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on September 9, 2012
Dead Island Game Of the Year fixes most all the problems that plagued the original such as
-save problems
-reloading a game only to die
-mission status lost
-leveling up and foe level matching
this game was such a hoot to play anyway, that when the game of the year edition came out,I had to snatch it up. I finally could play the game without said problems.
lots of missions to embark upon, and plenty of hidden goodness throughout the lengthy campaign of Undead elimination.
Weapons are crazy upgradeable and play a huge part in customization in a crazy way.
go buy "Game of The Year" Edition now beacause it is that fun and deep.
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on October 9, 2012
If you were ever curious about a true zombie apocalypse, this game is about as close as you're going to get to one. I've always wanted to play in an Open World Zombie game and even emailed the Rockstar Guys about making one using the GTA engine. They actually emailed me back about Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption before even making it official. Because of the unique combination of the two genres, I like to think I'm partly responsible for its creation, so "You're Welcome Everybody."

I normally don't like the first person camera view, but it works well for this game. It makes the experience more immersive and the zombie encounters pretty terrifying. The atmosphere and sound design are excellent. If you can make me scared walking around a bright lovely island, you are doing something right. It's very nerve-wracking, but in a good way. Since the game is focused more on melee combat, you always feel like you got to be on your toes. No matter how powerful my weapon is, I'm still nervous and startled when a pack of zombies come rushing over. All you can do is stand your ground and fight.

I heard the game had bugs, but I seriously didn't experience anything game breaking or at all. Zombies sometimes get stuck in doors, but I used that to my advantage and just kicked or sliced them. My weapons never got lost even after dying. If there are complaints for this game, I have to say it's the story, saving and difficulty. After beating it, I still don't quite know what it really was about. Fortunately the combat was so satisfying; I was able to overlook its shortcomings. In regards to saving, the game autosaves only and doesn't allow you to save on your own accordingly. When you die, you respawn around the area you died and sometimes that can be in close vicinity to a pack of zombies. I'd rather they have a checkpoint system. My guess is that they kept it that way because they figured most people will probably play online with others. I personally played through it by myself. Having the option to play with others adds more to the experience, so I really can't complain about that.

The game can be difficult especially when you reach the city. There are more infected that come rushing at you. I died a lot, so the game does require a little bit of patience. My advice would be to do as much as you can on the island to upgrade your character's combat and fury. Know which abilities are worth upgrading and not. Take advantage of whatever option the game gives you. If you see the chance to go higher ground, take it. There's no shame in jumping on top of a car and whacking them with your bat. It's pretty effective when you run into a crowd. If you can avoid them, do it. You don't have to fight every zombie you come across. Be like Forrest and just run. Also drive when you can. I don't know how many times when I would just run over zombies instead of fighting. It comes in handy when you have to travel a long way. Remember it's all about survival not being reckless.

All in all this game was a blast. It's the most ambitious zombie game I've ever played and the most immersive game I've experienced. It feels like a major upgrade to the Survival Horror genre. For the future, I wish the developers would add more mission diversity besides fetch quests and include mini-games to break up the action and suspense. Resident Evil 4 did something like this with the shooting range. Games like these can be pretty stressful, especially playing alone, so sometimes you want to relax at a safe spot and forget there are zombies roaming around.

Things to know: you can replay a new game or chapters with your upgrades and weapons after you beat it, but only with the character you beat it with. I used Xian because she has excellent stamina and is a sharp weapons expert. All DLC is included. I haven't touched them yet because I'm taking a break. It's a long game, but rewarding once you're done.
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on October 31, 2013
I played this game with my wife and we loved it. (NOTE: We got one copy used and bought one off Amazon so we could play together on two different Playstations. Two people cannot play on the same Playstation). This provided hours and hours of fun zombie killing. We played characters with very different skills — I was the melee guy, and she was the gun-toting girl. This made us a pretty killer combination.

Some highlights of the game:
- Skill trees: Customize your character and pick up additional skills. Some of these perks are really fun, like "stomp," which automatically kills zombies that have fallen down
- Making your own weapons: this makes picking up items really fun. The modified weapons look fantastic too.
- Different maps: There are several areas in the game (won't give it all away) that make the game fresh and interesting every time your move onto the next chapter.

Most important: the co-op aspect is fantastic. I think playing this game by yourself could be scary, but playing with another person makes it really fun. You help each other out, exchange items, and run around in panic mode together.

I highly recommend this game if you have a friend you like to play with via online connection. (AGAIN: Two people cannot play on the same Playstation). It's a lot of fun and a lot of zombie killing.
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on May 21, 2013
(Generally same review can be given for Riptide too)

I love zombie games and had a lot of fun with this one. If you are a zombie game nut, it is definitely worth it to play this one. It was different being in a tropical/vacation type spot struggling through a zombie take-over.

