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on September 13, 2012
For the most part, people have been complaining about it not coming with a CD and it not working. These people are not very tech savy. Yes it is supposed to come with a CD to download the Code Manager software which allows the codes to be put into the Action Replay. I recieved mine without a CD like everyone else it would seem; but this is not by any means difficult to fix. It's easily downloadable from Datel's Customer Service section on their own website. Their new version of the software also gets rid of the "Error 52" that people have been experiencing when they first download the software which essentially wouldn't read that you had your Action Replay plugged in. There are MULTIPLE YouTube videos which explain how to update your Driver so it'll read your Action Replay. Once that's complete then you'll be able to input your own codes into your Action Replay.

There's tons of rules when operating the Action Replay. 1) Do not have the Action Replay in your Nintendo DS while it's also plugged into your computer. 2) Do not have multiple cheat codes activated at once as it may cause your game to freeze or become completely corrupted. 3) Use cheat code websites that have people reviewing and checking to make sure the code actually works; and for those who complain about their game freezing when they use a specific code while others say it worked, it's because they input the code wrong--which is easily done if you decide to manually enter the codes instead of Copying and Pasting them to your Code Manager software. 4) Be sure to research how the code works. Most of the time you merely have to activate it by L + R but some cases require other activations. Read EVERYTHING that the person who posted the code has to say. Example: In Pokemon Soul Silver, there is a code so you can find Wild Shiny Pokemon all the time. The author noted that you should not BREED the Shiny Pokemon. But what do you know? Someone did and it corrupted his entire saved game and had to restart all over.

Action Replay is an AMAZING tool that works once you get the software up and running. I bought it for my use of Soul Silver and all the codes I used work like a charm. Don't let negative reviews caution you away from this tool if you REALLY want help in games. Some "fanatics" frown on using a cheating device; but without it I would have never had the oportunity to get a Celebi, or a Mew, or any other Legendary Pokemon that you can only obtain if you were at a special event that was giving away these Pokemon. That's my own personal use for this device, but I know from other people that it can be used for a plethora of games that are extremely helpful. Hope this review is helpful and clarifying for some people.
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on September 20, 2012
First off, just a heads-up - I'm not sure if this is just my version, or all 3DS Action Replays, but I was asked to update my system earlier tonight, like around 10pm on september 19th 2012. It was a VERY short update - I had a weird feeling this was going to cause something to Action Replay, or other devices (like R4 carts or w/e that let you put games on them without actually paying for, or supporting, the companies that put out these great titles!) compatability. Well, sure enough - the first thing I did was plug in my 3DS DSi AR (Mouthfull huh? It's the AR DSi that WORKS [well, WORKED] on the 3DS) and fire it up. I was given an error message, and told to hold the power button to power off the system. I tried again, and again, and again - same issue!! I then popped it into my DS, and it worked on the first try :( Now - when I bought this, I only had a 3DS (Recently bought a used DS for cheap to transfer pokemon, etc.....), so the major factor was it's compatability. If this update really DID break this AR version from working on the 3DS, I know a LOT of people who are going to be upset :( Hopefully Datel will release a FREE update, and not require us to buy a new unit!

Aside from that though - the product is excellent, I bought it about 4 months ago, so for 4 nice long months I was able to use it on my 3DS, and DS, with ease. The included USB cable makes inputting those LONG codes a breeze, and it's very user friendly. I purchased mine to help me get some event pokemon I had missed out on, and it worked great! I'm still going to try it on the 3DS from time to time, and check the Datel website for an upgrade, but I guess for now It's just going to be usable on my DS :(
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on December 11, 2012
At first, I was hesitant to buy this. But I took a risk and bought it despite the negative reviews. And let me tell you… I don’t regret it.
There is a few things you need to know about this product if you intend to use if for your 3DS.

1. Nintendo is not fond of hackers
Don’t expect to Plug and Play. After you open Action Replay, you need to plug it in to your computer and go to their website (inside the box).

2. You need to be computer literate to operate this software
For this tool to work, you’ll have to get to work on your computer. Don’t worry it will only take a few minutes to set it up. First, download “3DS Compatible Action Replay Firmware Update” on their website (under SUPPORT). Not doing so, will make the Action Replay unreadable to the 3DS (hence all the Negative reviews on this site). Your Action Replay should now be readable to the 3DS. Choose the codes you want and play your game.

As long as you keep Action Replay updated you should not have a problem playing your games without limits!
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on January 11, 2012
Standard memory modifier: does not work with saves. Moreover, it does not include a search for value feature or anything like that to make your own codes. If you want to use codes already found, great! If you want to find your own codes or use saves, well, what choice do you have anyway?
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on November 18, 2014
I'm not going to lie, I bought this for Pokemon. I played Red and Yellow when they first came out and I played the card game and had Charizard holographic (shinies now, apparently). I remember some of my fondest moments were encountering MissingNo and Togepi and Mew. Then, I stopped. I don't remember why, but I just moved on. Until a few months ago. Then I traded my XBox 360 in for a 3DS XL and Pokemon. I couldn't believe how much had changed yet It was still so much the same and so much fun.

