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5.0 out of 5 stars Trilobites Meet Theology
My name is Mark McMenamin. I have completed a PhD on the fossils of the Cambrian Explosion, have published several books on the subject, and am a devout Christian. At the present time I am actively researching the latest fossil discoveries from Cambrian boundary strata.

This video is an outstanding success. It presents the design argument better than anything I...
Published on April 16, 2010 by Mark McMenamin

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK but could be better!
I really liked this video. It was nice. It had very nice graphics. The concepts were fairly easy to understand. But in my opinion it was not as educational as it could have been. And I don't think it was as jammed packed with information as the other videos in this series were. With the hype and the previous videos in this series, I really thought this was going to be...
Published on November 2, 2009 by John Smith

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364 of 430 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Trilobites Meet Theology, April 16, 2010
Mark McMenamin "chronophile" (South Hadley, Massachusetts United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
My name is Mark McMenamin. I have completed a PhD on the fossils of the Cambrian Explosion, have published several books on the subject, and am a devout Christian. At the present time I am actively researching the latest fossil discoveries from Cambrian boundary strata.

This video is an outstanding success. It presents the design argument better than anything I have seen before. From the perspective of a scientist informed about the raw data, the main thrust of the film is absolutely correct. Just as Darwin (to his credit) pointed out, a robust Cambrian Explosion destroys the concept of evolution by gradual natural selection. If anything, the Cambrian event seems even more abrupt than it did in Darwin's day.

I wrote to both James Valentine and Simon Conway Morris after, to my astonishment, seeing them appear in this video. Valentine, although no Intelligent Design proponent to be sure, admits that epigenetic transmission of information (i.e., heritable information not transmitted by nuclear DNA) really does happen. This has huge implications for how we understand evolutionary change.

Although Simon Conway Morris admits that we do not fully understand evolution, he claims that the Cambrian event is uncomplicated natural selection at play. How can this be, when the Early Cambrian Chinese fossil chordate Myllokunmingia appears comparable in complexity to a modern catfish? This is sudden appearance of complexity, not ordinary microevolution. Andy Knoll at Harvard has been quoted recently as saying that it is natural selection all the way. Please, gentlemen, it is time to think more broadly, and it is past time to provide a persuasive scientific basis for these opinions about the efficacy of natural selection.

This is not to say that there are no ancestor-descendant connections across the Cambrian boundary. Dolf Seilacher has argued quite a bit with me about the Ediacaran fossil organism called Spriggina. Seilacher sees this fossil as a weird vendobiont creature, whereas I have evidence that it is the trilobite ancestor:


This said, I agree with Seilacher that most Ediacarans are bizarre and not closely related to Cambrian animals.

To conclude, biotic change through time has certainly taken place but this change is not random mutation mediated by gradual natural selection. The scientific community needs to distance itself from the taint of Darwin's defunct, socially corrosive theory. On the other hand, the Intelligent Design community needs to be careful, lest it seem to be dictating to God how He can or cannot create. It would be theologically problematic and silly to presume to allow God to create in one way (instantaneous fiat), but not in another (change through time).

Finally, with the Cambrian event we have a scientific and intellectual challenge of the first order. We need all hands on deck to bring this ship to port. To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes in "Silver Blaze," we need to see the value of imagination, imagine what might have happened, act upon the supposition, and perhaps in the end, find ourselves justified. Let us proceed. I wish to congratulate creationists for (finally) making a substantive contribution to scientific discussion.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Gleanings from Darwin's Dilemma, October 23, 2009
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
"The Cambrian explosion was the most remarkable and puzzling event in the history of life"--Stephen Jay Gould, (1994) "The Evolution of Life on Earth," Scientific American, 271:85-91, October.

The Cambrian explosion continues to be an enigma to evolutionists for good reasons. It does not square with their belief that life originated in a primordial sea as a single-celled organism that evolved into the myriad life forms seen in the fossil record and living organisms. There should have been innumerable intermediate links.

Darwin asked,
"Firstly, why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?"

He answered this problem by saying that the fossil record is imperfect, but even so, there should have been numerous transitional forms that were not well defined species. If evolution is true, they should have been the majority of all fossils as Darwin said. It is absurd to think that the only time organisms were fossilized was when they were fully differentiated. Yet this is what evolutionists seem to believe. They offer only a paltry few fossils they claim to be intermediates.

