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on November 22, 2013
I'm a verified buyer of the game and both a PS 4 and XBOX One owner so hopefully I can help clear up these reviews a bit. There are a lot of fanboys out here just looking to bash an opposing console.

First a generic note to those who just adopted a new next gen console. Calibrate your televisions people! It can make a world of difference! My reviews are based from viewing on a 60" LG Plasma while sitting 9' away.

As a launch title on a brand new system I wasn't expecting the graphics to blow my mind. That being said I will say that they were well above my expectations. They were crisp and clear and the colors were dead on. I noticed only a few frame rate issues and only when the screen was loaded with heavy action. They were few and far between and didn't take away from the game at all.

There are many reviews out there complaining about the long treks through the game world to accomplish missions. While at the same time commenting on the abundance of vehicles available and due to that there is no fun in creating your own. I shook my head reading these after I'd been playing the game. Let me explain. The game is about fighting hordes of zombies in an open world setting, the excitement is actually in just getting from one place to the other! The vehicle crafting is a blast! Why drive a minivan across town when you can create and ride a motorcycle steamroller hybrid?!

Weapon crafting on the fly is just awesome, there are well over a hundred zombie slaughtering combo weapons just waiting for you to build. The city is huge, there are zombies everywhere and the game gives you missions to ensure you get into the thick of them often! There's a lot to do, some missions may seem pointless until you remember the whole point of them is to keep you moving through the herds. You will read some complaints about aiming problems. The real problem is that these players don't have their modded auto aim controllers anymore to rely on. That's right, some skill is required!

This game can be played as serious or as silly as you desire. I love that aspect. You can play it as a more serious survival horror or throw on a Lego head mask and mini skirt and go have yourself a slaughter fest!

Smartglass: it's a cool addition, it worked flawlessly for me using an Ipad2 with the smartglass app. I'd like to see it used more in this fashion. I think it has a future with the Xbox one.

Kinect: I hated kinect on the 360 but on the One it's amazingly accurate. It really struck me when I sneezed while playing and the horde heard it and it screwed my plans up! I never even thought of that bit of realisim kinect could bring. It adds an entire new level of immersion. I can't wait to try it on a stealth or a serious horror game.

So in a nutshell, this is a killer launch game. If this is what the beginning looks like, I really can't wait to see what happens a few years down the line.
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VINE VOICEon December 25, 2013
First off, let's acknowledge that this is a Capcom game about surviving a zombie outbreak. This is not Mass Effect or even Dead Space, and if you came here in search of transcendent meaning or to be touched to your very soul, you and Commander Shepard will be very disappointed.

What Dead Rising 3 does offer is a fun gonzo take on smashing zombies with a huge assortment of weapons and vehicles, many of which you can construct yourself after you find either semi-random or plot triggered blueprints. The weapon and vehicle construction is fun stuff, though the game's decay mechanic means that you can never enjoy any weapon for too long, by design.

As I alluded to above, the dialogue and plot would embarrass the writers of a children's cartoon and the zombie stomping can get tedious after a while. But my biggest complaints about the game are (1) the inventory system, and (2) the annoyance of trying to find important items on the ground while being attacked by scores of zombies.

The inventory system annoys the @$%@ out of me. You start with four slots and can upgrade later by a couple. Four would really be fine for weapons (even though they decay and you can quickly run out of weapons, there are almost always a bunch lying around), but that number includes healing supplies and anything you want to craft. So if you see two things you want to craft you must pick both up, possibly dropping other items, then craft them, then hopefully remember to pick up your dropped item. Would a backpack be too much to ask for? Probably. Again, this is a zombie smashing button smasher and it shouldn't have to make apologies for it. (Later in the game, there are "safe zones" where all items you've discovered appear in lockers, making dilemmas over keeping items irrelevant.)

My other complaint is that the game aspires to have interesting side quests and points of interests like the Batman Arkham series, but the objects you are supposed to be collecting or the "scenes" that you are supposed to investigate are not always clear. I've died many times in this game after receiving a helpful alert that a "tragic ending" is nearby that I should investigate. But, even if I can find it, the mechanism for interacting is to pick up an object. This can be difficult when you are being swarmed by an endless horde of zombies. Modest suggestion to Capcom: code it so the events trigger when you run over them.

It would also be nice if you could clear areas of zombies for a little while. There's one scene on a bridge where you get access to a ton of weapons--not unlimited but maybe 20-30 assault rifles and shotguns. I cleared every zombie from that bridge. But within minutes there were practically as many as before. It would be nice to get both the temporary sense of accomplishment of clearing an area and the perfect zombie apocalypse terror of realizing that you'll never be able to keep them down for long. (The game does provide some "safe zones" where you can hide out relatively unmolested.)