After a playthrough, I started reading more about it. I found out that Mew is virtually unobtainable! I was so annoyed. I had played the very first game, and because I hadn't bought each subsequent generation and traded my Mew from game to game I would never be able to get one. Same with a lot of other Pokemon! I was livid.

So I bought a copy of Pokemon White and plugged in my Action Replay. It... didn't work. Datel has been horribly lazy with the software that makes this work. I'm on a Mac, and they cancelled their Code Manager for Mac, even though that's what is advertised on the AR packaging (see the small coloured circles in the top left of the window?). No matter, I had Boot Camp and Parallels. Uhoh! Even Windows doesn't like Windows software. Nothing would work. I spent a good hour a day for a few days trying to figure it out. After all, the software installed fine, it just wouldn't connect to the hardware.

After much struggling and lots of Googling, the problem is that Datel doesn't have their driver signed for 64-bit. Windows won't tell you this when Code Manager installs, so you can go mad over why it isn't working. Booting up with a special flag lets Windows run with unsigned drivers. Finally!

After that, I had a steep learning curve and Datel's Code Manager software isn't the best, but it works. The device doesn't sync/merge sorted codes automatically and you have to drag and drop new codes (I could only replace the entire list, not code by code) and then commit them to the AR. I should note that since I fixed the driver issue and run Windows with unsigned drivers, the software has worked great. It was just set up that really vexed me.

As for the hardware, the AR looks a little bit bulging. Like a battery is expanding inside. It doesn't stop it working, or from fitting my 3DS XL. Just a bit odd. The fit and finish certainly have room to improve.

When in my 3DS, there are a few occasions where the DS doesn't recognize the Action Replay. Taking it out and putting it in usually solves this, but I something's blow on the cartridge. Hey, it's Nintendo, right? As with any memory editing hardware/software, this is prone to crashing your DS. Bad codes are the usual culprit, but Pokegen allows you to set activation keys, letting you choose what buttons will activate the cheat. Other times, it could be many things like if the DS runs dynamic memory allocation, the game may be in a different location in memory than the AR was expecting. And you'll crash. I always reboot the DS before doing anything with my AR and I've seen very little in crashes since I sorted the codes out and started properly rebooting.

While the AR has let me live my dream again, it's not without flaws. It is flimsy and a bit finicky. Support is non-existent for the software, and I'd expect the hardware, too. They know the 64-bit drivers are unsigned and would rather let their users work with it that get the drivers signed. It's a common problem with an easy solution. I wouldn't rely on Datel for support. Canceling a Mac version that they advertise on their products isn't very nice, especially when it looked pretty much done. I wouldn't count on Datel being in this space very long, either. As Nintendo gets more multiplayer and competitive, they are going to start working much harder to shut down cheating like this. They've already done a good enough job that there are no Action Replays for 3DS games (Powersaves doesn't count and doesn't run on the console).

But, this product still works. It's pretty cheap, too. Though it feels cheap, also, it does give a huge amount of control to the user. I give it 4 stars because of the software set up. It was infuriating and when I figured it out, I couldn't believe it was something so trivial.
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on December 13, 2011
I can use this to cheat on DS games on the 3ds, and it also works on normal ds' which is fine as i needed a new AR anyway, doesn't appear though that I can cheat on 3ds games as i saw no options to do so, but it fits well enough and works with my ds games so it's cool, great item.
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on May 3, 2014
I ordered for my son in Costa Rica in January. Just returned from a trip to the US with this product. Problem is I cannot return on Amazon policy, cannot contact vendor for resolution and the product is not as advertised and does not work with a DS lite. I contacted Amazon regardless.

Make sure you receive the right product if you order and do it within the guidelines from Amazon. Otherwise, you may be as disappointed as I am to have something that does not function because it is the wrong product.

Amazon responded to me rapidly and offered a full refund even tough I was outside of the return envelope. You cannot beat that. Thanks Amazon..

I will reorder when I am headed to the states so I can verify that I have the right chip within the return period. The ad clearly says DS BLUE where what was sent is black and the label is totally different.
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on April 13, 2012
I should do a video, but I'll just say for nubes and pros that the action replay is awesome. The only way to fly on games that are fun if you can't die. There is nothing better for Pokemon. About this latest version - I wish I hadn't had to replace the last version because I really miss the memory card function. It allows you to start a new game, but store your old one from the same cartridge. It also allows multiple people to have their own game on one cartridge.
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on September 20, 2014
This add-on is quite easy to use, and comes with helpful instructions that point you towards where you can get the software (removing the need for including a disk you'll use once, then never again.) While actually adding new cheats using the software isn't exactly self explanatory, a quick google search will provide you with all the info you need. It works quite well on both my Nintendo DS Lite and my Original 3DS. All in all, a good value for the money, and all you'll need to help you along in tough DS games!
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on January 13, 2015
This works well for my purposes... I don't use it much, but it is kinda fun to just mess around. Generally, I avoid cheating unless it's just for fun. The device comes installed with plenty of codes, but there are better ones on the internet. You'd better look for those if the codes you want aren't there.
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