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5.0 out of 5 stars This IS Dead Space ---4.7 out of 5 stars (Updated) - Awakened DLC is a mind-bending horror show
This is the best looking Dead Space yet. I'm playing the single-player campaign first. I'll update this review later once I get a chance to try the co-op campaign.

Dead Space has evolved. The original was the scariest game I've ever played. The second moved on to a larger environment, updated graphics, and gave us more Zero-G along with more outdoor space...
Published 22 months ago by Chevy

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3.0 out of 5 stars Michael Bay's Dead Space
What was once wandering alone through tight corridors of a ship that went dark, is now filled with explosions and action scenes. This is like a big-budget summer blockbuster movie. Its huge, pretty, and fun. Now let me go into detail with what I find wrong with it...

Its easier. Ammo is now universal. Pick ups are now types of metals and gels.
I don't like...
Published 23 months ago by Hurricane Harrow

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136 of 170 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Michael Bay's Dead Space, February 6, 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
What was once wandering alone through tight corridors of a ship that went dark, is now filled with explosions and action scenes. This is like a big-budget summer blockbuster movie. Its huge, pretty, and fun. Now let me go into detail with what I find wrong with it...

Its easier. Ammo is now universal. Pick ups are now types of metals and gels.
I don't like the weapon crafting. Too many options complicates things. In the previous titles I would LOVE finding benches to upgrade my things. Now, I just don't care. So many options and menus, combine resources to do this, blah blah. I find myself skipping benches very often. The game is easy enough to skip them too. I miss the stores. I thought they worked so well.

Lights, camera, action! After playing the first 4 chapters, I returned to Dead Space 1 for comparison for a friend. The difference couldn't be more obvious. It's just not the same game.
Ellie somehow got her eye back? Whatever. None of the characters are interesting enough to care about anyway. Not even Issac anymore. In the first two games he was battling with his (in)sanity. In dead space 3, he is just boring. I don't even know what or why he is doing what he is doing half the time. It was actually a little hard to play because I would get bored so quickly, with the story. Killing necromorphs is as fun as ever!

Suspense is sparse. Like I said, no more wandering alone through dark corridors. This time you are on a wide open big bright white planet. So scary. Humans play a bigger part as villains. Ducking and shooting at people? What?
My friend called it call of duty. He said he could play this no problem, he would be great at it, but DS1, not so much.

A love triangle... in Dead Space..

Sure, its Dead Space at its backbone, but like the bionic man it has parts from other places (COD, Gears of War, Borderlands, Lost planet). Bigger is not better. Quit trying to be like everyone else.

EA is terrible. They just want money. Microtransations (1$-5$) help you upgrade quicker. Remember free cheat codes in any game? Soon to be history. There's maybe five to ten pieces of day one DLC all at about 5 dollars each, obviously already on the disc. You just have to pay to unlock it.

Dead Space 3 is made for a wider audience. Casual gamers will buy this. Its understandable though. They sold out a little. They lured in the mainstream audience and now they're charging for extra stuff that should be free.
It's all about the money.

P.S. Upgrading weapons is more fun in new game+

Verdict: Core fans such as myself will be alienated. Casual gamers will love it. All in all it is a fun, good game. I just suggest renting it or finding it used. An open mind is needed.

EA is Dead Space's biggest problem.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This IS Dead Space ---4.7 out of 5 stars (Updated) - Awakened DLC is a mind-bending horror show, February 9, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
This is the best looking Dead Space yet. I'm playing the single-player campaign first. I'll update this review later once I get a chance to try the co-op campaign.

Dead Space has evolved. The original was the scariest game I've ever played. The second moved on to a larger environment, updated graphics, and gave us more Zero-G along with more outdoor space time, and the third installment gives us an even bigger environment, more Zero-G space time, and a planet to explore all to a full orchestral score.

Dead Space 3 is bigger than the first two games combined. It has a new weapon crafting system and upgrading weapons is different than the past two titles in the series. A rover bot is added to the mix that is hand-held and used like a scanner to find resources. When the signal is strongest, just set it down and it goes searching. The bots are used to get resources that Isaac can't see or retrieve himself.

The single-player campaign is just that. There is no A. I. character that follows you around. I know this was a big concern for a lot of people. Co-op was added so we can play with a friend. There are more powerful enemies and better loot. It's really like a second game. Co-op offers additional things that you won't see in the single-player version.

The graphics are about the best there is for this generation. It runs native 1080 and everything looks amazing. Visceral did a great job putting detail into every little thing. I appreciate the fine details.

We have some new necromorphs that look awesome. They are no longer a mashed up looking clump of flesh like in past games. Some of these necromorphs are extremely fast so expect fairly frequent use of stasis. You'll recognize similarities between some of these necromorphs and some from past games.

