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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2008
This is game is coloring book on steroids. Your are a super hero. Your power is providing colors, lots and lots of them. You rescue the world that has fallen into gray boredom. What a premise... :). I wish in real life there is a super hero. Makes all our life cheerful and colorful.

You really have to know the basics of colors. What and what adds upto the final color. The music changes as your blob changes color. They have picked up very appropriate elements for every color. When you hear new music for the first time as the color changes, it will give you a high kick to your brain. Very well executed game play with minute care to details.

The basic structure of the game is similar to Katamari. You roll around, jumping and painting all the surfaces etc. etc. Open up more new section and add more colors. The game play never gets repetitive. As the levels progress you have to go from coloring every thing to coloring particular sections and mix and match things. The game play is always fresh. For any one who doesnt know about this game, it started as a free PC game in EU. So they have had enough background to make sure the game is nicely flushed out.

Camera work is the best I have seen in recent times. The fixed camera works as tight as in God of War. Controls are sharp, you never miss a jump. Even in 3rd person every thing works perfect. For love of gaming, buy this one. For any one complaining Wii doesn't have good 3rd party games. Take a hard look at Bloom Box and this game.

- The game itself.
- Fantastic theme and Art direction
- Graphics. This is probably the best looking Wii game. Runs at 60 fps 16:9 wide screen.
- Audio. Exceptional, it is layered audio. You actions change what you hear

- Very poor marketing. They never advertised it well.
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on October 2, 2008
DeBlob is a game that has always LOOKED great. Through screenshots and early gameplay footage, it's always looked like a very promising title. Even the box art LOOKS great, but with the power of current gen consoles, a lot of games can look great, and play horribly. DeBlob thankfully lives up to its style and graphical prowess. The game is just as fun as it looks like it would be.

You play the part of a paint ball, jumping around a gray world, painting the town red (or green, yellow, orange, etc.) Meanwhile the evil 'Inkies' are dead set on keeping things dull and rubbing you out. The people of a the world are depressed and oppressed, and it's up to you and an underground group of rebels to set them free.

The game is just FUN. It's great fun jumping from building to building slopping paint around everywhere you go. Even on the load screen, you can point the wiimote at the screen and doodle while you're waiting. The game just oozes with personality. It's got the dry sense of humor of the Rabbids games, or early Lucasarts titles. There are lots of challenges set up along the way (ie. paint 50 buildings yellow in 60 seconds, etc.) to keep things interesting, or you can just explore and try to paint all the tree, buildings or townsfolk before the (generous) timer runs out.

My only knock is the lack of a jump button. It's something many players have mentioned. You jump by flicking the wiimote down, and while it works, its just not as accurate as a button press. The controls are very responsive however and this is only a slight setback.

DeBlob is easy enough for children, and at the same time offers enough extra challenges for any level of gamer, and is an all around great family game. It's a clear 'must own' title for the Wii and one that should not be overlooked. I hope gamers will choose to support DeBlob so publishers will take more risks with titles like this! No more shovelware!
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on September 27, 2008
de Blob is a fantastic original game with beautiful graphics, a cool jazzy soundtrack, and lots of fun challenges to keep you occupied. The presentation is top notch as the developer obviously put a lot of thought, energy, and humor into the creation of this game. There's a range of difficulty to the challenges and goals so there's really something to appeal to different types of gamers. More casual gamers can just roll Blob around and color buildings while hardcore gamers can go for 100% completion and try to complete tougher and tougher challenges with time limits. Whatever your desired challenge level, you're bound to have a great time playing this game.

The graphics are crisp, clean, and most of all, colorful. The game runs in full 480p widescreen for those that have an HDTV and have invested in the Wii's component video cable for the proper connection. de Blob's graphics are a big part of its unique style and fun factor.

I can't give the jazzy soundtrack enough praise. It provides a great atmosphere that compliments the graphical style perfectly. Also, it's more dynamic than just being a set list of songs that you hear as you are playing through the various levels. First of all, you can select different moods for Blob, which affects the soundtrack for each level. Even more impressive is the fact that different instruments are added into the mix depending on the current color of Blob and how much of the level you've colored.

While de Blob has a couple of different multiplayer modes, I haven't tried them out yet, but I've heard pretty good things about them from game review websites.

I'd strongly recommend de Blob to anyone who wants a fresh, fun, and original gaming experience on Wii.
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on October 8, 2009
Gameplay: incredible.
Musical soundtrack: possibly the best on the Wii.
Addiction quotient: stupidly high.

This game, where you go around the world re-"colorizing" objects that have been drained of color by the evil Inkt Corporation, is incredibly engrossing. I applaud THQ and everyone else involved in the creation of this game.

That said, there is one MAJOR gameplay flaw, and it is so glaring that it has limited my time spent working on this game. There is only one "save" location per level. You must play through to the "exit pool" in order to get any work on that level saved. Sometimes, this can take over an hour, and I simply found that I shouldn't start playing the game unless I had more than an hour to kill, or unless I wanted to simply leave the game without saving.

