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on May 11, 2012
The photo needs to be changed, it shows an anti-calc feature which is not on the iron I received. Also, the iron I received has a screw on cap for the water tank which is not on the model in the photo. After some research I have discovered that they are displaying a model VVX 1860G which does not seem to be available in the USA. I am very disappointed because I paid for overnight shipping and I am not sure if that will be refunded. Regardless, I have decided to return it because I really want the anti-calc filter and the water tank that can be refilled without having to turn off the iron and let it cool down for 15 minutes before refilling it and then waiting another 15 minutes for it to heat back up. I am ordering the Kaloric SIS 32968 instead.

(FYI-the written description also states that it has a non-slip cork handle which is incorrect, though I figured that before I ordered since the photo does not appear to be cork. Neither model has a cork handle)

(UPDATE-Amazon did give me a full refund including shipping!)
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on March 11, 2012
I was in the market for a new iron as I was tired of the usual iron and having to use spray starch but never really achieving the results I wanted. After doing a lot of research on steam irons, I found that the most important factor was the amount of bars/psi of steam an iron can produce. This DeLonghi can produce 4.5 bars/65.2psi. It's an iron with the most amount of bars you will be able to find at this price. It takes around 15 minutes to heat up. Unfortunately, you cannot see a water level gauge; however, I fill this up just before doing the ironing each time. I was amazed at what this steam iron can do. I can do napkins in about 30 seconds. A shirt takes a couple of minutes. I was able to bring this iron to the dining room and iron a table cloth with no problem. This iron makes ironing a joy. It is worth the money. I would recommend this iron over the Pro 300 which only has 3.5 bars of pressure.
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on November 14, 2012
When we contemplated moving from London to California I had concerns about many things but I never expected that the thing that bothered me most would be laundry! I'm not an ironing perfectionist by any means but even with the same (good quality) make of iron as I had in the UK I wasn't happy with the results. Perhaps it's the difference in current. But now I believe I have the solution...
It's not exactly the item pictured and it's still very new so time will tell, but this baby looks like it could do the job. Breezed through polo shirts and cashmere sweaters. Did my husband's (double cuff, sea island cotton) work shirts from bone dry...a first! And I've only got the steam setting turned up halfway. I've yet to try linen but I am very hopeful.

1. Not the cheapest but it feels substantial enough to last.
2. This sounds pathetic but I had to virtually destroy the box to get the thing out.
3. Once out, it's a bit daunting but follow the instructions and it's pretty straightforward.
4. It's a bit smelly at first but that's to be expected.
5. And it's pretty noisy. I iron in front of the TV and had to crank up the volume quite a bit. But that's a small price to pay.

Upsides: Properly ironed laundry! I will probably still start with cotton shirts and linen slightly damp but jersey, wool, cashmere are quick and easy.

Update: Linen: sheets, clothing napkins... Folded wet (front load) machine-washed items, left them for a day or so and then ironed while still damp, still on half of the maximum steam. Took a fraction of the previous time, without needing starch or extra damping, and a much better finish. And the smell is much reduced. Very happy!
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on May 9, 2013
I opened the gasket to put water in the tank and there was corrosion on the threads of the gasket and inside the iron. I called the DeLonghi and was on hold for thirty minutes. They said to cut off the cord and send it to them and I would get a new unit. I said I shouldn't have to pay to get a new iron by boxing up a cord and paying postage. Then they said to send them an email of the invoice for the iron I bought through Amazon, and they would get back to me on Monday. This is Thursday. I thought, enough of this!

I called Amazon, and they are sending out a new iron overnight. If the second iron from this company is also reconditioned/used, then Amazon will investigate the irons this company is sending to Amazon customers, and I will get a refund. All of this will not have cost me anything--except a trip to UPS to drop off the first iron (and maybe the second one). If the second iron is also not in perfect/unused condition, then that will cost me a second trip to UPS, but I still won't have to pay the postage.

Amazon would have had UPS pick up the iron, but I didn't know if I would be home when UPS arrived, and I didn't want to leave the box outside my door. Amazon has great customer service.

UPDATE: Received a replacement iron today. Looks like it's brand new. No green stuff around the threads to the gasket. Will try this iron soon.

UPDATE: Fabulous iron. It takes me half the time I used to take to iron a shirt. It's a pleasure to use this iron for sewing and quilting projects. I fill up the boiler and wait ten to fifteen minutes and I'm ready for a full day of sewing and quilting. It has an automatic shut-off so I just leave it on all day. The tank has enough water for a full day of sewing and pressing. I am careful to let the iron completly cool before I open the valve to add more water.

