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on September 10, 2012
I don't understand all the positive reviews. I was so excited to get this juicer based on everyone's glowing recommendations. I actually bought mine from Macy's during a one day sale. Based on the review and with the price I was excited. Taking it out of the box I was pleased (nice looking) but that was shortlived once I got into the instructional manual. What a joke, never seen such a poorly written 'manual'. Had like 3 simple recipes and never did give complete instructions on how to USE the juicer optimally (except to say don't use for more than 5 min consecutively). Also, mfg warranty is only 6 months (better than Lalanne 90 days but worse then Breville's 1 yr). I have been juicing using a vitamix and squeezing though a nylon bag so imagine my surprise when I got 1/3 LESS juice using this AND 4 times more pulp leftover. Futhermore, the pulp had whole chunks of apple left in it and was soaking wet. (I could squeeze it through my hand and juice came out). I tried rerunning the pulp through the juicer but it didn't make a difference. In all fairness I've never used another juicer so maybe in comparison this one is ok, but seems to me that at the very least the pulp should be dry and not whole pieces of food left in it. Also, using the same recipe in the vitamix my juice is green from the stalk of romain lettuce. In the juicer very Little of the lettuce was juiced and the juice color stayed orangish red from the carrots and apple. Just seems very wasteful to me to leave so much wet pulp. I also juiced 7 carrots and one small clementine orange. I put the leftover pulp in my nylon bag and squeezed out by hand another 50 ml of juice. On the plus side really love the thought that went into the cup design to reduce foam and cleanup was pretty simple. Hope this helps. (BTW, I would have given it 1 star but figured since I haven't compared to another juicer I would at least give it 3 stars).

UPDATE: 9/20 I purchased a Jack LaLanne's juicer from costco to compare. The Jack one is MUCH quieter but it yielded a little less juice. (I used a mixture of lettuce, spinach, orange, grapes, and a zuccini) Also, the storebound one is easier to clean (the lalane you have to use a tool they provide to remove basket), it has a nice cup receiver, and it has two speeds. This one is much powerful as well (800 watts versus 250). I still don't like how much waste there is with either one ( I can squeeze and inch of more juice from the remaining pulp). I think I'm going to stick with my vitamix.
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on February 13, 2014
If you use it per the instructions the harder fruits and vegetables will break the plastic and plastic bits will will be shot out of to the pulp container. It's very scary, and then the juicer won't work properly anymore. The plastic just isn't strong enough for a juicer.
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on August 8, 2014
we have been using a jack lalaine for years, going through one a year. this machine i bought used. It is a BEAST of a machine. It sucks in the veges with minimal effort, unlike the lalaine that needs careful pushing, not too fast or it overloads, too slow and it does not feed well. We are super satisfied with this with the catch cup that is graduated. The smaller size chopper basket is more efficient. Smaller is easier to clean...much easier. The opening to put in the veges in is same size as the lalaine, so chopping is also minimal. I'm a happy camper.
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on April 7, 2013
I researched this juicer before requesting it as a gift for Christmas this past year ... after using it a couple times, I plugged it in one day and it just wouldn't turn on. (This is after using it only three times and being extremely satisfied with the results: it didn't produce a TON of juice in ratio to the amount of fruits and veggies I used, but through talking with other people about their juicing experiences and in researching other juicers, I've found this is pretty typical and is just part of the deal you make when you set out to make fresh juice.)

I will say that the couple times I was able to use it before it breaking, it was easy to figure out (instructions as helpful as they needed to be: putting it together and taking it apart was actually pretty intuitive, which is always a good sign) and the clean-up process wasn't terrible.

BUT, none of that really matters since it broke after the third time using it. I called the toll-free number, spoke to someone at Storebound (apparently the manufacturer), and they sent me a packaging slip to attach to the box when sending it back to them (no charge for shipping). I did this and three weeks later (yikes), finally received a replacement juicer. Plugged it in and it didn't turn on. Made sure it wasn't the outlet, switched it around (other appliances working, this wasn't a problem on my end) and ... nothing. I should mention that this is after I spent $30 on apples, lemons, spinach, and carrots to juice. So I had excessive amounts of fruit and veggies, was literally craving this best best awesome delicious fresh juice ... instead ended up with some lame salad.

Called Storebound again, pretty frustrated at this point, and the guy who answered was extremely unhelpful: he told me he couldn't offer any sort of refund of any kind, all he could do is send me another replacement juicer. I waited two weeks, didn't receive the replacement juicer, called again, talked to someone much more pleasant and helpful who said she felt terrible about my experience and would send a replacement juicer right away (as that was all she could do.) She checked my account and the guy I had spoken to weeks prior had somehow not processed the order. Awesome. So she processed a new order, it must have been expedited mail service as the new juicer arrived within a week. This one worked! Yay! Second time using the thing and I'm juicing carrots & one gets jammed and the juicer produces some sort of burning toxic smell and dies.CARROTS! I'm not attempting to shove shards of glass or small animal bones into my juicer. I'd really just like some carrot juice. So, this is now my third juicer.

