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Dawson's Creek Season 2
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on November 9, 2003
Format: DVD
I'm a massive Dawson's Creek fan, always will be. If you ask me, season two is right up there on the top seasons list. Not only is this the season that everything begins to spark up but we see a lot of action happening on the creek as it's the season right after the first and everythings just starting to stir up. Season two is definitely one of my favourites because of its high entertainment. "Roswell High" star Jason Behr gest stars in a few episodes this season as Chris Wolf who becomes Jen Lindley's new love interest. Also you will see guest appearances by Rachael Leigh Cook as the naked model Devon, Scott Wolf as Clifford Elliot. This season is also the peak of Capeside's bitchiest character,Abby Morgan played by "Crime & Punishment in Surberbia" star Monica Keena.(I think that was the same of her film). The season also welcomes the new brother/sister duo, Jack & Andie Mc Phee. Believe me this season has so much going on that it's a MUST have!! Seriously, you must purchase this.
So what are the highlights of this season? Well without giving away too much detail, we witness:
* A tragic death.
* Someone comes out of the closet.
* Pacey finds himself a girlfriend.
* "That" certain teacher returns.
* Jen Lindley switches back to her New York ways.
* Divorce.
* Something happens to the Ice House.
* Dawson Leery directs his "Creek Daze" movie.
* The ups and downs of Joey Potter & Dawson Leery's relationship.
...So there you have some wonderful times on the creek. Overall, season two is a great season if you like lots of action and wanna begin to see those high school students grow up in the fictional sleepy town of Capeside! A MUST HAVE FOR HARDCORE DAWSON'S CREEK FANS... Won't regret it!! You'll reminse those sad,happy,funny and emotional times on the creek and of course remember how they coped on growing up..Take a walk down memory lane!
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on July 13, 2004
Format: DVD
Dawsons creek has to be one of my all time favorite TV shows, and season 2 was probably my favourite. With that in mind I cannot begin to tell you how awful this set is. What is wrong with you WB? Have you no respect for the fans of the show? No pride in what you put on the shelves? These sets are intended as keepsakes for people to remember the show.
The picture quality is almost as bad as the first season, but the real thing which is going to make me return this dvd is the replaced music. What WB or whoever made the changes obviously does not understand is that the music was a very very important part of the show, and scenes and episodes are connected to certain songs for all the fans. Well not with this DVD.
Why can't Dawsons Creek get the same respect and treatment on DVD that shows like Buffy, or Smallville, or countless other shows get on DVD? Raise the price $10 or $20 - fans will pay it if you make it worthwhile - which its currently is not.
I'm not going to purchase any more seasons of dawson creek until they stop with the cheap crap they are putting out and release a proper DVD set.
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on December 30, 2003
Format: DVD
You should never change the music on a show! Especially Dawson's Creek where the music was part of the show and not just background. This DVD is appalling! Though the shows are technically the same, the music changes everything. I hope they don't mutilate the following seasons!
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on December 16, 2003
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
This season of Dawson's Creek got me hooked on the show so I was excited it was being released on DVD and I rushed to buy it. Luckily before opening the DVD I came across a list of changes made to the music in these episodes and will be able to return this DVD to get my money back. These changes to the music are a huge disappointment since the music was such an important part of creating the atmosphere and mood of this wonderful show. Be warned this is not one or 2 minor songs being replaced but in most cases up to half and even all the songs in some episodes have been replaced. Oddly some songs that were released on the Dawson's Creek Soundtrack CD have been replaced. This DVD should be great for those who have never seen Dawson's Creek but for those wanting to relive the magic of this show the way they remember it will be better suited with VHS tapes of the original airings. This show holds a special place in the hearts of it's fans and I'm sure most of us would gladly have paid more to see the episodes presented on this DVD the way they were originally aired and perhaps one day we will see a "Special Edition" release of this restoring the episodes to their original glory. The list of the song changes can be found at: ([...]
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on June 16, 2005
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
~* First I Just want to say music aside this was an enduring and heart warming season. It remains my top favorite season of Dawsons Creek.

