people.
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on June 13, 2012
The blurb sounded interesting enough but it just never got there for me. So many times I thought "okay its building up to something" and then nothing. A strange sort of ghost story if you could call it that when a Perry who childhood was filled with lots of imaginary friends and some serious therapy sessions. Perry has been having vivid dreams lately and is having trouble sleeping. She spends the weekend with family at the beach near an old lighthouse. After wandering off on her own to explore, Perry meets Dex, a strange enigmatic film producer and he contacts her and offers her an opportunity to film some video footage of the lighthouse after dark. Strange things have happened at the lighthouse and it has a history of weird things happening there, shipwrecks and lots of accidents during its construction. There is promise of the supernatural but apart from the last couple of chapters it was quite boring and never lived up to the expectations I had.
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on May 6, 2012
First, let me say that I am ABSOLUTELY psyched about this book -- and it was free!! That, in and of itself, is a RARE thing with the free books. It's really hit or miss.
Anyway, I just finished the last one (seriously, dancing in circles waiting for the next one to drop) and I had to come back and write the review I promised myself I would do. I'm going to try and keep the review untainted by my excitement of the subsequent books -- seriously, read those!
This book was awesome, I could not put it down. She certainly know's how to keep a mystery going. Perry and Dex are, like, the two most perfect characters, I would swear they're real.
The story was catching and you just wanted to know what happened next and she'd string you along....until the next book....and string you along some more. And it wasn't like she just left you high and dry, the mystery is always there -- the wondering...and you just KNOW it's going to all culminate and explode!

...Oh, me. Oh, my. My seems I've wandered off and my enthusiasm for the following books has leaked over...

And then there's the romance between Perry and Dex. I have to say that most definitely kept me interested. Not just because of the tango they seemed to do around each other, but because as it deepens you start to find out more and more about them and you just have to know: What in the hell happened to them?
That right there is the question of the year.
I'm so glad I downloaded this book for free....even though I very happily paid for the other ones...and will pay for the next one.....and likely anything with the names Perry and Dex....
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on June 28, 2015
**4 Expect the Unexpected stars**

KC had mentioned to me about wanting to read this series a couple months ago but I was too chicken to take the leap of faith. But after a bad run on romance books lately I knew I had to cleanse my palate. After reading the first couple of pages and seeing my hometown mentioned and my alma mater I knew it was going to be okay!!! Plus there is a lot of humor in this book.

Perry and Dex both have the ability to see and communicate with ghost. Perry is working in Portland as a receptionist and Dex is a internet filmmaker in Seattle. He is 10 years older than Perry.

A lighthouse on Perry's uncle's property is what draws these two to their first meeting of each other. It's no chance meeting because the spirit world has been beaconing them there. A Creepy Clown Lady has been communicating to both them as their 'spirit guide'. She keeps appearing in random places (like the women's bathroom) and giving them cryptic messages.

"You'll find out. It's not over yet. You're just discovering. You're just starting."
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on October 20, 2013
Yes, I know, it's free and it's worth every penny. Anything more is a waste. I'm surprised to find this wasn't written by a teenager. The main character is very juvenile and whiny. She's jealous of her 15 year old sister and falls for an older man who isn't much of a catch. She whines a lot. There's a lot of self-loathing. Not sure where the terror enters the picture. The characters' names are ridiculous as well, reminding me that in the future I should avoid any novels, free or otherwise, where the lead characters have silly or contrived names.
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on May 24, 2012
I need to preface this review by stating that I did not finish the book. At about the 45% mark I had lost interest and decided to move on.

There is a certain expectation when you pick up a book which includes "Experiment in Terror" in the title. To the point that I quit reading, our main character had experienced a couple of really bad dreams and some sort of out of body experience. To make matters worse, I did not care for the main character. The author spent to much time explaining Perry's self-confidence issues. Perry is a 22 year old misfit that acts like she is still in 8th grade. The amount of time Perry spent on self-reflection (bordering on self-loathing) was enough to drive me to distraction.

Based on the other reviews, maybe I missed a gem in the latter part of the book. But I just couldn't see myself slogging through it.
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on May 19, 2012
I can't believe that I read the whole book in one day! I would actually give this about 3.5 stars. I felt a little mislead by the title "Experiment in Terror". I thought that it would be a very scary book. But for the reader, it really was not very scary. Just a basic ghost story.

What I enjoyed about the book was the main character, Perry. She is 22 years old, still lives with her parents, and trying to find her place in the world. Her family was interesting too, especially her younger sister, Ada. I liked that at 15 she already had a successful blog about fashion.

I didn't really like, Dex, the man Perry gets involved with during her ghost hunt. He is a little too sarcastic for my liking. And he may or may not be telling the truth. He is a self admitted liar. He sends mixed messages about his attraction to Perry, at times flirting, at other times ignoring, or talking about his gorgeous girlfriend, Jen. And yet Perry finds herself more and more attracted to him as the book progresses.

There is a creepy clown lady that keeps showing up. Apparently only Perry and Dex can see her. She has mysterious proclamations for Perry, about how she and Dex need to help each other, and their work is not done.

This book was fun to read. It is the first in a series, about Dex and Perry and their ghost hunting webisodes. I plan on reading the other books in the series, in part to see if Dex ever turns into a better man, and to find out what secrets he is hiding.
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on February 19, 2012
I first heard of "Darkhouse" from another blogger who couldn't stop raving about how wonderful it was. And while I was eager to read it, I just never found the time. But then Karina contacted me, asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing "Darkhouse" - I managed to push aside my other reads and dive into this one...and let's just say that I'm glad that I did.

Self-published authors tend to get a bad rep for (mainly for poor editing/poor writing). And yes, there are some indie titles out there that are choppy, and poorly edited. But this book is the perfect example of an indie title done right. If you're someone who would rather overlook "Darkhouse" because it's a self-published title, I can assure you that you'd be missing out. This is a truly fantastic book, and honestly, I now see why so many bloggers have been raving about this book/series. Halle has created likeable characters and a truly enjoyable story. It's hard not to love this one.

And I kind of adore Perry. She isn't your typical heroine. She isn't described as perfect - in fact, she's not stick thin, which is definitely something worth nothing because it makes her seem more realistic...more, believable. It doesn't hurt either that she's just plain awesome. In fact, I think she may actually be my new favorite heroine (Sorry, Alex).

I'm beyond glad that I've already purchased the rest of the series, because it's truly addictive.

Don't pass this one up. "Darkhouse" is a perfect start to what I'm rather sure will be an awesome series. And yes, I will be squeezing in the rest of the books ASAP.
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