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on March 31, 2012
I purchased this fryer 6 months ago. Previously I have owned two of the Delonghi Roto Fryer Model 895UX and have been supremely happy with them. My first lasted for at least 5 years, using it 4-5 days a week. The second unit was still working after 6 years of almost daily abuse, but I decided to treat myself to the newer model when my kitchen color scheme changed. I purchased the Delonghi Blk/Silver Model D28313UXBK six months ago, wrongly assuming that because it was more expensive, it would be an upgrade from the units had previously owned.

Bizarrely, this unit does not have an On/Off switch or an attachable cup for draining the oil, both of which came with the older model. The timer is inconveniently placed below a puffy metallic sticker which not only is a nuisance to clean, it is so annoyingly reflective that it glows much brighter than the actual power indicator light. The power cord is much shorter than on my older models, limiting its' placement to within 12 or so inches of an outlet. The weird magnetic connector that attaches the cord to the unit itself, disconnects much too easily if the cord is slightly stretched or moved. I have to be very careful lifting the fry basket out of the fryer. The mechanism that allows the basket to spin occasionally releases from the handle without warning sending more than one batch of French Fries to the floor. But the worst is the spring opener for the lid which is so strong that if you're not careful, can send the lid literally flying off. The new lid and hinge are far less substantial than the older units, obviously made of a cheaper plastic. The hinge assembly has already broken on my unit.

I really have a hard time understanding the decision making process that went on in the Board Room at Delonghi. Who thought it would be a good idea to take a well made, reliable product and "improve" it by removing convenient features, and using lesser quality materials. Did they think that by dressing it up in black and silver, they could slap a higher price on it and nobody would notice how poorly thought out the design was, not to mention the shoddy construction? I have a number of Delonghi products in my home, but this will definitely make me think twice about purchasing any more. I am not sure I will even try to replace this unit with the other model (which I LOVED!), for fear that the use of lower quality materials may now be across their entire product line.
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on June 20, 2011
UPDATE JANUARY 2013: Judging by some of the follow-up comments to my initial review, it appears DeLonghi finally has filters available (third-party, too) and has decided to support this fryer. They're not the first company to get ahead of themselves in a new product launch as appears was the case here. You should read the comments and pay particular attention to the dates they were written. New information always is good.

While Delonghi may have a good idea with the introduction of the D28313 Roto Deep Fryer, here are several things about which a potential buyer should be aware.
FIRST, many retailers are using descriptions of older model fryers in their advertising and descriptions of the D28313. For example, there is no included oil container in which to drain the used oil. The basket capacity is 2.2 lbs, not 1.5 lbs.
SECOND, you might want to know the cost and availability of filters when considering this model. Delonghi parts lists one filter, P/N 5312510071. The cost is $15.90 for one filter, which includes shipping and handling. The same Delonghi customer service department representative told me the filter may be used twice if frying fish. That means you must factor in $8 per fish dinner, plus you must order and have on hand filters sufficient for your use.
THIRD, there are no replacement filters available at any price. Delonghi doesn't have them and has no idea when they will. Filters for Series 5 and 8 fryers will not fit.
FOURTH, the owners manual (with the unit and online) says not to use the unit with clogged filters, but the manual makes no mention of using the unit without a filter. But then, one of the benefits of a closed fryer, namely, low odor, immediately is lost. The owners manual is so vague ("... if your unit has ..."), there's no telling whether or not use of the fryer without a filter would be hazardous.
BOTTOM LINE: Buy this fryer, use it two or a few times, and you've got a $100 paperweight. They're not the first company to get a product launch out of sequence, but at least until Delonghi decides they're going to support it, I'd stay away from this fryer.
Thank goodness for Amazon and their return policy.
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on January 27, 2012
Pros: Works very well-only in use for the past month but it does a very good job browning up fries, hush puppies, green beans and potato cakes without making them greasy. I like the oil changing tube as it makes a potentially greasy job fast and neat. After a bit of timing I learned how long to fry items before checking to see if they are cooked to my liking, a very minor issue. The device appears to be a good bargain, reasonable price and performance, again short-term experience. The temperature controller is a nice feature!

