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on February 6, 2013
I'm playing this game with a friend and we're enjoying it.
If you already played borderlands you'll enjoy this game, but don't play it alone or it can bore you very fast (the game is a bit repetitive and with a friend you can bypass this).
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on July 2, 2013
I like this game very much, though there are some flaws I hope they avoided in the sequel.
I'll tell you about the negatives first, and then the positives.

*The grammar used in the titles of some of the challenges is terrible. It's so bad that I wonder if they were written by someone who speaks a language other than English and didn't have it proofed by a fluent speaker. "My collectibles, let me show you them!" and "Someone set up us the bomb." Uh, did I miss a joke from a movie or something? I don't even know what the second title means.
*The analog controls for swinging the melee weapons is too slow, and you wind up getting your bum kicked if you aren't standing on a car or something.
*There are four types of special upgrades for your weapons: *SPOILER* You can make barbed (cutting) upgrades, fire upgrades, electricity upgrades, and toxic upgrades. You go through all sorts of trials and quests to get these upgrades that barely enhance the weapon's damage and critical chance at all. Then you get another one that does the same thing the last electric upgrade did, only it's a tiny improvement. It gets monotonous after a bit.
*You can't boost the upgrade to your weapons once they've been modified. You have to find a new one of the same type and use the next mod. Looting good weapons is a royal cramp.
*It takes way, WAY too long to reach the top tier of the challenges, but that's just my opinion. I'm not adverse to a good workout and lots of labor, but come on... $10,000,000 when you usually loot one or two hundred from each body? And that's after you have gotten the first three levels of cash loot.
*You have to play online if you are using a PC. I don't know about the consoles. I personally don't like the fact that I have to be online to start the game. If I'm not at home and away from the internet I have to do something else.
*The mandatory Steam download is a pain I consider intrusive.

*The primary characters are developed and designed beautifully. The skin textures and hair were done masterfully. The bodies are different shapes. Not everyone is fit and skinny. There are curvy women, heavy men, athletic bodies, and different clothing styles. Very good for realism.
*I LOVE the setting! The gorgeous, colorful island environment with vibrant, clear ocean water is amazing, and it offers a great level of spookiness with the contrast of the zombie gore and violence. It totally enhanced the horror aspect for me, as many macabre games are set in nasty, dark environments.
*The controls for the most part when using the keyboard and mouse make sense and are easy to learn.
*The story line is really well thought out, and keeps you guessing what's really going on behind the scenes.
*There's plenty of action, you can decide whether or not to take it easy. You can decide how crazy you want to get.
*There's more than one way to 'skin a cat' in this game. You don't only have to use melee weapons. They decided not to make it a shooter. I love shooters, but it's nice to take a break. There are guns, but they don't dominate.
*I finished the game wanting to know what was coming up. Very good.
*The variety of accents and cultures of the characters makes the social combo interesting.
*Not all the characters are the same height, and there's lots of variety in zombie design.
*The biggest one for me is that I don't have to play with other people. I can't stand playing with others, as they're usually annoying and rude. So, it's nice to have a choice.

Overall I'd have to say it's a game worthy of high praise for the creativity and the developers' willingness to break the mold and step away from the norm. It's a bit more surprising and suspenseful when you can't guess what's going to happen next.
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on July 7, 2013
My friends and I have had a great time playing this game. The co-op is challenging enough to be a lot of fun. But I can definitely see where it would be less enjoyable to play this game by yourself. That being said, this game has a lot going for it.

The graphics in this game are great. And overall the gameplay is very good. The combat system is unique and adds a lot to the game. Different types of weapons do different types of damage, weapons can be upgraded and repaired, you can gather items to build a new type of weapon. But weapons do degrade quite quickly. This is probably done to urge players to vary the types of weapons that they use but it can become frustrating to consistently repair multiple weapons after each mission.

The missions themselves can become a little repetitive, especially when playing on your own. But playing with friends can easily remedy that. Overall this is a very good game. I'd have to say it's hands down the best zombie/survival game that I have played. Although it's tough to compare it to games like Left 4 Dead because this game has so much more to it as far as storyline, gameplay dynamics, and weapons systems. But I'd definitely recommend this game. And you should recommend it to your friends because that will make it even better.