There's also no sense, like you get in Dead Space, of having to conserve bullets or save a good weapon for an emergency. Weapons are too plentiful and its too big of a pain to try to manage inventory to worry about saving a primo weapon.

On a technical level, the game is extremely pretty, but not mind-blowing. Load times are indeed incredibly long when the game first loads and then non-existent. What astounds me is how long the game takes to quit. It's a good thirty seconds after you tell it to quit game. What on earth is going on there? The menus are good, the inventory is frustrating, and the leveling system is motivational. Bosses are really not that bad, except that you have to train yourself to run around looking for supplies while fighting them, which seems odd at first. Deus Ex: Human Revolution used the same dynamic and it always seemed odd to me--ah, what a careless villain to leave the objects of his destruction lying about! But whether you love them or hate them, the boss fights are few and far between.

All of that said, this game falls squarely into the mindless fun category and, the category of games that make me ask: if I was fourteen, would I enjoy this game? The answer: heck yes!

If you enjoy whacking zombies, this is your fast paced nightmare zombie game. If you cringe with bad plots and dialogue or like your games to be a bit slower and thoughtful, you probably won't like it.

(I hope you found my review helpful and won't down vote it simply because you either unconditionally love or unconditionally hate the game. I've tried to provide an honest take of the pros and cons of this enjoyable, yet simple game.)
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on November 22, 2013
The Dead Rising 3 you know and love. Don't let the darker graphics fool you, Dead Rising is alive and well on Xbox One. The sillyness is all intact with tons of zombie slaying. Gone is the timer system which has been moved to hard mode called nightmare mode. Weapons can also now be created on the fly and it now has seamless co-op. No more waiting for your friends to get to the door so you can change areas! No loading screens, it is now just one giant sandbox to slay zombies in.
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on December 23, 2013
I have owned all Xbox versions of the games in the Dead Rising series. Overall this was the best one. Don't really see the point in the Day One dlc. Not really missing much if you don't have it. It has the Frank West outfit with Frank's Zombie Slugger and the Chuck Greene outfit with the Paddlesaw. It also has unique skill moves. It might be worth it if you never played previous Dead Rising games. The game has different controls. You can't just turn with one stick and have the camera follow, you need the right stick to change the camera quickly. It will follow eventually if you walk some distance, but you will get attacked before it does.
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on November 25, 2013
This game brings a ton of epic zombie action. There is so much variety and customization options that you can just get lost in the open world without ever playing the main story. The graphics are not quite as good as Ryse and Forza but they make up for it with the sheer size and scale of the enemies on screen. There are sections of the game where there are thousands of zombies all there for you to creatively destroy. This is by far the best Dead Rising game yet. 5/5
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on November 22, 2013
Tons of zombies to kill and so many weapons to use. I have spent many many hours sitting back creating various combo weapons and finding interesting ways to slaughter more zombies. Game is very mature, lots of blood and language, and has a sense of humor with it too. To me its the grand theft auto of zombie games.
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on February 15, 2014
Set in Los Perdidos ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2, this sequel is both an exemplary stand-alone game and a worthy addition to the franchise. Taking advantage of the Xbox One's potential and fan complaints about the all-too-brief game time (3 days), Capcom have given players six days and an entire metropolis to explore. The challenge is vamped up, but so are your weapons. Nick Ramos can assemble combo weapons (and vehicles!) on the fly, making zombie extermination even more fun than ever.

Stats are now upgraded at the player's discretion, not randomly as in the previous games. The sheer volume of new skills and abilities available to be upgraded means that the player must take a long-term view of the situation and tailor Nick not just for the immediate challenges ahead, but also to survive and prevail against throngs of zombies and bosses (who are as colourful and entertaining as ever). Combat is as smooth and intuitive as the first two games, and the addition of heavy attacks to the basic stabs and swipes adds an element of strategy to the all-out brawls.

There is one minor gameplay flaw, though. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future patch, but it is considerably infuriating at present. Many roads are blockaded, and mission markers do not provide the quickest route when Nick is driving. A line providing this information would make things much easier for players and save many headaches and reloads.

If you find the regular story mode too simple or dull, the creators have added a nightmare mode, with less time to escape and more formidable zombies to stand in your way. This is certainly not for those who give up easily or those who are inexperienced with the franchise.
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on January 6, 2014
I'm a fan of the Dead Rising series. I believe, being a Romero traditionalist, that the only true zombies shamble. Dead Rising adheres to this generally, though some zombies are a little more active than others, while others are mutations: zombies hopped up on goof juice or such. Decidedly adding challenge and difference in the form of psychopaths - survivors whom are crazed into horrible acts and fits, or greedy survivalists. Nothing much changes here, there really is no need, it's a rock, paper, scissors formula that works, and they appear to recognize this and, instead of games such as Resident Evil, haven't perverted a tried and tested formula.