Other than that, this is a nearly flawless game. Others have complained of operability of the Wii-motes, but I have found that, with time, the navigation and maneuvering gets easier and easier in this game.
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on October 19, 2008
As a parent, I can say this game is great for kids (and adults, of course) but one fundamental flaw ruins it for our family.

Unless you have at least a half hour to spare, and longer in some cases, you cannot get to a save point. I repeat: you must play for a LONG time (especially young kids who cannot rush through a level) in order to get to a save point.

This means you may sit for 40 minutes and have to leave, or simply want your kids to stop playing - and the level must be played from the very beginning.

Graphics and gameplay are fun, and the execution of "painting" levels is nice. The environments are great. Unfortunately, we will never see whatever comes after level 2 because we do not want to leave the unit on and generally will not spend an hour playing.

May not seem like much, but, for us (8.5 year old daughter, 6.5 year old son) the frustration of having to restart every time has made even my game-loving kids want to avoid it.

Not recommended unless you have a lot of time on your hands
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VINE VOICEon October 6, 2008
When I first heard about this game, I really didn't know what to think of it, but previews and videos convinced me to make the plunge. I'll start by saying that de Blob is one of the most unique platformer titles available on any console. This game is what you would expect if Super Mario Sunshine, Okami, Jet Grind Radio and Katamari Damacy had a love-child together and raised it in a jazz club populated with hippie jelly beans. You run around the different black-and-white levels playing Blob, who happens to be a blob of paint. Similar to Okami, the more you play, the more the world around you changes. As you touch things such as buildings or trees they become drenched in paint matching your current color and vibrant patterns. There are puzzles along with traditional platform challenges. It doesn't do anything particularly new, but the combinations of gameplay elements found within are well thought out and very engaging when the paint-the-world aspect comes into play.

Graphically, the game is very crisp and smooth. Musically the game annoys me, but I'm not personally into jazz-club style tunes, so I am a little biased. For a platformer, I'm really impressed with the camera and I rarely have to fight with the controls to see what I want to see. Blob controls fairly well, but it took me a bit to get used to the movement mechanics, especially the jumping. You score points by painting the world around you and you'll gain bonus multipliers if you score combos without touching the ground between objects. It took me a good couple of hours before I could get the hang of creating combos, wall-sliding, and wall jumping, but it was all very rewarding once I crossed that hurdle. I just wish that Blob moved a little faster and the wall jumping was a bit more predictable.

The Good
++> Huge levels to explore, although they tend to be similar.
++> An Okami-like change-the-world gameplay mechanic sits at the core of the game.
++> Simple but vibrant graphics with smooth gameplay.
++> Great presentation and style, even if it is very jazz-heavy.
++> Clever challenges and puzzle designs
++> Very forgiving gameplay with a steady increase in difficulty.
++> This game is a completionists dream-come-true with challenges and rewards for every level.
++> Good camera control
++> The audio controls let you reduce the volume of the vile easy-listening jazz.

The Bad
--> Too much jazz.
--> Adults will probably care nothing for the storyline, but children will probably enjoy it.
--> I really want to see more challenges and puzzles. There just aren't enough.
--> Blob could move faster... but apparently he chooses not to.
--> Jumping mechanics are a bit unpredictable
--> Completionists might be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to accomplish.

Overall, I am really enjoying this game. I haven't tried any of the multi-player yet. The single player though is very strong and it looks to be a fairly long game. Fans of platformers should definitely consider picking this game up.
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on September 25, 2008
With so much shovelware on the Wii, such a unique and fun game is a great surprise.

CONCEPT: The concept is simple, paint everything.

GRAPHICS: The graphics like all Wii games are last generation but well done and very suitable for what it is. It could benefit from more colors and patterns.

MUSIC: The music is kind of a jazzy funky mix and very well done.

CONTROLS: I've never really loved the innovative Wii controllers. Give me an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller any day. However, the Wii controller is very simple and easy to use.

It's all tied together with a cute story, and it received good to great reviews in the game magazines.

I noticed Best Buy sells it with a free T-shirt. Circuit City has a free game soundtrack CD included. Target has a mini-comic book included. I don't think Amazon is including any extras. I purchased from Circuit City for the music CD. I'm not sure how long the free items will be available.

The game is appropriate for younger players, starting about 5 years old and up, depending on how much you help. The game is interesting and challenging enough that players of ANY age would enjoy it.

I often try to play new games over so many weeks and resell them while they still have good resell value, but so far, this game seems to be a keeper.

Highly recommended! If you need a number, I'd say 8.5 out of 10.
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on August 4, 2009
I bought this game because it caught my eye on an unrelated visit to BestBuy and I thought it would be a fun game to play with my wife. While it wasn't what I was expecting (a rich multi-player experience), I was blown away by the concept.