However, yes I was saddened by all the big musical losses namely Tori Amos's "Northern Lad", Sophie B Hawkins, "Lose Your Way" & Billie Myers, "Kiss the Rain" !! I can't think of another TV show that relied on the music to compliment the mood of the acting was a symbotic relationship that made the CREEK what it is to the fans ! To cut so much very noticable.

All most every single song was altered .. a total count of 93 songs were lost and replaced by seemingly inferior ones!

"The Season Two DVD set will contain new music not heard during the actual broadcast airings. While Dawson's Creek fans will surely be upset by this, unfortunately this had to be done. Faced with the exorbitant prices of licensing music just for the DVD release, the show decided to replace some of the songs. This allowed Columbia/Tri-Star to release the set at an affordable price for all fans.

Dawson's Creek executive producer Paul Stupin, with collaboration from co-producer Drew Matich, and music supervisor John McCullough, selected the replacement songs"

Here is the Complete List of all of the Songs left off!!
A whopping total of 93 Songs -- YIKES !!

"The Lost Songs"

EPISODE Guide ..
#202 "Crossroads"
"Sway" -Bic Runga
"Get 'Em Outta Here" -Sprung Monkey
"Kiss The Rain" -Billie Myers
"Save Tonight" -Eagle-Eye Cherry

#203 "Alternative Lifestyles"
"Flagpole Sitta" - Harvey Danger
"Four Eyes" - Sozzi
"Swan Song" - Bruce Hornsby
"The Party's Over" - Catie Curtis
"WooHoo" - Newsboys

#204 "Tamara's Return"
"Harvest Moon" - Donna Lewis
"Breathe" - Colony
"Half As Good" - Zoe
"Northern Lad" - Tori Amos
"And On A Rainy Night" - Shawn Mullins
"Each Little Mystery" - Seven Mary Three

#205 "Full Moon Rising"
"Catch The Moon" - Marc Jordan
"Secret Smile" - Semisonic

#206 "The Dance"
"Special" - Garbage
"Take Me Home" - Donna Lewis
"If You Sleep" - Tal Bachman
"Sell Out" - Reel Big Fish
"She's So High" - Tal Bachman

#207 "The All-Nighter"
"Hold On To Me" - Cowboy Junkies
"Candy In The Sun" - Swirl 360
"Losering" - Whiskeytown
"Nobody But Me" - Save Ferris

#208 "The Reluctant Hero"
"This Is Who I Am" - Shooter
"Hope" - R.E.M.
"Celebrity Skin" - Hole
"Got You (Where I Want You)" - The Flys

#209 "The Election"
Amnesia" - Chumbawamba
"Slingshots" - Morley
"Troubled Mind" - Catie Curtis
"You Look So Fine" - Garbage

#210 "High Risk Behavior"
"Hey Now Now" - Swirl 360
"The World Is New" - Save Ferris
"Please" - Chris Isaak
"Anything But Down" - Sheryl Crow
"Lover Lay Down" - Dave Matthews Band

#211 "Sex, She Wrote"
"Human Beings" - Seal
"Life's A Bitch" - Shooter
You Get What You Give" - New Radicals

#212 "Uncharted Waters"
Watch Your Step" - Matthew Ryan
If I Had A Boat" - Lyle Lovett
I'm Cool" - Reel Big Fish
C'est La Vie" - B*Witched
Peace In The Water" - Robynn Ragland
Best Of Me" - Far Too Jones
This Pain" - Adam Cohen

#214 "To Be Or Not To Be..."
"Slide" - Goo Goo Dolls
"I Do" - Lisa Loeb
"Walk Slow" - Chris Isaak
"Smoke" - Natalie Imbruglia
"In My Life" - Trina Hamlin

#215 "...That Is The Question"
"Tell Me" - Audra & Alayna
"Waterfall" - The Din Pedals
"Where Are You Tonight?" - The Devlins
"Reckless" - The Devlins
"Intimacy" - The Corrs

