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on January 7, 2010
I received a new Delorme PN-40 for Christmas (thanks, Santa!) and immediately ordered this travel kit from Amazon. While waiting on the order I used both Energizer "Industrial" alkaline batteries (one set, lasted probably 12+ hours but I didn't time it) Ray-o-vac el-cheapo batteries (lasted about 8 or so hours, again, didn't time it). But I usually use a GPS receiver while geocaching, and I'm very often in a vehicle, on an ATV, or on a bicycle. My truck and the ATV have 12V power points, so why not use them for power?

[Edit: corrected mAh comments]
When I got the kit I immediately installed the batteries, plugged in the 110V charger, and let it sit overnight. The next morning I unplugged it and turned it on, seeing 4 green bars. Unfortunately, this had dropped to 2 yellow bars within 20 minutes, so I start checking things out. That's when I notice that the battery was only rated at 1400mAh, which is on the small side, but still should be adequate. An average rated alkaline battery can have a much higher mAh rating, and high capacity batteries can have well over 2000mAh. So possibly the battery capacity bar is based on the highest capacity battery, so even when fully charged it's slightly over half of maximum.

This was disappointing, and worth a deduct of 2 stars (from the battery life rating), but I could deal with it. I always keep several spare AA batteries to feed my flashlight and headlamp, so I'd just throw a couple extra batteries in the pack if I needed more than extended outings.

About three days after getting the kit I go on an extended geocaching outing. A little less than 300 miles driving with about 8 miles walking/biking over 26 stops. Maybe 8 hours in-vehicle and 7 hours out. While driving, the receiver was always plugged into a 12V power point. I assumed the battery would last me all day; any amount discharged while walking SHOULD have been recharged while driving to the next destination. Wrong. About 1/2 through the trip, I got a low battery warning while walking (meaning it was down to 1 bar). About 3/4 through the trip, I got a critical battery warning while walking and the receiver shut off. I replaced with a pair of alkalines from my pack and kept walking. Back at the truck I kept it turned off and let it charge to the next stop. I had enough power to last for one geocache, then it shut off again. It turns out that just because it's plugged it, the receiver is running on external power, and the battery type is set to "rechargeable", that doesn't mean the batteries are actually getting charged. They aren't running down, but they aren't filling up either. I had to work a bit to make sure the status said "charging", usually requiring shutting the unit down and re-starting. This is a more serious problem. I would have deducted far more than 1 star from the "convenience" rating, but I feel this is more of a receiver problem than of a battery/charger problem.

Ultimately, though, this is a good purchase and worth the money. It's much cheaper than buying each item individually, and if you use it a lot, it's much cheaper than buying lots of alkalines to throw away.

- allows the use of external power while driving, even if using alkaline batteries
- reduces waste having to throw away dead batteries

- low capacity battery
- battery sometimes doesn't charge when the receiver is running and plugged into the 12V adapter
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on November 6, 2009
I read reviews before I purchased my Delorme Earthmate PN-40 that the batteries lasted 10 hours. My first trips were with standard alkaline batteries. Not bad but they did not last for my 8 hour backpack trip. I then purchased Energizer Ultimate Lithium which did better. I had some power left after a 9 hour hike. But shortly after starting another hike the Energizer Lithium batteries gave out. I had more in my packpack so I installed them and continued on my way.

I decided that this was too bothersome so I bought the Delorme PN Series Power Kit. I thought at least I will be able to charge the Delorme batteries without taking them out of the PN40.

The kit came with a standard wall charger, a 12 volt charger system and a 1400 mAh battery. I thought I am ready to go no more issues. Boy! was I wrong! The freshly charged Delorme lasted 5.5 hours.

I contacted Amazon they immediately sent out a new Earthmate PN Series Power kit. Wonderful service! I fully charged the new battery and turned on my Earthmate PN40 and placed on a window ledge and started to time it's lasting power. Within one hour I lost 25% charge. By the end of the second hour the bars turned yellow and and I had lost 50% battery power.

Delorme's Eatrthmate PN series Power Kit did NOT last as long as regular alkaline batteries!