Game play can get kind of repetitive. Weapons break and you have to either repair them or find new ones. Zombies re-spawn. New monster introduction kind of confused me at first...see the thing is you get to choose from four different characters to in the game it's you running around and playing the game...but in cutscenes and monster introductions all four of the characters are shown walking together so you're like "Why are there four people with me all of a sudden?" I guess you're supposed to pretend all four of you are running around and playing together. I don't know. And I thought the new monster intros were actually boss fights at first but that's not the case.

There are also like five different levels of weapons and they use font color to separate them in order of most common to rarest. Unfortunatley the booklet I got with the game had a mistake when it listed the most common to rarest using the colors and it listed violet twice. Just know that Gold is the rarest. It goes from white (most common and generally weakest), green (second), blue (third), violet (fourth), gold (least common and generally strongest).

I did not care for multi-player mode. It might have been fine if I'd have played with a friend or something or if I actually had the skype capability, but I did not and there's no real way of communicating to eachother to know what is going on when you enter someone's game. Maybe I just didn't figure it out. Plus when enemies drop stuff only one player can get the item, so when someone joined my game and we got into kind of a boss fight and a gold weapon was dropped and I took it (because sometimes it's hard to tell who actually was instrumental in killing a gets confusing with so much going on) the other player insisted it was his and kept bombing me until I dropped the item. So there's no real setting to turn off being able to hurt each other either to avoid this.

You cannot go back and replay levels. You cannot have different saves of the same game either so you can go back and replay from a certain point. It saves automatically often, so you're out of luck if you didn't care for how a certain quest went. This gets real bad with multiplayer...for if you get three strangers that enter your game and advance a quest too fast because they know it and you don't, and you miss stuff or don't really know what's going on...too bad. You'll just have to wait until you finish the game and replay from the beginning, if you have the notion to. This is where I think the makers of this game really let us down. It can be argued that this is supposed to give us a realistic zombie apocalypse experience and in real life you wouldn't be able to go back and replay something, but I think it sucks. :)

IMPORTANT INFO: Practice and get to know how to throw and drop a weapon or item before you advance too far into the game, and get used to the weapon wheel and how to change weapons in combat. The reason I say this is due to the ease at which you can throw and drop things in this game you lose things often if you don't get this move down right away. It really hurts to the core losing a very rare weapon (violet or gold) and I've done it three or four times in both this game and Riptide. Check your weapon wheel often to see if your favorite weapons are missing. You may be able to find it on the ground if it is. Also, careful throwing weapons at monsters. Often, if you die after having thrown your weapon and killing a zombie before you can collect it, both the zombie and weapon will be gone when you respawn. I made a habit of never throwing my rare weapons because of this problem.

Warning!!! MOLTOV BLUEPRINT: Most blueprints you can go back and find anytime. Not the beloved moltov blueprint. I suggest reading the walkthroughs online on where to find it. Once you finish the's gone. And moltovs are one of the most effective and awesome weapons against hordes of zombies, and you don't find but a handful of them in the game. Or if they can be bought...they are expensive and by the time you can buy them the zombies are too strong and it'll take two or three of them to wipe them out.

I kind of got yes...if you like modifying weapons to fight zombies, finding items to fight them with, side quests, open exploring, it's great.

Storyline is eh...okay.
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on April 5, 2015
Sadly this is as good of a zombie game the ps3 will have. After the boring of resident evil franchise no longer revolving around zombies since 4. I suppose a game was being developed. A game with many flaws. The games graphics are poorly delivered. Lips moving dont sync up well and theres hardly any facial expressions with anyone. This is really bad since its a game for the ps3. The combat in this game is pretty fair. Its all based on melee combats and not much gun combat. Although later in the game youre able to use a gun. The game failed at this. The aiming is terrible and there is no zooming si the gun mechanics are ruined youll just want to stick with the melee. This game is heavily similar to far cry 2 but poorly developed. At times the graphics look decent when its bright but in the cut scenes they look awful. You can modify your weapon after finding a mod for it and having all the things required to modify. This part of the game is pretty good. You will want to modify your weapons and upgrade them. As you level up so will zombies making them slihtly tougher (yes its that kind of game) which doesnt really fit much with a zombie game. Theres a skill tree similar to far cry. The game doesnt have a deep story its all based on surviving, helping other survivors and finding a way off the island (whoch all you really need is a boat with enough fuel) the island itself isnt so big but for a island its pretty okay. I perfer the town section of the game there are more zombies there. Theres different kinds of zombies from basic ones to runners and other few special ones but nothing too deep. As for the dlc. Its a much linear of the regular game. The dlc can be a bit frusterating because of the glithes. The game will be unfair and have zombies come from behind while 3-4 zombies come from in front making it impossible even with having a weapon on you you will still lose health along the way but I suppose the dlc relies more on guns than melees but like I said the gun mechanics suck so bad. Its an okay game with its flaws. Its not fast paste as left 4 dead but more of a zombie game than any of the new resident evil games and much more fast paste than them. Yes the dlc is on disc without installing anything so its okay to buy a used copy. Id go for a cheap used copy of the game. You dont want to spend over 20 on this game 15 or less is pretty great for this gsme
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on September 21, 2015
1 Star for - Huge open world.
1 Star for - Adrenaline pumping game play, survivor horror at it's best!
1 Star for - RPG elements
1 Star for - Diverse and unpredictable zombies
1 Star for - Smoothness of campaign progression. Never did I find myself getting tired of walking to a mission or feel like it was a mindless shooter.