A large part of the game is in outer space where you get plenty of air time to explore. There's a graveyard of space ships and space stations to explore with plenty of creepy moments reminiscent of Dead Space 1.

The ice planet looks awesome and the weather effects are nothing short of spectacular. Even outdoors, you'll get a lot of scares. Necromorphs pop up out of the snow or come from holes in the cliff's walls. They might even climb over the edge of the cliff to get at you.

There are many blueprints unlocked from the beginning, but you can't use them until you collect enough resources; that's where the rover bots come in. Start using them early. You have 2 weapon slots and most weapons use an over/under system ala Alt-Fire. I have a carbine with a shotgun attachment and a line gun with a force gun attachment. You can craft your own weapon from scratch with tons of choices. You can even add attachments that add shock or acid damage to your rounds, for example.

There is a story and it doesn't suck; it just doesn't make you care for the other characters so much. It tries to at times, but doesn't quite do it for me. The story for this game is one of self discovery. Rather than being character driven, it unfolds through your actions. The more text logs you read, audio logs you listen to, and the more you explore away from your waypoints, the more the story is revealed. You get certain parts of the story from the characters, usually through objectives. Isaac's mind has healed a lot since Dead Space 2. He still has episodes, but not near as frequently. He can decipher the marker's symbols to discover hidden messages now. Maybe since Visceral has mastered graphics and combat they will focus more on this issue for the next Dead Space title.

Combat is dead on, not much more to say about it. The combat is solid. I even liked scaling the icy mountainside while avoiding falling boulders and fighting necromorphs along the way.

I think this is by far the best game in the series. It's not constant stress and fear like the first Dead Space, but there is still plenty of it. Visceral did a good job of giving us some breathers between shots of intensity. A good series should evolve and not be exactly like its predecessors. Dead Space 3 does it well, while still keeping to its roots.

I have to recommend Dead Space 3. If you haven't played the previous two titles in the series (I highly recommend them) you will still have a lot of fun with this one. With side missions and some extra exploration you can easily pull 25-30 hours out of this game and that doesn't even count co-op. It has high replay value because of game+ mode, which allows you to keep your tricked out gear for another play through.

If you're not sure about a purchase, at least rent it, but try this game out. It's unique.

Oh, and one last thing--when you finish the game--let the credits roll to the end because this is one of those games that has a little something after the credits are over.

Update: Co-Op Review:

I spent some time on the co-op campaign. You can run through the entire campaign this way if you like, but there are only a few extra areas that you cannot explore in single-player. I was curious to see these additional areas and find out more about the story. I spent four hours in co-op and we got to Chapter 5. I got to see inside a space ship that was unavailable in single-player. I wish all areas were available in single-player.

It's fun playing with a friend and the new area that I explored was interesting. It seemed similar to the other ships that you get to explore in the game, but there are new artifacts, voice messages, and text messages that add to the storyline. Puzzles that you could do by yourself in single-player are now designed for two people. There are times when some puzzles can be solved with one person while the other defends the area from attacks. I played with my nephew and he seemed to get his kicks by not telling me when a necromorph was standing right behind me. There were also several occasions when some necromorphs ran right past me to go after him, but there were more that came for me anyway.

In co-op, necromorphs are more numerous. I understand that they are supposed to be harder to kill, but since I was playing game+ on normal difficulty they didn't seem any stronger to me. Perhaps if I started a new game from scratch then I would notice the increased strength of the enemies.

I recommend turning on the "player locate" and "player rescue" features. I may have misnamed those two things, but you'll see what I mean when you check the menu.

I still have two other co-op only areas to explore, but having had a taste, I can say that the game is fun in both modes, single-player and co-op.

Awakened (DLC)

Wow! I was not expecting this. Awakened picks up right where Dead Space 3 leaves off. Things take a bizarre twist as we make a major discovery regarding the origins and purpose of the necromorphs. The moon has crashed into the planet causing a catastrophic end-of-world scenario and you need to find a way out.

There are some new gruesome necromorphs to deal with and a cult of Unitologists who are severely twisted. They mutilate their bodies to make themselves look like necromorphs. It is a horrific sight. The origins of the necromorphs are stronger than ever and reaks havoc on Issac's mind. He has episodes and visions where the world he sees becomes veiled in red, almost like colored smoke enveloping the area, which seems to indicate that different dimensions in time and space are merging at that moment. Enemies appear from thin air. Issac's visions focus on the original source of the necromorph outbreak revealing a hefty story line. This is one mind-bending horror show.