Most paleontologists believe complex life forms evolved on earth about 530 million years ago. They call this period the Cambrian. At 22, Charles Darwin studied Cambrian fossils with Adam Sedgwick long before he wrote The Origin of Species. He never reconciled his theory with the Cambrian fossils. Sedgwick never accepted Darwin's theory and spoke against it.

Evolutionists used to excuse the lack of ancestral forms prior to the Cambrian on the belief that previous life forms were all soft bodied and didn't leave fossils, but discoveries in the last 20 years show that many types of life forms existed before the Cambrian period, none of which are reasonable ancestral candidates for those in the Cambrian. In one amazing find the cellular details of tiny embryos can be clearly seen.

In Illustra's video, Darwin's Dilemma, Simon Conway Morris, an outstanding paleontologist, describes the Cambrian explosion as "an enormous diversification, a radiation, so that in the Cambrian what we have is an abrupt appearance of animals."

Charles Walcott, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in 1910, discovered the soft-bodied fossils of the Burgess shale. This effectively refutes Darwin's "extreme imperfection" contention that a fossiliferous geological record prior to the Cambrian didn't exist because the Precambrian fossils were soft-bodied. If Darwin knew what we know today about Precambrian, he wouldn't have been so bold to say the fossil record suffered from extreme imperfection.

Darwin's Dilemma says geologists believe an avalanche quickly buried the Burgess animals alive in an airtight tomb, which prevented the decay of soft body parts--eyes, legs, and internal organs. Simon Conway Morris says the alimentary canals and their contents can be seen in some of the worm fossils, indicating how well these soft, delicate parts were preserved. The sediments of the Burgess shale had to be deposited rapidly to preserve the fine structures seen by Morris and others. Morris explained how some organisms had darkly stained areas, which were the result of partial decomposition and body fluids leaking out into the sedimentary matrix. The burial of these organisms had to be extremely rapid and protected from oxygen, otherwise these delicate details would not have survived.

"Nothing distressed Darwin more than the Cambrian Explosion." Stephen Jay Gould The Panda's Thumb, p. 238
Modern biology rests on Darwin's twin pillars of common descent and natural selection. The branching tree of life was his greatest icon, which nearly every biology textbook depicts.
"There is another and allied difficulty, which is much graver. I allude to the manner in which numbers of species of the same group, suddenly appear in the lowest known fossiliferous rocks. Most of the arguments which have convinced me that all the existing species of the same group have descended from one progenitor, apply with nearly equal force to the earliest known species." Darwin

In chapter 9 of his book, Darwin remarked:
"I enumerated the chief objections which might be justly urged against the views maintained in this volume. Most of them have now been discussed. One, namely the distinctness of specific forms, and their not being blended together by innumerable transitional links, is a very obvious difficulty. I assigned reasons why such links do not commonly occur at the present day, under the circumstances apparently most favourable for their presence, namely on an extensive and continuous area with graduated physical conditions. I endeavoured to show, that the life of each species depends in a more important manner on the presence of other already defined organic forms, than on climate; and, therefore, that the really governing conditions of life do not graduate away quite insensibly like heat or moisture. I endeavoured, also, to show that intermediate varieties, from existing in lesser numbers than the forms which they connect, will generally be beaten out and exterminated during the course of further modification and improvement. The main cause, however, of innumerable intermediate links not now occurring everywhere throughout nature depends on the very process of natural selection, through which new varieties continually take the places of and exterminate their parent-forms. But just in proportion as this process of extermination has acted on an enormous scale, so must the number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed on the earth, be truly enormous. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory. The explanation lies, as I believe, in the extreme imperfection of the geological record."

This lengthy quote reveals much about Darwin's mentality and how willing he was to champion his theory even though the available evidence was against it. With a little flimflammery of scientism, Darwin and his modern students have slid past the chief objections to his theory. Information contrary to their belief will simply be ignored because they hope that eventually discoveries will be made that will justify their apparently blind faith. The objections that Darwin himself raised need to be raised again in light of continued fossil collecting around the world.
One chief objection Darwin missed and one which no one else has confirmed is the process Darwin suggests took place to generate a mammal from its supposed invertebrate ancestors. This is what he was asking his readers to trust him about, not just the minute variations within a species that can be achieved by husbandry. There are dubious mammal-like reptile fossils and creatures like Archeopteryx for the birds for transitional examples, but attempting to trace them from their invertebrate ancestry is highly speculative.

We can, however, challenge the supposed "extreme imperfection" of the fossil record. The fossil record is essentially complete and perfect. Paleontologists are still finding odds and ends, but what we see among the 250,000 fossil species and millions of fossils inhabiting museum storage bins around the world is what we would expect to find as the aftermath of the worldwide Genesis Flood, namely billions of "well-defined species" laid down in rock layers everywhere.