Cons: The magnetic a/c power cord connection to the fryer's body needs to be designed better so it is more securely attached. I've used other mag connections with no issues but this one tends to be touchy wanting to disconnect from the fryer. I've learned to be very sure there is more than enough slack in the cord between the electrical outlet and the fryer. The window is useless as it fogs up and although the instruction booklet says it will automatically clear it doesn't. They should design a safety interlock to insure that the frying basket is in the up position before the lid can be opened. The instruction booklet is very clear about the need to raise and lower the basked only when the lid is closed but for safety reasons there should be an interlock.

9.21.2012 Update- We've now used this appliance for about nine months. While the above is still relevant I must say I am more comfortable using it. The results make any minor "cons" worth dealing with; in fact they no longer impact on my opinion as I began to overlook them shortly after composing the above. I will say the fryer provides even, reliable, non-greasy foods regularly and we actually use it more than I ever thought we would. My Wife's a "steamer" and she's even tossed in [okay, gently lowered] broccoli flowerets & sliced carrots with very good results. I will stick with my four star rating but recall grease laden food experiences with the earlier deep fryers on the market and this one totally out performs those Daddies.

One final note- ALWAYS refill the oil after you've drained and cleaned this fryer. It is easy to think you'll refill before its next use but if you don't you will burn it out if you plug it in with no oil in its well. We shall not go into details as I'm still being kidded about the meltdown...
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on May 7, 2011
I got this fryer for my husband for his birthday and it is wonderful. It is completely self-enclosed so there is no smell and you can actually use it in the house. I used to make him use his old fryer outside on the porch! It is easy to clean with the spout and uses very little oil compared to other fryers. Great buy and the best one I have ever seen.
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on November 16, 2015
Was concerned when reading the other reviews that I might have made a mistake in purchasing this item. Quite, the contrary, I couldn't be more pleased:
I fried 3 lb of chicken cutlets (about 1/3 - 1/2 inch thick) in 4 batches about 3 deep in the basket using 1.5 quarts of oil. About 6-7 mins per batch.
Oil reached temperature quickly and the unit was easily able to maintain it.

Agree that I would have had to use at least 2X of the amount of oil for similar batch sizes in a non roto-fryer.

Dropped the basket into the oil and raised it with the cover in place, first time frying that I didn't get oil anywhere where it didn't belong.

Odors: While there certainly are frying odors using this appliance, there are so much less odors than frying open in a fry pan. (Prior to purchasing this unit, I used to only fry outdoors. I used this fryer inside our garage. Our garage is attached to our home, and although one could tell that we fried by the odor in the garage, no detectable frying odor seeped into our home. Having had a son, who's summer job was making french fries in a Pizzeria, I know what can happen to clothes worn while frying. After only a couple of hours on the job, his clothes needed to be washed separately 2 or 3 times to get all the fried food odors out. After using this unit, my clothes had a minimally detectable level of fried food odors, with 1 normal washing being more than enough to get the clothes fresh and clean again.)

Finished Product was far less oily than chicken fried in a pan. I took the chicken out of the basket using tongs within 30 seconds of lifting the basket out of the oil. The paper towels I put the chicken on barely had to absorb any of the oil. The amount of excess oil on the chicken after frying was minimal. The chicken was evenly cooked, the amount of loss of the coating was so minimal, it wasn't even noticeable. The crunchiness of the coating was comparable to restaurant fried chicken. I was concerned that layering chicken in the basket would cause the pieces to stick together - this didn't happen at all.

Cleanup was not too bad: I drained the oil into a large bowl using the hose. After that, I wiped up any excess breading (that I used to coat the chicken I fried) from the bottom of the fryer using a paper towel. I moved the unit to be next to my sink. I used a dawn soap, water, and a paper towel to clean the inside, while leaving the hose draining into the sink. Rinsed it into the sink. I dunked the filter in a bowl of soapy hot water and left it for a few minutes, rinsed it and put it on a paper towel to dry. The basket will have some debris from frying in crevices that the dishwasher won't be able to get to, so pre-washing it before putting in the dishwasher is necessary.

