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on November 15, 2014
I really did not like this film. I thought this film was very poorly done and the animation was sub-par
I have seen far better animation than this..... Also I was turned off by the foul language used in this film. It should
have been rated *R* for mature audiences only... Foul Language is thrown in just for no reason....
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on June 6, 2015
*Just to be clear, I have never played the games in my life*

After being a little disappointed in the previous film, I wasn't sure how this one would play out. However, much to my surprise, I thought this movie was much better than Dead Space: Downfall. Where Dead Space: Downfall felt like a re-hash of so many sci-fi/monster movies with nothing really unique going for it, Aftermath brings up a few stories-within-a-story, where we not only get a look at the same event from numerous point of views, but there's actually some character development along the way as well.

The character of Kuttner is the stand out star imo. His story is far from original, but still incredibly touching. His ending is creepy as well.
Then there's the character only known as The Lead Interrogator , who's as scary as any creatures to be found in the movie. Also, the design of the ship and the room where the survivors are interrogated was brilliant.

Despite the mixed animation that some don't care for, Dead Space: Aftermath is a well-written story. It's easy to follow, has fleshed-out characters, and really went above and beyond my meager expectations. If there were a third movie in the series, no doubt I'd watch it.
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on January 26, 2014
So I bought this at $5 bucks and at that price I enjoyed it. The movie alternates between animation and stories/perspectives with a book end story to tied it all together. 3D looks simply poor but when they want to do some real tradition animation boy oh boy does it look good.
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on February 16, 2011
I will admit, I was slightly disappointed in Aftermath. The plot seemed a little jagged to me and there was hardly any character development during the movie. That being said, there were a few moments where I found myself not feeling buyer's remorse over the film. The animation during flashbacks was very reminiscent of Dead Space Downfall, but bloody heck...whenever I returned to the "present" scenario, I couldn't help but think they just rushed it. The CGI seemed like it was from 1997. Regardless, there is plenty of gore and a couple of suspenseful moments. As I have not had the chance to play Dead Space 2, I cannot comment on how it fits with the game.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2012
The television industry recently underwent a subtle change in how it releases television series on DVD. With the advent of DVD collections and Netflix's Instant Queue, it's possible to watch an entire series of television episodes back-to-back. This makes inconsistencies between episodes much more glaring than they were decades ago. If "Dead Space: Aftermath" is any indication, the video game industry has yet to learn this lesson.

"Aftermath" takes place after the events of "Dead Space: Downfall" and the original Dead Space game. The USG O'Bannon has been sent to investigate what happened to the Ishimura and the planet it was mining, Aegis VII. When the O'Bannon loses contact with the Concordance Extraction Corporation, they send the Marine battleship Abraxis to investigate. What the marines discover from the remaining four survivors creates a series of loosely-connected stories as each of them, under duress, shares an animated tale of horror.

There's security officer Nicholas Kuttner (Christopher Judge), engineer Alejandro Borgas (Ricardo Chavira), chief science officer Nolan Stross (Curt Cornelius), and chief medical officer Isabella Cho (Gwendoline Yeo). They are tortured by an Interrogator (Peter Woodward) who uses technology to terrorize the subjects with their darkest fears in order to get them to talk. Of course, there's really no indication that they wouldn't want to talk except perhaps that two of them are insane - the Interrogator tortures them just to "soften them up." Since these tortures are cell-shaded CGI, they look more ridiculous than terrifying.

Kuttner's daughter, who died in an accident prior to the incident on Aegis VII, reveals that he was part of a secret mission to retrieve pieces of the infamous Red Marker from the first film. Harassed by visions of his dead daughter that we can only assume is due to the Marker, he promptly goes violently bonkers. It doesn't end well for Kuttner or the Marines who try to restrain him.

Borgas, sporting a cybernetic arm, is the only crew member not in on the conspiracy, so his value to the Interrogator is limited. There doesn't seem to be any reason for him to have a cybernetic arm either - it doesn't affect the plot significantly - but does serve as reminder that although there are cybernetics in 2500 AD, there's still no cure for baldness or near-sightedness (several of the characters wear glasses).

This lack of attention to detail becomes increasingly glaring with each flashback. Different animation styles change the look and feel of the characters, varying the hair length, physical fitness, cup size and even ethnicity of the characters. It feels like the various artists developed their projects independently of one another.