The Ediacaran Fossils
These are multicellular organisms named for a locality in Australia, but found throughout the world. From Stephen Jay Gould's Wonderful Life, these organisms were:
1. Exclusively Precambrian--about 700 million years old or younger (Cambrian 530 million)
2. Soft-bodied
3. Not simpler ancestors for the Cambrian Explosion
4. Themselves without an ancestral line

Gould wrote:
"In one sense, the Ediacara fauna poses more problems than it solves for Darwin's resolution of the Cambrian explosion. The most promising version of the "imperfection theory" holds that the Cambrian explosion only may have undergone a long history of gradually ascending complexity leaving no record in the rocks because we have found no "Burgess Shale," or soft-bodied fauna, for the Precambrian....Thus, instead of Darwin's gradual rise to mounting complexity, the 100 million years from Ediacara to Burgess may have witnessed three radically different faunas--the large pancake-flat soft-bodied Ediacara creatures, the tiny cups and caps of the Tommotian, and finally the modern fauna, culminating in the maximal anatomical range of the Burgess. Nearly 2.5 billion years of prokaryotic cells and nothing else--two-thirds of life's history in stasis at the lowest level of recorded complexity. Another 700 million years of the larger and much more intricate eukaryotic cells, but no aggregation to multicellular animal life." (pp. 59-60)

Despite all this, evolutionists sincerely believe in the fictitious history of descent from a common ancestor by whatever mode. Denial is amazing in how it blinds the intellect. If evolution were true, there should be innumerable transitional fossils. Each favored micro-step mutant to the next species should have been superior to its ancestral stock and inferior to the next-step descendent, the ever-evolving line becoming increasingly more fit and well-defined. That's how variation and natural selection are supposed to work.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Science Documentary, September 18, 2009
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
Judging from all the name-calling and lack of substantive response by the detractors of Darwin's Dilemma you know this film has hit a home run. The documentary reveals the huge scientific problems with Darwin's theory as it relates to the Cambrian Explosion.

This is not a religious film but atheists hate it because the scientific evidence is deeply disturbing to their belief system. The absence of transitional forms between the animal body plans implies design rather than a gradual, unguided cobbling together of adaptations.

The movie shows how the Precambrian layer contains single-celled creatures but no obvious ancestors of the Cambrian Phyla. By looking at the Burgess Shale of BC and the Chengjiang fossils of China the film shows how soft-bodied and microscopic creatures are exquisitely well preserved in the rocks but no transitional forms connect the animal phyla. Thus, the old Darwinist excuse that the transitionals really did exist but were too small and soft-bodied to be preserved is untenable.

The interviews with Cambrian fossil experts James Valentine and Simon Conway Morris are very informative. It's difficult for Darwinists to brush off the opinions of these evolutionary biologists because they aren't affiliated with the Intelligent Design movement. They're simply giving a candid assessment of the fossil evidence and the subsequent challenge it poses for Darwin's theory.