So what has improved? ...

The clumsy work bench based modification system was replaced with an immediate system - just access your items in real time and combine - same with vehicles. This boosts DR3's arcade feel and pace.

More zombies - always a good thing. It's quite impressive and a clear advantage of the next generation of XBox. I've had non-gamers visit while I was playing, and they were impressed at the sheer volume of bodies and carnage (love the steam roller + motorcycle vehicle... flame on!).

The mostly open world, even in buildings, was a great addition - DR1 and DR2 (pre-addons) suffered the most due to load times. It was in the minutes, even just to get into the main menu. And saving games took a half minute to a minute. This new addition loads pretty fast, and with the open map, it loads in real-time, so you barely notice. Some times the LOD (level of detail based on distance to objects an textures) doesn't kick in as you'd hope; things can appear low detailed for a few seconds, but this is an exception to the general look.

This does bring up a negative, the graphics aren't as an incredible leap as I'd hoped for. More detailed models, Better textures. Better lighting. The lighting isn't very good in general, and, at times makes the game frustrating. This is perhaps to aid the open world and reduce LOD draw quality problems - not my problem to solve, just our loss to bare. And there is why this game isn't a five star game. I know it could look better, but it was a problem I don't think they fully solved.

The game isn't incredibly long, and replay value is probably kind of low, especially compared to the previous DR2 Off the Record, where they added game modes. There really is only one game mode, with the addition of various difficulty modifications, such as time to solve the game. To get the Day One achievements, I played through it twice - standard, then nightmare. Once you reach the highest level (or more, unlock all abilities), nightmare is more like a day dream - I beat it in about two to four hours (with an hour to spare for the day one achievement).

My biggest complaint is shared with all other versions. The controls. They play almost identical to DR2, which means our hero is a little slow to recover form jumping, falling, climbing - in general, I don't care for his sluggishness, but I realize it's "as designed", so I won't do anything but mention it. Also, the controls aren't incredibly natural; I put the game down for a few weeks, and when I came back I had to re-familiarize myself to how to get into a vehicle, and attempt to remember (by trial and error, it turns out), which vehicles have an alternate attack that doesn't result in jumping out and blowing it up.

In summary, the game is great. If you liked earlier Dead Rising games, you are very likely to appreciate this addition. The story works and fits into the previous stories, and, I think, would even make Romero smile. Don't expect the greatest visuals, it's not a graphics tech demo in the least, but do expect better frame rate, an improved resolution, less time wasted due to loading and saving, and much much more zombies!
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on November 22, 2013
Dead Rising 3 is a great launch title that has great graphic, standard Dead Rising game play, and the game physics work very well. The Day One Edition comes with exclusive DLC code, and a there day trial of Xbox Live. It's great fun to find all the different ways that you can kill zombies in this games, and my personal favorite is to mow them all down with a car.
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on November 26, 2013
First off let me get this out there: I'm a huge Dead Rising fanboy, DR1 was the game I bought with my 360, I've got all the achievements for the series (DR1 & 2, and Case Zero & West), minus about 2 or 3 on DR2 Off the Record and Dead Rising 3 was the game I ordered with my Xbox One. I did however want to wait a few days before I gave this a review, that way I could give it a slightly more impartial review...mostly.

That being said this is a very solid addition to the series and yes, it did go in a slightly different direction than the previous installments. It is a bit darker, both in color and content, and much more open world, which means vehicles play a major role in this game. But don't be fooled, there is plenty of silly and ridiculous to be had in this game! The creators left it in the players hands as to whether or not to be serious or slapstick.

There are some great improvements to the series: not having to escort every single survivor to a safe house, a combo system for vehicles, the safe houses now have a collection of the weapons you've found/created, your inventory is much easier to navigate and being able to combine weapons without a work bench, on the fly and directly out of your inventory. Another great feature is the Xbox Smartglass integration, you get additional content and side missions (go get it for your smartphone or tablet, its free).

With anything there are going to be some cons, but to be honest I couldn't find anything that wasn't petty, such as the massive amount of items to pick up can sometimes make it nimble to pick up the exact item you want. Or when you're trying to get back into your vehicle you can accidentally pick up an item in the street and drop the weapon you're carrying. But really nothing worth crying about!

I am extremely happy that I made this my launch day choice! And any fan of the series, or anyone looking for a good zombie game will enjoy their time in Los Perdidos!!
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