The DLC is worth every bit of the ten dollar price tag. It doesn't take very long to complete. You can easily run through this in under three hours, but the additional story is monumental to the series. I can't wait to see what happens next with this franchise. And if you feel like it was missing something once you play through it, don't be quick to judge. It's better the second time through. You will notice things that you missed on the first run. I highly recommend Dead Space 3: Awakened.
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3.0 out of 5 stars What a nice ass.., February 21, 2013
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
I must start this review by saying the previous Dead Space games are my all-time favorite games. Dead Space is actually what got me into gaming so holds a special place in my heart. I played Dead Space from beginning to end over 10 times and Dead Space 2 over 5 times (Hard Core included). I have had Dead Space 3 pre-ordered since E3 last year and was counting down the days. So my intense love with the series definitely plays a large part into my opinion of the game, but I will try to keep it from coloring my review too much.

Plot: The plot is very well done and answers many questions, like what convergence is and the purpose of the markers, but still left enough questions unanswered to easily continue the series. The first about 8-9 chapters felt a little slow to me and took me a little to really get into the plot, but the last 5 chapters were very intense and enjoyable as you got closer and closer to the climax.

Gameplay: The gameplay keeps some of the traditional aspects of the original games while it changes others. One of the big changes, as I'm sure everyone is aware of, is the removal of credits (and nodes) and adding resources and a bot instead. You now use resources that you find, or your bot collects, for you to make items, weapons from blueprints or your own unique weapons. You still have the `node' rooms from the previous games but to gain entry you now need to use precious resources to craft a tungsten bar. When I first started playing I missed the traditional bench and credit system but after I crafted my first original weapon (shot gun + rocket launcher biotches!) I quickly learned how awesome the new resource and crafting system was. It's very streamlined, and I love how you can switch parts around to see what works the best without loosing any circuits or parts. However, one thing the game doesn't clearly state, and I only learned because my sister told me, is how to maximize your bots ability to collect resources. Your radar on the bot shows you where you should go (with arrows showing if you need to go up, down, or on the correct level) until you see blue circles on the bot screen. Like a moron I thought I was just supposed to place the bot in the direction of the radar. You will still get resources but you will get tons more if you place them in the resource rich areas. If the new craft system isn't to your liking, once you beat the game you can then play Classic mode, which eliminates the co-op function and crafting system. Like the original games, you can only make weapons made from blueprints you find.

Another change is how the suits function. All the suits are the same except for some having more slots then others. So there is no difference from using the Witness Suit to the Arctic Survival Suit except the appearance. You still upgrade your rig like normal and that's what makes your suit better. Some may like this feature but I must admit I miss the classic style of each suit having their own bonuses and benefits, where a suit from the beginning of the game will be much worse then a suit at the end. Now getting a new suit or changing into a suit doesn't really feel like a reward anymore.

Along with the main quest there are about 10 optional missions you can do (including co-op missions). These are always high risk but rich in rewards. You don't have to do them but I would suggest doing all of them at some point since they add to the gaming experience.

Something I don't like is the auto-save function. I typically like games that auto-save, but there have been many times where I have assumed I have saved my progress only to load up and start most of the level over again. Once I was loaded into the middle of 3 necromorphs, which was annoying. I would have much preferred the original save function instead of the new auto-save function.

Another small change is the ability to crouch and roll. I almost never used the functions, so I don't really have much to say on this. I've seen some people don't like the idea of Dead Space adding this function, but all I have to say to that is don't use the function then. I made it through the game without a problem with only using the crouch and roll a couple times. This isn't because I didn't like the function but I am so used to the original games I just didn't remember to use the functions.

Enemies: I think this is my biggest caveat of the game. In my opinion, this is one of the big things that made the game feel less like a horror survival game, like the original ones, and more like a horror action. The first games were eerie and scary and gave you that feeling of isolation. The games would give you glimpses of enemies or sounds that would have you peeking around corners to make sure nothing was there or whipping around with your gun in fright. However, this game simply piles the enemies on you to the point you don't even have time to feel scared. This doesn't make the game harder, it just changes the gaming dynamics for the worse. There were places where it was just annoying with how many enemies they piled on you. After the first couple of chapters I stopped being cautious and started just storming into every new area. I could also pretty much predict where the enemies were going to come from.

They do introduce a couple new enemies like Feeders (which are easy to kill but extremely annoying) and Wasters (just plain annoying and DON'T DIE in the harder difficulties), but most enemies were recycled from the previous games. They do also have a couple cool big enemies but only about 3 of them.

You are also now fighting against Unitologists which added an interesting new dynamic to the game. I actually like the addition of humans and it fits with the plot. You have a bit different fight style with them then with the necromorphs which adds a nice change of pace.

On top of the enemies you also have a lot more environmental hazards to fight past. You have to deal with being in space, piloting a craft, repelling, falling body temperatures, giant drills and more. The repelling parts lasted longer then I liked and I have no idea how I made it past the space flight scene, and getting the secret trophy while doing it, but otherwise most of them were enjoyable and added to the gaming dynamics and gaming experience.

