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on February 10, 2013
A mid-level entry to the Tokyo Shock genre which tries to rely on a stupidly clever premise. It's alright, I guess. But the premise doesn't carry it along as well as the writers hoped. I'd only recommend this for devout fans of Tokyo Shock.

Keiko (Rina Takeda; Ninja Girl, Karate Girl, High-Kick Girl) is training under her father (Jiji Bû; Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl) to become a sushi chef, which evidently involves some ninja kind of crazy martial arts whose choreography smacks of classic kung fu theater. However, the training and the demands of her father are too much for her. So she runs away and finds work at Yumi's (Asami; Helldriver, Mutant Girl Squad, The Machine Girl) hotel, where some executives have decided to go on a corporate escape.

It takes longer than normal (for movies of this genre) for the wackiness to get started. This happens when Yamada (Kentarô Shimazu; Tokyo Gore Police, The Machine Girl, Alien vs Ninja) injects a reanimating, contagious disease-bearing serum into a flying squid to exact his revenge on the executives that had him fired. Once the infected squid comes into contact with some of the hotel's freshly served sushi, the sushi itself turns into miniature flying killers.

Now, when I think Tokyo Shock I think crazy gore and exploitative tactics. Director/writer Noboru Iguchi's (The Machine Girl, RoboGeisha, The ABC's of Death - "F" is for Fart) flick includes decapitation, making out with a severed head, squid-stabbing, the sloppiest sounding kisses ever, provocative sushi eating, man-face to man-crotch, finger to butt, tongue biting, eyeballs popping out of their sockets, sloppy raw egg-exchanging kisses, face-peeling, cannibalism, a naked woman showering in blood, rice zombies (that's not meant to sound racist), piranha-like sushi swarms, fire-breathing sushi, a guy turns into an over-sized axe-wielding fish monster, tandem vomiting, petrified sushi nunchucks, zombies copping feels and a few entertaining mutilated face prosthetics.

The effects behind the killer sushi is pretty cheap, but perfectly serviceable in a movie like this. It reminds me of the flying orb effects from Phantasm (1979). Some other CGI effects are truly awful and inferior even to ScyFy Network movie-of-the-week quality.

Comedic elements include farcical lessons in sushi preparation and connoisseurship, shy singing sushi that is friendly and supportive, cute jiggling giggling evil sushi monsters, sushi monsters mating and a sushi roll battleship. Like the effects and the pace of the story, the humor of this Tokyo Shocklet a noticeably not as good as I would expect from the genre.

That's not to say that the movie isn't without its moments. Like when Chef Tsuchida (Kanji Tsuda; Helldriver, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl) cries out: "When a sushi chef's pride is on the line the next course he serves in death!" Or when Yamada becomes infected by his own serum: "And now I have been reborn as a mighty tuna!"

I'd only recommend this for devout fans of Tokyo Shock. Tokyo Gore Police (2008), Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009) and Helldriver (2010) all do a much better job of delivering weirdly clever monsters/opponents and disturbingly creative gore, deaths and mutations.
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on November 8, 2013
Noboru Igushi is one demented individual. He's also my new hero. Keiko can't live up to her father's expectations of a sushi chef. So she runs away from home and takes a job at a resort inn. There, people travel for kilometers around to taste Tsuchida's sushi. Some people from Komatsu Pharmaceutical visit. Keiko confronts Tsuchida, saying his sushi is inferior, and gets into a huge fight with everyone. Such a sushi snob! Fortunately, she's a total ass-kicker, thanks to her dad. Yamada is a bum loitering on their property. He used to be the head of the New Medicine Development department. *insert plot to Re-Animator here* He injects the serum into a squid to take revenge on the corrupt company, and it starts flying around. The squid infects other sushi which leads to schools of sushi attacks. The egg sushi gets bullied(!), then teams up with Keiko. The people from the corporation blackmail the girls into taking off their clothes and doing "body sushi". Asami ("Yumi") does The Robot, just like she did in Sukeban Boy (the castle also brings this back in RoboGeisha -- think that was her?). There's plenty of sloppy making out in this movie, never mind the revolting "egg" scene. Clearly, both actors are ready to hurl. As relief, the sushi do an opera! Dead Sushi will make you laugh, and make you sick. That's a winning formula according to me!
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on August 21, 2013
This is typical Japanese comedy horror with a touch of the traditional Japanese erotica. A fun and entertaining movie (you can watch it in Japanese, Japanese with English subtitles, or dubbed in English) that will keep you laughing and eyes rolling. Enjoy it for what it is, entertainment, not a documentary.
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on January 6, 2016
got this for christmas this year. what more can I say about this other excellent movie from the master himself. yummy sushi gone bad, the villain Tuna Man, the good and kind Eggroll sushi and the cute Rina Takeda who is my fave actress from Japan right behind BEAT Takeshi who I also really like. everything about this is very good, very cheesy and not an award winner but it does not have to be it's great just the way it is. all the costumers who I see have written reviews about this I'm happy to see there's as well. this one is a must see. see it and be careful because this sushi really bites back.