I will be returning this second Delorme Power Kit and start using hybrid rechargable batteries. Don't waste your time!
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on September 25, 2009
When I purchased my Delorme PN-40 I was not sure if I wanted this travel kit. However, one feature that I noticed was that NONE of the handheld gps's had a way to re-charge instead of continously always buying AA batteries. I did purchase this travel kit but my friend did not. She has had to change the batteries after each one of our trail rides where I have only had to recharge. If you get a Delorme - definitely get this!
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on July 4, 2010
This set-up works far better with the PN-60. Cords and chargers are of good quality it has always been questionable battery life. I could not even get 3-4 hours out of the Li-ion with the PN-40. With this battery my new PN-60 last about 8-10 hours under heavy usage (lots of screen views). I would not recommend anything but the Energizer lithium for multi-day hikes and still carry a set as back-up for long day hikes but have not needed to use them yet.
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on October 20, 2009
You need this for hunting while off-grid with only a vehicle 12V DC outlet available. The system is pricy in my mind, but has worked for us on a current bighorn sheep hunt in MT. Bummer is, the GPS only allows this particular li-ion battery for use and charging. It won't work with other li-ion or other rechargables.
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on September 22, 2009
If you have an Delorme Earthmate PN40 then this is a must have. I am thinking of getting additional batteries to keep an extra set charged for days when I might wish to use it for longer than six hours. I could probably get more use out of one charge if I reduced the amount of delay in the backlight turning off.
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2009
Purchased with Delorme PN-40. These are essential items. I would suggest buying another battery though as a backup since the life is about 5 hours on this one.

It's March now and the batteries aren't holding a charge.
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on August 2, 2011
I have purchased two $49 kits from Delorme. First of all the batteries do not provide long life and after 3-5 hours are completely discharged. Second the 12v cable broke on both units in different places. The first broke at the strain relief at the 12 plug end. The strain relief(plastic) broke then the wires were unsupported and failed. The second 12v cable broke at the plug side that attaches to the GPS. I guess you need to lift the plug straight up off the GPS because the plug separated at the flange that attaches to the body of the plug. At that point my curiosity was raised and I looked inside to see a mono block of clear plastic holding the wires in place, but two small leads exit this block and that is where the wires broke. So for my $100 I got underperforming batteries and two broken 12v plugs. Delorme clearly needs to make theseparts more robust and for more than casual use. If I could find an alternative, I would buy it.
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on April 8, 2013
The only fault with this kit is that it is no longer available. Friends have borrowed mine and I have to keep track of it so I can get it back. The ease of use when traveling is a 5. No need to charge nightly. It charges while using. Very convenient.
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on April 24, 2011
I bought this kit soon after buying my PN-60w. The first kit sent had a dud AC charger so a second one was sent in its place. Now after something less than two dozen charge cycles the battery can no longer be charged in the PN-60W. Even while it worked I never made it through an entire backcountry ski outing without having the battery die before returning to the car - certainly never more than six hours of battery life with power-saving mode enabled, compass disabled, WAAS disabled, and backlight turned all the way off. One time I tried disabling the wireless antenna in between SPOT message check-in/ok transmissions but I didn't perceive any noticeable change in the rate of discharge(subjective evaluation, I didn't make any careful measurement).

It's possible that the battery is still okay and just needs to be charged in a standalone Li-ion CR-V3 charger rather than in the PN-60w with the power kit. As mentioned in the top-rated "positive" review, the Delorme GPS is finicky about actually providing charging power. I'm finding that with my having accidentally completely discharged the battery I cannot get the PN-60w charging light to activate. But whether the problem is with the PN-60w charging finickiness or the battery itself ultimately makes no difference given that the power kit does not come with a standalone charger. For all practical purposes my battery is now useless with the PN-60w plus charging kit. I'm disappointed enough with the battery life even when it was working that I'm not willing to spend time and money trying to track down an appropriate standalone charger.

In fact, my judgement is still out on the PN-60w itself. I love the ability to compose SPOT messages in the field, but I have yet to figure out how to record a full day's track without installing expensive Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries(I used to easily get a couple days use out of a pair of NiMH batteries in my Garmin GPSmap 60CS). This power kit has certainly not been the answer.
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