Ok, sooo long story short (this isn't short at all), they send me now a fourth juicer: this one is supposed to be the next level up in juicers, more expensive apparently but Storebound says they can do this for me because of this silly silly experience I've had. There is hope! ... My fourth juicer arrived in the mail two days ago. IT DOESN'T TURN ON WHEN PLUGGED IN. *Face palm*

THIS PRODUCT IS CRAP. DO NOT BUY IT. Half the juicers I've now received from this company have broken within three uses and the other half have been broken upon arrival.

The bottom line is that this juicer and I are clearly not meant to co-exist. But reading some other reviews here, I'm reasoning that that's probably the case with this juicer and most humans. The thing really just needs to be recalled. I've obviously wanted to instead get the refund check rather than continue to deal with this but the purchaser of the juicer (my mom) ordered it over the phone and had it shipped right to me. Neither of us ever received any sort of receipt (she just has the purchase on her CC statement), so returning it to the retailer would be an involved, complicated process. How convenient that Storebound doesn't offer refunds.

This is all very unfortunate because no store bought juice tastes anywhere near like the miracle that is homemade juice. But this juicer is not the route to get to that miracle. I feel terrible leaving such a negative review but if it saves someone the frustration that I've dealt with through this experience then it's worth it!
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on June 16, 2012
I am new to juicing and did my homework on the Breville, Cuisinart, Jack Lalanne and a few others. I found that the Dash Juicer has all of the same features as the Breville. I bought a present for myself yesterday at Macy's when I saw it on sale for under $50.00! I had my heart set on the Breville but they were sold out so for 75% less money than the Breville cost on sale, I got the Dash Juicer instead. I have used it once yesterday and once today with optimal results. The only thing that I didnt like was there was a lot of foam and the pulp was a bit moist but I did put oranges in the mix. I do put a plastic bag in the pulp collector for easy clean up-and it is super easy to clean up. It even comes with a little brush to clean off the mesh filter. I will repost after using this for 3 months. So far, so good!
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on May 21, 2014
This juicer is so nice an it's very affordable. I love the big mouth, it allows you to drop in full apples and large vegetables. The only down side is it's kind of a pain to clean but all juicers are like that. If you use the included brush to clean the mesh part it goes by very fast, you can clean the whole thing in about two minutes. This juicer is a great way to get all of your fruit and veggies in, I like to have two juices a day along with my breakfast and lunch.
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on August 12, 2012
My old blender conked out and started smeeling like burning plastic after 5 months. I just bought this one for $100 at Macy's and it works amazingly. It's easy to use and so far I had had nothing but good things to say about it.
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on June 20, 2013
I was extremely disappointed in the dash juicer. Prior to purchasing the dash I was buying pre-made juice by blue-print for $9.99 per bottle. I thought that I would save money by making my own juice with the dash. This is not the case. The amount of produce I have to buy to make the same amount of juice far exceeds the cost of buying the juice pre made because the dash wastes so much of the pulp. ALL of the pulp the dash spits out is still wet. When I juice leafy greens it spits out whole leaves that weren't even pressed at all. When I juice apples it spits out whole slices of apples. Any soft fruit like citrus, pineapple, pears, or berries isn't worth juicing at all because its so soft it just spits it out without pressing it through the screen at all. The only vegetable that I have been satisfied with the dryness of the pulp is carrots, however I bought the machine to juice more than just carrots. Additionally, when I juice the machine spits pulp out all over my kitchen even though it is assembled correctly with the lock in place. When I juice beets it sprays red beet juice all over my kitchen. When I juice beets, on the higher setting recommended for harder fruits and vegetables, I can smell the motor burning (I purchased the machine 2 months ago). Finally about half of the juice that comes out is foam.

I would not recommend anyone buy this product.
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on January 16, 2014
BY far the WORST juicer I have ever purchased !!! Owned it for two days ...used it 3 times and it burned plastic and tasted HORRIBLE ...DO NOT BUY ....spend the money on a higher end juicer definitely get what you paid for not I repeat DO NOT BUY YOU WILL BE MAD
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on September 9, 2013
This is my third juicer after an original Juiceman and a Jack Lalane. All are the centrifugal type. It compares equally to Juiceman. Similar power, juice quantity and pulp. I have read the other reviews and they are either extremely satisfied or very disappointed. I do not know why the disparity unless it is related to expectations. Pulp wetness seems to be a common complaint. All three juicers I have had has had equal pulp qualities. However, a clogged screen or a fast feed will result in wetter pulp. I feed very slowly, rarely using the plunger. My carrot pulp is only moist, not wet. I also find that the screen does not clog as quickly feeding slow. Occasionally chunks of food will get by without being juiced. This has been the case for all juicers I have owned. The clearence between the cutting teeth and the bottom of the chute can only be so close. It cannot be perfect on ANY centrifugal juicer. Slow feeding reduces this occurrence. The reviews with failing motors, etc., I cannot speak to. My Dash has not shown any signs of a problem. I would still be using the Juiceman except parts are not available and I wore out the cutter teeth on the screen. The Dash juicer does an equal or better job than the Juiceman at a fraction of the cost. If you expect higher juice output and dry pulp, then you need to opt for a masticating type. But they are slower and cost a lot more. Trying to compare a masticating (slow, costly, efficeint) to a centrifugal (fast, less expensive, less efficeint) type would be like comparing apples and oranges. There are trade offs. You can do it, but what is the point. Performance vs cost of the Dash Juicer compared to other centrifugal types is excellent.
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