Graphics: Graphics are top notch, just like the previous games. The space scenes are amazingly done and give you the feeling of the quiet isolation of space, even with a co-op partner. The on-planet scenes in the snow are well done and makes you want to grab a blanket.

Characters: Isaac is Isaac, the badass engineer we all love, just with less crazy thrown in. Carver is also pretty hardcore but a man hurting from the decisions he has made in the past and the loss of his family. Ellie is totally different. The only similar thing about her is her voice actress. She doesn't even look the same and she must have gotten the package discount of get a new eye and you get ˝ off breast implants, which is fine but definitely unneeded. She isn't as hardcore as she was in the 2nd game which makes me sad. She was my favorite in game female characters. Denick, the main Unitoligist protagonist, is not as crazy and is more intelligent then previous unitologists, which makes him more dynamic as an enemy. There are other secondary characters that all have their little quirks and traits that makes them all unique characters.

Co-op: I have only played up to chapter 10 of co-op so far, but I'm really liking it. It is definitely a different gaming experience then playing alone and entirely different from the previous games. I am playing with my sister with her being Isaac and me being Carver. So far there have been very few story differences in playing as Carver compared to Isaac, and that was only in the co-op only optional mission. It isn't the smoothest co-op by any means. For example, I will activate something as Carver while my sister is off doing something else, but then the cut scene shows Isaac is the one activating it. Poor Carver doesn't get any credit for doing these things. I understand why it was done this way, it just can be a bit jarring. Carver also has very few lines which is a little disappointing. But despite the flaws it is still fun to play with someone and can make the game easier. Or harder, especially if you play a part over and over again of flying through space where one or the other person would get hit by a flying chunk of space debris. Not that I experienced that...

Conclusion: When I first started playing I did feel disappointed in the game and how it didn't have the same feel as the original ones. It took me about a week to play the first 5 chapters until I finally decided to just complete the game. As I played more I was able to get past my initial disappointment and started really liking the game. It is definitely different from the original games, which is still a bit of a disappointment, but it is still a really well done and fun game. As a Dead Space Game I would give it 3 stars but as it's own game I would definitely give it 5 stars. I would suggest this game to anyone who is a Dead Space lover and hope they are also able to get past their disappointment of the changes and enjoy it for the fun game it is.

EDIT 04/03: After playing Dead Space 3 again on Classic and Survival mode, plus playing the DLC I am feeling more and more bitter towards this game. Isaac from the 2nd game is one of my favorite characters but the Isaac in this game is unlikeable and immature. Ellie is useless and holds no appeal anymore except to be used as a plot point. Even when you play as Carver he isn't even relevant to anything. He has almost no presence what-so-ever, even when you are playing as him. The few times he even becomes noticeable is when you do the co-op optional missions. The enemies are ridiculous and recycled and simply swarm you. In a couple sections you will get swarmed over and over and OVER by feeders (probably about 25 at a time will swarm you), which isn't scary at all just VERY annoying. There is no scare factor and it has lost that creepy atmosphere from the previous games. The game has 3 bosses and one of those bosses is used 3 times over. It has become a shallow sci-fi zombie game instead of the deep and creepy horror survival game from before. It has too many platforming parts, 2 or even 3 repelling sections was fine but more then that is not, and ridiculous mini-games. The DLC made me bitter because it was what the game SHOULD have been and annoys me they didn't make the game more like the DLC, which was great. Another thing that really annoys me is since I have this weird thing about getting Platinums, it really annoys me that the game forces you to play it 4 times to get a platinum. I know it's totally optional to get the platinums, but it just adds to my bitterness for the game. So after thinking more about this game and playing it through again my review has dropped from a 4 to a 3. The initial play was fun but as a Dead Space game it's a joke and doesn't even feel like it's part of the series.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Journey as Always., February 9, 2013
2pacleo (New Mexico, USA) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
Most of people rating this game low is because people don't like changes. People get used to stuff most of the time and they don't understand that changes in every aspect of life is what makes it interesting. YES, it is not the same Dead Space you are used to, YES there has been changes and YES it feels different. But it is important to mention that some of the aspects that made this franchise big, still in DS3. You are going to find yourself walking around the game (not running) scared of what you are going to encounter around the corner. This game plays with your brain the same way the other 2 games did. You play 2 or 3 minutes without any action (your brain thinks everything is all good), minding your own business and all of the sudden, you find your self pressing buttons, holding the controller like your life depended on it (literally), your brains flips out and changes to survival mode from one second to the other. THAT is what makes DS lovely... and that is still in the game. On the other hand, co-op was added to the game and that sensation i just mentioned is lost, since you play with a partner and you feel more secured. The story in the game changed as well... WHY?? because developers wanted to explain many of the things that happened on the other 2 games, so the MYSTERY is lost. Which in my opinion, should not affect your experience at all. The addition of co-op is not the developers fault, BUT YOUR FAULT. Thanks to the COD phenomenon and other shooters, instigating and forcing developers to add multiplayer to everything, now it has transcended to DS and other games, which NEVER depended on multiplayer to be excellent games. But, business is business, since multiplayer sells nowadays, why not have it on other games. Again, I blame it all on COD fanboys.