And keep your eyes open because every so often this game goes on sale. And when it does it's just too good of a deal to pass up.
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on November 21, 2012
Dead Island is a good game, with an actual storyline. While there are inevitable comparisons to other cooperative survival horror games such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island rises above the similarities to deliver a solid and unique gaming experience.


- Good graphics.
- Responsive controls.
- Entertaining voice acting.
- Visceral combat. The hard hits look and feel like hard hits, in other words.
- Cooperative, and a lot more fun with a friend.


- Combat can get stale, coupled with the following...
- Weapons degrade and break at a very fast pace. While this seems to be a way to make people switch things up and keep the combat fresh, it gets frustrating having to look everywhere and at everything as a potential weapon.
- Some of the missions get repetitive. This is largely solved when you play cooperatively though, as other players add a new dynamic to the experience.
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on February 21, 2013
Super story, lovely graphics, choice of caracters, personalisation through your experience point own development.
So many quests, side quests, items weapons, weapons mod to customize them and making zombie kills awesome!
Probably one of the best game ever since, and the coop mod is absolutely magnificent.
Well a must have and a GOTY DL at $6 (02.21.13). WHAT A DEAL.
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on March 30, 2013
Great game for $30. Very good graphics, physics, and gameplay. Good open environment. Could have used more subplots/quests, but was non-linear enough. Starts out a little slow, but once you start to find good weapons and develop character, the game is a lot of fun. The enemies level with player (need to develop and use skills to defeat enemies). I finished at L36 and restarted game with leveled enemies at L36 (not as much fun, but almost have all skills now). There is some replay value.

There are no difficult puzzles, quests get difficult but are straightforward. I enjoyed finding most efficient ways to use weapons, skills, environments (fire, electricity) to kill NPCs. The "Rams and Thugs" are fun.

The game is worth the $30 download. I am waiting till dead island 2 drops in price a little bit and will download it based on this game (yeah I'm frugal).
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on May 19, 2013
Less manic than Left 4 Dead style, really pretty environment, simple enough game play, and amusing characters, Dead Island is a pretty decent kill the zombie game. Starting out though, the one thing most people crave is a good gun and lots of bullet, it can take a while of playing through till they come into play. Hack and slash style beginning play and then more intensely undead populated areas make the progression engaging enough, though beware of alleys with endlessly spawning waves of charging zombies! Overall, despite some of its flaws, it is definitely a great game for the price, and being able to buddy up, grab a pick up, and cruise all over a resort island, running down zombie tourists is a pretty good way to unwind after work.
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on December 12, 2013
It's a fun little Zombie game. Definitely adult/older teen focused... as there is a bit of tonge-and-cheek adult humor mixed in with the murderous zombies.

Game is fun, but for some reason I always get held up at certain points and lose a little interest. It's not the game's fault, but there are times where I wish it would just be more linear. They try to go the way of a sand-box, with certain locations serving as "quest-centers" for you to go on various missions. While it does add depth and complexity...primarily it's. Run to point-x, kill zombies that attack you in the middle, find item x, kill zombies, run back to guy that gave you quest.

There are ways to minimize this, and honestly I like it in some games. Just here, I wanted a bit more of and survive with your group. It would make the game a lot more difficult to create and decrease replayability. But, I'd prefer if there were a couple of quests at each point instead of 6 - 10. It starts to feel like leveling up in WoW a bit and I have to take a break...

Don't get me wrong, fun game, looks great and is well designed. Hit a few minor glitches, but overall it's really well done. But, the RPG questing thing just bugs me in this genre. It plays a little like GTA with zombies and I guess I was just looking for something different.
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on May 22, 2013
I have played Dead Island since its original release day and I love it. I think the game was marketed extremely incorrectly and many people like myself had the wrong idea of what to expect when picking up their day one copies. Luckily for myself I was quite pleased with the game itself and the wonderful combat system. This game really makes killing zombies feel satisfying and keeps things interesting by making you change up your weapons regularly. The game is far from perfect and has its technical issues but it is well worth a play for fans of action rpgs. I find it to be a mix of borderlands style loot roulette and an almost Fallout style exploration and leveling system.
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on February 21, 2013
This is one of my favorite first-person shooters and I highly recommend it. It is incredibly immersive with every bit of visual detail you would want and more! You can explore at will or go on many adventures. I have not had any bugs or issues (Windows 8), like I have with other games I've recently downloaded.
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