The computer graphics are well done and very helpful. Overall, it's an excellent documentary that's well worth seeing if you want to be a scientifically literate person.
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5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible film, September 9, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
If you are a Connoisseur of science films as I am, you will love Darwin's Dilemma. Like a who-done-it film it presents a mystery, and then presents the evidence, and, last, tries to solve the mystery. The central mystery the film focuses on is the so-called Cambrian explosion and the incredible animals that existed then that were very unlike life forms that exist today. The evidence is presented using incredible animation, sound, and graphics, and then you, the viewer, can decide what the answer to the mystery is. No matter what your view is on the subject of biological origins, this film informs and challenges while it educates. One is sure to learn a great deal about this intriguing period of history from this effective presentation by a scientist who studied this problem at Cambridge University for his PhD degree.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Poor, Poor Darwin, September 16, 2009
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
I've started showing this video to my students. They love it. The beauty of this DVD is that it destroys Darwinism without needing to resort to intelligent design. It goes methodically through the challenge to Darwin's theory that the Cambrian rocks have posed since Darwin's day and shows how the problem has only gotten worse over time so that at present, 200 years after his birth, poor Darwin has completely lost his bearings. Great visuals and great interviews make this DVD highly informative. Most of the interviewees are critics of Darwinism. But Jim Valentine and Simon Conway Morris also appear in it. They are stellar paelontologists who confirm that the challenge of the Cambrian Explosion remains completely unresolved in Darwinian terms. Evolution in some generic sense may still be alive and well, but as this video gets out among the masses, the stricter form of Darwinian evolution will go doddering off into the ash heap of history.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent DVD, October 19, 2009
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This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
Thank you so much for this DVD. It is well thought out and well presented. I actually have a bachelor's degree in Anthropology, and a medical doctorate degree from Tulane University. Throughout all of my scientific endeavors and studies, I really believed in Darwin's Theory on the Origin of Species and was indoctrinated into that theory based upon the traditional educational system I went through. However, upon closer re-examination of the evidence (which, by the way is NOT taught in higher education curriculums), I have now since distanced myself from Darwin's theories and have to admit the scientific evidence points more towards 'design' rather than random chance. Thank you for this very informative DVD.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Well done Discovery Institute: there is hope for Science., August 7, 2010
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This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
The film is exquisite - in its contents. Slow beginning, with some CGI, which were not too distracting. A slow first movement, viewing the history of fossil hunting. Then progressing - and picking up the pace - then landing squarely on the Chengjiang fossils. The deconstruction of Evolutionary Theory continues building in intensity until finally, the theory is blown away by the observation that even if natural selection was capable of generating useful new DNA, it could not create new body plans - since it plays no part in the final morphological form of the organism. Mutate the DNA as much as you like, the "blue-print" for the architecture of the organism lies elsewhere. Of course, at the final stages of this film, is the proposal for Intelligent Design; but hopefully - the viewer would by this point - understand where these Scientists are coming from.

If you hold Evolution closely to your heart, then do not watch this DVD. (It's unscientific to be enamoured by any theory, still people do cling to beliefs that best suits their world view) For those with an open mind, Scientists included, this is a "must see."
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5.0 out of 5 stars Documentary on the development of life on Earth, March 8, 2010
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This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. It brings out the fact that Darwin himself knew that there were certain missing transitions in the fossil record, that needed to be found - if his theory was to be proven. The information in this documentary is presented quite convincingly, by interviewing many knowledgeable paleontologists. When, during the video, we discover that the 'explosion of life forms' found in the Cambrian era in many ways, defies the logic in Darwin's 'Natural Selection' process, we realize, dispite many years of being told that it is practically 'settled science', there is still much of Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution that, to this day, does not gel with what is actually out there in the fossil record !! At one point in the documentary we are informed that Darwin was well aware of this "dilemma", and believed the problem was simply because we had not searched hard enough or in the right places to find the missing pieces of this puzzle. He believed these necessary fossil transitions would eventually be found. Now, however, after 150 years of searching, on every single continent, paleontologists have been unable to find the links that Darwin's theories demand. Notwithstanding certain finds, such as Archaeopteryx, which appears to be a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds; the extremely important transitions between pre-cambrian life and Cambrian life appear not to exist. Darwin understood the potentially profound meaning of this, and it's implications for his theory, and it caused him much distress.
Very well-made documentary, with some concluding thoughts that may surprise you.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Give me an experiment and I'll give you Theory of Evolution :), September 28, 2010
Thomas Piatek (Toronto, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
Now, I'm not a biologist or paleontologist or even a scientist, I'm also not a religious person (although excluding an idea of God seems pretty silly considering the fact that Newton basically "proved" existence of Intelligent Design in Universe in his monumental "Principia Mathematica" :)but I do posses a certain level of intelligence and absolute love for...logic:) In fact I always say that in my opinion there is only one science, logic, supported by statistics and everything else derives from that:)

I'll get to the review of this documentary a bit later, but first I would like to talk about some of the one start reviews posted below.

1. Cambrian Explosion is not a myth or irrelevant idea long ago explained and put to rest, to all those who don't feel like going through thousand of pages of scientific periodicals I suggest to check Wikipeida:)

2. The example of the car, works perfectly well, not because it had predecessors (carriage, wheel cart, etc:) but because it did not "materialized" itself, or arrived by "chance" , but instead it was "created" by ...intelligence:)

3. For me personally, and call me tidies' :), the main problem with Theory of Evolution is the fact that after 150 years it's still a...THEORY :) Now, come on, if in fact we do have absolute confidence that this is how it works and all 99.99% of all scientists believe in this , why don't we put forward some LAWS governing that THEORY, for example ...Law of Evolution, Law of Mutation Progression, Law of Natural Selection.... Wait, I know we can't...why...well somebody here already allude to this ...the ...