Anyway, BUY THE GAME... who cares about reviews, who cares about others opinions. BE A MAN/WOMAN and play the game and judge it on your own, your voice and opinion counts and if you are a FAN of the DS universe, you know you won't be disappointed, 'cause you know what DS is about and trust me, they kept the ESSENCE of what made this franchise, better than Resident Evil and destroyed Silent Hill.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Like the prequels were to Star Wars fans, March 16, 2014
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
I got a heavy sinking feeling in my chest no more than 15 minutes in, after my denial had faded away, and realized this game was another victim of the no risk, no artistic exploration, only-do-what-we-know-sells mentality of the likes of EA, and that the series I'd grown to adore would be cursed with an awful ending it far from deserved. F***, this game sucked. Nothing like the greatness of the first 2 at all. They changed everything, from the pacing, to the atmosphere, to the gameplay mechanics, to the story, to pander to the CoD kid millennial morons, and ruined what began as a triumph in gaming which beautifully filled an empty void in the console survivor horror genre. The horror and suspense of the first 2 is nowhere to be found here except for 1 or 2 fleeting moments (ever) after you've already completed at least half the game. It didn't answer many of the stirring questions raised in the first 2, and what it did answer, was answered so f***ing poorly as to make M. Night Shouldn'tdirect cringe. It's just a mindless, scare-less shoot fest like every other shooter on the market now. F*** EA, and f*** Dead Space 3. I'm going to do the same thing with this that I did with the last 3 seasons of Dexter: I'm going to pretend it never happened, and that the parts that came before it ended in a cliff hanger never to be entirely resolved. Do yourself a favor and wipe the very existence of this god-awful piece of s*** from your memory permanently.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great Overall Game - Terrible Dead Space Game, February 7, 2013
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
I was very surprised as soon as I started playing, in both a positive and negative sense.

Looking at it from an overall game perspective, dropping the element of it being a sequel, it is a fun game. The Co-op and weapon crafting are two wonderful concepts. But I find it annoying that have to spend $120 to do this, as you can only play Co-op online. The weapon crafting is great because you never feel limited to one gun, you can mix elements of electricity, plasma cutters, and fire into one weapon. Lots of action, some puzzles, and creative use of outer-space, although in an inconsistent manner. All in all, it felt like a new product created by someone who was a fan of Dead Planet, Dead Space, Call of Duty, and Gears of Wars, and wanted to fuse them together.

As a Dead Space game, it is a completely different story. I was always told in storytelling, that if every moment is a big moment then none of it is. Throughout the game you feel drowned in enemies. Sure your heart rate goes up, but shortly becomes the norm as enemies pile on in large numbers over and over. I would become so furious with the constant flood of enemies that I was never given a real chance to be afraid. The open sequence is rather confusing, it is bright and colorful. A futuristic utopia, flying cars and bright buildings, but the story focuses on civilization being scarce on resources or perhaps I missed something. Isaac becomes a very take charge leader, pulls out one-liners here and there, and feels almost in no way identical to his presence in Dead Space 1. Some new changes make the game feel entirely too easy. The bots, online purchases, glitches, and the hordes of enemies seem to be as strong as say 2 or 3 enemies in previous titles. I will say I was very visually pleased with the deep space elements and events. The body temp gauge gave a new element to work through. New bosses and monsters were given a lot of focus in their design, while previous ones seemed like they were watered down. The whole concept of Dead Space was really thrown away to fit the style of Gears or CoD. I am still a huge fan of the series, but I don't think I will be pre-ordering Dead Space 4.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Not the best Dead Space, but still pretty great, February 8, 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
I remember when Dead Space 2 was first announced, Visceral was completely open about the fact that it was going to have "a little more action than Dead Space 1 had, some set pieces to counter balance the constant dread." A big chunk of the fanbase immediately lost their collective s*** over this and decided that they had ruined the franchise, DS2 would be all action, no horror, blah blah blah. It was a ridiculous overreaction. I myself took a wait-and-see approach. About a year later Dead Space 2 was released, and all in all I thought it was very close to the first game. Yes, it did have more action. But not much. Just enough to add some flavor. I still thought it was about as close as we're going to get to "classic survival horror" in the post-RE4 era.

