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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 20, 2013
This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made. There was so much hype going into these that it actually affected the way they sound at first, but once the confirmation bias wore off I knew something was wrong. When going from these speakers to listening to music in my car, the music got better even though it was playing through factory speakers on my aging car. I tested other cheap and worn out speakers around my house with the same results. Some 20-year-old radio shack speakers and some cheap KLH speakers both sounded better than the B652s; in fact, the only speakers worse were the ones in my tv. The tweeter in the B652s is practically nonexistent at the high end, is harsh and inaccurate for cymbals and electronic music, and it gets lost in the midranges coming from the woofer. I spent extra time breaking these in to no avail. I felt like I was listening to a completely different speaker than the ones that others had purchased in the past, and it turns out I was. I searched for information on the crossover and found out it doesn't really have one, but the originals didn't either. The woofer is wired straight from the spring terminal and then to the tweeter in parallel. (I also don't think these can be 8 ohms as the label claims.) The tweeter then has a single inline capacitor that is now 50v instead of the 100v capacitor on the original. This shouldn't necessarily change the sound, but it's inferior nonetheless. A review on showed pictures of some of the differences in the new model, and comments on reddit noted similar concerns. The screws are now hex instead of philips, the wall hanger is an oval instead of a rectangle, and after I opened one of mine up, I can confirm that the capacitor is the new 50v version and that there's an apparent problem with glue spilling at the factory. I've already exchanged one pair that was sent because they were covered in stray glue, and I wish I had gotten a refund instead. I bought these based on reviews (such as stereophile's) of what would have been a very decent original model for what I paid, but by being sold the inferior B652 for the same price (or more), I'm now the victim of a bait-and-switch.

I sent an email to the PE customer service address about the sound quality issue, and they sent me a new pair of B652s after I provided a copy of my invoice. They didn't charge me for anything and didn't ask for the old pair to be returned. I haven't had a chance to judge the sound quality of the new pair. One speaker had some glue on the speaker cone that wouldn't come off, which makes it look ugly with the grilles removed. There seem to be some quality control issues that remain, but I'm glad that PE is making good on their products and replacing them free of charge. I was pretty upset over my experience with getting the original subpar pair, hence my dramatic review, but I feel better about it now that I have a replacement in hand.

Personally, I take the grilles off every speaker I own. After getting another pair with glue on them, these replacements still won't be seeing much use. For $50, I recommend the Micca MB42 over the Dayton B652 as soon as Amazon gets more in stock. Those Miccas definitely look good with the grilles off.
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on March 24, 2013
I bought a pair of these to use in my bedroom stereo system -- mostly for playing music and listening to public radio. While I thought they were OK for listening to voices on public radio, I wasn't pleased with their performance for listening to music. They just don't have enough character to suit me for a music speaker, even after they were broken in. I was running them with an Onkyo TX 910 tuner amplifier with 45 WPC.
They are very well built. The highs don't have a pleasing sound to my ears. I think they'd work better in an AV system than for listening to music.
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on April 1, 2013
*Everything is back as it should be.*

The old version of these speakers was great, but they have released an "Update" that completely ruins the sound quality. Do not buy unless you want to be ripped off.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 23, 2013
The new revision (late 2012-2013) of these speakers makes them a total crap. I never tried the original ones but these i got now are very bad, there is no bass, treble roll off, the sound is far far from being accurate or clear even at the $40 price tag. Everything sounds THIN AND UNNATURAL!. My very old creative 2.1 computer system did better, or even my Lenovo Y580 JBL laptop speakers are at the very least as good as these Dayton B625. I am going to return them.

Just a side note. Coming from a Sennheiser HD800 and Stax, to my ears these speakers sound worse than $1 ear-bud. Head-fiers should definitely stay away from any sub $100 speakers system or get ready for huge disappointment.
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on September 2, 2015
No audiophile but these are great for the price. I wanted computer speakers and after a few hours of reading audio forums with people searching for cheap solutions (less than $100). I found that all the recommendations were to ditch the purpose made computer speakers and buy a set of they for $39.95 and add a standalone amplifier. I mated these with a SMSL SA50 amplifier and the an audio cable to go from the pc 3.5mm jack to RCA. I was in it for $117 total. I think the results are great. I you have the space to put these in for your PC I highly recommend them over getting a set of "PC speakers".

I'm glad I took the time to read forums and get these instead of paying for overpriced BOSE...which are much smaller but, I have the space.

If you need small these are not for your desk.