4. Scientific Experiments! Yes, that is exactly what we lacking to make the theory a law, until now there have not been a ONE successful experiment in which one species can be transform in to another, yes we can manipulate the genome of many species and inject in to other species (and this in it self is a one of the most powerful arguments ....against natural selections, since those who do it can easily explained to you how HARD it is to do it:)...but to simplified, as this documentary did , if you take a fruit fly and "play" with it's genes you will get only 3 possible outcomes ... an exactly the same fly, deficient fly that will not survive or ...dead fly :) Now a lot of people here indicates that it's the "experiments" that can be replicated are the most representative examples of scientific process and only through these we can establish true science....EXACTLY!!! Give me an experiment that proves evolution!!!!

Because so far the only thing we are doing in all the laboratories around the world , is to ...CREATE those who are dealing with this problem can assures you that level of information, intelligence and technology necessary to achieve enormous. Needles to say, that INTELIGENCE is the operative word and function in this search :)

But, let's go back to the review. Firsts of all I think that this documentary was one of the best and very well balanced presentation regarding Intelligent Design, not to mention that word G..d or even "creation" was not mention. I think it was a very good point to focused on "intelligence" of designs, ( little gray man, really large orange women...I don't really care who is doing the "intelligence"...let's call them , ...scientists, engineers, bimolecular biologists ...:) rather than "divinity". The presented arguments where compelling and logical, although no "definitive" prove was presented (which is the same with Evolution:). One thing that really made me think was the indication from the computer programmer/developer that worked with one of the interviewed scientist in regarding of complex "designs" on the molecular and biological level in the organisms, cells, DNA... that resemble so closely the ...programming codes and operating systems used in computers..

In conclusion, this is a good "brain" exercise, not really conclusive, but worth watching and contemplating. As for the comments by some reviewers regarding intelligence of anybody believing in this "crap"...well...what should I say :).... There is clearly a problem with scientific method here, and that is an openness to the new ideas and new way of thinking. I'm sure that most of the reviewers who "bash" intelligent design would be doing the same thing to ...Darwin... during his time, since the only think they know is to follow the establishment and not to think on their own.

It's clear that for many years now science become a new "religion" to the most of the people , specifically the scientific community and anything that threatens the stability of this "scientific religion" has to be attacked and destroyed. My hope is that, as history and logic teaches us, these irrational acts will not stopped the truth (and logic:) to eventually conquer these dark elements and give us knowledge that we need with out constrains and regards for the ...establishment.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning display of computer animation and intellectually stimulating, September 29, 2009
This review is from: Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)
I am awed by the spectacular work of this visually stimulating and intellectually honest discussion of the evolution debate. I now know a great deal about the geological fossil record and I can see why Darwin wrote in his magnum opus that the fossil record is " perhaps, the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against [his] theory."

What surprised me most is that my 9 year old and 7 year old daughters also loved it. The animation work that was done was absolutely fantastic. To bring to life these ancient fossils was a brilliant display of cinematic craft. Both my daughters and I learned of the vast and highly disparate creatures that once populated much of earth right from the very begining of the geological record, animals that before where unknown to me. The film makers, through computer animation, were able to put skin and muscles on the once lifeless ancient fossils and manufacture a stunning video of the ancient sea life that populated the oceans during the Cambrian era. This film has captured my family's imagination in a way that not even the best work of science fiction could and now my children are more intrigued by the fearsome anomalocaris than even dinosaurs.

And there is one specific bit of evidence from this film has the ability to revolutionize the future of contemporary biological science. Science has discovered a fact that one would have assumed would have made front page news by now due to its catastrophic implications. From the pulpit of Evolutionists, we are taught that DNA mutations and Natural Selection are the mechanism for the origin of new life forms, body plans and even cell types. But the film discusses and expounds on a hidden truth. Science does not know how new cell types are formed, or how they get the instructions needed during gestation to know both when they are to be assembled and where their destination is to finally be to fulfill its ultimate purpose in the complex body plan of the organism. What science has learned however, is that it is most definitely not due to the neo-Darwinian notion that dna mutations can lead to new cell types. Lab tests have eliminated that from contention. So even if another naturalistic explanation can be discovered, the fact that perfectly engineered new protein types must also be formed in cooperation of the newly developed cell types in order to support the new functions. But that would mean that both the DNA and the cause of the new cell types must know what the other is doing before it does it, something that pure matter is not able to do. So if the foundation of Neo-Darwinism is that all new forms of life can be explained by small DNA mutations over long periods of time, this film shows that no matter how much time you have the theory of Neo-Darwinism is not just improbable, but impossible.
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