The lead up to Dead Space 3 has been pretty similar. It was a long time ago that Visceral broke the news that the third entry in the series was going to have a new crouch/cover move, a dodge-roll move, human enemies that shoot at you, a co-op campaign. Again they were very open and honest that they were doing all of this in the hopes of attracting more fans. i.e. catering to the lowest common denominator. Cue angry fanmob weilding torches and pitchforks, rending their own garments and weeping tears of blood. I admit, I myself was not exactly happy when I heard these things. But I loved Dead Space 1 and 2 so much, I was so impressed by what the development team was capable of, that I continued to have faith. I never got as hyped up and excited as I had for the previous two games, but I never lost the hope that when the game did finally come out, I'd buy it on day 1, I'd play it, and I'd come to find out that there was really nothing to worry about.

Well, I'm very happy to say today: that's close to what happened.

For the most part, it feels like classic Dead Space to me. The new additions to the formula, the "shooter" stuff... The only occasions the cover mechanics are useful at all are when you're faced with human gun wielding enemies... and these guys appear so rarely in the game that it's a complete non-issue. The dodge-roll move... the only time I actually relied on it was against one particular boss. Other than that, it might as well have not been there. Most of the time I just felt like I was playing good ol' Dead Space. Making my way through grim environments, fighting off necromorphs, repairing systems (i.e. solving puzzles, and may I say a few pretty cool ones in the classic survival horror style) grabbing loot from containers and corpses. All at a very deliberate pace.

One thing I was not enthralled with and never really warmed up to is the new weapon system- crafting weapons from spare parts. I dabbled with this mostly in the demo, and it seemed like every weapon I made was a piece of crap compared to the weapons I already had in my inventory. So I pretty much ignored this aspect in the full game. I'm sure this has a lot to do with why this game felt so much like classic Dead Space to me- I relied on the trusty ol' Plasma Cutter 90% of the time, once in a while I'd try another weapon for the sheer hell of it, but would soon go back to using the cutter. This game didn't feel like Gears of War to me because I chose not to play it that way, blowing everything away with a rocket launcher duct taped to a machine gun. Hmmm... maybe I'll try that in New Game+.

Because of the addition of co-op, they had to ditch the traditional save point cameras and converted to a checkpoint system. I would have preferred save points. The first two games were generous with save points popping up often, but the checkpoints are sometimes few and far between. There are a couple of set pieces that are overly frustrating and annoying, worse than anything I can recall from the previous games. Climbing up a sheer ice cliff face while having to use stasis on multiple falling chunks and swinging gondolas is not something I will look forward to when I replay this game.

The worst I can say about this game is that I did seem to notice a subtle drop in overall quality. There were occasions were I thought I was back-tracking through an area I'd already explored, and then I'd realize "Oh, wait... this is actually a whole new area." DS 1 and 2 had their fair share of revisiting previously explored areas, but in this game some areas are literally copy/pasted. Generally speaking, there were other times when the overall look of things just seemed to lack the incredible attention to detail of past games. As an example- Apparently one of the team's new environment designers didn't get the memo that the little elevator holograph control panel in the previous two games wasn't just some generic abstract symbol meaning "press here," it's meant to be an *arrow* showing the direction the elevator will move in when you activate it. I could only shake my head every time I'd get in an elevator and it would go in the opposite direction the arrow was indicating.

All in all, I have to say that while this may technically be the "worst" of the Dead Space trilogy, it's still a damn good game and well worth playing if you're into the series. Ignore the whiners who blubber about it being turned into an action shooter, because you can ignore those aspects of the game, and it will feel just like classic Dead Space.

EDIT: I've come back later because I wanted to mention something. When Dead Space 1 came out, I bought it on day 1 and proceeded to play through it from beginning to end at least six times before I finally started to get bored. I did pretty much the same thing with Dead Space 2. With Dead Space 3, I played through it once, and then started a second game but stopped somewhere in the middle. Coming from me, someone who loves replaying games over and over, that's not a good sign. All in all I guess I have no choice but to admit that Dead Space 3 simply isn't as fun as the first two.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very accessible entry into the series for newcomers but less of a horror-survival game, July 15, 2013
Genryu (California) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
First of all let me say that Dead Space 3 is definitely more of an action-game than a survival-horror game as its predecessors were. Whether this is a good or bad thing is going to depend on where you're coming from into the series. I am a big fan of Dead Space 1 and 2, and came into this game looking for another entry in one of the best horror-survival games series I've played. What I got was more of an action-game, that while fun in its own right, was not nearly as tense or frightening as the 1st and 2nd games were. I've detailed below what I think is good and bad depending on what you're looking for.

For the 3rd Person Action Game Fans:
- Dead Space 3 has solid combat mechanics complete with a cover system and plenty of ammunition. So if you were drawn away from Dead Space 1 and 2 because of the lack of things like a cover system, punishing enemies, or low amounts of ammo then Dead Space 3 might be the one for you.
- There are lots of guns to mess around with and customize that can be a lot of fun to use
- There's Co-op play so you can jump in with a friend to help you along the way
- This is still a horror-genre game so there will still be scares and an appropriate tone throughout that can get quite creepy if you aren't into that, but it's considerably less intense than Dead Space 1&2.

