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on March 30, 2011
I am a long time SONY Alpha girl and I've had my latest the a55 for a couple months, I read the manual. I *thought* I knew the camera pretty well already. We (the camera and I) are taking the best pictures of my life.

I cracked open the book yesterday. As soon as I got past set-up, around page 20 I could no longer just read. I needed my camera in hand. I was being told things I didn't know about.

The big color pictures are really nice. While the words are in a conversational easy to understand form, the pictures drive the point home. It's impossible to not understand what the author is telling me about my camera.

So much better than what is in the manual. I am looking forward to getting out and shooting some more. "We" are going to be taking even better pictures:)
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on January 14, 2011
I had the NEX-5 about a month before picking this book up. I am new to photography and just have a basic idea of the exposure, aperture, etc. This book walks you through just about every aspect of the camera. The very best part of this book is the large screenshots from the actual camera (even larger than the actual camera).

The one negative thing I can say is that it seems that a lot of the book was written with templates from all the other books they churn out, so it doesnt always all flow together.

Do not buy this for the kindle as you won't see any detail (or color) in the pictures, or differences on comparison shots.
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on April 12, 2011
I am the first to admit I am very much the novice photographer. I've always used Sony point and shoots over the years and each time I got a little braver about moving up in quality. When my daughter moved into Junior High sports and cheerleading, I developed a serious case of camera envy from everyone who could get that perfect action shot so I took a leap and got the Alpha 55. The camera itself is an absolute wonder and extremely easy to use right out of the box but I quickly realized if I wanted to use it for its intended purpose rather than just a nicer point and shoot, I needed help the manual just couldn't provide. Therefore, I bought this book and have been thankful ever since. I literally sat down and read it cover to cover the first weekend I got it. It is very simple to understand, extremely thorough in its descriptions of camera functions and most of all, user friendly. I refer back to it often and can't imagine not having it handy to help me continue to make the most out of my camera purchase. I now understand the concepts of aperture, ISO and shutter speed and their effects on achieving the pictures I've been longing for. I move around the camera dial like a pro and am composing shots I never even thought of before. Had I not had this book, I would still be lost and most likely frustrated. I highly recommend this for anyone who owns or plans to purchase an Alpha 55, especially if you are just an average Joe like me wanting to get some really cool pictures of your kids. You will not regret purchasing it and for the price, it can't be beat. In fact, I am now looking at some of Mr. Busch's other books to help me hone my photography skills in general. I am very, very pleased with the purchase.
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on July 29, 2011
I read the reviews and everyone loves this book so I bought it. I am not disappointed. It is an excellent book that has beautiful illustrations and photographs. Very well laid out. In short it is an great book and I would recommend it to anyone who owns an SLT-A55/A33. In glancing at it for a few minutes I picked up many things I wasn't aware of.
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on May 20, 2011
I have an SLT- A33. This book is well worth the price if you own one of these cameras and be a great help if you are tying to decide to buy one. The photos are a big help and in color and it is well written and interesting to read.
Not a replacement for the owners manual but a great compliment and addition to it.
It's not a book to read and and be done with it but a book you will want to keep on hand for reference. I have only read about 2/3 or the way through so far. A must have if you want to learn how and when to use every feature of the A33.
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on August 13, 2011
This book is well written, illustrated in color and easy to understand. It is a great improvement over the manual that came with my SONY a55. I would recommend this book to anybody buying a SONY SLT-a55/a33 camera. This is the manual that should come with the camera.
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on April 3, 2011
I already have one of Davd Busch's books on the original Alpha and that was great too. This book is very easy to read - good simple explanations and enough depth of complexity to help really understand the power of this little camera. The photos in the book make it pleasant and easy to read. My favorite camera book!
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on May 10, 2011
This is a book you will want to take with you on your SLT A55v photography adventures, however the book is large so I also purchased the Kindle edition also so I could have it both on my PC and my iPhone when traveling. It's that good!

It is well written and I can tell that my paper copy will be dog eared and worn in no time. Finger lickin' good (as in wetting your fingers to turn the next page)!
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on March 23, 2011
great book well written easy to understand and follow will recomend anyone who buys the camera please do youself a favor and buy this book
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on July 26, 2011
I learned of this book through Google research and as usual Amazon had it cheaper than most places. The book comes highly recommended by some readers. Personally I find it to be a bloated large print version of the tiny but fat instruction manual that comes with the camera. More than once, I wanted to know about something and I'd go into later chapters of the Busch book where it should be explained and the result was something similar to "As I mentioned in chapter 1, this feature does this." That wasn't an expansion of chapter 1's statement, it was just a reiteration of nothing. A loop that goes nowhere.

I always read the instruction manual that comes with anything electronic that I buy before I start using the item. I had done this with my Sony Alpha 55, although I just about went blind trying to read their tiny dark gray print when I wasn't in a brightly lit room. So I had a pretty good idea of the features of my camera. As I read the Busch book, I found it to be an informally-written, wordy version of the camera's instruction manual with some personal experiences and opinion thrown in to fill space. I also suspect that a lot of the generic content was cut and pasted from other similar books he has written then the words "Sony Alpha" were inserted randomly throughout the text to make it seem relevant to that specific camera.

Was it informative? I suppose if you hadn't read the camera's manual and were looking for somebody personable to lead you by the hand through what the camera manual would have told you anyway, while the camera manual remains in the shipping box, it would be quite informative. Did I learn anything from this book? As a former journalist myself, I certainly learned that books should have a word repetition counter used on the manuscript before layout and printing. If I never again see the phrases or words, "spin the dial" or "whilst" again in my life it will be too soon. And the words "Sony Alpha" were used several hundred more times than I needed to see it. I believe I can remember what camera I'm reading about when it's the one I have sitting next to me.

I suppose this is a good reference book to have it sitting around for quick questions when I don't feel like straining my eyes to read the camera's manual. The cover looks nice and professional for a coffee table book to make you look like a highly sophisticated photographer when friends stop by. But as for being an "eye opening" informative source of new and interesting knowledge about my camera, I can't concur with that concept at all.
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