#216 "Be Careful What You Wish For"
"Give Up Giving In" - Amanda Marshall
"Freak Of The Week" - Marvelous 3
"Maria" - Blondie
"Frozen Charlotte" - Natalie Merchant

#217 "Psychic Friends"
"Completely Pleased" - Semisonic
"Run-around" - Blues Traveler
"I Could Be The One" - Donna Lewis
"Life Is Sweet" - Natalie Merchant
"How" - Lisa Loeb

#218 "The Perfect Wedding"
"All Mine" - Dance Hall Crashers
"Little Differences" - Save Ferris
"Shimmer" - Shawn Mullins
"You" - Shelby Starner
"Any Lucky Penny" - Nikki Hassman

#219 "Rest In Peace"
"Life's A Bitch" - Shooter
"So Young" - The Corrs
"Whatever Makes You Happy" - Paul Westerberg
"It's Over Now" - Neve
"Magic" - Ben Folds Five
"To Be Loved" - Curtis Stigers
"Lose Your Way" - Sophie B. Hawkins

#220 "Reunited"
"Mania" - Babel Fish
"This Is Where It Ends" - Barenaked Ladies
"Chasing You" - Seven Mary Three
"Ready For A Fall" - P.J. Olsson

221 "Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes"
"Everything Changes" - Bridget Benenate
"Goin' Our Way" - Gus
"Cry Ophelia" - Adam Cohen
"Paper Cup" - Heather Nova
"London Rain" - Heather Nova
"Chrome" - Matthew Ryan

#222 "Parental Discretion Advised"
"Hit So Hard" - Hole
"Why I'm Here" - Oleander
"Letting Go" - Sozzi
"Moon Beneath My Feet" - Kim Stockwood

"Music enhances everything around us -- it is especially so when we experience music in film. Music is the backdrop that helps draw the audience inside a scene, striking an emotional chord that exists in all of us."
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Format: DVDVerified Purchase
Well here it finally is, the complete Second season of Dawson's Creek. This is agruablly the best season the show had. I remember when it was when, for me atleast, Dawson went from an "oh well i missed an episode" to a ... I MISSED ANY EPISODE (followed by a kick to a book). After this season the show lost its executive producer and creator Kevin Williamson, and his leaving can definatly be felt in the later seasons, but im getting ahead of myself. The second season starts right where the first season left of (to the second) and continues to tell the story of the gangs freshman year of Highschool.
The Second season is basically a continuation of the first season with one major difference... the addition of two characters. One character is Andie McPhee and pretty-blonde who hates Pacey, so they naturally become an item. And the other character is Jack McPhee Andies brother, who after a few month becomes Jen's best friend. These characters has a diffent effect on the show, and Jack stays for the remander of the series, while Andie sticks around for a few years.
This is a teen soap, so it would be pretty hard to explain the story-line of an entire season but I will try... Dawson and Joey go out until Joey realizes that she wants to find herself, and breaks up with DAwson, but then starts to go out with Jack until he realizes he is Gay, then joey floots until she wants to get back together with DAwson but won't because he helped put her father back in Jail. Pacey meets a girl, that he falls inlove with, but who has problems nobody could foresee. Jen becomes an drunk outcast that only sobbers up when her friend Abby is killed. And Dawson just floats as usually, trying to figure out what to do about his parents.
The Second Season Episodes are The Kiss, Crossroads, Alternate Lifestyles, Tamara's Return, Full Moon Rising (my personal season favorite), The Dance, the All-nighter, The Relucant Hero, The Election, High Risk Behavor (Argueably the best episode of the series), Sex She Wrote, Uncharted Waters, His Leading Lady, To Be or not to Be (1), ...That is the Question (2) (Changed television history), Be Carefull what you wish for, Psychic Friends, A Perfect Wedding, Reunited, Ch... Ch.... Changes, Parental Discretion Advised.
The Special Featurs for the season include Audio Commentaries (Can't figure out which episodes yet email me if you do (, Featurette, Interactive Map of Capeside, Music Video, and DVD-Rom.
So Sit back and remember what it was like to be 15 and have the vocabulary of a 35 year old english professor.
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on December 17, 2003
Format: DVD
Overall I consider the second season of the show the best one there is, it involves interesting character development, and really focases on Dawson and Joey, something that was ignored after Willamson left the show.
But you already know why season two is so good in storyline, so why only 3 stars? I know music had to be replaced but there's certain songs that needed to be left alone, even if it meant a few extra dollars than it currently is. I mean come on it's only a few dollars more than season 1, it had to make some of us go hmmm. I would have gladly payed 40 or had a retail of 60 dollars for songs like "Kiss the Rain" an ESSENTIAL Dawson and Joey song in the episode Crossroads, "Candy in the Sun," a fun upbeat song in episode 7, it's just songs like those that really stick out that should have been left alone.
A little more time and effort could have been taken to make different selections I mean as far as I know none of the songs in the first episode of the season were changed.
Basically if the more obvious songs would have been kept in I would have bought it, but since it couldn't be done I'm happier off with the tbs reruns that are more true to the show.
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on June 29, 2006
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
...that they changed most of the music in these DVD's. I grew up with this show and I was deeply affected by how they would pick out songs with lyrics that matched the scene that was happening. The music was a strong focus of mine for this show and to change over most of the catalog was entirely disappointing. I have also read that they do not intend on ever releasing a collection with all the original music due to legal reasons. So I have no intention of owning this collection again, which is a shame, since I adored this show. You can still catch re-runs on TV, though, and I would recommend, if sampling this show, to catch the high school episodes as opposed to the college episodes. The writing is better in the high school episodes and the characters are more enjoyable, especially Pacey, (my favorite).