For the Horror-Survival Game Fans/Fans of Dead Space 1&2
- The game continues the story almost directly from Dead Space 2, so you will be able to pick things up and get into the story quickly
- The plot definitely progresses the overarching story of Dead Space considerably, so you will be rewarded for playing through if only for the story
- The game is just plain less scary and much easier because of the plentiful ammo, easier to kill enemies, and just less emphasis on "tactical dismemberment" that defined the series.
- Inventory management is considerably revamped and is easier to use, but they universalized ammunition so again it's less tactical/true to horror-survival games.
- The co-op mode is optional, but unfortunately some side-missions are limited to co-op play only so you'll need to find a friend to complete everything/experience everything.

The storyline I think is solid and has plenty of surprises and shocks to entertain both new players and veterans of the series alike. It's a fun game worth playing I think, especially with all of the sales I see for it. The graphics are great as well, and they made great use of the snow-environment effects/visuals. It adds its own unique flair to things and helps differentiate it from previous Dead Space games. I personally played through on single-player first to enjoy the story privately, and am playing through again now to help my friend who's a newcomer to the series. I highly recommend playing through yourself first and then with a friend, both because you get to enjoy more of Isaac (the main character's story) first and then also the 2nd character's story during co-op play. I appreciate that the developers make what each character sees in co-op play different. For example Isaac may be recalling a vision from his past as he looks at something, which your co-op partner will not see even though they're standing next to each other - and vice versa. This game has a lot of polish to it and is fairly lengthy so you'll have hours of enjoyment ahead.

Though this isn't a horror-survival game anymore, it's still a fun game and one that I would happily recommend to newcomers and previous fans of Dead Space alike.
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4.0 out of 5 stars ACTION, FUN, REPLAYABLE But not strictly for DEADSPACE fans - *READ* SERIOUS ANALYSIS OF GAME, February 12, 2013
Jimmy Kim (United States) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
First let me say that I have been a fan since the beginning. I sat in front of my T.v screen with Deadspace 1 after classes hoping to high heaven that I got home to play during the day time - of course it was always pitch black when I did. Each room, hallway, and corridor scared the Bejesus out of me and I was happy that this game filled the void where Resident Evil used to be. Don't get me wrong, Resident Evil 4 was an excellent game in many regards but was not the scary dark survival game I had been hoping for. DeadSpace 2 did the same thing but with a little more tweaking towards action with a little more emphasis on Cool MasterChief-esque suits which was fine with me. DeadSpace 2 still had the elements to scare and definitely still felt like a DeadSpace game.

I understand that games have to change and evolve to avoid feeling stale and repetitive (Call of Duty) but I feel that this game sort of alienates players and fans who loved this series in the first place - it scared the **** out of you.
DeadSpace 3 feels as though the team got developers from Lost Planet, Resident Evil 5-6, and Gears of War and slapped them into one hyper-driven game. The game is definitely fun and has a slightly different pace to it but here are some of the factors of the game broken down for ya'll before purchase. PLEASE READ and CONSIDER!


It is still the shoot-limbs-and-hope-to-God-they-stop-coming-at-you survival horror game with slightly tweaked(literally) and classic necromorphs. This game tends to focus on the Lost Planet style HUGE bug monsters though which was not as frightening as those damned baby slashers in DS2.

(Physics, Limbs)
The one thing that I noticed in this game and also in Resident Evil 6 is that the physics of shooting enemies in the limbs feels very funky and not as responsive. Go play DeadSpace 1 & 2 or Resident Evil 4 and you will notice how crisp and responsive the enemies are to those shots. In Deadspace 3, you shoot at the limbs and they stand there laughing at you. It irked me but I dreaded on.

The game also has a different shop system. This is a double-edged sword to the game and needs to be analyzed more. On your first run of the game, the crafting system is a HUGE detriment which makes you focus on supplies, materials, and item management. I LOVE stacking ammo and upgrading things to make mincemeat of the necromorphs BUT The new system sort of detracts you from the story and atmosphere and sort of offputs you from shopping with the millions of things to keep up with. The previous styles sort of simplified it and made you focus on your surrounding with minimal item management.
This, HOWEVER, is also a WONDERFUL system once you beat the game or play on hardcore or different difficulties once you are more familiar and experienced. This system can be played on Hardcore where you can ONLY craft items giving you an extra dose of challenge and I think it is quite brilliant in that sense. Great idea, poorly executed...sort of.

Also you get a robot that gives you free crap randomly. Meh.


Beautiful in all three DeadSpace games. Brilliant.