It is important to note that I played it for more than an hour and thought "well, it's OK", but it wasn't until I actually understood what was happening that I got to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this game. I'm not sure if I'll do it any justice, but I'll try to describe such awesomeness...

*The story*
You play a blob of paint (appropriately named "Blob"), whose purpose in life is to save the world from evil creatures that suck the color (and fun) from everything around them.

*The gameplay*
You move Blob with the analog stick, target with Z, and jump (and smash) by flicking the wiimote. Your objective is to douse Blob in paint and then splatter everything you can.

*The concept*
This is where it gets interesting. When you first start playing a level, there is silence. You are a clear blob of nothingness (no color yet) and there is a slight "hum" whenever you touch/hit things in this state. As soon as you hit a paintbot and acquire its color, you notice things change drastically. Every time you touch something, it is gracefully splash-painted by your color. Now, that's the obvious part. The AMAZING part is the music. Every time you paint something, a short tune is played with a certain instrument, depending on the color. If you continue painting, the melody goes on. And as you paint more and more stuff, a song starts to take shape. You get drum beats early on and eventually start accumulating base melodies. Before you know it, you have a full on song going, in which you drive a solo in the instrument (, color) of your choice!

The music transition is so smooth and natural, that you don't notice it at first. But when you do, you can't help but feel blown away by its ingenuity. As you get the hang of it, you actually start composing, adding tunes here and there from your favorite instrument (I personally favor saxophone red!) and you find yourself immersed in the music, sometimes completely forgetting the story line (luckily, there is a Free Paint mode). And, on top of this, the music is really, REALLY good. It reminds me of the old days when video games were all about the soundtrack (queue in, Mario Bros. tune).

Your accumulated music is only interrupted when you are injured (by the evil inkies), which makes damage that much more dramatic ("Aww, all that work to get the music going!"). But no worries. With enough paint you can get the music back on track.

I hope I was able to adequately express the huge coolness factor this game has. And if you haven't, buy it (or rent it or borrow it or whatever) and see for yourself. You will not be dissappointed.

... Oh, and the graphics are gorgeous!
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2008
De Blob is a very creative/bizarre game. The plot involves bringing color back to a city where evil beings have turned everything monochrome.

De Blob is literally a blob of paint. The player paints things by simply hitting into them. Three basic colors are available - blue, yellow, and red. These can be mixed to create purple, brown, orange and green. I wish a greater variety of hues and tones could be created, but for simplicity's sake the game sticks to the basics.

As de Blob rolls around the city, he has the option of taking up various challenges - such as painting a block a specific color or gathering enough paint to free prisoners from jail. The challenges are optional for the most part, so if a player finds a challenge too difficult it can be skipped.

The game can be as difficult or easy as a player wants. Side missions include things like painting all of the billboards or trees in a given area. It can become quite challenging to complete all of the side missions. Again, that is completely up to the player.

I am very picky when it comes to the ability to control a character and de Blob is quite easy to control. Sometimes jumping can get a little annoying, but overall the game's controls work well.

I only have a couple of complaints. The first is that players can not save while in a level. I enjoy completing everything in one level at once. This can take two or more hours at a time, so I wish I could save my progress. Also, the music can get incredibly monotonous and irritating unless you love jazz. I wish players could use their own mp3's for the background music.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun and can be played by almost anyone.
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on November 3, 2008
The gameplay is straightforward enough, even for me. I wish there was a jump button, but you get used to flicking the Wiimote pretty quickly. There are time limits, but they are not completely impossible. You can pick you music, and the music adapts to what you are doing. You can also collect "styles" which are like color textures. I'm not saying it's the easiest game I've ever played, but it is pretty straightforward. The graphics are pretty. It really is like Katamari with color. The goals are easy to understand, and you get a satisfying sense of accomplishment. You can see what you've done. The gameplay also seems... humane to me. If you accomplished part of a challenge, it stays accomplished, even if you fail the mission, so the next time you try it, it's less impossible. To counteract possible unfairness, you get a bonus if you finish a challenge the first time. I think it's going to make it easier to convince my kids to "try, try again" if all their forward progress is not lost. I do agree that I wish there were more savepoints so that we could play in smaller increments.

Recommended. Even if it is currently kicking my bptt. We're going to unlock some levels so the 4-yo can free-paint. Story is good and challenging for me.

The other fascinating part of this game is how very anti-corporatist it is. The villains force everyone to become accountants or lawyers or typists. In the original happy, colorful version of the city, there is shopping and art and coffee. As the Church of Inktology and the repressive law-enforcement oppress the happy proletariat, they are pushed into economic subjugation -- first the game has you free uptown, then downtown, then tenements, then slums, then shanties. This game is overt in its message that art and law are opposing forces, and that the part of Truth and Beauty will be played by a big blob of Chaotic Good. I think this is pleasingly subversive.
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