The character development is wildly inconsistent too. Cho, who comes across as cold and aloof, has an affair with Stross in a medical lab, an unforgivable gaffe for any doctor we're expected to take seriously. Stross is the only interesting character, whom the Marker uses as a vessel to communicate a chemical formula that, in mad scientist fashion, he immediately concocts in his lab.

Then the necromorphs show up. "Downfall" made it clear that the Markers were a cork of sorts preventing the necromorphs from escaping and infecting corpses. "Aftermath" throws all that out the window and decides that necromorphs are spontaneously created by the Marker.

There are no heroes in this film and not much of a plot to hang onto. It's more like an animated version of "Tales from the Darkside," only less coherent and with cheap animation. Watch in isolation, it's passable if somewhat derivative horror entertainment; as an installment that shows up in your Netflix queue right after "Downfall" it's just an inchoate mess.
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Dead space has been an interesting series, from the first video game to the movies to the books. Now the review is on this movie.


Not the best out there, but pretty well done and gruesome. I really enjoy how the blood splatters really give it a creepy scene, especially on the little girl. The ship looked pretty decent as well as the lava. Can't expect much from a cgi movie but nontheless it was truly believable in my mind.

Storywise, it was good but felt a lot like vantage point. The story deals with four characters telling their side of the story and telling what really happened. Overall it was pretty decent to see what they could come up with.


I could go on a lot saying all these facts on how the movie can be either good or bad, but really it depends on your own personal thoughts. I would suggest a rental if you don't like how the story is told but it isn't a bad movie for me. Of course with greater technology and better stories one can argue. What I find a bit disturbing and out of place is the product placement of dante's inferno within the movie. Not only do they talk about the game without saying the name but they also mention the movie.

What I didn't like of the movie is how everything got explained rather quickly. The voices could have been picked better but it was very believable in some scenes while others will make one go say "really?" The movie will differ from tastes by people but to each their own.

In my opinion this movie gets a 4 out of 5. (rental highly recommended)
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on February 26, 2011
Format: DVD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This was a cool sci-fi film with and interesting concept for the story, but the cgi was a bit "mechanical" with the character movement at times. Other than that I liked the concepts and ideas about the future.
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on August 8, 2011
Great dvd to add to the Deadspace catalog. I own all of the books and the other dvd. I enjoy the franchise overall and would recommend this to a person either familiar with the story, to a person who is curiously entering the franchise, or to someone who just wants to watch an anime type movie with monsters.
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on March 2, 2011
Format: DVD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kind of a Rashomon type tale of what happened on a dangerous planet as retold from the point of view of several different rescued characters. There is a wrap-around story of each character being drug into the clutches of malevolent, scientific interrogators. That part is the weakest in the movie. It is done in some kind of really bad computer rendering or something that just didn't work well. The more conventional animation of each vignette was not great, but alright-- way better than the wrap-around anyway. They were more serviceable.

Sometimes a character can change dramatically in look, as has been observed by others. I'm guessing that's deliberate in depicting the different points of view; i.e. to show that people think of themselves and others in dissimilar fashion. I can give them the benefit of the doubt in that regard.

However, the character development and storyline were just too trite to give more than an average rating.

Extras on the DVD were basically other available movies. Some of them looked interesting.
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VINE VOICEon March 10, 2011
This isn't the first videogame-anime marriage. I've seen the first Dead Space anime, the Halo anime, and the Dante's Inferno anime. This is the worst. The anime stories (obviously made by different animators, given drastically different character models), are tied together with a CGI story with CGI so terrible it's actually laughable. The graphics from the video game look better than the bland and stiff CGI characters/settings.

I don't understand why the studio decided not to follow the main protagonist from the Dead Space games (which, by the way, are excellent). It really seems like a lost opportunity.

The story is pretty generic and bland: a recovery crew comes into contact with a shard from an alien artifact, it makes him crazy, it makes everyone crazy it comes near - then it creates the necromorphs (read: space zombies). So the crew has to destroy the shard to destroy the infection. Then shadowy government operatives want to cover-up the events and try to use the artifact's power. There's little explanation of who the operatives are, or why their methods are so hardcore, or how anyone would believe the ridiculous cover-up story. Honestly, if it wasn't for the language and gratuitous nudity, I'd think someone wrote this script for a children's Saturday morning cartoon - it's that bland and full of plot holes.

As a big fan of the games, I found this anime a real let down. Don't waste your money. Don't even rent it and waste your time.
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