I liked how they changed it up with it ranging from frost planets, dark corridors, and even a city at one point. Occasional Fighting of humans but luckily those moments were sparse. ENEMIES KEEP COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK. Your blood pressure stays high but not because you're scared but rather due to the thought of how you'll have to craft up that much more.

(Story, Voice, Direction, etc)

A little convoluted but I am personally entranced by the story and find it exhilarating to see game and story progress and come to an end. They sort of left out a lot in the beginning and a lot of inconsistencies (Ellie got her eye back wtf?) but overall I was still very interested. New comers will feel a little lost so I suggest PLAYING DEADSPACE 1 & 2, they are both EXCELLENT games and it'll definitely help you understand what the heck is going on here. Also, Issac somehow has the ability to be disturbed and an Action hero with the occasional one liners and self composure. Voice acting is excellent but people seem fairly calm despite all the ridiculous things going on.


THIS is where this game shines and I LOVE that only each player can see things on their screen. It is incredibly fun especially over teamchat, vent, or some method of communicating. I found this to be a very fresh and nice experience to the game. You feel a little less scared with someone crying over a mic with you.


I think many newcomers and action lovers will have fun playing this game but if you're looking for a SURIVIVAL horror game, I'd look elsewhere. I understand that the developers wanted to keep the formula fresh and they did a pretty good job of that. I think that DeadSpace fans will love new elements about the game but I personally still miss those dark corridor days after classes. I think I will go play DeadSpace 1 & 2 before I replay this game.

4****/5***** Stars
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2.0 out of 5 stars Nokay, August 9, 2014
This review is from: Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Video Game)
I don't write many game reviews, but this one feels like it needs a clear warning so you know what you're getting. I went with 2 stars but would go 2.5 because the story is decent and I like the voice actors. And because flying around in space in a space suit is pretty cool. The rest bogs down, though.

My main complaint is similar to what someone else said about this being Michael Bay's Dead Space. They dogpile you with monsters instead of challenging you with strategy, puzzles, etc. There are puzzles and strategy, and some are pretty cool, but not enough to compensate for the constant dogpiling. What I hate about it is that it seems like the game (any game that does this) gives up. They can't think of something better to do to challenge you or make it interesting, so you end up fight hordes over and over and over again. I wouldn't mind it if it were occasional and integral to the story, but for the most part it's not.

Second, and somewhat related, is the weapon system. You find components and put them together using benches you find along the way (similar to The Last of US). I like that system, but there's just not enough variety to make it particularly interesting in the long run. Worse, as the game progresses, the weapons don't seem to keep pace with the difficulty of the monsters. And worse still, some weapons are just no good at all. The reason this is related to my first complaint is that, although you can tweak your weapons, you don't know what you're going to need (or whether a weapon upgrade is good) until it's too late. The result is that you really can't "play", only re-play once you know what's coming up. Using a mix of weapon types is, in theory, a good idea, but in practice it just doesn't work. Too many of them are unreliable, and, more importantly, it doesn't matter once you're being dogpiled because then it's just slapping buttons and cursing.

Another big drawback is the way the game saves progress. When you're killed, you start over at your last check point. The problem is that if you've used a bench to change your weapons since the last check point, your weapons don't save. You have to go to the bench and re-build them and hope you make it to another check point this time. Ditto any items you've picked up or created. You have to get them all over again because your inventory reverts to what it was at the previous check point. It's a horrible system when you combine it with the above two problems.

Additionally, when you exit the game and start over, you don't start at your last save (even though that's what the menu tells you). You start over at the most recent story save point. This means that if you were working on a side mission, you generally have to run through it from the start again -- and fight all the same monsters again, and beat all the same puzzles again. It's just a really sucky way of saving the game.

These problems were too much for me to get past, because they're not at all minor or occasional. They're persistent and constant throughout the game. There are some other, story-related things I didn't care for too.

(Possible minor spoiler?)

The game takes place in an area that was abandoned 200+ years earlier. Despite that, the power is still on, lights are still on, film projectors are still on, and even more impressive, corpses are still amazingly squishy! Again, this feels like a lack of concern for story and gameplay. I could see power being more advanced and thus some things still running. But 200+ year old incandescent lightbulbs that don't burn out and corpses that don't decompose (in atmosphere, btw)? Not so much.

Also, the first suit you find is what you use to jet around in space. Yet when you land on a frozen, icy planet, it's not enough to keep you warm. You have to find an "arctic" suit for that. So I guess that means a parka would be more than enough to keep you warm in space.

There's a lot of variety in what you do in the game. Unfortunately, the lack of variety in monsters, along with the other big flaws, overwhelmed my interest in the story. I gave up on it once, tried it again a few weeks later, and gave up on it twice. I don't think I'm going to give it a third try.
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