Japanese with optional English Subtitles and Dub Languages
Extras are a Making of, 2 Festival Stage Greetings, A Sushi Eating Contest, Trailer, Well Go USA trailers

P.S. I also wrote a review for Mr. Iguchi's ZABORGAR movie look for that also :D
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on March 1, 2013
This movie is preposterous and disgustingly bloody and hilarious. I enjoyed every minute of it and went to my favorite sushi bar, Hashigo in 5 Points in Huntington Beach, the very next day, just to take revenge.
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on April 23, 2013
I really didn't think this movie was gonna be any good. In fact, when I saw the trailer I wasn't very impressed. But I said what the hell & ordered it. Turns out I freaking LOVED this movie! Great humor, action & lots of blood! Truly one of a kind. If you love corky comedy horror, get it!
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on March 21, 2015
If you can appreciate the absurd, you'll enjoy this movie. The sushi as a theme is interesting as well. I learned a little about the way it's made. It blows my mind that the picture on some of the movies this guy makes is so much better than what I see in some other japanese movies that I would think reach a wider audience. The special effects are terrible, but if they were good the movie would seem stupid. It sells though. People must really like this stuff somewhere. I know I do.
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on July 13, 2014
usually these movies are ruined by over zealous voice actors adlibing there lines trying to be funny not so much here although some was added to the dub. The gore is like that of a cartoon or Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, Braindead so absurd it becomes funny. This film has the abilty to appeal to a larger crowd than most of the others of this type.
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on April 25, 2016
One of the best dumb, weird, goofy, silly, gorey, hilarious faux-horror movies out there. If you like really good yet really cheesy bad movies with a lot of unrealistic senseless blood and gore, here ya go. I played this randomly on the TV on a whim as "background", and next thing I knew the whole party of friends in the other room had gathered around the TV laughing and enjoying this mess.
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4.5 stars

Almost everything about this classic B-movie cracked me up, from the acting to the wacked-out effects to the hilarious dialogue. I'll bet that if I knew Japanese culture better this would be even funnier. Imagine Monty Python on laughing gas and you'll get the feel of Dead Sushi.

Writer/director Iguchi penned a very silly satire of a script and just when you think it can't get goofier, it does. And then more so. I love surreal and absurd when it works, and it really does here, because this film NEVER takes itself seriously, except when it comes to delivering fun.

With one fine exception: the scene where our heroine (the excellent Rina Takeda) discusses how to create top-notch sushi is actually very accurate advice about making sushi properly. It's a suddenly almost serious moment, made funny by what's all around it, but you get the feeling that Iguchi really does take good sushi seriously. Watch that scene for one of the best tips you'll ever get in making real gourmet sushi.

The over-the-top effects and ideas here combine with the wisely underplayed performances to make a unique comedy unlike any I've ever seen. If you like weird and wild, get some Dead Sushi.
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