Customer Reviews: Dead or Alive 5: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
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on October 1, 2012
I usually get strategy guides for the extra art or content, but since I already got the collector's edition of the game, I was surprised to actually use the guide for learning strategies for my Lei Fang against online players. I've been with DOA since the first one and have moderately been competitive.

I forced myself to be a more balanced player with some of my favorite characters, especially Lei Fang. With other fighting games, I usually button mash because I don't like combo memorization. I admired others who can use quick reflexes and execute intricate combos in these games. It's only in DOA, that I understood how to do some combos because of their tutorials. DOA5 has become more technical than previous installments, but the controls have evolved into a more fluid and tighter play to compensate for the increased move set.

That being said, I found this strategy guide very helpful in improving my game. I am starting to understand frame data and applying stuns to achieve combos I learned from my own gameplay. My combos are what I discovered during training mode AND online play. Getting feedback from this guide made me fine tune my arsenal.

I always considered myself a rookie when it comes to even my beloved DOA and fave fighters like Soul Calibur. Yet, I like the idea of fighting in a 3D plane, instead of 2D ones like SFIV, MVC3, or BlazeBlue (my other faves). Being able to sidestep to avoid attacks is crucial in martial arts, such as kendo and boxing, as well as spacing and baiting your opponent. I also like that DOA has a variety of throws and holds, which was hard to learn, but satisfying to "master".

I still consider myself a beginner, but with this guide, I developed a comfort zone for how I fight in my next online encounter. I like to adapt to my opponents, but having a book like this one helped me cut the time on my own research and solidify my own experiments with certain strategies.

I wouldn't apply this book to unlock the higher difficulty settings in the game. The AI is too fast for beginners to form an enjoyable strategy. For that, I would practice my reflexes and find the fastest way to beat a mindless, yet brutal computer.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to play versus with friends or online play. Hopefully, it can improve your gaming experience. I can proudly say, "I'm a fighter" because of it.
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on July 29, 2013

For those interested in Dead or Alive 5 or who would want to get better at it, buy this guide as it has what you need. It has character info, how to play them, unlockables for costumes, achievement/trophies, etc., frame data for experienced players, a detailed move list, some character art, and a Q&A with the director of the game all neatly organized, except that the costume unlock and achievement/trophy guide have the wrong page number on the table of contents. It even comes with a poster calendar of the DoA franchise's poster girl, Kasumi, in a pink bikini.


As a dude who is interested in the franchise and is willing to improve online, the guide had all that I needed and much more. It was detailed and done professionally and thanks to the guide, I was able to gain some insight on my main, Kokoro.


This guide is really good and if you're interested in Dead or Alive 5 right now, then get it, although heed my warning: It will become irrelevant for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate as the developer plans on editing the game play to the update a little bit, so buy if you want to get your feet wet into the series.

Grade: A-
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on October 11, 2012
If you buy DOA5, you NEED this guide. Navigating the few forums that are dedicated to the Dead or Alive franchise can be a pain. They are nowhere near as easy to navigate as Shoryuken dot com (I'm primarily a Street Fighter guy).

I have been a fan of the DOA games since DOA2 Ultimate on the original Xbox came out. I wouldn't say I'm an expert at them, but I thoroughly enjoy the series for what it does like Virtua Fighter, and what it does differently...being able to block attacks with both a VF style "Hold" button OR using the Street Fighter traditional back/downback has made the series a joy for me.

Mr. Dawson's guide shows his love for this game series. He's detailed and meticulous...even showing the subtle differences in the stages and what effects each one offers.

The guide includes frame data for the aspiring tourney players out there as well.

Strategies are rich and deep for each and every character, and the guide is based on the latest patch.