The next morning I fill up the cooled off boiler and I'm ready for another day of fun. I use distilled water even when it says that there is no need. There is a guage that comes with the iron and you use this guage to fill your boiler. No worries about over filling! I wish I had this iron long ago.

UPDATE: Febuary 23, 2014. I am still using this iron and loving it. I have learned that in order for the iron to not drip, that I press the steam button and run it over the ironing board. A little water drips out, and this action gets the iron "warmed" up because this iron shuts off very quickly. There is then no dripping on shirts or quilting projects. LOVE THIS IRON! Now I'm spoiled, and I won't use any other iron for quilting or sewing projects--or even ironing shirts. I will have to buy another iron for our second house.
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on August 13, 2012
After a lot of research looking for a replacement for my Rowenta (which kept spitting rust on my sewing products, I decided to purchase the DeLonghi. I"ve used it a number of times and am very pleased. As a sewist, I find it performs well on seams and has completely, and easily ironed all my collection of tough-to-iron linen pieces for my projects. I am happy with the 1+ hours of ironing without refilling the tank. Huge amount of steam. I still use a little iron for simple small seams right next to my machine.
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on April 19, 2013
My wife does long arm quilting. She was looking for a steam iron that would hold up better than the two Rowenta Irons that have leaked for her. We noticed that all the reviews for Rowenta were people that loved them or hated them. So we looked into DeLonghi. Reviews were not so polarized. We are very glad for this iron. It has cut the time she spends pressing the quilt tops and backs b 2/3rds. Other ironing is almost no issue anymore either. Really like this one.
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on January 27, 2013
Went through a number of standard irons, none of which produced enough steam to remove wrinkles. This unit is nice in that you don't have to make multiple passes like a standard iron to get the job done. If you have to refill, the 30min wait to cool and then reheat might be a pain but I've been able to complete the load before running out, 10-13 garments or so.

UPDATE: A year later and I still like it enough to update this review. Works great!
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on August 4, 2013
I had a steam generating iron years ago and used it until it died. The line from the steam tank to the iron developed leaks so that the steam would shoot out on my hand when I was trying to iron. I finally had to stop using it for an iron. The tank that held the water, also had another attachment - a floor brush cleaner. That works well still. When I searched for a new steam iron, most of the irons where just that - steam irons - not steam generators where the steam is FORCED out under pressure. That is what makes ironing easy. This DeLonghi does force the steam out, but the tank that holds the water only holds a very small amount of water and I have to refill it often. That is my only complaint....otherwise this works exceptionally well and the price was far less than other steam generating irons...
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on March 23, 2013
I was looking for an italian brand iron system and this is perfect.Amazon recently changed the pix they used to have but I cannot complaint with what I received.It takes half of the time you need with a regular iron and with a full tank I get about 2 to 3 hours of ironing.I would say it takes about 4 to 5 times to finish a gallon of distilled water. Yes, I still use distilled water even though the system comes with a bottom that will prevent calcium deposit.I really like it and my mother in love is getting one for herself.
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on August 8, 2013
I have wanted a great quality forced steam iron for several years. They are easy to find in Europe, but much less common in the US. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. For the price, this DeLonghi iron is exactly what I wanted. If you have 400 bucks to drop, then maybe the Italian made semi-professional ones are better, but for less than $150 this iron is great value. At first I was hesitant because it is made in China. So far that isn't an issue (other than trying to understand the manual). This machine is much more modern looking than the Reliable i300 (Italian) which I also considered. It has a little less psi (amount of steam forced out) but costs MUCH less. Yes, I would prefer to be able to see the amount of water left in the tank, but I can live without it. It says that a full tank will iron for 90 minutes. If you need to refill, you have to let the unit cool before adding new water and then it takes about 15 minutes to heat up. I wanted the Kalorik Steam Ironing Station (Belgian) but it is no longer available in the US. As of Aug. 2013, there's not a single one to be found-- not even a used one. The DeLonghi iron is relatively light weight and can sit easily on the end of a standard ironing board. I don't love the color of the unit, but once again, it doesn't matter. If you are looking for an iron mostly to iron dress shirts and t-shirts-- meaning light weight cottons then this is perfect! One quick sweep and all the wrinkles are gone. It will save you tons of time. For khakis, jeans and heavier fabric it takes a few passes and maybe pressing a little harder to get the wrinkles out. Normally I hate ironing, but with this it is a pleasure. I really should have made this investment years ago!
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