If you put as much stock in the music of this show as I have, I would not suggest purchasing these DVD sets.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 27, 2003
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
My anticipation for this release was so great that I didn't pay attention at first to the comments online re the music changes. I read them belatedly, yet still hoped against hope that they would be minor. They are not.
First of all, I am appalled that these changes are not more prominently noted on the packaging for the collection. Would most people know that "features brand new music selected by the executive producer" in small type on the back of the box means that this is not additional music but is a full replacement of 75-90% of the original songs?
Second, this is a show that pioneered big pop soundtracks on TV. Working in the industry, I remember one of my first reactions to the show was that the budget on music clearances must be enormous--well, this is where the producers finally let the fans down. After two soundtrack CD's and a TV special promoting the music used in DAWSON'S CREEK--not to mention the afore-mentioned exec producer bragging about his selections on DVD commentaries--we lose far too many of these same songs in this new collection.
So many fans have noted their missing favorites and I agree with them all. For me, one of the most devastating loses is Natalie Merchant's "Frozen Charlotte", which plays under the scene after Dawson's disastrous 16th birthday party when Joey goes to the window and makes a wish on the first snowfall. It's a moment filled with magic as well as melancholy and the song adds to its poignancy and power. Hearing the song for the first time made me want to investigate the other music used in the shows. The new song is sweet enough but pales in every comparison.
To say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. I can tell you this: I was considering buying a second copy as a Christmas present for my niece (who is following my interest in the show). Forget about it. I'll give her my tapes instead. I want her to see the show as it was originally intended.
To Sony & company: Please continue to release THE CREEK on DVD--but don't tamper with the shows! You probably lost sales on this one trying to save money on clearances, and I'm sure I'm not the only fan who would have gladly paid the extra $$$ to get the show they love instead of this hybrid.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2003
Format: DVD
I think the second series is definitely a turning point for Dawsons Creek. We are introduced to two very important people, Jack and Andy, and we watch the ever turbulent relationship between Joey and Dawson. They tried to make it work, but alas Joey was not truly happy and I think their friendship actually got in the way of true love. With Pacey and Andy, I think we get to see a sweet side of him that was always underneath his devilish ways, and it sets up what is to come in Season 3 when Pacey finally gets his girl. Jack is awesome! I love to watch his friendship unfold with Jen, and how he makes so many bold decisions.
I think the true DC fans don't have to be cajoled into buying this series, but for fans who started watching the show during the later series, this is definitely one you don't want to miss.
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