Only Con:
No Local Split-screen Co-Op
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on February 11, 2013
I can't get enough of this game! I find myself playing it like I would if the Zombie Apocalypse was real... I try to keep the zombies at a distance and I freak out when I get overwhelmed by a group. 4 different characters to choose from each with their unique skill sets which you level up. You can modify weapons to make some cool stuff as well. I really like how the difficulty of the mobs in areas increase as your level does so you don't find yourself running missions and killing mobs that you have out-leveled trying to complete all of the side missions. I got it as a pre-Black Friday deal for $7.99. Best $7.99 I have ever spent!
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on February 7, 2013
when dead island released it was filled with bugs,
well now we have the GOTY (game of the year) edition
and it comes packaged with the Latest Patches which is a nice touch
also packed in is the Creature Slaughter Dome and the Ripper
both of which were dlc items until this package.
you also get the ryder white expansion.
the GOTY package is a Must Buy for dead island fans
especally with the fixes and dlc included!

Original Review of Dead Island:
I have been very excited for this game and decided to beat the game before writing this review. the graphics are very good and ultra gory, with an atmosphere that will make you jump and often. you really "feel" like you're in a zombie invasion and the world as you know it has ended. pockets of survivors huddle in safe areas (sometimes Not so Safe) and they present a great deal of quests and quest rewards ranging from cash and xp to high end weapons and Mods. Mods are very very important to this game so if you're not the crafting type you might want to rent first. at least it isn't complicated or difficult to make or upgrade the items/weapons in the game. workbenches abound throughout the locations so you're never far from one.

when you start off the game it's all bright and sunny, you're mostly on the beaches.
this changes when you move to act two and go into the city. it's insane there. act 3 is the jungle and calms down a bit but here is where flaws show up. I have a buddy who's game has corrupted data Twice on him now (pre and post patch 1.11)
and he had to restart and it always seems to be act three. hasn't happened to me but I've had a few strange glitches. glitches like saving and loading up the next day only to be back about 3-5 hours from where I was. other times I load up or even Die and end up directly transported to the quest objective. so if you can overlook the bugs the game is probably the best melee game to come along in years (think kings field) the skill trees are varied and fun to tinker with. I recommend kicking often as this doesn't use precious stamina as the weapon attacks do. the guns shoot well and quite accurate though I hate the Wobble they added to make it a lil' harder to shoot. overall it's a really fun game with a few minor and one or two big bugs. it's worth the risk. I've had a blast so far!

Graphics: 4 stars still could use polish otherwise passable.

Sound: 5 Stars excellent, moody, creepy and exactly what should be in a game like this.

Gameplay: Gameplay bugs FIXED 5 stars!!!

Fun: I can't deny the game is a blast to play and even more fun with friends 5 stars!

Overall: a Deep zombie survival game that fills
the survivla horror niche quite well this is a title you shouldn't miss
especally with Dead Island Riptide coming in april.
also the ability to import your Dead Island Character to Riptide
is reason enough to re-buy this edition! (5 stars!)

Important Note: (ALL the glitches have been fixed in this edition)
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on October 10, 2015
I'm struggling a bit only because I'm new to the first person open world genre, but I enjoy this game a lot. I didn't like how bright the island beaches were at first, but all I had to do was dim the lighting on my TV back light & it was all good. I also have to get used to the Bloodbath Arena game, but it's a survival mode type of game mode that I'm a sucker for!
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on April 1, 2015
I am just about to the end of this game. 70 something %. It is a fun game and gets the blood pumping, especially during those dang sewer levels. I like that its open world but you don't want to get off track too much because of the fear of being eaten by the undead.
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