I had a great experience with this first use - however, I did read these reviews carefully and followed the advice of others:

When opening the fryer, I held my hand above the lid, to prevent the spring action that will cause the lid to open with too much force.

I did not take the basket out of the fryer between batches, nor did I use it to hold food outside of the fryer. I used tongs to remove cooked food, and a fork to place uncooked foods into the basket.

I used an extension cord to overcome the shortness of the included power cord.
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on April 23, 2015
After using this as a friends house a few time, I decided I needed one of my own! I was sold on the fact that the house didn't smell of fried foods for the next few days, and you don't have to spend time cleaning up all the oil that spits out when frying via the stove-top. This company has really put a lot of thought into the product. I find its many features very handy and useful. Would have given it 5 stars, but there are a few things below I am not fond of, but can easily live with because there are more benefits to having it.

Easy to clean - seriously. Wipes out fast. NO residue and nothing sticks to the sides.
You don't have to flip the appliance upside down to drain the oil.
Very, very, very low odor while cooking. Smell is gone within 30 min after your done cooking.
No mess to clean up from oil drops flying out of the pan.
Basket can be dropped into the oil after the lid is closed, which prevents those random oil burns.
Easy to use controls.
Basket is of good size. Can hold the perfect amount for 2-4 people.
Food comes out PERFECT and CRISPY :)
Comes with a oil catch that has a filter so you can reuse the oil. Makes emptying the machine so painless. I love this feature!!!!

Larger unit than I would like - but true to measurements.
The cord it very touchy because it is held on with magnets. Don't bump it or your machine will shut off mid-fry.
Takes a bit for the oil to cool so you can dispose of it. But that is kind of expected.
My minute times was not functional - but I don't really need it anyways.
The viewing window is a nice feature, but get fogged up quite a bit if you fry frozen food.
Top opens kind of fast - just hold you hand over it to keep it from flying up and rocking the machine.
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on March 15, 2012
I really like the fryer EXCEPT FOR ONE THING "THERE IS NO ON/OFF SWITCH"!! Very unhandy you have to reach behind it to unplug it everytime your done & plug it back in to use it next time!!!!!
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on March 22, 2016
I purchased this fryer a little over a year ago. It works great and the clean up is very easy. I use it perhaps once or twice a month so over usage was not an issue. The problem lies in the rubber drainage tube. When i first looked at it, it looked like a design weak point where the tube itself is bent up to store away when oil is not being drained. This leaves a permanent kink at the point of bend. It started leaking all over the counter top recently and I discovered there were at least 2 cracks where the drain hose bends. If this was easily replaceable, then it wouldn't be an issue. There is not much info on the internet regarding replacing the hose. Also the replacement cost of the short rubber host is about $10 at Amazon. 10% of the cost is a bit too much for a short rubber hose. So now you come a decision. After only a year, I need to decide is it worth the cost and the headache to replace this hose? It is definitely not worth it to have a "professional" service it. If you replace the entire unit because of a short rubber hose, then we are being hosed. Definitely can't do it on a yearly basis. I've already had at least 4 friends purchase this on my recommendation and now I regret it because they too probably will face this dilemma down the road.
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on September 9, 2012
just bought mine seems to work fine. no oil leaking and it seems easy enough to use so far.

filter kits for the F28-D28 series fryers is part #5512510041. The filter kit contains 3 of the carbon filters and 6 oil cleaning filters. Filter kit may be advertised for fitting the DeLonghi D28533UX which is the identical 2.2l white version of the D28313UXBK. As of now I do not see the filter kits sold on Amazon, other sites online have advertised for around $8.
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on August 5, 2013
This a great fryer and we use it at least 2 ~ 3 times each week. We've had it for about 1 1/2 years and have no complaints about it 's performance. However, it is a 'nasty ' fryer to keep clean. The interior parts above the grease level, the top lid, and the rim get covered in splattered grease with each use. I use a paper towel and attempt to wipe it down after each use, but it's a futile attempt. After about 4 uses, we drain and strain the grease and start a good cleanup which takes about half an hour with HOT water and Dawn. Most are not as meticulous as me, and I fear the fryer would be nasty beyond cleaning after 6 months of regular use. The company should make this fryer submersible and Dish Washer safe.
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