Hit the "Add to Cart" button, NOW.
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on October 28, 2012
As a gamer who enjoys technicalities in fighting games, I must say reading frame data is quite enjoyable. Yeah, enjoyable. I find the game more rewarding understanding the basic fundamentals for the characters of my choosing. This guide provides tips, tricks and a bit of strategy for every character. If anyone who wants to learn how to punish random button mashers, I'd recommend picking this up for some rewarding giggles!
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on January 1, 2013
This guide is beautiful and not only because of the Femme Fatales. Okay so it's largely because of the femme fatales, but hey, it wouldn't be DOA without them, would it? Anyway, the book starts off with Mila welcoming you with her signature win pose followed by the art used for the "I am a Fighter" slogan.
DOA fans, especially newbies or novices, will be greeted well with the impact DOA4 had left seven years ago and where the fifth installment kicks off (pun intended) with a whole new set of moves to bring to the ring. See, you can teach old veterans new tricks and even they will have to relearn certain things that had been altered to this game on a grand scale. The introduction includes a chapter guideline that summarizes each of the 8 chapters with a page sample so you know what to expect from each chapter in general .
This is where the guide shines and surpasses DOA4's guide: The basics are well detailed starting with the attack buttons, the 8-way movement like the "soul calibur series" illustrated in a computer keypad fashion with arrows corresponding to the 8 directions, and the unique all-important rock, paper, scissors triangle system. The basic tools (old and new) are not only explained in detail but also have pictures, vis-a-vis what tech rolling in DOA looks like when performed properly. The stage profiles are well informative with whether each has a danger zone or not and how to utilize each stage's elements to ensure your victory over your opponent. Character knowledge features biography, age (the age of certain girls that were identified as "N/A" are now revealed but if you research japanese sites you already know how old these girls were; The DOA5 takes off 2 years after the events DOA4, meaning all characters are now 2 years older), all of the costumes per character are shown visually except for the DLC ones, character overview, strategies, combo samples, and command list with frame data; not to mention, the three guest stars of the VF series. Beginner, novice, and intermediate fans from both series will enjoy and feel right at home with this user friendly guide.
The book concludes with an exclusive interview with the director addressing the inspirations, limits, why Leon is the only character that didn't make it to the game, issues, expectations, and "as(s)pirations" of DOA5 (pardon the pun). For a little fan service, the guide has a 2013 calendar showcasing the kunoichi temptress in her two piece bikini outfit giving you another reason why it's good to be alive in 2013. Damn, this guide's got everything; as another reviewer (Hiryu) called it, "DOA Bible" and he's right.
This is the best DOA guide to date and a worthy edition to your collection.
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on January 24, 2014
Lots of great information for the casual player who wants to up his game. Plus, its Dead or Alive 5, so there's beautiful character and stage artwork.

For the pros who are playing DOA5 Ultimate, this book is outdated, I believe. Who knows how much the frame data has changed. Still, a good guide!
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on November 2, 2012
It has all the stuff you would expect plus some extras for example the strategies and the stages section. It is worth the price. The only thing I didn't like was how small everything was on the moves list. A bigger font size would have made it perfect in my eyes anyway. Oh yeah and it came with a poster calender.
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on January 2, 2013
Warning : this game has received a major overhaul since its release and my review dates since before it was implented. What I wrote in my review is still true as its a very general impression, but I do not know if the some information such frame data of certain moves and damage will be. Keep this in mind before buying.

As someone who loves fighting games but is not too good at them and new to the Dead or Alive franchise, I can vouch for this product's usefullness. It gives you a complete rundown of every characters and how best to use or approach them. It also gives a very good explanation of the basic gameplay mechanics of the game. Which is good because it is easy to get into DOA with the idea that it's a casual fighter. It is to a certain level, but there are also a lot of depth to explore and this guide is a good starting point.

This is a great buy for starters in the DOA like me. It's not expensive and very if a could only get a similar product for King of Fighters XIII.
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on August 9, 2013
has everything you need to become a better fighter. although this is now outdated since there will be a DOA+, then a DOA ultimate, then a DOA Ultimate +, then a Sigma DOA Ultimate +, and finally a Star Sigma DOA Ultimate +. ofc they may add some more +s
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on May 31, 2015
The definitive guide. Supplement this guide with the EMPORERCOW tutorials on youtube and you'll be a beast in no time if you apply yourself. This game isn't easy and this guide makes it a lot better.
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