Packaging was great. Comes with small audio wires, could upgrade to a little bigger gauge. I'm using what came with the speakers and I'm happy
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on March 23, 2016
I got these as part of re-purposing a very old pair of Radio Shack Minimus 11 speakers (they are going in the garage).

There was evidently a time period where the manufacturer messed these up, but that has clearly passed as I was very impressed with the sound I am getting out of these little guys. I did run them for several hours at a fairly high volume to sort of break them in, and there was definite improvement after this, but even out of the box I found them to be quite acceptable.

Seriously, as sub-$50 speakers go, there's really nothing worth deducting a star over. They are pretty light weight as far as the cabinets go, which, for 50W max speakers isn't really much of an issue. One of the name plates on the covers was applied slightly crooked. That is basically it as far as "defects" go.

I'd say buy these with confidence.
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on November 20, 2015
Sounds great. I thought that the tweeter was just a little too crisp for my liking, so I added a little acoustical deadener inside the cabinet. It made an improvement. For the price, the Dayton B652 is remarkable.
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on September 24, 2014
I bought 2 sets of these when they were on sale, and what can I say, 4 speakers for well under $100!

The build quality is mediocre. There was a bit of glue on the surrounds, but nothing serious. The covers are a bit stiff, but that's better than them falling off.

As many of you looking at this know, these speakers are the budget champs. The sound quality is very good for such a cheap pair of speakers. The low end is a bit missing, and the highs are kind of shrill, but you likely won't find anything better at this price any time soon.

These are great home theater speakers. They can handle getting very loud, and if you pair them with a subwoofer they sound pretty damn good. I wouldn't recommend these for a desktop setup though, they are a bit large for that, and they aren't the best for near-field listening (go with the Miccas for that)!
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on May 22, 2014
Got these and noticed how small the retail box is that they are packaged in – nice that they were double boxed by Amazon. After getting them out, I inspected them and immediately can see that the fit and finish is extremely poor overall. There was glue and other abnormalities about the speaker boxes and the woofers were made sloppy how they were assembled. One woofer center cap seems like it was coming off, I checked it and appeared it just was not placed flushed to the cone during assembly – there was glue and did not come off. The grilles were not aligned with the cabinet either and were super ugly how the fabric was cut and glued on around the back of each speaker cover. These things scream cheap! I gave it the knuckle tap test and was not surprised. Oh, by the way, has anyone bothered yet to measure the woofer and question the 6.5 inch claim? I am getting a 5 to 5.5 inch if you include the surround. Even if you measure the woofer frame with the screws, it still does not measure 6.5 inches. I have 6.5 inch speakers and these do not compare in size. These should be called a 5.25 inch woofers. One positive is that the woofer does have a good quality rubber surround. I hooked them up to my Onkyo 2-channel 80W receiver and gave it a go. At first it was entertaining for the most part seeing the woofer perform in a small sealed (cheap) box. I kept my mind on the price paid @$36, but then the sound started to become nagging and there was no quality or dynamics - especially when comparing it to even a set of Micca’s that cost the same or other speakers that I have bought during the years. Their tweeters with the “upgraded” capacitor fix were not impressive either. These are $0.25 tweeters and sound like it. Folks, these speakers are really a “get what you pay for”, they are NOT comparable to a $100 or $200 set of speakers many want to convince others and themselves. I know there is a cult following out there on these and many of them easily spent 2+ times what they paid just to make them sound decent. What is the point when you could just buy the Micca’s or similar (may have to save more) and get strait to enjoying and seeing those carbon fiber 4 inch woofers work. Right now, the Micca Club 3 are less than $40. Ultimately, as you could probably figure, they were returned because I did not feel like having a set of speakers sitting in a brown box in my attic. I give Amazon 5 stars for their customer service and return process. I am giving these two stars only because of the price and are suitable for many who want to start out cheap and work their way up as funds become available. Sorry for the ranting and raving but I had to get this off my chest. Happy speaker hunting!
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on February 19, 2015
Thankfully, I haven't had any of the problems that were previously mentioned by other reviewers. I was kind of nervous, but the responses from the seller / manufacturer did seem like they were sincerely owning up to their bad decisions/defective parts.

I am NOT disappointed! The speakers sound great (except when my defective Lepai LP-2020A+ amp stops working).

Also, I saw reviews saying that a lot of glue found its way on and around the speakers behind the grill. That has also not been a problem for me. I am able to remove this screen and display the speakers proudly.
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